Advancing Cryptocurrency Multilateral Guarantee Bond

Written By Abdun Nur

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At no time in recorded history has a true medium of exchange existed, a medium of exchange is needed because in free trade, I may have something you want, but you have nothing I want, so the medium of exchange holds the value of the trade, until I find someone else with something I want.

A medium of exchange that ‘devalues’ over time, steals the real value held, so effectively robs the holder. Presently fiat currencies dominate, these have no intrinsic value, they hold value through govern mental imposed monopolies.

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They function on a form of Ponzi economics. For any fiat, such as the pound, dollar, yen or euro, whatever the fiat currency may be, to exist, it must be borrowed with fees and interest, this means to pay the interest and fees they must double the volume of debt certificates approximately every decade, to maintain the system. If they want to steal the assets of the economic slaves, and consolidate control of areas of commerce, they simply restrict the issue of debt, generating a bust, if they want the economic slaves to generate more wealth, for them to steal in the future, they increase the availability of debt and have a boom.

They control the central banks through bond issues, the national central bank creates interest bearing bonds when they want to print extra fiat, and the bankers take the bonds and create the value for the bond from nothing, then the central banks tax the economic slaves to pay both the principle and the interest averaging around 4% per annum, on that bond. In this way they can fool the slaves into thinking the central bank is not controlled by the bankster, but by the govern mental mafia.

The US dollar is the underpinner of all fiat, this is linked to oil, and they must aggressively maintain that monopoly, any nation that dares to sell oil outside of that monopoly is attacked. An example of this was Kuwait, they sold fuel across Europe under the brand Q8, the cabal ordered their puppet Saddam Hussein, who held control of the govern mental mafia of the fiefdom Iraq, to attack Kuwait, offering him it as a gift. The royal family mafia of Kuwait ran away leaving the population to the abuses of their invaders. The royals hid in the Jewish controlled fiefdom of Arabia, where the banking cabal offered them a choice, they could shut down all Q8 petrol stations throughout Europe, allow the American industrial military complex to install a military base in Kuwait, and pay them $50 billion to evict Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, or it was Hussein’s and would become a part of Iraq. This blackmail was agreed and the Iraq’s were expelled, the cabals betrayal of Saddam Hussein outraged him, and he became a problem for the cabal, so they destroyed Iraq and murdered Saddam Hussein.

This oil monopoly underpinning fiat, also allows the banksters to hold fiefdoms in poverty, being forced to sell oil in dollars means that these fiefdoms build up dollars, they either invest these dollars in the stock market, or trade these dollars to other fiefdoms to get rid of them, but for many fiefdoms, like China and Japan dollars accumulate, and the fiefdoms cannot use most of this dollar build up, so they use it to perpetually buy bonds from the American F.E.D. A total of 7.04 trillion is presently held by foreign countries, with China holding 1.07 trillion U.S.D, and Japan holding 1.26 trillion U.S.D worth of bonds.

The F.E.D is a private corporation granted a monopoly by the govern mental mafia corporation America, this was created after the sinking of the Rothschild owned Titanic. With the lifeboats stripped from the ship, it was rammed into an iceberg as it was blown up with explosives, when in a deep part of the Atlantic, with all those American politicians and men of power, who stood against the creation of the F.E.D, on board.

An Advancing True Medium of Exchange

The advancing cryptocurrency is firstly within a closed bond (not open to the public), it cannot be traded outside the bond. The fiat trading platform trades any fiat, such as pounds, dollars, bitcoin, whatever, by first establishing the value of a fiat currency against purchasing power, this is done by taking all perishable commodities on the commodities market, adding the USD fiat values together of all these commodities, then dividing that total with a predetermined number, to produce a true value of fiat. This establishes the US dollar value, then all values of all other fiats are determined against this dollar value.

This means in real terms, the value of the cryptocurrency within the closed bond has a fixed value in fiat exchange, forming the first ever true medium of exchange. So if we take the value of $1 US in 1900 it was $305 US in purchasing power of 2020, using this model if you’d held the medium of exchange equal to $1 in 1900, then traded that held value in 2020, it would have a value of $305 US, the value would have not altered in real terms.

When the commodities market and global fiat monopolies self destruct in the future, which the banksters are presently planning, using a extended global totalitarian lock-down through the fraud of a virus scamdemic, which could last for 10 to 20 years, to impose a new cryptocurrency fiat model, linked to a single global monopoly of economics, government, education, law, and military monopolies; savings will be stolen, power consolidated and global populations culled by as much as 95%, so you would not trade in physical fiat any longer, under the claim it spreads germs and viruses. With such a monopoly the banksters would be able to control all transactions, tax every trade, control the masses through closing down access to their own resources, restrict access to certain groups to easy credit, interest and fee bearing, while giving easy credit to other groups, allowing the wealthy to dominate ever more on the masses. If they establish a one world communist government, as they desire, then you can have nothing, you become the absolute property of the corporation, then they dictate everything.

For the earthcoinage cryptocurrency to exist it must be given in advance, fee and interest free, but only if an external guarantee of repayment is attached, just as a tally stick was split into two unique and complimentary halves to prove a trade, if no guarantee is connected to the advance it cannot exist, any trade can be further checked by maintaining a zero balance through comparing advances and guarantees of advance.

The platform is coded as a peer to peer system, when downloaded free from the internet, it would create an independent operating system below the operating system of the host computer, which may use Windows, Mac or Linux. The new operating system functions like a sand box presently used for anti virus software.

Encrypted messages are sent too and fro between the interface on the computers main operating system and the sand boxed operating system, which sends encrypted messages to other computers hosting the software for other bondsmen. These messages use key pair encryption and establish a blockchain independently for each bondsman on the platform, with all information shared through networking across each hub.

The platform is structured polycentrically, with hubs of local bondsmen connected as nodes, and the hubs forming a wider network. When joining the platform the location of the bondsmen determines which hub they become a part of, this is important, as when the bonding platform is used, bonds for the most part need to be local, it would for example, be no good to you, to join a supermarket bond, or a healing bond if it was created 2000 miles away.

The account number is generated using 26 letters and 10 numbers, this mean if you have a 7 digit account code you have 367 = 78,364,164,096 combination possibilities.

Each hub is semi independent, it establishes the zero balance within the hub not the whole network, if a trade results in an advance generated by another hub being held, the system uses a collective hub accounting system, tracking all external advances, while always attempting to return all advances to the original source hub, and all advances are tracked within the system, by which each hub can always determine a zero balance at each transaction.

This limits catastrophic events, if for example a 1000 people colluded as a team to commit fraud, of the other bondsmen on the platform, by collectively working to establish maximum advances then converting those advances into fiat, and abandoning the platform without any repayment. When the  system recognised fraud the hub would be shut down, and all accounts would be frozen, until it was determined the source of the fraud, and that fraud, once proven, was given relief through arbitration of the reasoning bondsmen on the frozen hub.

Those involved in the fraud would be banned from the platforms, and those who witnessed the, banned bondsmens, bonding agreement could also be banned from the platforms, depending on the determination of their peers. Once banned it would be impossible to ever access the platforms again, and as the advantages of the platforms is so huge, they would be more and more valued as people joined and used them.

The loss would likely be limited to the “Advancing Cryptocurrency Multilateral Guarantee Bonds”, as the development of trust rating, and the advancing to surety guarantee, takes time to develop through interactions within the platforms.

The platform allows the bondsmen to build trust ratings, which dictate the amount of advance they can request, or the level of guarantee they may give to others. Trust is built through trade, honouring agreement, and through the forming of unity (surety) with other bondsmen on the platform.

The ability of such a group to rob the bondsmen within a hub would be limited to their ability to gain advance, which builds with reciprocal trading, the development of relationships between bondsmen and the honouring of agreement.

To maintain a closed bond, a witnessed and sealed declaration is required, this declares youre able to join the bond, and the witnesses give their seal, as proof the declaration is true.

Once you’ve created a bond the platform requires an ear scan or (hand scan if your ears are lost, with evidence provided) and voice scan, to open your account the system generates a random sentence and you read it, the scan is checked and you can then enter your password. No legal names are used on the platform. This means you cannot join the bond more than once.

If you’re banned from the bond because you’re later proven to have made a false declaration to join, all three are banned, the proven liar and their two witnesses that sealed the bond as true.

If they attempt to rejoin after this, they again must provide an ear scan and voice scan, which would prevent them from rejoining as the system would recognise the patterns and reject the bond.

The platform excludes some individuals from joining the bond, those who impose the present hierarchical economic slavery models would be unable to join the bond, as would psychopaths and convicted criminal who were proven fiscally dishonest against another living soul. Others that would be excluded would be murderers, paedophiles, rapists, landlords, military, police, bankers, lawyers, politicians, all monarchy, landed gentry, members of any mafia and anyone holding an Israeli passport.

If someone working to hold those around them in the slavery of hierarchy, wished to join the bond, they would have to leave that job, after five years unconnected to their job or any other job that enslaved others, they could then join the bond, after a witnessed written and seal declaration revoking any and all sworn oaths, to any constructed legal fiction of monarch, corporation, fraternities, religious hierarchy, etc. Assuming they could find two witnesses to seal their declaration as true.

Guarantee is the Key to Value

There are several ways to establish guarantee:

Collective Guarantee

This is simple, a bond of advance is created, after a minimum number of bondsmen join, lets say 50 for the example, then the advances are issued, the advance is set, so all would originally gain the same amount of advance, lets say 5000 for the example, the length of repayment is also set universally, but once a bond exists others can join it at any time, so in theory a bond could once running, continue in perpetuity.

If someone dishonours their self imposed obligation of repaying the advance which is interest and fee free, then all others in the bond must pay proportionately. So for example the 5000 is to be repaid over 3 years that’s 36 repayments, that’s 139 a month, if 70 bondsmen are in the bond, originally started by 50, then the level of advance outstanding for repayment would vary, but your liability is proportionate to your outstanding advance. Say you now only owe 1666, but collectively the whole bond of 71 owe 146,666, while the dishonoured bondsman holds an advance of 5000 and the dishonoured repayment is 139 (one monthly installment), then you would be liable proportionately for 0.00098118108 x 1666 = 1.635 earthcoinage

The bondsmen that dishonoured their obligation would still be liable to repay that dishonour in the future, reimbursing all those who contributed to the cost, but if they fail to honour their obligations three times, they’re banned from the bond, even if the bondsman for example took the full 5000 without ever repaying anything, then it would cost you ultimately 58.8 if you had 1666 as an outstanding advance.

The system would quickly expel forever, anyone out to rob others, so the longer the system runs the more trust based, and the more confident bondsmen would be within it.

Surety Guarantee

The surety is a reciprocal bilateral bond, under the substantive seal of the two souls seeking surety, and sealed by two witnesses. (None in substantive reciprocal agreement can bind in legal name, but referenced through seal in substantive print of thumb, finger, hand or other impression, that can be verified indisputably, in union with their autograph of their true identification reference, and their bond number, free of titles or legal slave name, for ease of reference.)

A surety is a written form of reciprocal unity, similar to the natives of the Americas that formed blood brothers as a union of two. This written surety forms a bond that makes the problems of one, the problems of both. This is the foundation of all common unity.

Within the structure of the platform the surety allows guarantee of advance, you may form up to fifteen surety bilateral reciprocal bonds as a maximum. The more surety bondsmen you are in union with the more you can seek in advance, as you have an ever greater pool of guarantee.

There are several characteristics of guarantee, for example you may want to buy a house available on the allodium platform, which costs 250,000, this is not possible as a loan, it is advanced with the guarantee mainly within the stored labours of the building, the surety simply stand any losses, to stand guarantor they simply commit to all or part of 3 months repayments, they are making themselves liable to other costs if their surety bondsmen does stupid things, like refuses to leave a house after dishonouring their self imposed obligations, or if they leave a house filthy or in disrepair, to the point the outstanding advance is not fully covered by the value held within the stored labours of the building. The surety are given the chance to remedy these things themselves, but if they do not, the surety bondsmen carry the burden of the costs of others doing so.

For advance of the medium of exchange itself, if they agree to stand surety in full or in part of such an advance they are liable for any outstanding advance that are dishonoured.

Surety works like a network, if you have 10 surety bondsmen, each one of those would have their own group of surety, when someone dishonours a self imposed obligation, and the advance falls to the surety to honour, it is proportionately spread across the whole surety, so if you have 2000 outstanding and your surety are liable in the example:

Each of your 10 bondsmen would be liable to pay 200, if one could not pay the 200 then their own surety becomes liable, say they have 6 bondsmen in surety, then it would be shared proportionately, 33 each, if one of the bondsmen of that surety could not pay it would fall to their surety to pay if they had 4 bondsmen in surety then each would pay 8 and so on, so no matter how large the liability the burden spreads throughout the community of surety.

The surety guarantee is not only used for advances, but also for some bonds, for example to become an allodarii on the allodium platform the surety must seal the unilateral bond of behaviour, to give guarantee to the witnesses that physically neighbour the land to be utilised.

Infrastructure Guarantee

The final type of guarantee, is to form need bonds on the bonding platform, to create infrastructure required to establish the product or service the need demands.

When a need bond is formed collectively on the platfrom, the advance is guaranteed by the value of stored labours within the infrastructure the advance creates.

The need bondsmen collective guarantee the depreciation of the infrastructure as an annual cost proportionately across the need bond, for as long as each bondsman remain in the need bond.

So for example if the infrastructure costs 5,000,000 and the bond is activated at 1000 bondsmen committing to the bond, then they would be guaranteeing to repay the cost of depreciation of the infrastructure over the estimated life expectancy of all structures and equipment required to satisfy the need.

This means the higher the quality of the construction, with longevity the focus when designing the structure, the less the cost of depreciation annually, this is the reverse of the usury model, were cheapness is the driving factor of construction.

For example, lets say the construction was designed with a life expactancy of 100, around five times that of construction in the usury model, this would mean the collective cost of depreciation for the 5,000,000 advanced would be 50,000 per annum, this means at the outset, the inital 1000 need bondsmen would be guaranteeing to pay 50 per annum each.

Presently production is backwards, companies produce products, they make them as cheaply as possible, and sell them for as much as possible, the landfills and oceans of the earth are filled with these products, often made so poorly they fail within a few uses (especially Chinese manufacture).

The idea of producing huge amounts of products, people do not really want, but have no better alternatives available, as a monopoly exists, often only a monopoly of availability.

Production dictated through capital monopoly, requires advertising, and a string of middlemen, each adding more profit onto the cost for themselves, which is then further inflated by the government mafias, who add taxation to every aspect of production and sale, which creates a situation that makes a product many, many times, more expensive to the end user, than its production and delivery cost.

The need bonding concept reverses this, the need dictates production, and creates it, funded by the advancing cryptocurrency. This mean production is maximum quality, free of advertising costs, free of middlemen, free of taxation, free of capital interest (profit), as the need exclusively uses all production, no massive excess is generated, everything is engineered for maximum use, quality and durability, as you would not make cheap crap for yourself given a choice.

The cost being free of profit, middlemen, taxation, employers and banking costs, this means besides high quality, the cost is very, very, very low, while the earnings of those servicing the need bond, within the cooperative it generates, earn many times more in purchasing power than in any comparible usury model, and the wealth circulates locally to production.

For example in the supermarket need bond explanation posted on this website site, a worker in a supermarket earns £8.07 – £12 an hour in the corporate system, while the cooperative bond model begins tax free at the equivalent of £25, while the cost of goods would be at least 40-50% less, even lower if the products were created symbiotically as a need bond, this is a local model, keeping the wealth local.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine


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