Closed Bond Protection

Written by Abdun Nur

A bond is a witnessed and seal agreement, in respect of the platforming model I propose, the bond is a reciprocal multilateral agreement that details acceptable actions in order to remove disputes while using the platforms, and the relief, you self-impose, through sealing the bond, that would be imposed as a result of your wrongful actions, at any future point, that would break that bond agreement.

There are several advantages to forming a closed bond, it allows the exclusion of some at the outset, and it’s not open to constructed legal fictions of the person, public, corporation, citizen or trust.

The government mafia claim a social contract without such a contract existing, no need to provide a written social contract if you impose a monopoly, however nothing stops people from establishing an alternative to the State mafias social contract as a reciprocal bond, this means you do not use the government mafias services, fiat, education, legal monopolies, based on usury, grants of right, obligations of duties and monopolies.

To have such an alternative means you must exclude constructed legal fictions, so, it is not open to the public, only those joining the reciprocal bond are within it. The bond is not imposed but a free choice, but that choice rejects the existing monopolies. For example using the need bond platform, a healing bond is formed, it is not open to the public, if someone outside the bond arrives seeking medical aid, they must be rejected, not because the bond is heartless, but because to accept the public fiction means the corporate mafia would claim the bond was a part of their monopolies.

Likewise to use fiat in trade within the bond, would be detrimental, initially fiat would only be used in satisfying the needs externally of the bonding model, trading for fiat to pay for goods or services the bond has not yet grown large enough to provide locally.

A closed bond allows the cryptocurrency to have a fixed value in exchange, because it prevents others from using it in trade externally to the platform.

All trades into fiat are exclusively done on the fiat trading platform, which determines the value of the fiat against its purchasing power, which then determines the exchange rate, this effectively means the advancing cryptocurrency of the platform has a permanently fixed value linked to purchasing power.

But most importantly, a closed bond provides protection from fraud, speculation, manipulation and allows out-bonding if the bond is broken.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates

Exclusion from the Bond Agreement

There are several reasons an individual would be unable to join the bond. If someone labours in opposition to the inherent freedom we all possess, then they could not take advantage of the massive benefits the bond would provide, they would first have to abandon their efforts against inherent freedoms. So, for example if you worked in government, this would prevent you joining the bond, the position you fill in government does not matter, as every government employee exists upon the extorted revenues extracted from his neighbours.

Government Agent

The War Between the Psychopathic and the Enslaved Empaths

Government Agent – A Representative or Official of a Constructed Government Legal Fiction

Govern mental corporations of State are used to control the enslaved population, the indoctrination claims the powers used by the agents of the State corporation, are taken from the individuals re-presented by them. Representatives are parasites that claim to be appointed to act or speak on behalf, and in aid, of those they’re employed to speak for, clearly, they act against those they claim to represent, and in reality, work for a small group of soulless psychopaths and paedophiles that dominate all imposed monopolies.

The agents, using the mask of the State corporation, have powers they have granted themselves, that the individual never possessed, they commit murder, they steal, extort, regulate, license, spy, register, track, intimidate, deceive, mandate dangerous medical treatments, kidnap, torture, imprison, indoctrinate, prevent free passage and demand conformity, none of these are taken from the powers of the individual being re-presented, as no individual has any of these powers over their neighbour, all would be wrongful acts, they are without exception elements of a criminal mafia organisation, farming people for unearned gains.

If the jobs undertaken by agents of govern mental corporate mafia, are examined, they cannot be justified in any other way, except as agents of a mafia.

Some agents work as Spies – being a person who keeps close and secret watch on the actions and words of an enemy or adversary, they seek to obtain confidential information about the activities, plans, methods, etc., of an organization or of individuals, of an enemy’s camp, employed to inspect their works, ascertain their strength and their intentions, watch their movements, and secretly communicate intelligence to the proper officer. By the laws of war among all civilized nations, a spy is punished with death.

In Washington DC alone it’s estimated 10,000 people are employed by the government as spies. These spies can access your phone records, and internet usage, as all internet services pass your data to them, they can break into consumer electronics devices and IT systems within your home and monitor you remotely as they see fit, as the agents of government have coerced manufacturers into building vulnerabilities, meaning allowing government access to use their products for surveillance. All cell phone providers are required to track and make a record of your movements wherever you are, and they, in turn, must surrender those records when ordered by a court. Government spies can access credit card networks, payment gateways, and wire transfer facilities around the world. (The government just admitted it will use smart home devices for spying: Link

Now the Question is, “WHO” is the Enemy?

If spies are employed to monitor enemies or adversaries, this would mean the agents and owners of government views all the slaves they control as enemies, these individuals collectively work to collect information on these enemies, to track them, eaves drop, record their activities. This means every agent of every government mafia is at war with the population.

Controlled Opposition

Some government agents are employed as Controlled opposition – this is achieved through either creating a protest movement, or infiltrating and through funding manipulate the agents into position of control, so the so-called opposition is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably Vladimir Lenin who said ”The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Agent Provocateur

A common government agent job is Agent provocateur – meaning “inciting agent” where an individual commits or acts to entice others to commit illegal or rash acts, or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act, so as to ruin the reputation or entice legal action against the target or the group they belong to, or are perceived to belong to. They may target any group, such as a peaceful protest or demonstration, a union, a political party or a company.

In jurisdictions in which conspiracy is a serious crime in itself, it can be sufficient for the agent provocateur to entrap the target into discussing and planning an illegal act. It is not necessary for the illegal act to be carried out or even prepared. Link

Undercover/Secret Police

Undercover police, in 2001 more than 1,100 federal employees in the US were employed as undercover policy enforcers, these agents act to induce, often tricking people into engaging in acts or even, on occasion orchestrating criminal activity that would otherwise never have happened, using intimidation, entrapment, and duplicity, even though the police are legally obliged to identify themselves when challenged.

Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor – Someone who twists facts (lies) for political purposes. In public relations and politics, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through knowingly providing a biased, false interpretation of an event, or campaigning to deceptively influence public opinion about some organization or public figure. While traditional public relations and advertising may manage their presentation of facts, “spin” often implies the use of disingenuous, deceptive, and manipulative tactics.

Tax Collectors

Tax collectors – A tax collector or a taxman is an individual who extorts the fiat currency sanctioned by the fiefdom corporation, employed for the benefit of the owners, a small group of billionaires who themselves pay no or very little in taxes.

Tax extortion is applied against economically enslaved individuals, legally fooled to re-present themselves as a straw man of a subordinate corporation, of the issuing State corporation. Tax collectors are employed by the owners of the corporation of State to rob, intimidate and extort. The term could also be applied to those who audit tax returns who function as enablers of such frauds.


Politician – Politicians propose, support and create slave laws as corporate policies that mentally govern the fiefdoms farmed humans. They work to author constructed legal fictions that are imposed through the re-presenting a soul as a constructed legal fiction of corporation, the authored fictions of slave law are given authority through that construct, as no soul in reality is bound in any way to the written dictates of another.

Public (Corporate Govern Mental) Employees, Without Exception, are Nugatory, Existing as Parasites

There is no job in govern mental employment that has any benefit to the souls it is imposed upon, the construct of government, like its predecessor, the construct of absolute monarchic domination, is a method of draining the wealth generated by the labours of others into the hands of a very small group of parasites.

You may argue some jobs are beneficial, such as fireman, but the alternative using the bonding platform is always, no matter what service is needed, cheaper, gives better service, with far greater advantage to both the souls providing the service, and the community, without any need to extort to fund it.

If someone was employed in govern mental service, but wished to join the bond, they would have to openly declare the braking of any oath held, and why that oath was invalid. After a period of one year they could then join the bond, if they weren’t prevented by any other impediment.

Bond Exclusion, of Psychopaths, Thieves, Rapists, Murderers and Those Holding a Belief of Being a Master Race.

Psychopaths are claimed to exist at around 1 in 25 of the global population, they are drawn to positions of power, but must be excluded from joining the bond, the bonding platform is built around trust and building surety of other souls, this would be undermined if psychopaths or morally bankrupt individuals were allowed to access the platform freely.

If a suspected psychopath wished to join the bond, they could be medically tested (within a healing bond not allopathic quackery) to determine if they were a psychopath or an empath. To join the bond, you must find two others to seal your bond as witnesses, they are then bound to the truth of the bond, if at a later date it is proven the bondsman lied in their declaration, then not only is the liar bondsman excluded from the bond, so are the two witnesses.

If you’re a thief, that has not proven to have changed their ways (so have not stolen for a decade), then you would be excluded from the bond, a rapist or a murderer are forever barred from joining the bond, and it matters not if you murdered while wearing a clown costume of a state mafia, or simply did it for selfish advantage.

Someone that refused to pay a tax for example wouldn’t be a thief, you cannot steal your own money, and preventing others from stealing your money does not make you a thief, whether for government, fees, fines, taxes or duties. However a landlord extorting from a tenant is a thief.

Some openly believe they are a master race, within religion or other ideologies such as the third Reich National Socialist ideology or the aristocracy. If you believe you are a master, by default you must believe all others, not within your master race group, are then slaves, this is in opposition to inherent concepts, and would prevent someone with such a belief system from joining the bond. The Jewish religion for example holds the master race belief system. Anyone holding a master race belief system would then be unable to join the bond, such as a member of any monarchy or aristocracy. This means for example to hold an Israeli passport would prevent you from joining the bond, or the holding of a peerage etc.

Being a member of a mafia would prevent you joining the bond, whether State mafia or criminal mafia.

Manipulation and Speculation

Bitcoin, as all open cryptocurrencies, are fiat by nature, they hold a value based on perception, this is driven by speculation, people buy bitcoin in the hope it will gain more value.

If the ultra-wealthy wished to punish bitcoin investors, they simply need to buy large amounts of bitcoin, no matter the cost, driving the price ever higher, than at some future point, they could dump all their bitcoin holdings, flooding the market and the price will plummet, burning the fingers of recent investors.

This would be impossible with the closed bond model, as they would be excluded from using or accessing it, the value of the cryptocurrency is linked to purchasing power so non-speculative, and the cryptocurrency only exists when it is advanced with a external guarantee attached, so always retains a zero balance.


Reasoning is a skill, a required skill, for example if you wished to participate on the arbitration platform, then you’d have to prove online your skill of reasoning, through passing a online test. However, the inability to reason would not on its own prevent you from joining the bond.

Out Bonding

To join the bond, besides gaining two witnesses willing to seal your declaration, you and the witnesses of your declaration, must submit a face/ear scan, and a voice scan onto the system. These are encrypted into your account, forming its basis.

If at a future point it is proven you made a false declaration, then all three are banned from the bond, whether a bondsman or even if the witnesses never joined the bond, if at a future point the witnesses attempted to join the bond, their face and voice scan would be recognized by the system and they would be prevented from joining. This may seem unimportant at the start, however as the platform grows in popularity, it would become more and more important to people to be in the bond.

If a bondsman breaks the bond through their actions, but made an honest declaration at the outset, this would have no effect on the two witnesses.

If a bondsman breaks a bond through their actions and is banned from the bond, their face/ear and voice scan would be recognized by the system and prevent them from rejoining, at any future point.

This is a self peace-keeping model, no need of costumed clowns of State mafia employed through extortion to intimidate and mulct others. Dispute is given relief in advance, the bondsman that breaks a bond has already sealed the relief as detailed in the bond agreement, so to act to break that reciprocal bond, causes a wrong in terrente (terrente, meaning someone down to earth (terra), realistic and sensible of mind, referencing a system of arbitration for those with the peace of this state of mind threatened), to remove the peace of the mind is a great wrong, no need of written laws, or colour of law abuses, just reciprocal agreement and reciprocal duties.

The idea of prisons is a psychopathic one, this is proven by the Netherlands govern mental corporation which controls a population of 17.28 million people, and has no criminals, instead they view the wrongdoer as needing to be healed, instead of punished – Link

The Netherlands model is part way to the inherent model, which seeks to give relief to the victim of the mental distress caused by a wrong, and to heal the mind of the one inflicting that mental distress.

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