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Nur’s Ark Cooperative Community Proposal
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The majority of pharmaceutical products work less than placebo, some feed the very diseases they are claimed to mask, as the objective of pharmaceuticals is seldom, if ever, cure, instead it is symptom suppression. In contrast to the allopathic model is the nutraceutical healing centered model, this does not reward suffering and death, instead if the 'need' bondsmen are sick and remain sick, it reduces the earnings of the healers and their collaborators, the less illness means the cooperative group that services the 'need' bondsmen can earn more and do less for it. Effectively reversing the allopathic model of profit from sickness.
An Internal Terrain Nutraceutical or Bioceutical Healing Bond
The modern concept of a hospital dates from 331 AD, six years after the council of Nicaea. A new medical conspiracy has been imposed through the corrupt legislative bodies around the world, to create regulations that promote the use of drug medicine, while simultaneously creating restrictive, controlling mechanisms, designed to limit and stifle the availability of non-pharmaceutical alternative modalities. The conspiracy to limit and eliminate competition from alternative therapies began with the Flexner Report of 1910.
The Nature of the Hospital System
Inherent power is unalienable, universal and immutable; it is derived from the nature of your creation, and binds all in reciprocation as everything is connected.
A right is a grant from a master to a slave, and exists precariously at the whim of the granter, ONLY slaves have rights, a free soul has inherent power which is unalienable, universal and immutable. Establish the inherent and break the chains of your slavery.
Inherent Power
We are communal creatures, without that inherent structure the soul suffers the pain of isolation, and feelings of loneliness, resentment, anger, and abandonment, this is a downward spiral, and for a large percentage ends in a despair so profound they begin to seek suicide. Isolation is the goal of all hierarchies of control, as ideally they do not want anyone to speak for or with you, the only voice of complaint, rebellion, truth or despair would be your own, and for the agents of hierarchy a lone voice is easy to dismiss, punish or imprison. The most repressive usury fiefdom presently is the American corporation, and this is reflected in its standing as the nation with the highest rate of depression. (Japan has the lowest rate of depression) Depression is rampant in American teenagers, who see a bleak future as the new American dream. Immediate suicide is now the second-leading cause of death among people ages 10 to 34 in the USA, the annual increase in suicides is now alarming.
Deaths of Despair
This is an example of a written unilateral bond, using bonds within the inherent allodium removes dispute and makes relief very simple to establish for any wrong inflicted.
Unilateral Bond of Behaviour
At no time in recorded history has a true medium of exchange existed,  Earthcoinage is a true medium of exchange cryptocurrency, that's generated ONLY when given in advance, fee and interest free, when linked to an external guarantee of repayment. A zero balance check determines if any advance is valid, comparing advances against guarantees, if no guarantee is connected to the advance it cannot exist. The platform is open source coded as a peer to peer system, when downloaded free from the internet, it would create an independent operating system below the operating system of the host computer.
Advancing Cryptocurrency Multilateral Bond
The legal fiction of Copyright, or for physical monopolies patent, is an extension of the fraud of ownership, being the control and monopoly of intellectual ‘property’, used to extort usurious revenue (taxation/profit) upon the application or copying of the idea or design of the copyright holder, further imposing regulations upon another who uses the copyrighted goods, services or ideas, so dictating what someone can or cannot do with their own real resource to possess and use that resource.
The Nature of Copyright
Government mafias are corporations, corporations, people foolish believe, are the ‘ONLY’ vehicle for collective action. The agents of government mafia’s many forms of extortion are given perceived validity, because people further believe, wrongly, government mafia's provide an efficient way to tackle projects that are larger than a single person or group of friends can take on. But we ourselves, the people of the local community are the source of collective action, when government mafia extortion is refused, common unity can be used as a different method to implement any collective action needed; it only requires a way to organise that action, which is easily done through the bonding method.
Paying for the Roads Without any Government Mafia
Reason is my master, truth my guide and love my destination. My Philosophical Perspective
Philosophy Of Existence
Allodium Platform
This Earth Is Precious - 1851 chief Seattle, of the Suquamish
This Earth Is Precious - 1851 chief Seattle, of the Suquamish
Removing accountability is the purpose and foundation of hierarchy.  Demanding of your-self 100% accountability is the truth of anarchy and the pragmatic axiom of empathy.
Arbitration of Disputes Platform
The Three Men - A short parable: Three men lived in the worlds, the first claimed sovereign, the second claimed god and the third could simply reason.
The Three Men
Movies have deteriorated in story quality and increased in spectacle over the decades, as technologies advance and the costs of using them drops. Corporation isn't interested in story telling as much as formulaic methods, that they believe, allow them the least risk for the greatest returns.
Movie or Small Screen Series 'Need' Bond
The monopoly on violence wielded by the corporate government mafias around the world within their self proclaimed fiefdoms, allows fear to maintain control of the slaves.
The Monopoly on Violence
Revolution is Spinning in Circles - Rebellion is the Revolt of the Conquered
Revolution is Spinning in Circles - Rebellion is the Revolt of the Conquered
Virtues are easy to recognise, they're external expressions of an internal reality; virtue is the essence of all Bonds
Morality – The Act of Virtuous Conduct
A bond is a reciprocal agreement, even in its unilateral form, where someone must willingly consent to, and even impose freely upon themselves, certain restrictions in behaviour, and amercements in relief of breaking witnessed bond, that reason demands will actually lead to greater freedom and/or more opportunities.
The Bonding Platform
The main purpose is for the benefit of offspring; children need stability, they need the love and support of both parents, they need a safe environment, and all their needs provided for until they are mature enough to fend for themselves. Matrimony (meaning ‘motherly behaviour’, which is an act anyone can express) is the agreement between the parents to bind both parties to the obligation of matrimony.
Matrimonial Reciprocal Bond
The corrupt and greedy Sheikhs who promoted and supported the creation of the abomination of Islamic banks claimed it was ‘a necessary evil’, may they receive the full fruits and rewards of their greedy labours of deception.
Islamic Banking
Providing No fault, Comprehensive Cover with Zero Excess for a Driver, to Drive Any Car. Using a Reciprocal Bond at a Fraction of the Cost of Corporate Insurance
Car Driver Assurance Bond
Ownership is the key building block in the establishment and advancement of the modern capitalist socio-economic system, now utilised to enslave mankind, pollute the earth and drain all resources from nature and humanity collectively, under the control of a comparatively small number of people, but what is ownership?
The Nature of Ownership
Money monopoly limits human potential through poverty and misery all across the Earth. No legal tender law is ever needed to make men take good money. Its only use is to make them take bad money.
A True Medium of Exchange
Relief does not mean to inflict punishment on the wrongdoer, rather it means to provide relief from mental anguish, to pursue the wrongdoer in such a way that they are held accountable for their actions, and relief is established for both the souls wronged and the souls who acted to wrong. It means that in the substantive system, no wrongful action shall remain untracked, unanswered or ignored
Part One. The Writ (Notification)
In the legal (slave law) system, meaning a system of imposed waged violence monopoly (positive law), those working as police (policy enforcers) extort revenues for the benefit of the corporation (mafia), a mafia they have sworn an oath to serve. The police resolve less than 1% of substantive wrongs, and inflict a large percentage of true wrongs directly.
Part Two. How a Substantive Witena-Gemot of Axiom- logical Inherent Power, Could Function Through Axioms of the Land, if Re-established
In a system free of hierarchy a leader is the opposite end of the dichotomy, as a teacher, guide, adviser, etc. An Aldormonn (Alderman) can be considered within this definition: a valid ‘luminary’ can never tell you what to do, they can only show you how it’s done; they cannot decide on your behalf, they can only present an deliberation of reason, or express their point of view openly to be considered with all other perspectives. They cannot impose regulation, legislation, laws, rights, title, grant or claim, as no living soul is superior to any other, all are created equal in accountability for their actions, with reciprocal obligations, and a reciprocal duty of care to those around them, with only self-imposed agreements, in all other things we are not equal, so in skills, knowledge, wisdom, strengths, passions, determination, wealth of resources etc. we are different.
Part Three. Witena-Gemot Administrators of Terrente (the peace of their mind threatened) Relief
A witena-gemot of inherent power establishing relief through the application of the axioms demanded through a reciprocal duty of care
Part Four. Wite and Surety Bound-Souls
Positive law compels, and exists only through the active, and  positive threat of violence, so force of arms. Juristic ‘law’ is the policy of the landlord upon their chattel, existing upon the jurisdiction of the land as determined by the fraud of ownership, laws are held upon the ship of a citizen as an economic slave, which in truth and in fact is inequitable and therefore a aberrant imposition.
Part Five. Terrente – Duty of Care – Outcast
Part Six. Relief, Recourse and the Peers (Jury)
Part Six. Relief, Recourse and the Peers (Jury)
egislation is constructive in its nature; it constructs fictional rules of conduct, fictional regulations of circumstance and fictional instruments of commerce.  These fictional constructs which cannot exist without having their character assigned to them and applied upon others by coercion or deception, are constructed legal fictions created their self, by a legal fiction, acquiring their characteristics in consequence of the way in which they are regarded by a rule or policy of the authoring corporation
Part Seven. Constructive versus Substantive
Need Bonds: Part 1 - Automated Walk In Supermarket Bond
Walk In Supermarket Need Bond, Forming Cooperative Bonds
There were over 200 Artisan skills required to make a Victorian town functional, if you go even further back in time, to before the genocide committed by William the Bastard and the Vatican, the entire population of Britain were artisans, famous across Europe for their unparalleled skills and craftsmanship.
The Artisan
Funding the creation of the coding for the cryptocurrency platform is the first big challenge, this could be done as a bond, before the creation of bonds is possible, so as a commitment bond that would become active once the coding was completed.
Software Development Bond
The only conspiracy that matters is the conspiracy of the psychopaths against the rest of us.
Predator and Prey
I’m upon the Earth inherently; no constructed fictions, no State Corporation, no religious trust, and no implied or inferred contract, could ever bind me.
The Master of the Soul
In this model the only way for a coin to be created, is as an advance that must be repaid, a zero balance can always be established, through the comparison of existing coins, to the guarantees to advances of coins.
White Paper for 100% Advancing Cryptocurrency
The germ theory of disease is the current allopathic foundation for medicine. Germ theory is not new, in ancient times, when people were afflicted with various types of ailments and diseases, they commonly blamed evil spirits. The belief was that the evil spirit had invaded the body and then caused disease. If one could placate these spirits or induce them to leave then the disease would be cured. Bacteria and the constructed fiction of viruses are the modern version of these evil spirits.
A Pandemic Myth, Using A Virus Bogeyman, For Totalitarian Control and Global Genocide
Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. Under 1% of children and adolescents aged 5-19 were obese in 1975. In 2016 6% of girls and 8% of boys were obese. This is accelerating, now even children under 5 years of age, that in the past were never obese, are suffering obesity, in 2019, an estimated 38.2 million children under the age of 5 years were overweight or obese.
Obesity and the Food Pyramid
The Child Abuse that is State Mandated Schooling, the whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don’t know how to be submissive.
Edification of Child Need Bond
Nuclear Weapon
The Claim of Nuclear Weapons
Physical slavery is only an advantage in the sex, and organ harvesting businesses, otherwise economic slavery is much more profitable for the owners, it was for this reason, and no other the owners ended the physical slave business around the earth.
True Common-Unity
People are controlled through fear, in the past the owners had trouble with the slaves, who sort to prevent the constant dumping and spreading of toxic waste across the earth, this was resolved for the owners through the fiction of global warming, changed to climate change when no warming was shown, now the owners use the fraud of CO2 as the bogeyman to tax and extort from the masses, while simultaneously diverting attention away completely from toxic pollution. Here is an explanation of why that con is easily disproved.
Climate Change Fear Porn
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This is a fictional novel, set in the wilds of Scotland, about an elderly woman and her great talent. Written by Abdun Nur
The Love of Solitude
Overpopulation – Is It Genuine, Or Just Indoctrination?
Mass Brainwashing Depends Completely on the Ignorance of the Victims
Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset. By winter oak
Klaus Schwab and his great fascist reset
The glaring problem with gravity, as a claimed attraction of mass, is, if it were indeed an attraction of mass, then it would pull in all directions, however gravity only attracts to the center of the planet, if it were an attraction of mass, then when I stood at the side of a huge mountain, I should be pulls sideways slightly, or when I traveled deep into the earth the mass around me and above me should pull me sideways and upward as well as downward, and a mass close to me should have a greater effect, than the mass further away, this is not the case. So the glaring question is, what is the reason this attraction of mass would a line itself as a centralized attracting force within a large planetary body and not pull in all directions?
Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass?
The micro and the macro demonstrate the same fundamental patterns, to understand these patterns shows the structure and nature of energy.
What is Energy?
Just like monopoly has only one answer, being the establishment of alternatives to the monopoly. A schooled mind only has one answer, to learn the skill of reasoning!
In Fear You Exist. Only Within Courage Can You Live!
There are several advantages to forming a closed bond, it allows the exclusion of some at the outset, and it’s not open to constructed legal fictions of the person, public, corporation, citizen or trust.
Closed Bond Protection
Governments around the world are working towards the development and implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems. You may think they want AI to improve services, or reduce costs, but no.
Artificial Intelligence - Dystopia
At no time in recorded history has a true medium of exchange existed,  Earthcoinage is a true medium of exchange cryptocurrency, that's generated ONLY when given in advance, fee and interest free, when linked to an external guarantee of repayment. A zero balance check determines if any advance is valid, comparing advances against guarantees, if no guarantee is connected to the advance it cannot exist. The platform is open source coded as a peer to peer system, when downloaded free from the internet, it would create an independent operating system below the operating system of the host computer.
Advancing Cryptocurrency Multilateral Bond
Govern mental mafias must form monopolies in order to remove comparison, if any comparison existed, it would easily and clearly expose, that the imposed monopoly was relatively worthless.
Mandated Hierarchical Monopolies
Banking, is the most heavily regulated industry in the world. Regulations imposed by the agents of the corporations of government mafias, themselves controlled and owned by the bankers, create regulations to protect monopolies and increase banking profits, while the media whores owned by the bankers, create the illusion these same regulations prevent the criminality, monopolies and theft they were created to allow.
Trust Based Guarantee verses Collateral Based Credit
None in substantive reciprocal agreement can bind in legal name, but referenced through seal in substantive print of thumb, finger, hand or other impression, that can be verified indisputably
Multilateral Reciprocal Bond of Behaviour Forming Cooperative Community
In England, tallies took on the characteristics of today's credit card system, as lenders carved out the details of the loan using a system of notches, to signify denominations on the surface of a small squared willow, pine, or hazel- wood stick.
The History of the Tally Stick
Corporation is Simply Another Term for Marketing
Isolation is the goal of every hierarchical govern mental mafia, the more isolated the individual the more power the govern mental mafia have upon them, isolation increases fears, and fears are the stock-in-trade of all hierarchical control models.
How to Form Pre-agreed Cooperation: Free Cooperation is Always the Answer
Isolation is the goal of every hierarchical govern mental mafia, the more isolated the individual the more power the govern mental mafia have upon them, isolation increases fears, and fears are the stock-in-trade of all hierarchical control models.
Getting Back to Normal, or Getting to Miraculous
Mastering the Skill of Reasoning - The Trivium
Freedom of speech is a huge problem for a system of lies and frauds, to prevent free expression, and to silence any voice other than those of the liars and thieves of the hierarchical political system, a new company was started by Imran Ahmed. Imran is former political advisor to Labour MP Hilary Benn, with the objective of targeting and attacking anyone presenting any information that would expose the official narratives.
Will State Mafias Criminalise Freedom of Speech?
The Surety Bond
The study of Economics is the study of fraud, and the biggest fraud in economics, is economics itself. Most economists are fools or charlatans. The charlatan wants to get prestigious jobs and Nobel prizes by offering crackpot advice. The fools think it will work.
The Nature of Economics
The origins of feudalism was a system of blood feuds, between psychopathic bands of immoral hierarchical gangsters who roamed the land and waged bitter, continuous war between one another, while murdering, mutilating, enslaving, raping and pillaging any vulnerable souls that had the misfortune to meet them.
The Motivation and Basis of Feudalism, Was and Remains the Five Forms of Usury
Always keep in mind all forms of positive law are based on the same logical fallacy, that fallacy being you’re bound by the grants, claims and dictates of another within the area designated as a fiefdom.  Civilisation is the act, the process of ‘civitas’, meaning political control (corporate policy control) through citizenry (authored re-presentative form a straw man fallacy), this hierarchical fiction is known as society.
The Nature of Civilisation
“Only psychopaths want to run other people’s lives.” Consider an animal does not need a farmer, the farmer fleeces them, butchers them, uses them for toil, often abuses them and cages them, likewise government works just the same on people.
One World Government
Investment is the New Term to Ameliorate the Term Gambling
Gambling: The Seeking of Unearned Reward
The bonding platform allows a collective purchasing bond to be formed. In the transition from corporations to cooperatives, economy of scale bonds can reduce costs considerably for the bondsmen.
An Economy of Scale Bond
The earthcoinage platform is structured as a polycentric peer to peer network, each hub is a self contained network that interacts with all other hubs on the platform.
Earthcoinage Polycentric Hub Network
The History of Albien (Britain) Part One
Graves were unearthed, containing brass armour from just after the period of the conquest with three Welsh words, “budro” “fudron” “Cristnogion”, which translate into “Dirty Filthy Christians” they were found in an ancient stone grave site in the American Smoky Mountains, in 1799, where 8 skeletons encased in brass armour bearing the Welsh coat of arms, discovered having these three words inscribed upon them. Many took exile to escape the miseries of Norman oppression sailing even as far as the Americas.
The History of Albien (Britain) Part Two
The feudal system has altered over time, improving its functions, the allodium continues to be denied to us, and the Roman Catholic Crown still pulls the strings behind a wall of deceit. The Terrente (the peace of the mind threatened) system has been replaced with corporate and admiralty slave Law. The five forms of usury remain the basis of our slavery, with all possession held within a fiction and leased back to us through taxation, as a slave may not own the fruits of there own labours. We are re-presented as a straw man in order to apply slave law to a living soul, making it the property of the Crown Corporation through the registration of live birth, enslaving us to the Ba'alist Christian death cult, our labour represented by a certificate of debt, all intrinsic value removed, we work for a fiction, we own a fiction, we are subject to the fictions of the sovereign.
The History of Albien (Britain) Part Three
Silence is suicide now, to sit silently, hiding from the global lockdown on freedom of movement, expression and truth, will end very badly, you have ONLY one option left, and I will continue to make that as clear as humanly possible, YOU MUST FORM ANARCHIC COMMUNITY NOW!
Humanities Extinction Event
“The basic concept of Ba’alism is an evil (soulless) desire to occupy, dominate, and control through the fiction of personhood, all souls from within. A soul that is invested in the Ba’alist externalising fictions is effectively possessed by the power of psychopathic (evil) will.” Abdun Nur
It’s a Simple Choice “Anarchism or Ba’alism
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Usury is a one-sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another, which has 5 basic forms:  Debt (the interest demand for the use of money)  Profit (the interest demanded for the use of capital)  Rental (the interest demanded for the use of infrastructure)  Taxation (the interest demanded for the use of your labour)  Ownership (the interest demanded for the use of land through the fiction of eminent domain)
The Five Forms of Usury Enslave Humanity to a Ba’alist Elite
Contract is the basis of the entire legal fraud system, they invent contract deceptively, but they cannot invent contract upon a living soul, they must re-present that soul as a constructed legal fiction, because we, as living beings, are not able to enter contract.
The Cell on Death Row has No Door, No Bars and No Guards, Yet the Inmate Refuses to Leave, Eager to be Injected
The entire legal mafia system which administrates the spells of the corporate govern mental mafia is based on the correct recitation, often with accompanying gestures, of legalese, used to unleash supernatural power, the better the spell caster the better your legal defence, fear of these legal spells hold many extorted, subjugated and enslaved in fear. The very thought of entering the hallowed halls of the legal courts makes most shake in their boots, their blood runs cold and for some a quick change of underwear is sometimes required, now that’s a powerful fear of spells.
How to “Dispel” Fear
True community can only be formed by those empathic that have mastered the first skill, all community requires the mastery, of reasoning to truth; this must be established, without that, community cannot exist. The psychopathic created and imposed the schooling system, in order to prevent that skill from developing.
True Community is Through the Development of Consciousness
I have the “Right”!
The Ba'alists impose simple methods to control the slaves physically. Imposing hierarchies, forming monopolies, hoarding resources, imposing slave laws, while always working to maintain poverty, ignorance and to isolate the individual from the influence or unity of other slaves.
The Ba'al Serpent and the Bridge Builder