A bond is a reciprocal agreement, even in its unilateral form, where someone must willingly consent to, and even impose freely upon themselves, certain restrictions in behaviour, and amercements in relief of breaking witnessed bond, that reason demands will actually lead to greater freedom and/or more opportunities.

The Bonding Platform

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Written By Abdun Nur

Honour is the Lifeblood of all Reciprocal Bonding Participation

Honour – doing what is morally right. Reciprocal – binding mutually & equally. Bonding – establishing a relationship

A bond is a reciprocal (meaning an equally balanced, mutual agreement, therefore always free of the five forms of usury) agreement, which has three basic forms: unilateral, a bond that binds only the one making it, to all round them. A bilateral bond, binding two souls, and a multilateral bond that binds many people that give their seal in agreement.

All agreement requires acceptance directly by all forming agreement, and “only” through fully informed, reasoned and free acceptance can any binding obligations, restriction or costs (free of usury) be accountably imposed, voluntarily, upon any bondsman.

Reciprocal agreement is dichotomous (directly opposite) to usury based “contractual” agreement, reciprocal means balance on both sides, while usury based agreement, “contract”, is a contraction so reduction of agreement, based on a one-sided advantage.

These two forms are mutually exclusive, a living soul cannot enter contract, as we cannot enter a one-sided contraction of agreement, so they must use a constructed legal fiction, a straw man of legal name, inferred, implied or signed to form agreement in this way, fictions or spells of legal gibberish are applied to achieve this objective.

While a reciprocal agreement “cannot” be formed by a constructed legal fiction, as it requires both a witnessed seal, a referenced physical impression, like a thumb print, to form a seal, to bind, and must be a balanced agreement, therefore must be between those equally able to perform.

As a constructed legal fiction (fraud) cannot practically act, and is only a tool used to mask responsibility and accountability for those who represent themselves on behalf of that fiction, it cannot directly reciprocate, cannot be witnessed, as it’s a fictional construct, so unable to give direct acceptance. “No one” can re-present you in any reciprocal bond agreement, only a dimwit or nitwit would seek to be represented as a straw man, which is why the definition of anyone re-presented, means to be mentally incompetent.

A reciprocal bond should be written in a way that details certain restrictions or requirements in behaviour, costs (if any apply) to maintain the bond and the relief through amercements (financial penalty) or loss of honour (referenced on the platform), or a reduction or complete loss of interaction within the bonding platforms, if they break a witnessed bond (being banned; the ultimate outcome of dishonourable behaviour).

Reason alone determines this will  lead to greater freedom and/or more opportunities, than could ever be dreamt of in the present restrictive usury monopoly model. The existing model imposes contracts (contractions (reduction) in agreement, allowing one-sided advantage (usury)) forming agreements, established mainly  through want of understanding, deception, or fraud and without direct acceptance or agreement ever being formed. This allows government corporate Mafia to invent corporate policy contrivements, known as statute, legislation, acts, etc.

Honour (moral behaviour) is one of the fundamental elements that creates community, however the primary element of community, and a prerequisite to forming it, is the skill of reasoning to truth, without which community will invariably fall apart. The schooling system was imposed to prevent the skill of reasoning to truth being widely mastered, a schooled mind is trained to think emotionally, to seek out authority not truth, and simply to memorise and regurgitate doctrine. The mental conflict generated when confronted with truth, evidence or reason that refutes a held belief in a schooled mind, can generate hatred, contempt, anger or just switch the mind off.

Nature is dichotomous, this means at either extreme of the same thing the elements are opposite, for example silence and sound, in silence there is no sound and in sound there is no silence. Likewise in hierarchal society there can be no “reasonable mind” happily suffered, just as in anarchic community there is no place for any “unreasonable mind”.

To form a “true” community with minimal conflict all bondmen must be reasoning and empathic. (A woman is also within the term bondsman, as they are simply a “womb” man) A man is the complementary aspect of a womb-man, and vice-versa, a man is born to possess the seed of life, the womb-man is born to possess the cradle of life. A man is designed the protector and the womb-man the nurturer. Men are not superior to womb-men, and womb-men are not superior to men cognitively, however, a reasoning soul either male or female is superior to an irrational soul by virtue of their skill of mind. The man and the womb-man bind themselves in matrimony to form a complementary unity of stability and security for their offspringLink: Matrimonial Reciprocal Bond

It cannot be stressed enough how absolutely vital the skill of reasoning is to community, it “is” the lack of this ability that has allowed the present usury, hierarchical monopolies to dominate humanity, and is leading us into a future horror show of corporate inflicted suffering, greater than anything suffered in the past.

“Wherever the choice has had to be made between the man of reason and the madman, the world has unhesitatingly followed the madman.” Aldous Huxley

The lack of reason is why we’ve a medical system that cures almost nothing, and actually is so bad, it’s the leading cause of death globally. It’s the reason dentists damages teeth, opticians damage eyes, movies and tv shows propagandise and socially engineer, it’s the reason that TV news and newspapers so rarely contains any real truth, it being simply programming, merely entertainment, having no requirement to tell the truth, because the viewer and readers cannot distinguish truth from falsehood.

It’s the reason we have Mafia (government) that dominates the land, farming the population, imposing and protecting the five forms of usury, restricting free movement, extorting revenue, imposing policy.

It’s the reason science is filled with nonsense peddled as fact, it’s the reason history is a tissue of lies, it’s the reason that poverty dominates globally, it’s the reason religions exist, it’s the reason people are so very afraid of none existent things like viruses, nuclear weapons, pandemics, climate change, warming, cooling, meteor strikes, alien invasion, the list of baseless fears is endless.

Reason can be mastered, but only if you want to learn how to do it, unfortunately the schooling system was designed to convince its victims that they can reason, so, to join the bond “reasoning” would be tested, and until it were mastered, you could not fully access all the features of the platforms. Link: The Reasoning and Virtue Reward Platform

It’s not a difficult skill to master, but is one you must actively want, so through an online test, people would be aware of their level of reasoning, and be able to master it before joining others in community. Link: Mastering the Skill of Reasoning – The Trivium

Excluding Some From the Bond

Reasonably, “no” one who maintains repressive subjugating doctrines and systems can be a party to the opposing autonomous models, and additionally those proven to be untrustworthy cannot be a party to trust based models, so exclusion must be imposed for the untrustworthy and autocratic.

If you work to maintain violence for the corporation of government Mafia, as a costumed clown of policy enforcing or military whore, accepting a wage to harry and murder at the dictate of your owners, or bureaucratic witworms, using mundane rules that hide local contestation, side-line criticism and deny equitable justice, then you would be automatically excluded from the bond, unless you had rejected that position, had never murdered any soul while in costume or out, had never beaten another soul while in costume, and had not been in the employ of any State Mafia for the previous five years.

If you’re a politician, or a member of the aristocracy, or have ever willingly worked as part of any illegal Mafia, you’d be excluded from the bond, infinitum.

If you hold an Israeli Passport, or were a declared friend of Israel you’d be excluded from the bond, infinitum. (Israel government Mafia has systematically murdered the indigenous population and placed survivors in a concentration camp, which they periodically use them to test their latest weapons systems, anyone party to that cannot be considered empathic)

If you’d been convicted of fraud, theft (excluding avoiding (tax) extortion, or in the case of theft only, if you could “prove” you’re reformed, having stolen nothing for a period of 10 years), extortion, murder, rape, paedophilia, torture, pimping or blackmail, you would be excluded from the bond infinitum.

If you work in banking you’d be excluded from the bond (if you left banking you could then join the bond after 5 years, unless you were in a bank management position or above, then you’d be excluded for infinitum).

If you work for the corporation of government Mafia, you’d be excluded from the bond (if you left the government job you could then join the bond after 5 years, unless you were in a government management position or above).

If you’re a member of any criminal Mafia organisation (a criminal cartel, Freemasons, the Bavarian Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, etc.) you would be excluded from the bond, infinitum.

If you are a psychopath you would be excluded from the bond, infinitum.

Now you may say, but how would you know?

The bond must be witnessed with a seal, formed using an impression of a referenced body part such as a thumb print by two witnesses, who must also provide a voice scan and face/ear scan to add to the seal, unless they’re already bondmen who can simply provide a bond number, as their scans are already on the platform. The details of the bondsman are not held across the platforms but within the individual’s hub, and encrypted in the peer to peer cloud, the system can check any application against this through out the system.

If at any point in the future it’s discovered the bond was created with deception, all three are banned from the bond; the bond holder and the two who witnessed the bond. Anyone that holds a bond witnessed by a banned bondsmen or banned witness must establish a new witness to confirm their standing.

You may say why would they care?

The more the platform is used globally, the more advantages and value the platform will generate, exclusion will become a greater problem as the platform grows, this means to witness on a lie is a dangerous choice.

The bond document stipulates the relief for all wrongs, the witnessing bondmen in the declaration, accepts the relief with foreknowledge. and binds themselves through seal.

To join the bond the applicant logs onto a downloadable multilateral reciprocal bond agreement to join the platform, after the interested applicant has completed the entering of their details, it’s then sealed (a physical referenced mark, such as right thumb print) in front of two witnesses, who also seal the bond, this is then digitally scanned onto the platform. the witnesses if existing bondsmen confirm witnessing through their existing account also.

Additionally all three forming the bond must have voice, face/ear scans stored and referenced, or some method of physical identification only.

Once the bond is formed, the bondsmen can download the platform software onto his computer and use the platform.

The Structure of the “Need” Bonding Platform

The bonding platform functions as the engine of the platforms, the advancing platform is the central generator of the True Medium of Exchange (TME), but the bonding platform allows the TME to be fully utilised.

There are many forms of bond and the platform would provide templates to allow any form to be created, with simple templates, allowing the bondsman to tailor any bond to their specific needs and requirements.

Some widely different examples of production:

Light Bulbs: if you wanted to form a need bond for light bulbs, designed never to fail through use, but to be effectively immortal, and with a wavelength around 500 nanometres, the same electromagnetic waves frequency emitted by the sun, which reaches the Earth’s surface, in contrast to the modern unhealthy corporate light bulbs, with a frequency wavelength of approximately 1000 nanometres. This would be easy to achieve, and one cooperative could supply an entire region.

Washing Machines: The global laundry detergent market generated $22.24 billion in 2021, generating pollution and doing a poor job of cleaning.  Ultraviolet (UV) light is a natural disinfectant and a powerful cleaning agent, a washing machine can be designed to use powerful ultraviolet light to condition the water forming long chain oxygen molecules, that clean without fading, or damaging the clothes and disinfect completely the wash, no more buying polluting detergents.

A typical washer should last 10-13 years, and once they begin to fail, repair is generally pointless, but a washing machine can be engineered to last for decades, with a robust design, that is easy to repair and with parts easy to replace.

Bread: Modern bread is laced with pesticides, bleach, amongst other carcinogens, especially AA and furan compounds (substances responsible for the aroma of bread), mycotoxins (MTs), and toxic metals (TMs). Wheat was the first genetically modified grain and finding non GM wheat is now almost impossible.

Before the corporate wheat bread was dominant, hemp mixed with an ancient wheat form such as Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt or Khorasan was used to make bread as the norm, this is very healthy, better tasting and can replace modern wheat completely within a bakery cooperative. Hemp bread is very high in natural magnesium and zinc, which most people are deficient in due to the modern diet. There are many types of hemp, the most common variety tastes like sunflower seed and pistachio seed in combination, and gives off a delicate creamy nutty flavour because of all the omega oils.

Rebar: The global steel rebar market was valued at $270.18 billion in 2021, producing around 1 billion metric tonnes of rebar annually. Mild steel rebar has a characteristic yield strength of 250 N/mm2. Carbon Fibre is well established as the high strength, lightweight fibre of the 21st Century. Comparatively carbon fibre laminate tensile strength is 3,500 N/mm2.

The production of carbon fibre rebar would increase the strength and useful lifespan of construction, remove the damage generated through rusting steel rebar which disintegrates the concrete as the steel expands when oxidised. Transport costs are drastically reduced, as carbon fibre is 80% lighter than steel, meaning 5 times cheaper to transport.

To develop these needs, ideally, the ‘first’ local need bond would be a technological hub, this is populated with a cooperative of technically skilled individuals across many disciplines, who work to technically develop any proposed need and symbiotic cooperative required.

Once a technological hub is in place, repressed technologies and new technologies can also be developed, contrary to the claims of corporations, it does not cost billions of dollars to develop technologies, many suppressed technologies were developed in peoples homes, with very little money.

A few examples of new or suppressed technologies:

The Joseph Papp Noble Gas Engine: The Sun is not a nuclear furnace, and burns no mass, the outer atmosphere is electrically charged by the ambient energy fields it travels through, turning the gas into plasma, if that charge were removed the Sun’s atmosphere would return back to a gas. This is the foundation of the Papp engine. It is basically a combustion engine, that uses no fuel, instead the gases are trapped inside a gas sealed combustion chamber, then using a plasma plug, the gases are charged, causing it to implode, which generates a powerful vacuum, then the plasma plug is turned off and the plasma returns to a gas, expanding powerfully within the chamber, this pushes and pulls the piston with far more power than diesel or petrol could. The Ashkenazi Richard Feynman was used to discredit this technology through lies and intentional deceptions. A court action against Feynman by Papp and his backer, Don Roser of Environetics, Inc., as a result of Feynman’s inept attempt to disprove the Papp engine with his unauthorized pulling of an electric control-circuit wire that Feynman egregiously imagined had to be powering the engine. Link

N142 Magnets: In 1982 a Japanese scooter company accidently developed a N142 magnet, this allowed close to over unity electrical motors to be built, the Japanese Govern mental corporate Mafia then employed the Japanese Yakuza Mafia to threaten all the lives of those within the scooter company never to develop this technology. Which is why the most powerful magnet available presently is an N52 magnet. To replicate this magnet would not be difficult, a metallurgist could quickly develop this technology and possibly improve upon it further.

Quantum Entanglement: When two particles interact with one another at such close proximity that they become part of each other, matter is in reality a thought, and if two thoughts harmonise they become a single thought, this means if you then separate that thought and effect it remotely, the pair thoughts react identically, this allows communication at a distance instantly.

This technology is now advanced enough to be developed, however the exist corporate system will never develop this for mass consumption, as it would remove their existing monopolies and prevent them from blocking, censoring, eavesdropping or monitoring communications. If developed this technology would allow free telecommunications and infinitely fast internet globally, no signal, no power drains on equipment, no matter the location, if you were in the deepest mine, or at the opposite side of the Milky way, communication would be instant and interference free. It ends the toxic microwave radiation of the present communications networks, and removes the centralisation monopolies of supply.

Anti-Gravity: Gravity is not an attraction of mass. Gravity is a residual effect of the four dimensional flow of the fluidic aether, as the Earth, or any large metal body, passes through the ambient energy fields of the galaxy, they absorb energy, which slowly increases their mass, as this energy is absorbed its movements cause the aether to flow, gravity being the same effect as water in a stream, pulling along whatever is in its currant. It has been shown that sound also interacts with the aether, and using sound technologies, anti-gravity could be developed to effect that gravitational flow, allowing anti-gravity systems to be developed within the Earth atmosphere.

Reversal of Aging: Aging is not caused by cell replication, which supposedly make increasingly more damaged copies of themselves, until the cells becomes so damaged the body fails. Aging is a result of cell dehydration, when we are born the body is 80% water, by the time we reach 60, the average is 60% water, at 100 people are so dehydrated they look like a sun dried tomato.

Developing simple technologies to reverse the effects of cellular dehydration, to reverse, what people wrongly see as a natural process of aging and death, would be an easy technology to create. This would allow people to live perpetually in their prime physical age of full hydration, meaning the body is better able to protect itself from toxins within the body.

The Need Bond Platform

The software bonding platform allows anyone within the bond, to create, propose improvements, present concerns or join any need bonds, offered or established on the platform.

This allows, through the structure of the bonding platform, anyone the ability to build any need they can imagine, the creator chooses if they wish to offer that bond locally, regionally or globally, and others can then choose to consider that bond or not.

A bond is simply an agreement. By joining into that agreement, let’s say for a local bakery, using healthy baking methods free of GM flours (due to the inherent reciprocal duty of care), you give it your guarantee of support, there may for example be several bakery offers locally at the start, and you can consider which offer looks the best, or generate a competing offer yourself.

At the outset each bond requires a minimum number of bondsmen that wish to join it before it could be advanced further, and so, by joining, a bondsman gives their guarantee and support for that need to be established.

Each bond offer has an expiry date, and if that offer never reaches enough interest to be developed, it is removed from the platform when it expires.

The platform generates flexible templates, to allow easy creation of any bond ‘need’, and as that process progresses, continues to provide templates and structure through the logical process of development.

The need bond functions in a directly opposite manner to a corporate model, as  the one’s with the need are the ones wanting the end product or service, so, no need to advertise for consumers, saving between 5-50% of costs dependent on the product or service. No capitalist exists to demanding profit on their investment, or to dictate production quality, type, reliability, safety etc. No more corner cutting for extra profits, no more economic slave wages, no more contempt or disregard for the lives of the workers. No more need for a hierarchical management structure, functioning as the overseers of production, who produce nothing.

As those with the need are the one’s developing that need, they will not want poor quality, so, very high quality and longevity of service are key requirements, this means a functional product generates far less waste, as those satisfying a need, don’t need to replace that functional product over and over again, as they’re designed not to break easily, additionally the aesthetic is valued and products of beauty become more common.

The entire need is funded through the TME advancing platform, and those utilising the need are only guaranteeing that for the period they are within that need bond, which they are free to leave at any time, they will stand the costs of depreciation of the infrastructure and equipment used in running that bond proportionately to their utilisation.

The cost of depreciation is proportionate to utilisation of the bond. If you join but never use it, you pay nothing.

Fluid Cooperative Symbionts

The need bondsmen form the need bond, and through consensus determine the parameters of that need, the technological hub helps to build the infrastructure of that need, and finally the fluid cooperative bond/s services those needs. The advance to fund the building of the infrastructure and equipment needed by the cooperative bondsmen to service the need, is generated through the collective guarantees of the initialising and future need bondsmen agreeing to be a part of that need bond.

The technological hub functions as a guide and support tool, for example if you needed detailed plans for construction this could either be sourced within the technical hub or externally from an individual or company.

The maximum size of any cooperative bond is between 1 and 16 bondsmen, this is a result of human nature, when a cooperative is larger than 16 bondsmen, cohesion tends to fail, and so, infighting, resentments, uncooperativeness and other issues begin to take over.

Specialisations within a cooperative should be avoided, and all skills connected to that service should, ideally, over time, be mastered by every cooperative bondsman functioning within the bond.

Once the need bond has been determined and the technical aspects are under development, servicing the need can be considered. In a traditional structure things are fixed, so, a corporation has employees, a cooperative has cooperative workers, the majority of these people being employed within a job as their exclusive position of employment.

The fixed employment model has many draw backs for the individual, and many advantages for the capitalist or management of a cooperative. In the anarchic structure there can be no capitalist, and no dedicated management oversight is needed, therefore fluid cooperatives are far better.

In the need bond model, the need bondsmen collectively create and control all the infrastructure and equipment of the bond, the cooperative merely service that need utilising that infrastructure and equipment. The bond can either collectively administrate service, or they can place an alderman, answerable to every need bondsman, in place to administrate service, who would be funded as part of the annual running cost of the bond.

The alderman would be required to place a bond of 20% of the value of all equipment into a virtual escrow account (the TME is kept in the custody of a third party holding account and returned only when a set of specified condition has been fulfilled) attached to the need bond, which would be returned at any point they left the position, or alternatively would possess a trust rating of 80% or more with a half surety or more, all agreeing to share risk.

The alderman is responsible for the maintenance, accountability and return of the equipment used by any tasked cooperative, if equipment or materials are stolen by a cooperative, or while in a cooperatives care, it is the cooperative bondsmen that are liable for their loss. Only while in their direct care is the alderman liable for the loss.

The alderman would need to train in how to deal with the corporate government Mafia, and be well versed and practiced in dealing with the thefts and frauds these criminals attempt to inflict, in order to protect the infrastructure and equipment of the need bond group.

Let’s consider an example. A general construction need bond is formed locally, all infrastructure and equipment is now in place. A fluid pool of tradesmen have now placed themselves into the pool of deliberation, and so the fluid of cooperative potential is populated with various tradesmen. Reputation would quickly be developed for individuals within the pool, good or bad, which would quickly naturally exclude incompetent or poor quality tradesmen.

This fluid cooperative pool of opportunity, is ‘not’ limited, but a pool where any individual may float themselves for deliberation, even an individual without the relevant skills for joining the cooperative. This pool can now be trawled by the need bondsmen who require a need to be serviced, and the best individuals can be identified for the servicing of a particular task.

This task is further offered on the bonding platform for consideration by any others not presently within the pool of deliberation, to increase the available selection of individuals.

Alternatively people can be proposed to join the cooperative needed to service that particular task, by those in the need bond for consideration. Cooperative bondsmen candidates can be tested, questioned, and their past efforts examined by any bondsman in the need bond related to the task requiring service, and that information shared across the group, for the knowledge and experiences of all bondsmen to be considered, to ultimately determine the best people to service that need.

The need that requires servicing determines the nature of the cooperative formed, some needs are on going, some are short lived, construction tends to be short lived, a construction project is completed and that task is ended, while other needs are perpetual, a bakery’s work is never done for example.

In the example the construction need bond as a primary, not an axillary multi-need bond, the task requires a plasterer, joiner, electrician, plumber, roofer, grounds-worker, brick/stone layer, stone mason, along with semi or unskilled workers, scaffolder, plant driver, glazier and tiler. A total of 12 bondsmen form the initial cooperative, the skilled bondsmen classed as advanced apprentice as they possess a single trade specialisation, and the semi or unskilled bondsmen classed as novice apprentice.

An axillary multi-need bond is to build infrastructure for a collective of bondsmen, for example a supermarket, while a primary need bond is for individual needs.

Each cooperative bondsman is required to hold surety of value, this can be gained in three ways, they can provide a returnable deposit of 20% of the value of the equipment and all materials required for the task as a proportionate division to the number of individuals within the cooperative bond formed, which would be held in virtual escrow until the task was completed. They can possess a trust rating above 50% on the platform, and gain the agreement of their full held surety to stand with them in their proportion of risk and reimbursement of loss, or they can join a collective assurance bond whereby, all those within that bond take a proportionate risk of loss and the liability of reimbursing that loss, this form of assurance can be specific to the type of industry or can be generally for any cooperative.

The main work load is for the ground-worker, stone layer and stone mason, at the start, and all other trades would begin to learn these trades. The objective of the cooperative is to remove specialisations, and have a fully competent bondsman in all aspects of their trade.

Training can be done in both work time and their free time if they so wish. Once the bondsman is fully versed in all specialisations of their trade, then they would be considered a master craftsman, and their earnings would be higher than an apprentice or  novice craftsman.

Unnecessary specialisations are restrictive, generate bottlenecks in activity and cause disparity in perceptions and earnings.

Once a cooperative is populated with fully competent and trained bondsmen, they can then themselves take on apprentice novices, which would generate some advantages for the craftsman, up to a maximum number of souls for any cooperative, of 16 bondsmen.

Ancillary cooperatives can be formed, that complement the primary service, for example unskilled labour, as some people have not the interest or even the capacity to master skills or develop knowledge easily, and may prefer to remain unskilled, working to labour in the aid of others willing to master skills and develop knowledge, however even unskilled workers can be good or bad at unskilled labour.

These ancillary cooperatives are also formed by the original need bond, within the same fluid pool of determination, but unlike a primary need, the ancillary cooperatives can be multi-need bond attached, these ancillary bonds could be diverse, for example a joinery bond, to manufacture wooden internal and external doors, kitchens, cabinets, hardwood flooring, staircases, or a cooperative to make aluminium or uPVC doors and windows, or a stone quarry to cut and shape stone, or a timber mill to saw timber into boards, etc. These types of ancillary cooperatives could service many general construction bonds, so their guarantee would be spread over many need bonds, and the running costs would be proportionate to utilisation.

More than one cooperative, could service a single need bond, so for example, if a great deal of construction was demanded across the bond, and one cooperative was inadequate to provide sufficient service, another independent cooperative could be developed, or more, as primary service cooperatives for that initial need bond.

In some types of need bond, demand for service may out pace a capacity to meet service, construction is one type of need this would be likely, so, the order of priority for any need to be serviced depends on the amount of time a bondsman has been within the bond, the longer you’ve been in the bond, the higher up any queue for service, once you have gained service you would be at the bottom of the queue, but the queue is not based on the point you create a request for service, but from the time you have been in the bond between service. This means, there is an advantage in maintaining the need bond even when you have no immediate use for it, as you are in the queue so to speak as long as you maintain the need bond.

Working towards an objective of removing specialisation, and rewarding and promoting the training to master craftsmen or master healer etc.  through apprenticing, all specialisations of any discipline should attempt to become complete disciplines; specialisation is detrimental to high quality, efficiency and natural aesthetic. The advantage of training others is reciprocation in gaining the training yourself from others, as you master more specialisations of your trade, you earn more within the cooperative; this continuing and progressive training generates ever higher quality tradesmen within the local pool.


Bonding Agreement Templates

The Unilateral Bond

The unilateral bond, is a bond that binds the bondsman making, it to behaviour towards others within bond, meaning they provide accountability if they break their self imposed bond of behaviour stipulated and defined, this is the foundation of the Allodium platform. Here is a link to an example of a unilateral bond of behaviour

The Bilateral Bond

A bilateral bond is formed between two bondsmen, an example of this is the surety bond, this is the foundation of trust within trade, and an indication of social standing within common unity structures. Link: Bilateral Reciprocal Surety Bond

Another example of a bilateral bond would be a matrimonial bond. Link: Matrimonial Reciprocal Bond

The Multilateral Bond

 A multilateral bond is an agreement between many bondsmen. The multilateral bond has many forms:

  • The neophyte (new to a subject or activity) bond: allows anyone to seek training in an occupation of their choice.
  • Etc.

Other Platforms Attached to the True Medium of Exchange Platform TME:

Trading Platform

The Allodium Platform

The Arbitration of Wrongs Platform

Sharing Platform

Community Formation Platform

The Reasoning and Virtue Reward Platform

Thought Deposit Trading Platform

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