Usury is a one-sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another, which has 5 basic forms: Debt (the interest demand for the use of money) Profit (the interest demanded for the use of capital) Rental (the interest demanded for the use of infrastructure) Taxation (the interest demanded for the use of your labour) Ownership (the interest demanded for the use of land through the fiction of eminent domain)

The Five Forms of Usury Enslave Humanity to a Ba’alist Elite

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Written By Abdun Nur

Usury is a benefit from a loan of a thing, so if I loan you a house and you return the house to me in the same condition it was borrowed, that is fair, but if I demanded a benefit of rent that would be usury. The most that could be demanded would be the loss in depreciation of the labours invested in the object loaned.

Trade is the reciprocal exchange of the fruits of my labour for the fruits of someone else’s labour. Usury (riba) is not trade.

Usury is a one-sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another, which has 5 basic forms:

Debt (the interest demand for the use of money)

Profit (the interest demanded for the use of capital)

Rental (the interest demanded for the use of infrastructure)

Taxation (the interest demanded for the use of your labour)

Ownership (the interest demanded for the use of land through the fiction of eminent domain)

UK Taxation (the interest demanded for the use of your labour)

  • Income Tax – Up to £12,570 0% – up to £50,270 20% – up to £150,000 40% – over £150,000 45%(£300 billion 2020)
  • Capital Gains Tax – Assets 10% Higher 20% – Property 18% higher 28%(£10.61 Billion 2020)
  • National Insurance – up to 50,268 – 12% / over 50,268 – 2% (£145 billion 2020)
  • VAT – 20% added to the cost of goods and services at a basic rate (£129.88 billion 2020)
  • Corporation Tax – 19% (£63.2 billion 2020)
  • Bank payroll Tax – tax set at 50% on awards of discretionary bonuses over £25,000 (£21.2 billion 2020)
  • Petroleum Revenue Tax (£1 billion 2020)
  • Fuel Duties (£20.9 billion 2020)
  • Inheritance Tax (£5.36 billion 2020)
  • Stamp Duty (£8.66 billion 2020)
  • Tobacco Duties – cigarettes 16.5% – £3.05 on a 10g cigar – £8.14 on a 30g packet – £4.03 on a 30g packet (£9.86 Billion 2020)
  • Spirits Duties – £28.74 per Lt pure alcohol
  • Beer Duties – up to 2.8% Alc. £0.842 Lt / up to 7.5% Alc. £0.1908 Lt / over 7.5% Alc. £0.2477 Lt
  • Wines Duties – Still up to 4% Alc. £0.9168 Lt / up to 5.5% Alc. £1.268 Lt / up to 15% Alc. £2.9757 Lt / up to 22% Alc. £3.9672 Lt / Sparkling up to 8.5% Alc. £2.881 Lt / over 8,5% Alc. £3.8115 Lt
  • Cider Duties – still up to 7.5% Alc. £0.5071 Lt / over 7.5% Alc. £0.6041 Lt / Sparkling up to 5.5% £0.4038 Lt / over 5.5% Alc. £2.881 Lt

       (2.8 billion alcohol duty combined 2020)

  • Betting & Gaming Duties – 15% (£10.5 billion 2020)
  • Air Passenger Duty- from £13 to £180 per flight(£3.6 billion 2019)
  • Insurance Premium Tax – standard rate of 12% and a higher rate of 20%, which applies to travel insurance, electrical appliance insurance and some vehicle insurance (£6.3 billion 2020)
  • Landfill Tax – £96.70/tonne on waste VAT is added on top of the full waste disposal fee (£566 million 2020)
  • Climate Change Levy – on commercial energy use a tax of 0.775p per kWh for electricity and 0.465p per kWh for gas. (£20.5 billion 2020)
  • Aggregates Tax – tax on the commercial exploitation of rock, sand and gravel, a flat rate of £2 for every tonne of rock, sand or gravel extracted (£359 million 2020)
  • Road Tax (£7 billion 2020)
  • Import Duty (£2.95 billion 2020)
  • Parking fines (£10.6 billion 2020)
  • Police fines and fees (One in three British motorists is fined every year)(£2.5 billion 2020)
  • Council tax 36.3 billion 2020)
  • legal fines – unknown amount

    Total Tax Extorted in UK 2020 £819.645 Billion

    Debt (the interest demand for the use of money)

Bank interest and fees

  • (£12.4 billion in over draft fees 2020)
  • (£2,224.5 billion national debt $378 billion annual interest (5.88% interest))
  • £1,741.7 billion personal debt:(£428.12 billion personal debt at 7.87% ave. interest = £18.2 billion per year)(£8 billion in overdrafts at 19.72% – Annual interest = £1.578 billion)(Mortgage £1305 billion – Ave. 4.9% = 63.95 billion)
  • Credit card transactions 14.7 billion 2020 (fees £500 million)

    Total cost of Interest and Fees extorted through Debt 2020 = 475 billion in fees and interest

    As the principal loan is returned and cancelled from account the fees and interest must be taken from new invented debts, this is musical chair economics, and allows the banksters to manipulate debt to allow boom and bust cycles to steal even more. This means the value of the new debt is taken directly from the value of the existing money in circulation, reducing the purchasing power of savings by half every decade, and allowing employers to reduce earnings, as annual inflation through debt, reduces the value of the fiat, so, the employed must fight constantly, simply to keep the same value in exchange for their drudgery and toil in economic slavery.

    Rental (the interest demanded for the use of infrastructure) and Parasites

  • Rental

       (£86 billion 2020)

  • legal fees

       (£6.65 billion 2020)

  • Accounting fees

       (£5.6 billion 2020)

  • Estate agent fees

       (£11.1 billion 2020)

  • Marketing

        (£17 billion 2020)

  • Insurance

       (£283 billion 2020)

Total Extorted Through Rental and Parasites 2020 £409.35 Billion 

Wealth Producer Vs. Parasites

Total extorted from labour, rental, parasites and debt = £1704 Billion

None Productive Labour:

Government 5.68 million employees

Management 3.1 million (775,000 for government) 2.325 million work force

Parasites: Marketing 197,000 / Estate agents 56,000 / lawyers 239,400 / accountants 275,000 / banking 1,200,000 / insurance 113,600

Total 2,081,000 -10% of workforce managers = total 1,872,900

Total None Productive Parasites in UK workforce = 9.8779 million

24.5 million working in UK = 14,622,100 Productive

Population of the UK fiefdom 67.22 million

This means the wealth generators number 14.6 million. These presently carry the full burden of the wealth generation for the entire population, each wealth generator carries 4.6 none productive parasites.

If you remove all the parasites, most of those presently existing parasitically would be forced to seek productive alternatives to trade reciprocally.

An alternative anarchic model allows the wealth generators to keep 100% of the fruits of their labours, the cost of goods and services would reduce drastically, the quality of goods and services would improve drastically, the amount of time expended in wealth generation would reduce, and the population would be wealthy.

Presently, the wealth generated, is drained away to a small elite, draining resources from local communities, forcing many who would, if they had the resources, be highly productive wealth generators, to be non-productive.

This lack of resources stagnates innovation and forces a large percentage of the productive people in to positions of idleness. This forced idleness stagnates the development of skills and experience of the individual, prevents social cohesion, and creates an environment of despair, apathy and futility.

People are conditioned to believe they are striving to become super rich, an aspiration that is impossible for those outside a very select group. The indoctrination that wealth is gained through the accumulation of fiat currency is a form of insanity, constructed by the usury mind set.

Wealth is in community, in friends, in family, in comfort, in pleasures, in celebration, in enjoyment and in a safe, healthy and virtuous environment. The accumulation of fiat is only desired when hierarchical mafia imposes resource scarcity, making the slaves desperate for the crumbs of their masters, with the wealth and luxury of their masters, and that of their celebrity whores paraded in front of all, day after day, through the various media forms.

In the above analysis I’ve not factored in the amount that is drained from the wealth generators, to extort profits for goods and services, or to buy the deed of tenancy for land use, or for middle men that increase the cost of goods and services, or a thousand other ways parasites steal.

If the anarchic models are created all these forms of extortion would become redundant, the wealth generators would be resource rich, and the present models of engineered redundancy which creates mountains of waste dumped across the earth, in landfills, oceans, and rivers would end.

The mass production of poor-quality objects, or objects that have no real value, needing presently heavy marketing to get the marks to buy it, would end, construction of homes would be focused not on speed and profit, but solely on quality and longevity of construction, the artistry of skills and the aesthetic of the soul expressed in all our labours.

Allopathic health care (modern pharmaceutical medicine) would end, as real healing was established, free of all the lies and quackery presently suffered, people would quickly end the dehydration of the cells known as ageing, limbs would be regrown simply, as would lost teeth, people would live at the peak of health and vitality for extended periods, allowing them to grow and develop their consciousness, and to have the free time, if they wished, to master reason and virtue. Instead of decades people would once again think in centuries.

We’re presently slaves of psychopathic scumbags, a small caba’al of billionaires, monarchies, politicians, and religious sovereigns. The indoctrinated and conformist souls, competes against each other to prove they are the most obsequious of all the people alive, they wave their flags, they vote for their owner, they pay the usury demanded, they conform to every abuse and extortion, and they demand all other slaves do the same!

With the creation of alternative models to the imposed usury monopolies, once the bonding model was applied the wealth creators would open the flood gates to suppressed technologies, and to the advancement of technologies in new and innovative ways; ways we cannot even imagine.

The “need” dictates production, removing marketing, profit, taxation, management, capitalists and so allows the wealth generators to create goods and services within infrastructure the “need” provides, as there is no advantage to keeping innovation to yourself, sharing innovation would build more innovation, as only true knowledge can build more knowledge upon it.

The need is not interested in cheap quality, or dangerous toxic technologies or products, the cooperative bond servicing the “need” will not cut corners as corporations do routinely, for easy profits, will not risk the lives of those creating production, which is commonly the case because corporate management economizes on essential equipment to save money, they manage themselves, work related injury and death would plummet, pollution would all but disappear, reliability, longevity of use and elegance of design would be the basic function of production, because the “need” dictates, not capital monopoly.

People struggle to grasp simple realities:

1- Money does not make money, money can be employed to provide resource to a wealth generator, to allow them to generate wealth, the wealth this generates is traded, the wealth producer is given as little as possible, the state mafia extort adding taxation, and the capitalist extorts further added profits, only monopoly allows this added amount to exist, a form of usury.

2- If you don’t produce anything, you’re a parasite, it’s that simple, you can produce or you can extort, if you work for a government mafia, a medical mafia, a banking mafia, an insurance mafia, etc. you extort, you may only be paid hourly to extort, never the less you produce nothing in wealth.

The usury system must maintain a level of unemployment to repress earning for the wealth generators, allowing fear of replacement to prevent them demanding a greater share of the wealth they create.

There is no shortage of work for wealth generators, there is a shortage of permission to work, resource scarcity creates a situation where those with resources dictate production, and so poverty dominates.

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