The Master of the Soul

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Written By Abdun Nur

I would be your master and have authority over you.

Do you know thyself?

Are you a Citizen?” Asked the soulless.

No not I”, said the soul. “I am substantive, not constructive.”

Aren’t you a citizen of the country of your birth?”

No not I”, said the soul. “I’m upon the Earth inherently; no constructed fictions, no State Corporation, no religious trust, and no implied or inferred contract, could ever bind me.”

But you’re a person?”

No not I”, said the soul. “I’m anima not persona.”

A man?”

No not I”, said the soul. “I’m at peace, so would defend no masters wrongdoing.”

A slave?”

No not I”, said the soul, “knowledge renders me unfit, and truth unwilling.”

Who then is your master?”

Reason is my master, truth my guide and love my destination.”

Then what is your status?” The soulless cried.

Anarchic!” Replied the soul.

Who is your Lord?”

No bandit owns my labours, no tyrant shares my heritage.”

But you must have title, are you master?”

No not I”, said the soul, “No professed superior can grant what’s inherent. No Earthly hierarchy can exist substantively above me.”

What is your given name soul?”

My name is myriad, neither given nor granted, authored or claimed. I am.”

How would you then ‘contract’ soul?”

No soul could contract, souls can only bond reciprocally.”

But how would you sign to bond?”

No soul could sign a symbol upon another’s seal, a soul gives a seal; an imprint of their substantive pattern.”

Are you not bonded to a religion?”

No not I”, said the soul. “Religions bind and stagnate to external fantasy. All creation flows within me. I’m as a drop of water within an infinite ocean.”

Do you not understand?”

No not I”, said the soul. “I inner-stand.”

What use then in service of the soulless?”

None”, said the soul. “I serve all souls, as we are one.”

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