The Bonding Platform

Written By Abdun Nur

Honour is the Lifeblood of all Reciprocal Bonding Participation

A bond is a reciprocal agreement, even in its unilateral form, where someone must willingly consent to, and impose freely upon themselves, certain restrictions in behaviour, and amercements (financial penalty) in relief if they break a witnessed bond, that reason determines will actually lead to greater freedom and/or more opportunities,  than could ever be dreamt of in the present usury monopoly model

Honour is one of the fundamental elements that creates community.

To form a true community with minimal conflict all bondmen must be reasoning and empathic.(A woman is also within the term bondsman, as they are a womb man)

The Structure of the Bonding Platform

Excluding Some From the Bond

As no one who maintains repressive subjugating doctrines and systems can be a party to the opposing autonomous models, and additionally those proven to be untrustworthy cannot be a party to a trust based model, so exclusion must be imposed for the untrustworthy.

If you work to maintain violence for the corporation of government mafia, as a costumed clown of policy enforcing or military whore, accepting a wage to harry and murder at the dictate of your owners, then you would be automatically excluded from the bond, unless you had rejected that position, had never murdered any soul while in costume or out, had never beaten another soul while in costume, and had not been in the employ of any State or criminal mafia for the previous five years..

If you’re a politician, or a member of the aristocracy you’d be excluded from the bond, infinitum.

If you hold an Israeli Passport, or were a declared friend of Israel you’d be excluded from the bond, infinitum. (Israel mafia has systematically murdered the indigenous population and placed survivors in a concentration camp, which they periodically use to test their latest weapons systems, anyone party to that cannot be considered empathic)

If you’d been convicted of fraud, theft (excluding avoiding extortion, or if you could prove you’re reformed), extortion, murder, rape, paedophilia, torture, pimping or blackmail, you would be excluded from the bond, infinitum.

If you work in banking you’d be excluded from the bond (if you left banking you could then join the bond after 5 years, unless you were in a bank management position or above, then you’d be excluded for infinitum).

If you work for the corporation of government mafia, you’d be excluded from the bond (if you left the government job you could then join the bond after 5 years, unless you were in a government management position or above).

If you’re a member of any criminal mafia organisation you would be excluded from the bond, infinitum.

If you are a psychopath you would be excluded from the bond, infinitum.

Now you may say, but how would you know?

The bond must be witnessed and autographed with a physical referenced seal such as a thumb print by two witnesses, who must also, if they aren’t already bond members, provide a voice scan and face/ear scan to add to the seal.

If at any point in the future it’s discovered the bond was created with deception, all three are banned from the bond; the bond holder and the two who witnessed the bond.

You may say why would they care?

The more the platform is used globally, the more advantages and value the platform will generate, exclusion will become a greater problem as the platform grows, this means to witness on a lie is a dangerous choice.

The bond stipulated the relief for all wrongs, the witnessing bondmen in the declaration, accepts the relief with foreknowledge.

To join the bond the applicant logs onto a downloadable multilateral reciprocal bond agreement to join the platform, after the interested applicant has completed entering of their details, it’s then sealed (a physical referenced mark, such as right thumb print) in front of two witnesses, who also seal the bond, this is then digitally scanned onto the platform.

Additionally all three forming the bond must have voice, face/ear scans stored and referenced.

Once the bond is formed, the bondsmen can download the platform software onto his computer and use the platform.

If you wish to contribute towards its further development of the anarchic or empathic models of community, any contributions are appreciated: