Contribute – Endow with Resources

If you’d like to provide cryptocurrency towards the development of the platforms, email me at:  

and I’ll send you a wallet public address to transfer the coins. Thank you.

Paypal make it difficult to set up a simple fill out payment yourself method, so I set this up, you can alter the amount by clicking for example 2 x $10 or 2 X $300 on the checkout to arrive as close as possible to the amount you wanted to give. Thank you.

One Time Payment towards the development of the coding for the earth coinage platforms

If you’d like to fund the coding of the earth coinage platforms monthly subscribe below:

If you’d like to join a reciprocal multilateral bond, that would become live when the platform is coded, and contribute with the expectation of recovering the advance, effectively saving without loss, as the value is linked to purchasing power, those advances recovered as future users donated towards development that were actively using the platforms than email me at:

Software Development Bond

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