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Written by Abdun Nur

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Ownership of the Earth is a fraud, this may sound hard to accept, but inherently you can only own that which you create, you did not create the Earth; so what is the foundation anyone has to claim ownership?

Presently ownership (a ba’al ship on the Holy See of commerce) is held as a monopoly by fiefdoms structured as “corporate mafias”, who claim a State of ownership forming the jurisdiction of their land holdings. The souls on the land are considered wildlife to be managed as property, the owners grant them rights and impose duties upon them, as the masters of the enslaved upon their owned lands. As a slave the souls cannot own, they are tenant, keeper, custodian, user, occupier or possessor only. Everything always remains in ownership of the corporation, whose owners claim eminent domain.

Domain from Latin dominicus “of a master,” equivalent to domin(us) “lord, master”

Originally the Earth was not under the constructed perception of being owned, it was held in allodium, this is the inherent model and is equitable, and this inherent model is the one that may be re-established through the application of a platform linked to the advancing cryptocurrency, which would end the present corporate monopoly.

When an economic slave buys a “property”, they exchange a deed of tenancy, a slave cannot own, they only use their owners property. They are tenant, granted a title detailing the users legal interest in the land, issued by the corporation of State, who claims ownership, a claim without any rational foundation. Ownership, a ship of commerce, is the underpinning of the slave law system of granted rights and imposed duties, and the rent demanded by the state corporation of land tax, rates, property tax or whatever the State corporation labels their rent seeking, must be paid annually otherwise the State mafia will eventually take back the land title, using the corporations monopoly on violence.

To use their land held in deed of tenancy, the owners of the ship of commerce impose license, permissions, fees and oversight.

This allows a select few to monopolise resources of land, and prevents the vast majority of the economic slaves from easy access or use. This also allows the owners of State corporation to gain huge revenues by selling deeds of tenancies for very high prices within their restrictive monopoly.

The main scam of this resource monopoly and restrictive use of land is the mortgage, the death pledge, this effectively holds the economic slave extorted, commonly throughout their working lives to the banking mafia.

When an economic slave wishes to sell a house or piece of land they hold in tenancy, they are further exploited, the lawyers parasite revenues, agents (realtors or estate agents) are commonly used to find a buyer, these agents extort huge sums in the trade, the state demands further tax thefts, in some corporate states up to half the value of the held deed of tenancy, and the process is made difficult and slow. The banks generally require the economic slave to create a new mortgage and to pay off any existing mortgage, this generates huge fees and allows the banksters to make new contracts of extortion.

Another problem is rental, some economic slaves are allowed, as are their owners of state corporation, to hold extorted those denied resources, to pay rental for utilisation, of land or property the landlord holds a deed of tenancy on, this increases the cost of all land and “property”, making access to this resource even more inaccessible for many economic slaves.

The rational, used presently, for the claim of ownership is:

1 – Christianity. The Vatican was directed to invent Christianity in 312 by the Emperor Constantine, this new religion was installed into the legal system in 313, and at the First Council of Nicaea in 325 it was completed as a means to re-establish the usury empire, with the establishment of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. This reinvention of the empire was needed as the forces of usury had effectively destroyed the old Roman Empire’s domination, making the old empire weak and divided. By creating mental slavery to a fictional religion, the empire became holy, and was re-established as the Holy Roman Empire. Constantine began by forming two monopolies in 325, one a medical monopoly, and one a religious monopoly, and they quickly purged all competition systematically, either through destruction or absorption across Europe. Christianity was constructed by cobbling old Ba’alist (tri-ba’al – trinity) religions together to form a new version, Christianity being at least the 17th version recorded.

The ancient Ba’al trinity: (Ba’al is a title of respect for position or rank meaning “owner” – Ba’al was three – the settler who provides the substance known as the “mother” – the trustee ‘father’ – and the beneficiary the ‘son’ through spirit (taking in and expelling)). The trinity is the structure of corporation and trust; the Vatican altered the designation but the structure was the same, which held a father (settler), son (trustee) and ghost (beneficiary) – The Holy Trinity of corporation and trust

The Pope was made the substitute of Christ on earth, Christ was claimed God, and as the “substitute of God” the Pope (made god on earth) owned the Earth. This ownership fraud allows the Earth to be bought and sold under the control of the Vatican, who formed fiefdoms (corporations – the Ba’al trinity). Using mindless brutes; these psychopaths formed monarchic mafia fiefdoms under the control of the Vatican. This is why, for example, when Christians landed in the Americas, populated with over a 100 million souls, the Christians claimed ownership of the land, as the indigenous souls were not Christian, so had no ability to claim the fraud of ownership.

Ba’al (Owner) is hierarchy through tri-ba’al-ism, being corporation/trust, which forms legal possessor constructs.

The “Triple Crown” – aka: Crown of Ba’al

Canni-ba’al-ism and other forms of ritual sacrifice are used by Ba’alists to this day for the same reason they were originally created, to identify psychopaths from empaths. Ba’alism is only for the psychopathic, and secret societies of psychopaths allows collective influence, manipulation and domination. Ba’alism is not a religion for psychopaths, as every psychopath is a narcissist, so they have no interest in any other beyond using them, in the mind of a psychopath they themselves are a god. (Rituals of torture, murder, rape and mutilation appear to an empath as Satanic, but they are for a psychopath tools of determination, a pragmatic method used to exclude non-psychopaths from a group.)

Kab-ba’al-ah is the doctrine of Ba’alism claimed the religion (religion means the affair of binding) of ‘the sons of the serpent’, a serpent is a wily, treacherous, or malicious person (psychopath). This is Rabbinic (masters or doctors of slave law) being dichotomous to Karaitic (readers/teachers).

Ca-ba’al – a small group that use underhand machinations or deceitful stratagems., esp one formed for political purposes; to plot, conspire. The globa’al caba’al functions upon the Holy trinity of corporation, which allows the expression of the five forms of usury, this is not a conspiracy theory but self evident reality.

The word (“o-ba’al-isk”) ‘obelisk’ literally means ‘Baal’s shaft’ or Baal’s organ of reproduction’ (Page 341 Masonic and occult symbols illustrated. Dr. Cathy Burns)

O-ba’al-isks are common around the world, these are built as monuments of triumph dedicated to powerful Ba’alists or pivotal Ba’alist events, the largest o-ba’al-isk from a single piece of stone ever worked in human history is in the o-ba’al-isk quarry of Ba’albek Lebanon. A few famous o-ba’al-isks:

  • The ‘Leacht Wellington’ which translates as ‘The Wellington Testimonial’ in Ireland (Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington)
  • Bunker Hill Monument, United State (Battle of Bunker Hill 1775)
  • Capas National Shrine, Philippines(soldiers who died at Camp O’Donnell at the end of the Bataan Death March WW2)
  • Bennington Battle Monument, United States (Battle of Bennington 1777)
  • Jefferson Davis Monument, U.S (Jefferson Finis Davis American president of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865)
  • Victory Obelisk, Russia (Red Army’s victory in the German-Soviet War.)
  • Washington Monument, United States (George Washington)
  • Juche Tower, North Korea (Kim Il-sung’s Juche Ideology of North Korea)
  • San Jacinto Monument, United States (the Battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle of the Texas corps. domination)
  • Trylon and Perisphere, United States (To mark Washington’s Inauguration – Tri-Pylon “the three gateways”)

Glo-ba’al-ist – covering, influencing, or relating to the whole world without regard for individual fiefdoms. Glo-ba’al-isation. The term global may just be a happy coincidence and not a term generated through Ba’al, but it does seem related in context.

Other names attributed to Ba’al are Moloch, Moleck, Marduk and ‘the abomination of the children of Ammon’. April 19th is known as the Feast of Moloch (Ba’al), traditionally an owl-headed (or bull headed) idol is used to sacrifice living infants or children, roasted alive on a stone or metal plate with a fire underneath it, just like the giant idol used at Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio, California, where people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Clint Eastwood etc. go to be initiated or honoured as Ba’alists. Link (Remains of thirteen children unearthed near Bohemian Grove) 

Freemasonry promotes the doctrine of the (Ba’al) trinity and that Jesus is God (ownership of the Earth), this cult first appeared in the 14th century, but claims it origins go back to the abhorrent Jedidiah, commonly known as Solomon (meaning recompense) who is claimed to have ruled an enslaved population about 970 to 931 BCE.

Jedidiah was sovereign (meaning ‘super above’ as Ba’al ‘Owner’) of the psychopaths and the enslaved, within the Middle East.

Jedidiah had a synagogue to Ba’al (Melech) built, Jedidiah was the master of the soulless of his age, allied with the psychopaths within the Moabites, Canaanites, Phoenicians, and Ammonites, and all worshippers of (Ba’al) Melech, and the horrors of soulless excess were indulged through the authority of tri-ba’al-ism, as structured hierarchy that enslaved the masses, allowing Jedidiah many wives, and  the splendour of great wealth, extorted and stolen from the masses. This skill of extorting the masses made him revered and considered the wisest of psychopaths.

Reason alone would dictate, all religions that establish hierarchy and the trinity of corporation, which allows monopolies and the establishment and protection of the five forms of usury, and seek tithes have Ba’alist origins, religions exists only as tools of control.

2 – Conquest. The claim to take ownership of a land through the murder of those already there. Conquest was the basis of the expansion of the old Roman Empire, as it was for many empires before and after. Conquest forms centralised hierarchical political power of corporation, the slavery of Ba’alism. If this is a valid claim, then all I need do, if I wished to take another’s house, or land, would be, to arm myself and murder them, and anyone else that refused to give me that “property”. This is not a valid foundation to claim ownership, for two reasons, firstly murder and theft are not a basis, or foundation for anything virtuous, moral, equitable or reasonable, and secondly the victim of the acts did not possess ownership themselves, they held it in allodium, so you cannot take what never existed. And you cannot take allodium, it must be given through relegating dispute and cannot be owned.

3 – Taking the power of the individual through representation. This is the basis of Govern-mental power, they take the power of the individual and represent it. You cannot take a power from those you represent, that they do not themselves have. So, can you murder, extort from your neighbour, restrict free movement, speech or passage? No you cannot, as you do not possess that power to confer it onto another!

Yet the State Govern-mental mafia do these things routinely. You cannot hold the ownership of the land as an individual, so the collective re-presentation of the State corporation, cannot hold the ownership of the land either. Only a criminal cabal or mafia can do such reprehensible things.

Through the Application of the Platform all this Ends

If you have a deed of tenancy or land title issued by the State corporate Govern-mental agents, this should be reimbursed, unless that holding was taken through conquest, or is held by corporation/trust. Because the victim of the fraud had no other option at the time of the original trade, but only a soul can be a victim, a constructed legal fiction cannot, nor can a thief.

The victim of the fraud of ownership has presently no choice but to buy a tenancy as a monopoly exists. To end any monopoly simply establish an alternative to compete with it.

So, although the cost of the land attaches no monetary value, to remove controversy and to reimburse the victim of the fraud, for the theft they have suffered from the State fraud of ownership, the deed or title should be paid, and when the deed is exchanged a new reciprocal cooperative bond is used instead, removing all claims from the land, and taking away the tenancy, if the State corporation wished to challenge that, they are free to prove ownership, which is an impossible act.

When a bond member wishes to place land on to the allodium platform, with structures or just bare land, held in the fraud of a deed of tenancy, the first thing they require is a bondsmen within the closed bond of the platform with a desire to utilise that resource, a soul willing to reimburse the victim of the government mafia fraud, above the cost of the stored labours invested in the desired land.

Once they have a bondsman interested in utilising the resource they offer, they need to gain either agreement to a declared value, or to accept an offer of a lower value as they determine, once the trade is agreed, the bondsman seeking the new utilisation, secures guarantee for the advance, by providing a 10% refundable deposit.

If they do not have the resources to provide the deposit, then they’d need to secure an external guarantee from their surety bondsmen, or to join an advancing collective bond, to be able to generate the 10% advance.

The 10% protects the advance from the foolish, it is possible to accelerate the depreciation of a structure through unreasonable use, and so the value of those stored labours are reduced when the stored labours are traded to another, the 10% would cover such losses.

Once the 10% refundable deposit forming the guarantee is in place, held in virtual escrow on the system, then they’d need to seek acceptance of a unilateral bond of behaviour, to give guarantee to their, would be, new neighbours.

The unilateral bond of behaviour is fundamental to the utilisation of the land, as it removes conflict. To form the unilateral behaviour bond, the one seeking the new utilisation must gain the witnessed seal of every most senior direct physical neighbour (living soul) of the land they wish to utilise. Without gaining the witnessed seal, the new bondsman cannot complete the bond of transfer.

Once guarantee is gained for the advance, through the depositing of the 10% refundable guarantee and they have a unilateral bond of behaviour fully witnessed, and they have attached themselves to a fire, flood and earthquake protective assurance bond, the only remaining thing to do is secure an external guarantee from your surety bondsmen, which gives assurance that if you fail to pay your monthly cost of depreciation, then they will pay.

The fear of the state mafia taking legal action, could also generate a bond of legal fiction protection, which may in the early stages of the platform be a popular assurance bond to cover the cost of any attack by the corporate mafia using their legal fictions, where those who have studied the fraud of legal slave laws (not lawyers) could be paid for their time and all expenses, 

Once these four simple things are in place, the advancing platform gives the full agreed value to the seller, and the deed is replaced with an advancing bond, this is a witnessed declaration that the holder of the deed is the only claimant to the deed, they are surrendering all claims to that deed and they accept the deed was a fraud, and they are effectively being reimbursed for that fraud in addition to recovering the value of all stored labour invested on the land in the trade.

This bond would be held as a digital copy on the platform and accessible to all. The online data base of all land in bond is not on a registry, this is only a record, but when on record anyone using the platform can determine whose bond number holds a bond of unilateral behaviour for the utilisation of any land.

The bondsman seeking to utilise the land, only pays the depreciation of the stored labours on the land as an annual cost, evenly spread across 12 monthly payments. The land itself can bear no cost, however in the transition from the present fraud of ownership, bringing land back to allodial utilisation, reimbursing the victim of the fraud of ownership would be born by the first allodarii, this would help to remove dispute. This added burden would increase the annual cost, however if people felt inclined to donate towards the loss the allodarii is suffering through reimbursing the victim of the fraud of ownership, the platform could evenly distribute such gifts.

When buying with reimbursement of a deed, which covers the cost of bare land, the land cannot depreciation, this means the value of the bare land within the fraud of ownership and deed tenancy is determined approximately (on average land is a third of the cost when infrastructure exists upon it), and this portion would be repaid as a simple, separate, advance repayment, organised independently to the advance for the stored labours.

Anyone utilising land in allodium is called an allodarii.

The surety bondsmen are only guaranteeing 3 monthly payments of any advance linked to depreciation, each time the allodarii dishonours their agreement to pay the depreciation, they have broken the bond agreement, after breaking a bond 3 times within any 100 month period they are banned from the bonding platforms.

Longevity of construction is the main focus, as the longer the structure will stand with minimal maintenance the greater period the advance would take to pay the depreciation, so when the structure is designed, material choice, quality, strength, quality of the labours of tradesmen etc. are the focus, if a structure was built to last 300 years, then the depreciation cost would be very low monthly.

For example if 2 million was spent on construction, and it was estimated to last 300 years minimum, then the monthly repayments would be 556 a month, the only added burden is covering the 10% refundable deposit required for the length of the advance, which in this example would be 200,000. A separate advance can be generated using the advancing platform, to cover all, or some, of the 10% refundable deposit, if you can secure external guarantee from surety, or join a advancing collective bond.

Using this model, means if you build a poor quality structure, using a wooden frame, felt shingled roof, poor foundations, with an average life expectancy of around 20 years, the cost of depreciation would be huge, even if the build cost 200,000 you would pay 833 a month.

While if you built a very high quality construction, using stone, very high quality construction materials and the best tradesmen, and the life expectancy of the structure was 200 years, even with a 1 million build your monthly payments of depreciation would be 416. The life expectancy of a well constructed building may be even longer to complete dereliction, this of course can only be estimated.

When you decide to sell your home, the price is determined between the traders, this will reflect how well you maintained the structure, improvements added etc. so depreciation may well be far slower than the original estimate, and you would recover the depreciation in part you’d paid through the trade, this would not effect the original advance which would continue under a new allodarii, however the 10% refundable deposit would be reduced for the new buyer, as the structure would have a smaller outstanding advance.

The platform requires the advance repaid, and the new utiliser of the structure must either pay the outstanding advance or continue the payment of depreciation of the advance that is still outstanding on the structure, within the agreed trade. The advance can simply be transferred as long as the four basic requirements are satisfied, as explained previously.

Money Monopoly

Money monopoly restricts the ability of the masses to work, there is never a shortage of work, only a shortage of permission to work, without money (with the existing resource monopolies) you cannot pay and so the work is not done.

Using the bonding model, that monopoly of money is ended, and high quality work becomes beneficial to both utilisation and allowing a low cost of depreciation. While low quality work is detrimental and has a much higher depreciation cost. A reversal of the present situation.

So for example, if the land and its stored labours cost 500,000, and the structure is build to last 100 years, but the structure is already 40 years old, then the depreciation would be over another 60 years. The land presently represents around 1/3 of the cost, once the original advance was repaid, and the reimbursement was completed, this burden would be gone forever.

In this example, initially it would cost £695 a month, this means they would require of their “surety bondsmen” a guarantee of £2,085 (3 months of payments).

The reason “only” depreciation is required, is because the guarantee of the value of the advance is held within the stored labours of the structure.

These stored labours are deteriorating as time passes, this means the stored value is reducing, and it is this loss of stored value the allodarii is repaying to the platform. After the structure has stood for 100 years, it would require rebuilding, or renovating so extensively it amounted to the same thing.

When a structure deteriorates to a point it requires major reconstruction, the platform will, on request, advance the cost of this, once the work is completed, the new estimated life expectancy of the structure is determined, and the new advance or the newly adjusted advanced amount is repaid through depreciation, over that time period.

Failure to Honour the Payment of Depreciation

If the bondsman dishonours the agreement, then after three months (unpaid depreciation cost. Failing to repay the advance for the utilisation which equals £2,085) they are banned from the bond (three dishonours and you’re out). It’s a free choice of the surety bondsman paying the dishonour, whether or not they record the dishonour on the platform, if the surety do not want to place a black stain on the dishonouring bondsman, and are happy to pay the dishonour, and sort out any issues between themselves quietly, this would be fine.

When the bond is broken, the utilisation is open to the utilisation of other bondsmen, the removal from the utilisation of the land of the dishonoured bondsman and his family, is imposed by their “surety”, as it is, their surety”, that is liable for all losses and costs of the dishonouring of the agreement. The surety would be liable only if the 10% deposit, the allodarii gave to secure the original advance, is not enough to cover the costs created by the dishoured allodarii’s actions.

Holding Utilisation of Land Without Any Advance Attached

Once the advance is fully repaid, the 10% deposit is refunded, however if the allodarii at that point, or any other point, desired the structure renovating or replacing, then the advance to fund this from the platform would retain that portion of the 10% deposit until that additional or new advance was fully repaid.

What you need to form allodium utilisation through the platform:

  • The 10% refundable deposit of the total value of the advance.
  • A unilateral bond of behaviour with a witnessed seal from each physical land boundary principle allodarii.
  • Surety Guarantee of the three months of depreciation of the value stored through the advance.
  • An assurance bond for fire, flood, and earthquake to share risk of loss. (Additionally it may be wise to form or attach to an assurance bond for protection from the costs of legal fiction attack from the corporate State mafia’s agents)
  • If reimbursing the cost of the bare land to a victim of the govern mental mafia fraud of ownership, then an independent advance or funds available to cover that cost are required.

Land Held Within the Allodium Platform

Once land with stored labours is on the allodium platform, trading it is always straight forward, simply follow the steps detailed above and the trade can be completed, if you were motivated to complete the trade, it would be possible to achieve in a few hours, free of parasites, so no lawyers, no estate agents, no taxes, no gazumping.

Bare land attaches no cost, to bring bare land onto the platform, would be a loss, as to prevent dispute, the reimbursement of the victim of the fraud of the government mafia ownership system has a high cost. Altruistic individuals with resources to spare may help to bring the land back into allodial access, but as this model grows and the monopolies of the paedophile class fail, land claimed to be held by corporation, trust and State, would become available to all without any need of reimbursement.

Effectively you are not selling the structure, you are transferring the guarantee of the repayment of the advance, to cover the depreciation of that stored value, which is holding the guarantee of advance.

So if you wished to leave a house for example, you simply find another wishing to utilise it, its value is determined, and a value agreed. If the stored labours had not depreciated as much as expected, it value may be greater than the remaining outstanding advance, and this would be reimbursed to the departing allodarii. So once the new allodarii had fulfilled the elements detailed above, they take the place of the departing allodarii. either paying the full cost or establishing advances from the platform, repaid through the guarantee of paying the cost of depreciation of the stored labours, that form the advance.

So if you had lived in the house for 25 years, and the original advance of depreciation had been 500,000 with a structural life expectancy of 60 years, then 35 years would be remaining in depreciation of approx. 300,000, if the stored labours had not depreciated as greatly as expected and the value is determined at 400,000, then the departing allodarii would recover 100,000 from the amount in depreciation they had paid, likewise if the departing allodarii had invested more labours onto the land, this would also increase the valuation. No need of lawyers, estate agents, valuations, or taxes.

The bond prevents the five forms of usury, as a prerequisite of joining the platform, this means you cannot rent out land or what is termed property.

If you hold land, but do not utilise it, eventually you will lose it, this will be written into every behaviour bond, so for example after seven years of the land standing abandoned it is made available to all, or if stored labours exist without any outstanding advance attached, then the residual value is traded and any value remaining deposited into the abandoning bondsman’s account. Hoarding land serves no one any good, if the land has stored labours attached, then you would be reimbursed for those through the platform, when someone, who would actually utilise the land takes it.

No constructed fictions can re-present the land, so corporation, trusts, state, mafia, nor church can hold land, these constructed fictions are tools used to hoard land, and restrict free utilisation by living souls.

Buying the Stored Labours Invested on the Land Directly Without an Advance

If you wanted to simply pay directly for the stored labours invested in the land, you could, this is very simple, all you’d need once a trade was agreed, would be to form a unilateral bond of behaviour and establish the witnessed seal of all principle allodarii of all physical land boundaries, of the utilisation.

If at a later date you wished to trade the stored labours on the land, the value would be determined between the traders (Trades on the platform are only between bondsmen within the closed bond). Alternatively you may wish to access the stored value held within a structure for other purposes, effectively buying your own resources with an advance.

Unilateral Bond of Behaviour

To utilise the land you need the consent of your neighbours, this provides them with peace of mind, and removes conflict. This also prevents places of communal value being open to utilisation, for example shared areas, beauty spots, etc.

The bond of behaviour details your intentions and the relief if you break the declared intentions detailed in the bond.

So for example you declare you will not pollute the water, or land of your neighbours and the relief would be the cost of removing such pollution and the compensation of time wasted by your neighbour or the losses incurred due to such contamination. The bond details “your” behaviour, so declaring you will be bound to the reciprocal duty of care inherently incumbent on every soul, and it gives the reliefs in advance for the breaking of that binding agreement.

The bond also stipulates restrictions requested by a neighbour, these restrictions are always reciprocal, but only bind the two neighbours, so for example to give a witnessed seal to your bond of behaviour a neighbour may request you only build any structure visible from any point of their land (meaning that your neighbour can see when they are anywhere upon their own utilisation of the land) in local stone, worked in a certain way, or using a certain roof covering, such as stone or Burlington slate, clay, etc. These stipulation reciprocally bind both, this means they cannot request something they would themselves be unable to reciprocate, so for example if they had a brick house and requested you have stone, it would not be possible to stipulate in the bond, unless it gave both brick and stone as options.

The bond also imposes consent before actions that would impact on any direct neighbour, so for example if you want a large fire that would generate a lot of smoke (which may ruin washing hanging out to dry for example), agreement through verbal notice must be given in advance, the amount of notice would be stipulated in the bond of behaviour. If you wished to build a structure within view of a direct neighbour then you’d need to seek consent from them, as they would of you, beyond the parameters of any structure which were already detailed in the original bond, for example height, size, distance from boundary, materials used, etc.

This bond must be witnessed and so accepted by every allodarii (one living soul (the most senior) of each boundary held) who has a direct physical boundary to the land, these neighbours must be your peers, and not constructed legal fictions which are not relevant. This bond is self binding and accessible to all on the platform as a digital copy. Once you utilise the land you become an allodarii.

To learn more about the unilateral bond of behaviour read: Unilateral Bond of Behaviour

Seeking Guarantee

The advancing cryptocurrency platform works through trust building, as you build trust through your actions, the platform increases your ability to seek and give guarantee.

To gain guarantee you need a surety. The surety is the basis of common unity, known as community. A surety bondsman is created with a sealed bilateral reciprocal bond, witnessed and held as a digital copy on the platform.

The surety bilateral bond details the behaviour self imposed reciprocally by the two bondsmen, and the relief that would be due if that bond of trust is broken. The basic nature of the bond is to stand as the other in settlement, this is the basis of the bond of surety. This settlement is not a gift, but an advance without strings, without added cost or refusal. If you’re bound in surety, and one of you cannot honour, a self imposed obligation, the other is honour bound to stand in their place and settle, as if it were their own obligation.

When trading a land utilisation, the stored value of the labours upon the land utilised, are the main guarantee for an advance, as the value of the advance may be recovered through the future sale of those stored labours, and therefore only the repayment of the depreciation suffered by those stored labours is required to satisfy any advance secured against them.

If the stored labours were permanent  1in longevity, so did not depreciate physically, then an advance would not need to be repaid, as the labours would hold the advance, until such a time it was traded forward and the advance settled. However if those stored labours did deteriorate over time, then the cost of that reduction in true value must be paid, to return the original advance.

The allodarii must pay the cost of that depreciation. because the value holding the advance has reduced.

The surety effectively guarantee three instalments of the cost of that depreciation, and if ultimately the bond is broken and the utilisation is traded to another, because of the dishonour of the utilising bondsman’s obligations, all costs suffered by the surety bondsmen are reimbursed from the stored labours invested upon the utilisation, beyond the original advance being repaid in full, if enough extra value exists.

So the true risk for the guarantor is fairly low, at most 3 monthly instalments and any loss incurred from abuse of any structures on the land that would reduce the value recovered when traded, and any costs incurred from the removal of the dishonoured surety bondsman and their belongings, and that would be a proportionate burden depending on the number of guarantors held for the advance.

The departing allodarii has in place a refundable deposit and the surety guarantees already, and can simply transfer these without effort from one utilisation to another.

To learn more about the concept of the reciprocal Surety Bond read: The Surety Bond

Breaking the Bond

If you break the bond, the repayment falls to the guarantor/s, the guarantor determines if the failure will be recorded on the platform as a breaking of trust, but if the burden of repayment is suffered beyond the guarantors onto the wider surety the system will automatically record a breaking of trust.

If the breaking of trust occurs three times the bondsman is removed from the platforms, any held assets are used to reimburse all who have suffered loss, any remaining cryptocurrency in the account is converted to any fiat of the blocked bondsman’s choice and sent to any bank account they nominate.

The losses for structures are limited, as the value is held within the stored labours of those structures, which can again be placed on the platform and the advance can be again restored, and the zero balance of the platform maintained. But any short fall that exceeds the 10% deposit of the dishonoured bondsmen, of those advances, falls to the surety of the dishonoured bondsman.

Refusal to Relinquish Utilisation after Breaking the Bond

If a bondsman has broken trust and must relinquish the utilisation of land, but refuses to do so, the surety of the dishonoured bondsmen is required to resolve the situation.

If they fail to resolve the situation after a predetermined period of time, a Rex is requested on the platform, anyone can act as a Rex, anyone who believes they can accomplish the task required. Rex is a word meaning ‘to put right’. The cost of the Rex, or rex’s if more than one is required, is paid by the surety guarantors of the dishonoured bondsmen.

The Rex physically ejects the dishonoured bondsmen, and removes all their belongings, not attached to the fixed structures on the land, these are delivered to the land utilised by the closest surety guarantor bondsmen, if no other location is provided. All costs are borne by the surety.

If a bondsman dishonours their agreement of paying the cost of depreciation, fee and interest free, and has been required to relinquish utilisation of the land, losing their allodium through dishonour, but the stored labours of the fixed structures on that land exceed the outstanding advances and any costs suffered by their surety,, any excess belongs to the dishonoured bondsman, which is converted into any fiat currency they desire, and sent to any bank account they provide.

If a bondsman has reduced the value of the stored labours on the land they utilise, and this fails to cover the outstanding advances all shortfalls must be paid by their surety bondsmen.

All this is agreed to at the creation of the original bond of advance, by all concerned parties.

Land Without any Stored Labours

Bare land attaches no cost. If it stands un-utilised, it only requires the witnessed consent of those souls who neighbour that land directly with land borders, some places are unlikely to gain such consent, for example places of extraordinary beauty, or with ancient connections and history, that local people enjoy collectively.

In the present system all land must be paid for through deeds of tenancy, and the platform can be used to reimburse those victims of that system of fraud, this can be done through donations onto the platform of either land directly or cryptocurrency, which would be used to reimburse any soul and so abolish the fraud of the deed attached, this would allow others to utilise the land without causing conflict.

Gaining as an Advance, the Stored Value Held Within the Structures on the Land

You can seek to use the value of the stored labours invested in the land you utilise from the platform, you simply need to gain surety guarantee. So for example you have improved or increased the stored labours on the land, and you gain three independent valuations, and this shows in true value the stored labours have increased by, for example 50,000, this extra value can be drawn from the platform, if you can provide the 10% refundable deposit, to stand as assurance for the advance, and you can secure surety guarantee for 3 months payment of added cost of depreciation, all advances are always interest and fee free.

If you have paid off the advance, so hold the utilisation free of any advances, and wish to place the stored value back onto the platform, in order to access the stored value for other purposes, say the stored value is 250,000 earthcoinage, then simply provide 10% refundable deposit, gain guarantee from your surety, join the required assurance bond and the platform provides the advance.

If you wanted to leave the utilisation before you’d fully reimbursed the original advance, in order to gain a different one at another location, the value of the stored labours on the land would need to be valued by 3 independent valuers, and the median used as the offer of trade. Once the trade was agreed the value after the settlement of the original advance would be sent to a nominated account.

Symbiotic Bonds

When the advancing platform is giving an advanced secured on the stored labours as fixed immovable structures, then the establishment of symbiotic bonds is required, which would be attached to the utilisation, such as a bond of fire, earthquake, flood, vandalism etc, assurance bond, before the advance is given, and this must be maintained throughout the period the advance exists, otherwise it breaks the bond.

The surety bondsmen may demand other assurance bonds be established before they would give their guarantee, they may be concerned about your health, so requests a reciprocal assurance bond of health protection (to protect them from any losses), or that you join a reciprocal cooperative bond of some type, in order to generate fruits from your labours, to show that repayment of the desired advance can be repaid, or that you join a bond to cover losses if you die unexpectedly, etc.

The Ancient Allodium

The allodium has a concept of free utilisation, which should be inherent, this is presently circumvented through the fraud of ownership. The psychopathocracy concentrate souls into huge concrete centres, for them to better exploit the human resource. The Earth is comparatively empty, depopulation has been an agenda of the psychopathocrats for many centuries, even when only around 350 million souls lived on Earth, depopulation was an active objective for these parasites.

The allodium doesn’t allow massive land holdings by a small group or individual, the rule is if you don’t utilise it, you lose it. So after land is abandoned for a predetermined period of time, for example seven years, it reverts back to nature, the bond of behaviour is lost. If stored labours exist on the abandoned utilisation, they are made open to trade, and any value is deposited into the abandoning allodarii’s account. If the abandoning allodarii has continued to pay the depreciation of the an advance yet never utilised the land over the seven year period, they may have a valid reason for the abandonment and their peers may give a stay of execution, or a final opportunity to physically utilise their resource.

Only a living soul can be an allodarii, so upon death the utilisation is past onto another soul, as determined by the living will of the deceased. The inheritor would need to gain the witnessed acceptance of all allodarii with a physical boundary to the inheritance, if they failed to gain this the inherited land would need to be sold by the inheritor or given by the inheritor to another soul. If the inheritance of land, had stored labours with an advance attached, this advance could be taken over, if they could provide all the standard requirements of an allodarii utilisation.

The bond is a method to make all clear, inheritors are detailed in the bond, as well as fully detailing the inherent obligations of land utilisation and the relief when breaking such inherent reciprocal obligations.

Only a soul can utilise the land, excluding all constructed legal fictions.

Ownership is the fundamental form of usury, and this fraud allows all the other usury forms to be imposed of, debt interest, taxation, rental and profit; each parasitical form of usury is removed by various platforms applied to the advancing cryptocurrency.

Free of the five forms of usury,  imposed hierarchies and monopolies, people could truly live, and end the stagnant existence presently imposed through ba’alist ships of commerce.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine


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