Matrimonial Reciprocal Bond

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Written By Abdun Nur

What is the purpose of matrimony?

The main purpose is for the benefit of offspring; children need stability, they need the love and support of both parents, they need a safe environment, and all their needs provided for until they are mature enough to fend for themselves. Matrimony (meaning ‘motherly behaviour’, which is an act anyone can express) is the agreement between the parents to bind both parties to the obligation of matrimony.

The second purpose is in unity, combining the resources and efforts of the couple in the creation of a home.

The third purpose is in emotional protection, on the part of the woman from infidelity, abuse, hardship, abandonment; on the part of the man benefits of companionship, love, affection, commitment, loyalty, trust, and support, and vice versa.

The detrimental term ‘Marriage’ is hierarchical, meaning ‘marry age’, so of an age to marry, ‘marry’ means ‘male persona – to wed’, ‘Wed’ means pledge, a ‘Pledge’ is a bailment of goods to a creditor as security for some debt or engagement. There are two varieties of pledge; chattel and land. When you pledge in contract as a written, witnessed agreement you bail yourself as chattel to the creditor as security, becoming subject to their control. This means the one paid becomes the possession of the one paying, or the one providing security takes possession of the other.

Husband is an Old German word meaning “hus” and “bunda” – “house” and “owner”.

“Husband” originally had nothing to do with marital status at all, except that home ownership made husbands extremely desirable matrimonial partners in the 13th century.

Wife means ‘woman’ (womb-man); while a groom is someone who looks after horses. Not wild and free horses, but horses that are owned, tacked up and ridden or used, for show and for service. Horses that are broken and held in imposed servitude, when the groom wants to use them he fits a bridle (bridal), which is fitted into the horse’s mouth as a method of inflicting pain to control the horse.

Marriage is a contract, a contract is a positive law fiction; no living soul can be a party to a contract, as they are exclusively between legal fictions such as corporation, when you sign a contract it is as the representative of your straw man of citizenship, a legal fiction which makes a living soul the agent and property of a corporate fiction. But beyond this a contract is not reciprocal, is similar to usury, which is a one sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another, a contract binds one party to extortion, restriction, obligation or imposition, generally due to monopoly.

If you remove the fictions of contract, then agreement must be substantive, so free of all fictions, and reciprocal, so equitable, the inherent nature of written bindings demands a witnessed, sealed reciprocal agreement, meaning it binds both parties equally, unlike a contract which does not (unless the bond is unilateral which gives binding agreement universally to all, but only binds the bondsman).

None in substantive reciprocal agreement can bind in legal name, instead they give seal in substantive print of thumb, finger, hand or other impression, that can be verified indisputably, along with their autograph (not legal name) for easy reference.

In contract you could for example bind one party to be in effect chattel, meaning property, where you could dictate upon them within the contract of marriage, but this would be impossible within natural reciprocal agreement.

Within a matrimonial binding the male may want, in the future, a second wife, and if so this would be a part of the original agreement or an amendment introduced later but sealing and autographing by both bondsmen with witnesses, and of course would be in reciprocation, this would mean his first wife would be able to take a second husband (even in advance of her husband if the stipulation was in place), and further so would his second wife as it would also be in reciprocation.

For example if the man wanted his wife to wear head covering as a stipulation within the agreement he would also be required to do so. If he required her to ask permission of him to leave the house, he would be required to ask permission of her if he wished to leave, etc. To break the stipulated would break the bond and relief would be due, as detailed within the bond.


No ‘right’ can be established within any substantive agreement, as all rights are a grant from a superior to an inferior, this is not possible with equals. If you create a binding agreement you have a different structure to that which may exist within contract, within contract ‘bribes’ (given to persuade or induce – mahar) are called consideration.

Consideration is an inducement to enter into a contract. This is why prostitutes within the Wahhabi concept can be paid to enter into nikkah (marriage) and are then divorced after the sexual acts have been completed, with keeping the mahar (bribe) shared by the prostitute, who is often a slave, and the pimp, through the contract concept as settlement. Mahar is not within the Qur’an.

This concept of dowry can be subverted further, where the family of the girl sell her into matrimony with a bride price, like you would sell an animal, prostitution networks in the various Wahhabi region purchase girls from parents to use as prostitutes using this bride price, and pimp the child out using short nikkah contracts through the mahar concept.

Control of the dowry belongs to the bride in theory; although in practice control often transfers to the husband and in-laws, and grooms sometimes extort large dowries. Dowry deaths are a widespread problem in Pakistan; often referred to as “stove deaths”, to blame the deaths on accidents, they kill a bride by setting her on fire as the preferred method; this is the same in India. During 2004 to 2009, 3,379 dowry killings occurred in Pakistan.

If the dowry (contract bribe) is given where the bride pays the husband as a basis of a marriage contract, then “dowry murders” become even more common place, this occurs when a new wife is murdered by her husband or in-laws if they are unhappy with her, (or simply to steal the dowry), rather than sending her back to her parents, which would force the in-laws or husband to return the dowry to the bride’s parents. Another aspect of this reversal of dowry in contract is the desire for parents to have male offspring, giving rise to the widespread murder of infant girls.


There is no need of any ‘right’ to divorce, all natural reciprocal agreements can be undone in the same manner they were established, this is inherent, no need to be granted anything. The agreement was created through a written agreement witnessed and sealed by both bondsmen (bondsmen refers to both men and womb-men) and witnesses, and it is undone in the same manner. Neither party can deny the dissolution of the agreement if the original agreement has not been broken, an agreement in dispute cannot be fully dissolved until the relief stipulated is established.

A wife dissolving the agreement of matrimony cannot demand maintenance for herself but she can take half of all resources generated between husband and the wife within the period of the binding, this proportion is simple to establish if the resources of each party is detailed on the day the binding is established and again determined on the day of the dissolution of the agreement. The true purpose of the dowry is to subvert the reciprocation of the matrimonial agreement, by claiming the woman was paid in advance for the settlement of divorce, allowing the man to hoard all resources and leave the woman with little to nothing.

In the past the provider of resources was mainly the male, the female used the resources to create a home, clothe the family, feed them etc. For this reason the father took the children as their main guardian, unless they were conceived outside of a written witnessed agreement, then the mother kept the children. With a anarchic community in place that fosters equity and prevents monopoly, usury and slavery, an equal division of responsibility could be established; the child requires both parents, and neither should be denied that responsibility.

The biological father is responsible for his children if they are proven to be his, in the case of no agreement being in place, or if disputed; only if one of the parents failed in their obligations and duty of care toward the child would sole protection be held. Children that have reached an age able to make rational choices may decide for themselves their main residence.

Breaking the Bond Agreement

Breach (the act or a result of breaking) of contract is a legal cause of action. Contract is an agreement between two constructed legal fictions and is not reciprocal, but both forms, contract and reciprocal bond, can be broken, the substantive is a binding agreement for exchange of labours or obligations that must be reciprocal, when these agreements are not honoured by one or more of the parties then the relief detailed within the bond is required, if it is broken but the stipulated relief is refused then arbitration would be sort. In contract one party sues the other, which is always very good for the legal parasites, and very costly for the victim, and the outcome isn’t certain, often compounding the wrong suffered.

Preferably if the agreement is broken the relief should be written within the binding, which is the yoke that ties the couple or group together. For example if the male beats the female (or vice versa) the binding is broken, the agreement no longer holds, it would void the binding after relief was established.

If the injured party wished to remain bound it would only be after relief of the tort (wrongful act) was established in full as stipulated within the binding, only then would it be possible for the binding to be reinstated solely at the discretion of the injured party.

If one party proved infidelity this would break the binding. If abandonment was proven by one party, that would break the binding. If subjugation and fear ruled over one party, imposed by the other, that would break the binding, etc. unless these things were agreed upon before the bond was seal and witnessed within the binding.

Marriage License

A license exists as a grant from a superior to an inferior, accorded by a competent authority to solemnize (to observe with rites or formal ceremonies) the marriage contract, granting permission, and exists exclusively within the fictional ‘world’ of contracts. Licensing is imposed by those who maintain the fiction of government, being officers, those seeking offerings, who take away your inherent power to do a thing, and then sell it back to you for a price.

A license is used to author the union, and the author (issuer of license) controls that union. In some corporate States a bridegroom (nag master) and bride (mount) must take blood tests before permission is authored by the agents of the State, additionally they are generally charged a fee to obtain a license, and they may have to declare their intention for a period of time in advance of the license being granted.

The marriage license originates from the Vatican Church Corporation, imposed upon Christians until the corporate system established the secular license diluting their monopoly and extending its application.

Many beg their superiors to grant them a constructed fictional license, for example gay marriage, where males marry males or females marry females, in reality they need no fiction or superior to grant them license, they only need to enter into a matrimonial binding as two consenting ‘adults’, as long as they do not encroach upon any other, it is a private matter between themselves, in truth to impose restrictions upon others to prevent what you may dislike yourself, such as the idea of an ‘adult’ man laying privately with another ‘adult’ man in sexual congress,  is an encroachment against those doing so that would be a tort (wrongful act) and they could seek relief of you.

The fruit of the union of a male and a female cannot innately exist between the union of a male and a male or a female and a female, therefore that fruit should not be given into the custody of such a union externally. The argument that they could make good parents is not relevant, as they have no innate capacity to produce offspring, unlike a barren heterosexual couple.

You could not enter into a reciprocal bond with a blood relative, however presently this is a common practice, about 10.4 percent of the world’s population is married to a second cousin or closer, or is the product of such a union: That’s about 750 million people. When parents are blood relatives, there is a higher risk of weak or less intelligent offspring and a higher chance of birth defects, stillbirths, infant mortality and a shorter life expectancy. To have a child with severe physical disorders may cause heavy strain for the family in question, and for the community at large, as that burden will spill over beyond the bond, upon the children of that union and the wider community, it breaks the reciprocal duty of care. In the Manusmriti (an ancient legal text among the many Dharmaśāstras of Hinduism), blood relation marriage is prohibited for 7 generations, this may be something people should consider when selecting a partner in life.

A Matrimonial Binding (Conceptualised within a community bound in surety):

A binding is a self-imposed reciprocal agreement; it establishes the intentions of the couple toward each other before the yoke of the union is consummated. It details the specific relief that each tort (wrongful act) will demand if a breach of the agreement is committed.

Each binding can be unique to the parties involved, within a basic structure, a tort is a tort, and therefore it is within what relief each tort demands that variation may exist. A tort is any form of terrente; terrente is the peace of the mind threatened.

If the relief for a tort expressed is considered too extreme by either party they are free to refuse to seal the binding, but relief is only imposed if a tort is committed, if your intention is never to commit any tort then no relief, no matter how severe, should ever be worth concern, as all torts are done with intent.

In a substantive (meaning free of all fictions) system no hierarchy can exist, as a substantive structure stands by itself as a system without the need for superiors and inferiors, therefore if within your expressed relief for a particular tort, imprisonment is stated, the cost of that imprisonment rests upon the surety bondsmen of the culpable party, if no surety exists, or they have not the means or desire, then the cost rests upon the complainer or the charity of others, but not upon a fiction of a community, or any other external fiction of State, government, or corporation.

If relief is expressed beyond the physical abilities of the injured party and culpability is proven, then a rex (meaning to put a wrong to rights) can be hired to execute such relief through a warrant (‘to guarantee as true’ the notification (writ)) of the terrente through the Witena-Gemot. A terrente is a wrongful act that causes mental distress or discomfort, or tortious injury, against another through a proven intentional action. No fiction of any sort, such as corporation, State, or government can therefore suffer a tort, as they have no mind to either suffer or inflict distress.

The relief stated within this binding can be tailored specifically to the couple entering the union; in the example below the relief presented can be made more severe or less, and other actions can be added that the couple consider torts. The details of the tortious acts presented can also be increased to provide greater clarity if desired.

Betrothed means ‘be the act of truth’; Carnal means ‘of the flesh’; Union means ‘action of joining one thing to another’: “Be the act of truth to the flesh, joining one to the other in binding agreement”.

An example of a matrimonial bond:

Betrothed Carnal Union Binding Bilateral Agreement in Reciprocation

“Be the act of truth to the flesh, joining one to the other in binding reciprocal agreement”.

Binding reference number (as a ref. of the bonding platform which digitally records all bonds)

Date ____________

None in substantive agreement can be in legal name, but referenced in substantive print of thumb, finger, hand or other impression, that can be verified indisputably.

Male seeker of matrimony (First, middle reputation son/daughter of father’s first reputation)

Wet seal and authograph

Female seeker of matrimony (First, middle reputation son/daughter of father’s first reputation)

Wet seal and authograph

1.     I (Male Seeker of Matrimony SoM) and I (Female SoM) expressly reserve all innate liberties, with all my inherent powers preserved and retained, universally and equitably binding upon all as reciprocal obligations and responsibilities, this reservation encompasses the unalienable and immutable innate axioms expressing inherent power substantively, inexorably binding upon every living soul, and is without prejudice.


2.     I (male SoM), and I (Female SoM) who shall not be with legal name, make clear I am an adult with the ability to give reasoned consent (Consentual age has two aspects the physical aspect which determines that the body is able to begin active sexual relations, and the mental aspect, proving mental competence, this requires the mental capacities to reason and deliberate, this is easily tested, emotional maturity which must also be tested and refers to your ability to understand, and manage, your emotions, and finally maturity of judgement which is the ability to see the complexity of issues and having the ability to quickly form conclusions based on empirical evidence and reason. Due to the corporate Govern mental mafia mandated indoctrination schooling system, people do not learn reasoning or master emotions, this severally retards their ability to develop mental maturity, this means presently the average for a man to reach mental maturity is 43 and for a woman 32. Mental maturity is as equally important as physical maturity.) born (Date of birth ) and through the assertion of my innate inherent power expressed as a reciprocal obligation and responsibility I now declare that I (Male SoM) will stand surety for (Female SoM) and I (Female SoM) will stand surety for (Male SoM), here expressed through a clear and composed mind, competent of reason and intellectually sound. I will show respect and affection, give honour and equity as far as I am able, I will defend and protect, love and cherish till death takes me or death takes them.

I (Male SoM), and I (Female SoM) declare without equivocation that I have no standing agreement with any other living soul to be the act of truth to the flesh, joined one to the other in binding agreement.

3.     I (Male SoM), and I (Female SoM) am an unfettered soul, a liberated living anima of flesh and bone in my proper tangible form, defined on my own behalf, entering this binding free of any compulsion. I have never committed adultery, used prostitutes or pimped for them, or been the customer of a prostitute; further I have never committed murder, torture, fraud, rape, kidnap, domestic assault, dominating subjugation of another and do not practice necrophilia, paedophilia, bestiality, homosexuality, masochistic or sadistic practice’s, or sodomy. (See clause 22)

4.     I (Male SoM), and I (Female SoM) am of higher emotion as distinct from a clinical psychopath or socio-path who is fully aware of their absence of empathy, compassion and conscience, a situation of emotional absence that if concealed prevents and precludes me from making written, witnessed agreement in binding to any empathic soul of the family of creatures that symbol-using (symbol-making, symbol-misusing) animal, inventor of the negative (or moralized by the negative), separated from his natural condition by instruments of his own making, goaded by the spirit of hierarchy (or moved by the sense of order), and rotten with perfection”. If the base condition of being a psychopath is discovered to be the case in the future, it will render this binding in breach and me liable for providing the stated relief for such a breach upon the binding.

5.    Clause: Psychopath or Sociopath. Relief obligated of suppression of psychopathic or sociopathic state: all bindings within the community are rendered void, and in breach, all relief obligated from such a breach to be satisfied upon each binding. All immovable resources become the exclusive resources of the wronged party (spouse) after the settlement of all reliefs. The psychopath or sociopath must as quickly as possible withdraw from the community permanently, coming no closer than 100 miles of the spouse’s community under relief of becoming extorted and outcast, stripped of all possessions and deposited unclothed at any random location at the extremes of distance. All communities of empathic souls would be informed immediately of the soulless psychopaths hidden state, his image, thumb and fingerprints would then permanently stored by all for future reference. All resources are forfeit to the wronged spouse, including all resources held before the Betrothed Carnal Union Binding Agreement, as detailed within the appendix of held assets, including the immovable resources which are also forfeit to the wronged party in relief. The psychopathic (soulless) cannot be in community with the empathic (souled).

Proven Assets of I (Male SoM) on this date attached on appendix A

Proven assets of I (Female SoM) on this date attached on appendix B

10. Clarification: In this binding I (Male SoM), and I (Female SoM), are bound upon the yoke of mutual bondage, one to the other, as the union of two living souls derives from the imperative of nature; equity protects that union through this written reciprocal binding agreement. A binding written as a witnessed agreement in equity, not coition (sexual intercourse), comprises nuptials or matrimony, and no one can give agreement before consensual age. (To have sexual relations with a child is an encroachment upon them, and would be fiercely and mercilessly remedied by the Witena-Gemot of Record in natural equity, fulfilled through the peace makers championing the cause of the weak, and demanding substantive relief in full, relief if proven being the chemical neutering and methods of sexual suppression and sexual dysfunction imposed, forfeiture of all possessions, breaking of all binding agreements, and being permanently outcast from all empathic communities. (If a second child were found to be abused after this relief the summary execution of the offending paedophile would be the only solution remaining.))

11. Clause: Progeny responsibility. The father bound within the written conjugal binding has the guardianship of his son/s or daughter/s in natural equity, and this is inseparable and cannot be waived (unless he concede custody to their mother while he is always financially liable), a father’s reciprocal obligation and responsibility to the custody of his own children being founded on his innate commitment of guardianship; meaning the care, protection and defence of that child. This honour being withdrawn if the opposite deed is demonstrated, when they may be severed from him, and put beyond harm, into the protection of their mother, relief must be established through both the innate protection unalienably held, of the inherent power of the child themselves, and the authority declared within this binding. Access to the progeny of the secondary guardian must not be restricted or denied if equitably requested and reasonable to achieve, where no inequitable actions have demonstrated risk.

12. Clause: Unfit parents. Where no parent is deemed fit, as argued by any who would stand champion of the weak or defenceless, as established within an equitable Witena-Gemot of arbitration in full community. If proven the peers of the Witena-Gemot would place any child in the custody of another, ideally a more removed family member or if none volunteer or are deemed suitable, then to another proven competent and willing, who could under the protection of the community in equity, provide true guardianship for them. If a child is wrongfully taken from a fit parent and given to some other adult, it is a form of human trafficking, and an abomination in the eyes of equity, only a natural equity Witena-Gemot, made up of a full community of peers, being twenty three tangible souls in discourse, can determine the disputed guardianship of a child, based upon clear torts and violations of the terms of guardianship, but without imposing undue restriction upon parental liberty and family autonomy.

13. Clause: Divorce. At any time either party may dissolve this binding in the same manner it was created, simply by writing ‘equitable dissolution of binding’ across each page with both autographs and seals and witnessed by two sealing witnesses, neither bondsmen can equitably deny or prevent such a dissolution, to do so would constitute a tort, and oblige relief, the costs incurred from seeking equitable arbitration, and if forced to appear the cost of the wite for the rex service, are all born by the one opposed to the dissolution.

The assets accrued between the couple over the period of the union are equitably divided equally, determined through establishing those resources by examining the appendix of original resources, which remain with the original holder, and then assessing the increase, reasons for divorce that are nonviolent and simply a betrayal of trust such as infidelity, subjugation, or dishonesty are given relief through divorce.

14. Clause: Physical attack. This is a tort in binding and out, and can be given relief in both binding and in Witena-Gemot arbitration. This is a fundamental breach of binding, this dissolves the binding, written across the pages of the binding ‘breached and void’, autographed by the injured party and two witnesses. Beyond this it must be proven to establish relief, physical injury supported by evidence of who is responsible, a rex along with those who champion the cause of the weak can be called in defence of the weak within the militia binding concept, to protect and put an end to the violence.

All binding holders in written binding with the attacker must be informed of the tortious actions committed, this obscene manner of conduct reflects upon the true nature of the soul committing it. See clause 13 for divorce.

Clarification: The tortious actions of physical assault, bodily injury, and grievous bodily harm, must be given relief through the equitable Witena-Gemot of record, through a community of peers in jury to determine the substantive relief for the protection of the injured party. Having demonstrated they are a physical danger to the weak and vulnerable, they are a danger to those around them, and as such the community must be able to establish relief from such acts and potentials.

15. Clause: Rape. This is a tort in binding and out, and can be given relief in both binding and in Witena-Gemot arbitration. No one can force another to perform any sexual act, even someone in the bindings of matrimony. If rape is perpetrated the victim can seek the protection of the Witena-Gemot (formed as a software platform on the bond), the binding is in breach, and made void and clause 13, divorce, is applied.  The victim can seek tortious relief through the Witena-Gemot directly, which will enforce the binding in addition to the innate relief rape mandates upon the proving of the tort.

16. Clause: Financial Fraud. This is a tort in binding and out, and can be given relief in both binding and in Witena-Gemot arbitration. This is a betrayal of trust, and is a breach of binding; it is at the discretion of the wronged party to decide if that breach dissolves the binding through clause 14.

The wronged party must receive twice the amount of resources taken through fraud from the fraudster or their surety bondsmen. If taken to arbitration they must pay the costs of arbitration if found culpable, plus whatever the jury of peers conclude in relief.

17. Clause: Bigamy. It is not equitable to have two or more wives or husbands at one time, in doing so you break the written, witnessed conjugal binding agreement established here with the original wife or husbands, and the injured party/s can seek relief from the Witena-Gemot of Record in equity. (Unless the ability to marry more spouses is explicitly asserted here within the original written, witnessed agreement of matrimony, with any parameters included; if the agreement is in place it must apply to both parties, as all are equal, and all aspects of written, witnessed agreement are reciprocal, so both the husband and the wife would have equal ability to take a second spouse, with full disclosure to all involved, meaning that any further spouse/s were fully aware of the original written, witnessed binding agreement and also able to take a second spouse in reciprocation.)

To take a second wife or husband without explicate written reciprocal agreement in place, providing sealed witnessed consent of the existing spouse, constitutes bigamy, the relief obligated by such a tort renders this binding in breach, making the binding void. All assets and resources are divided as detailed within clause 13 divorce. The wronged party also becomes the primary guardian for any progeny, as the bigamist has demonstrated dishonesty, untrustworthiness and betrayal. Additionally the bigamist must apprise all future spouses of their bigamy, before entering into binding agreement, including this one, failure to disclose this information incurs an additional 25% of their total resources on top of their equitable divorce settlement, or if they do not hold resources equal to at least (Amount specified) then this minimum amount must be surrendered through an advance through surety guarantee and repaid in monthly installments by the wrong doer.

18. Clause: Infanticide. A child in the womb is considered born, whenever there is a question of a benefit to the child, so equity protects the child from formed fetus, after seven weeks of gestation, and treats the life as full and mature, to terminate a life within the womb encroaches upon the child, additionally to intentionally poison, or damage the environment of the fetus encroaches on the child. If one of the parents commits infanticide after seven weeks of life, this is an inherent wrong, this breaks all bonds on community, and would expel the wrong doer from all places of refuge or asylum, they are made outcast.

19. Clause. Abandonment. After a period of one year of abandonment, the requirement of the seal and autograph of the absent party is negated, and at the bequest of the abandoned this binding can be dissolved, with the resources of the missing party determined at the original point of abandonment and recorded, these resources retained and remaining for the usage only of the abandoned party, but that usage cannot be the detrimental neglect, forsaking, or destruction of those resources. This then leaves the abandoned party free to enter matrimonial bondage with another. After a period of 5 years, after all reasonable efforts have been made and all avenues exhausted to locate the missing party, then all the resources of the absent party are distributed in accordance with their last recorded will and testament. If no will has been written, their resources are distributed according to the following stipulations: See appendix C

20. Clause. Incest upon their own child. This is a tort in binding and out, and will be given relief in both binding and in Witena-Gemot arbitration. All bindings within the community are rendered void, and in breach, all relief obligated from such a breach to be satisfied upon each binding. All immovable resources become the exclusive resources of the wronged party (spouse). The obscene sexual pervert must be held securely until they can be taken before the Witena-Gemot, to have all actions examined by a full community of their peers, and the relief established through their consensus decision. After all relief has been satisfied, assuming they survive their actions, the obscene sexual pervert must withdraw from the community permanently, coming no closer than 100 miles of the spouse’s or their progenies community under relief of becoming extorted and outcast, if that is not already imposed upon them through Witena-Gemot arbitration, in which case the execution of the pervert through open rex offer, with extreme prejudice will be imposed upon them. All resources of the obscene sexual pervert are forfeit to the wronged party in relief. The cost of their imprisonment must be borne by the bondsmen they hold in surety and they themselves must labour to support their own captivity, or exist totally dependent upon the charity of their surety, which if absent would result in their providing for themselves or taking the charity of other if given; they would be given a small area of land within a secure space allowing them to cultivate their own food and provided a shelter from the elements. They are not extorted, unless directly made so, so retain the protection of torts from any others in captivity with them or those externally. A brand burnt into their flesh in clear view would warn others of their nature if they should be set free.

21. Clause. Infidelity/Adultery. This is a tort of betrayal and a breach of this binding, making it void, see clause 13 for divorce, if this results in the infection of a sexually transmitted disease, then additionally this is a physical assault, and in the case of incurable conditions grievous bodily harm and should be addressed as detailed in clause 14. Infidelity is an emotional betrayal that humiliates the victim, as such the relief should likewise cause the same emotional state in the guilty party, a public notice posted in a local newspaper and on local public notice boards with a photograph of the faces of the adulterers exposing the actions of the adulterer and their lover, and the informing of all those in binding with the adulterer as to their untrustworthy nature.

22. Clause. Failure to disclose perversion or true nature. If any sexual perversion or the true nature that is prevalent is not disclosed within this binding, being intentionally hidden, when it has been practiced in the past, constitutes a deception and a misrepresentation; it must be disclosed within the binding in writing before it is sealed and autographed, so allowing the other party to enter this binding privy to all the facts. Failure to disclose such activities, if proven, voids the binding, see clause 14. Divorce with the addition of all resources created jointly after the creation of this binding going to the wronged party exclusively.

The burden of all costs associated with this binding, fall upon the one exposed for their deception/s, as do all the costs associated with dissolution of the binding, and the redistribution of resources. Primary guardian of any progeny goes to the wronged party.

Witnessed by (First, middle reputation son/daughter of father’s first reputation)

Wet seal and authograph

Witnessed by (First, middle reputation son/daughter of father’s first reputation)

Wet seal and authograph

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