The Monopoly on Violence

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Written By Abdun Nur

Terrorists or Fighting a War on Terror?

Terrorism has been used by groups to alter or maintain the regional mafia power sharing, or the imposed mafia policies of a region for a long time. An early example is the Sicarii, a first-century cowardly Jewish group, and one of the earliest organized crime groups of bloodthirsty assassins, who murdered enemies and collaborators in a campaign to oust their Roman mafia rulers from Judea. They used small daggers (sicae) hidden in their cloaks to stab innocent people in crowds, in order to create fear.

A modern example of terrorism in 1944, was Jewish terrorist tactics against the British in Palestine — earlier it was used by extremist Jewish revolutionaries in Russia (1866); and Jacobins during the Vatican, Rothschild orchestrated French Revolution (1795).

One party’s terrorist is another’s guerrilla or freedom fighter, this was noted in reference to the British action in Cyprus (1956) and the war in Rhodesia (1973).

Terrorism is to inflict terror on a community or population to gain or maintain control of a govern mental mafia system, so if you believe terror is needed to maintain or gain control,  you’re not a freedom fighter, or guerrilla fighter, you’re just a terrorist.

The only real purpose of the colonial system was to globalise the Ba’alist model, to install the infrastructure of slavery, chaining all to a hierarchical govern mental mafia system across every corner of the Earth, once this was installed, the parent released the colony to the rule of local psychopaths and criminals.

Terrorists – A group, who use or advocates methods of terrorisation to frighten others. and use violence and threats to intimidate or coerce for “political purposes”, generating a state of fear and submission across a population, produced by terrorism or terrorisation or terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government. (As defined above, every government on Earth is a terrorist organisation)

Fear porn terrorism is now a widespread method of generating control, the larger the scale of the fear porn fraud, the more readily the slave population will accept it, this is an expression of herd stupidity.

Fear allows certain outcomes, for example, at the end of world war two the global population was not interested in military adventurism any longer, this was a problem for the owners of the fiefdoms of the feudal model, and so the Ashkenazi developed the fiction of nuclear weapons, this fear porn was then ingrained into the slave population and military adventurism was unrestricted in its expansion, and so the owners could orchestrate unprovoked attacks on nation mafia that failed to give, or conform to whatever was demanded by their owners.

Another example of fear porn is viral pandemics, a virus is a construct, generated as a theoretical abstraction from detritus, which is why claimed viruses cannot be isolated, meaning they cannot be physically proven to exist, and why pictures of exosomes are commonly used as virus images. The study of viruses is akin to the study of unicorns, and simple concepts of virology demonstrate this fraud, such as viruses are not alive, this fact alone means no virus can spread to cause anything, what is claimed as a virus is the expression of decay from disease, not the disease. The lie of germ theory has allowed a fear of external germs invading the body porn, to generate a medical industry of obscene profits and appalling health care, where medical treatment is the leading cause of death, where almost everyone is sick, with sickness implanted through the fraud of vaccination, and almost nothing is ever cured.

The dead virus fear porn of pandemic is based around the Spanish flu of 1918, where around 2% of humanity were murdered, not naturally, but by the doctors who gave large doses of Aspirin, the more souls that died, the higher the dose of Aspirin given, if the flu, an internal cleansing function to rid the body of built up toxins, had not ended naturally through people realising you avoided treatment in order to survive the flu, they may well have made humanity extinct.

Globally the government mafias are fighting ‘a war on terror’, this of course is not an enemy, it’s just a term meaning “extreme fear”, can you wage war (armed bloody conflict) on fear, war is fear?

So – No.

Then what is the reflection of that deception?

Increased subjugation, reduced autonomy of the individual to speak, act or think freely, and the use of any decentralized medium of exchange as funding terrorism, claimed such repressions are needed in order to protect you from the abstract of “terror”, or the abstract of “Asymptomatic contagion” clearly if you have no symptoms you have no disease, but the stupid will swallow any lie if it’s presented with authority.

The definition of a terrorist describes every policy enforcer of every government mafia, every member of any military of any government mafia, and any repressive bureaucrat of any government mafia. And every and all governments are without exception, a form of mafia, government is nothing other than organised crime, the only difference between government and illegal mafias, is illegal mafias don’t mandate a 15,000 hour prison styled schooling indoctrination program on you as a child.

History of Forced Compliance to the Accumulated Wealth Elite

Putting on a uniform does not exempt you from the consequences of your actions.
Violate me without evidence of a crime and i will file charges against you in your personal capacity. Acts, statues, policies and other codes have no lawful authority without consent, as they are contractual in application.

(Date 1086) The system of maintaining public order since the genocide of the Norman conquest was a private system of tithing’s (a grouping of ten slave households, under the Frankpledge, each was accountable for every member of the group, and could be punished as a group for the conduct of a single member) led by a constable; more common was that local lords and nobles were responsible to maintain order in their lands, and often appointed a constable, overseen by sheriffs or reeves, sometimes unpaid, to enforce their invented laws.

The term ‘Law’ originates through the fiction of ownership, its original meaning was ‘”something laid down or fixed,” the landlords ‘word’ was law; the true term, that law is used in place of, is ‘Axiom’, meaning a self-evident truth that requires no proof, a universally accepted principle or rule. The axioms of the land, the natural axioms, that all of mankind are bound by, are unalienable, universal and immutable across the entire Earth, and always  founded on the principle of reciprocation.

Constable – (retainer, staff member, literally ‘companion of the horse stable’) – an officer of high rank in mediaeval monarchies, usually the commander of all armed forces, especially in the absence of the ruler.

(Date 1660’s) In the city of London, night watchmen were the first paid law enforcement body in the country, augmenting the force of unpaid constables. They guarded the streets from 1663. They were later nicknamed ‘Charlies’, probably after the reigning monarch King Charles II.

In 1737, George II began paying some London and Middlesex watchmen with tax moneys, beginning the shift to centralised government funding.

In 1749 Henry Fielding began organising a force of quasi-professional constables known as the Bow Street Runners (men who would solve petty crime for a fee).

King William IV (1765 – 1837), whose constables were an early form of police, who referred to themselves as ‘us peacemakers and all our bill of authority’. Constables of the watch were sometimes nicknamed for the bills, or billhooks they carried as weapons, “Old Bill” a term whose origins are uncertain.

What are Police?

The word “police” meaning “policy” was introduced from France into the English language in the 18th century, notably from Nicolas Delamare’s Traité de la Police (“Treatise on the Police”), first published in 1705.

By the early 19th century London, with a population of nearly a million and a half people, was policed by 450 constables and 4,500 night watchmen. Their effectiveness was weakened because they belonged to different organisations, all jealous of their own invented powers.

The formation of the Metropolitan Police Force was on 29 September 1829 by Sir Robert Peel (Bobbies from Robert, or Peelers). The Mayor as representative of the Corporation of the City of London refused to be part of a London-wide force, so the City of London was not included, but covering an area 7 miles radius from the centre, later extended to 15 miles and controlled from Scotland Yard at 4 Whitehall Place.

In 1835, 178 new borough councils were set up under the Metropolitan Corporation Act, and in 1839 the Rural Constabulary Act allowing them to form their own police forces so allowing the birth of the modern ‘corporate’ police.

In the 19th century the “Met” was responsible directly to the Home Secretary, whereas today it answers to the Mayor of London. And in 1890, control was transferred to New Scotland Yard at The Norman Shaw Building SW1, now situated at 8-10 Broadway, Westminster SW1.

What is a Modern Police Officer?

"Do you know why I'm stopping you?" (Cop asks driver
"Well officer, a crime requires an injured party.
Seeing as there isn't one, I can only assume you're attempting to manufacture my consent to contract with the state's corporate policy in order to generate revenue as part of a racketeering scam." (Driver)

All police officers of the Crown Corporation must swear an oath to act for the Crown Corporation of the City State of London.

A corporate fiction is expressed through title, such as Queen or King, Mr, or Mrs, or in the case of policy enforcers, officer, constable etc., re-presenting a living soul with a legal fiction, before they can serve the Corporation, the oath to the crown corporation is also a requirement of all Members of Parliament, and the members of the legal system.

Their function of enforcing policy, requires no injured parties to act against any individual, as an officer of the Crown; they only enforce the rules of the Corporation and collect revenues on its behalf, through the enforcement of corporate government contracts (legislation), and to protect the assets of the corporate government including selective human resources, and through the threat of force compel performance or compliance, as an agent for the extraction of revenue for the Crown Corporation. They have NO requirement of the inherent DUTY OF CARE to protect the population! (ref:’No Duty of Care’ – )

This means it would be almost impossible to bring a case against the police, as they have no duty of care to hold them to account, as they do not act inherently or equitably, they merely “legally” impose the rules of the corporation. So if they murder a perfectly innocent man, like for example Jean Charles de Menezes, his murderers acting under the corporate contract would not be held to account, in fact as with the Officers (collectors of offerings) who murdered de Menezes execution style, as the owners of the State corporation wanted him silenced, they are promoted and rewarded. It would in theory be possible to seek a private prosecution if the legal system wasn’t a corrupt scam in itself.

The IPCC recorded 92 “Deaths during or following police CONTRACT” in 2010, how many the result of criminal behaviour?

Nearly 2 deaths per week!

Former decorated cop says abolish all police!
"Police should react similar to firemen and never leave the building until it is time to investigate a crime that has been committed against a person or property." Mr. Cooper

In the USA the city State Corporation is Washington DC, 10 square miles that functions under the same model and concepts. The Crown Corporation functions in the nation States of the, so called, ‘Common Wealth’.

In the United States the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (NLEOMF) shows in 2019 the number was “more than 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers now serving in the United States” corporation. That’s one policy enforcer per 365 people.

Over the twelve years 2007 – 2018 Police (policy) officers serving the corporation, had a combined total number of deaths while employed:

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) recorded between (2003 – 2009) 2,931 “arrest-related homicides” by police, and over the same time, the FBI recorded 2,660 “justifiable homicides” by police, there figures do not tally. The figures released by both the BJS and the FBI on fatal shootings by police are not accurate, as many police agencies fail to report their statistics to these bodies, the tally from newspaper reported killings by the police was three to four times the number of official agency reported killings nationally.

The risk of working as a police officer shows an avg. 51 felonious killings a year over a group of 900,000 which means the odds of being killed on duty feloniously are approx. 1 in 17,647 that’s around 5.7 deaths per 100,000, of course its far more dangerous to be arrested by a police terrorist.

"What if I told you that there is no such thing as "THE LAW", only a series of rules forced upon you with threats and intimidation's by a group of thugs with a monopoly on violence." Anonymous

What Does the Word Police Mean?

An enforcer of policies, the title of “Police” came from “policies”: c.1530 essentially the same word as policy.

Policy – a document containing a contract of insurance (insurance – security against loss or death in exchange for payment” is from 1651.

Assurance was the older term for this (late 16c.). – The act of conveying (to transfer or transmit property or property rights to another) real property: an assurance that a condition will be fulfilled: an agreement by which one person undertakes to secure another in the possession or enjoyment of real property.

"There are some people that believe that the function of the police is to fight crime, but that is not true. the function of the police is social control and protection of property." - Michael Parenti

Officer – from officials – a person appointed to an office, charged with certain duties prescribed or recognized as authorized.

Office – a special duty, charge, or position conferred by ‘govern mental authority’

The main purpose of policy enforcers is revenue collection, they solicit offerings through contract.

(Policy system by which a body of people is administered and regulated from written statements): a special duty or position of authority: an office of trust.

Trust – “businesses organized to reduce competition” 1877: a person who is responsible for the property of another: a fiduciary relationship in which one party holds legal title to the property of another, for the benefit of a party who holds equitable title to the property.

Fiduciary – a position of authority who obligates himself or herself to act on behalf of another (as in managing money or property), making decisions and obligations for another, that are binding upon that party without their consent.

Police Officer = corporate policy enforcer through the threat of force, intimidation and coercion, a terrorist.

A Police Officer has no more power than any other soul, they can not rob your re-presentation of legal entity (the person) without first forming a contract (contraction a reduction in agreement), a one sided agreement. They can not abuse you without your acceptance and consent, through the acceptance of their authorship, by standing under them, which is why they ask “do you understand”. Of course they often ignore these niceties and simply beat, or murder their victims.

"The "good/bad cop" question can be disposed of decisively. We need only consider the following:
1 -Every cop has agreed, as part of his job, is to enforce laws; all of them.
2 -Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, or even cruel and wicked.
3 -Therefore, every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer of laws that are manifestly unjust, or even cruel and wicked.

There are no good cops."
Dr. Robert Higgs

The Inherent Model is Peace Maker

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

Peace maker – A individual soul or community of souls that tries to make peace, especially by reconciling parties who disagree, quarrel, or fight.

Peace – A state of mutual harmony between people or groups through Natural Axioms that exist inherently and reciprocally by virtue of reason alone, these are unalienable, universal and immutable, but sadly not widely understood; the anarchic model.

It is far better to form a structure of common unity that, as far as possible, removes all dispute in advance, this can be done using the bonding model,removing the five forms of usury from community, and establishing local consensus.

The read further: Inherent power

Explained below is the Polycentric communities method of relief for a wrongful act, whose actions are based upon inherent power, beyond the relief to just the victim, but also the relief for the culpable:

African method:

When someone does something hurtful and wrong, they take the individual to the centre of town or village, the heart of the community, and the entire community comes and surrounds them. For two days different family and friends tell the individual every good thing they have ever done. The community believes that every member of the family of souls comes into the world as Good, each of us desiring safety, love, peace, happiness. But sometimes in the pursuit of those things people make mistakes. The community sees misdeeds as a cry for help. They band together for the sake of their fellow soul to hold them up, to reconnect them with their true Nature, to remind them who they really are, until they fully remember the truth from which they’d temporarily been disconnected: “I AM GOOD”.

For a system like this to function community must exist. Hierarchies drive out community and isolate the individual in order to control, and extort that victim.

Only souls can form community therefore the soulless psychopaths must be exclude, these people must be identified and excluded from the community as they,  a soulless being (soulless baggage),  cannot interact as anything but parasites, draining goodness and love from the world.

Further reading: Arbitration of Disputes Software Application Platform

The soulless psychopath can be redirected into a useful purpose using the arbitration platform, putting right wrongs, through the  acting as a rex (to put right), which allows those psychopathic entities to earn a living through the “wite” payments of arbitration.

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