True Common-Unity

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Written by Abdun Nur

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How Hierarchy Dominates

The claim, we have suffered two world wars, is, selectively and wrongly defined, a world war would involve the entire population of the planet, and, if it’s considered from that point of view, then we began the first world war around 300 years ago, it had, before that, focused mainly on the populations of Europe, but was expanded globally as monarchic corporate slavery fell away, replaced with governmental corporate slavery from that point.

Monarchic slavery was exposed at that time, and the owners needed a new way to fool the stupid, so the Vatican introduced the democratic fraud, this uses selected psychopathic, or moronic, or morally bankrupt representatives, instead of hereditary psychopaths to impose the owners dictates. This was easily installed within Europe, but needed to be imposed onto the whole planet.

The initial method of that expansion was colonialism, this was not, as many claim, for corporate States to expand their land holdings, the only real purpose of colonialism, after the frenzied looting is over, is to construct the infrastructure of slavery, and the monopolies of the five forms of usury, the end goal being global domination by a very small group of parasites.

Through colonialism, a centralised system of control was violently imposed upon people within the fiefdom colony.

Once the infrastructure of slavery is in place, and all those to ever have experienced any form of common unity no longer live, meaning the population has known nothing except slavery, then the colony can be transferred to the local morally bankrupt, the psychopath, the moronic; and these easily controlled scum will administrate the infrastructure installed upon the masses by the owners, in this model these parasites impose their owners dictates while they plunder the masses for their own gains, and murder, torture or ruin any who may expose them.

Physical slavery is only an advantage in the sex, and organ harvesting businesses, otherwise economic slavery is much more profitable for the owners, it was for this reason, and no other the owners ended the physical labour slave business around the earth, in the American colonies, now within the USA only prison populations are rented out as slave labour for the owners, and for this reason alone America has the earths largest prison population, presently at around 2.3 million people, with the vast majority of slave labourers jailed for victimless breaches (86%) of State mafia policy.

In contrast the Netherlands a country of 17.28 million has no jails, this country doesn’t have ‘any criminals’. While the USA criminalizes ever greater numbers, showing the real criminals are running the imposed State mafia.

A physical slave requires buying, they need to be fed, clothed, housed, medically treated when required, educated or trained to perform task, and must be overseen to prevent escape, and they must be motivated with the whip (through fear). While the economic slave seeks out and begs to labour, pays for all their own needs and education, can be replaced easily, can be acquired free, and cast away at will, without the fear of the loss of financial investments attached to physical slaves, this said, in the modern age there are more people owned as physical (sex) slaves than in all recorded history, in the main children and young women rented to brothels by the Ashkenazi known as the Khazar mafia.

Monopoly is the basic tool of control, the State infrastructure forms monopolies on land use, commerce, violence, education, medical care and money, this is imposed through the monopoly of slave law.

A road network is built to allow effective movement of costumed clowns, armed and waged by the owners to quickly put down any rebellion, and to allow a fast ability to inflict intimidation of the population.

A rail system, ports for shipping and aircraft are created for commerce, not trade, and all the bureaucracy of the corporate mafia is constructed, in which most of the important decisions are taken by selected state officials rather than by elected puppet representatives.

Information is key to control, so beyond the prison structured model of State mafia education, all main stream media must be controlled, this includes the internet in the modern age, where the owners poured huge sums of money at any $10 coder, if their software gained any popularity as a form of social media, allowing the formation of a monopoly, this new monopoly of social media has allowed all voices of dissent, or any exposure of the owners actions to be censored, repressed or attacked. While lies are pushed and truths buried.

What is a Community (Common Unity) of Consenting Souls?

All true community is a freely interacting group of “reasoning” souls with varied resource in a common location.

For example, if nature is examined, a forest of trees and undergrowth plants, inhabited by animals and rooted in soil containing bacteria and fungi, constitutes a biological community.

All imposed hierarchy is the removal of community (focused on the isolation of the individual) and the parasitical exploitation, by those at the apex, of the varied resources of an interacting group in a common location, through manipulated divisions of baseless fears and superior and inferior segregation.

Resources of a community means skills, knowledge, intelligence, physical activity, the stored fruits of your labours, your wisdom, love, compassion, imagination and talents etc.

But common unity is lost presently, people do not grasp what it is, was or could become, instead they are trained to fear, mistrust others, and to doubt, dismiss and attack any ideas that would help them to escape the imposed isolation of hierarchy. The masses worship the powerful paedophile class and their psychopathic agents as gods, and follow their every command religiously.

Begging the parasites’ labeled owners, elite, wealthy, aristocrats, powerful, your betters, etc, or as I like to think of them the paedophile class of soulless parasites, is like the krill begging the whale not to eat them.

If you act as a slave, talk as a slave and think as a slave, it’s no surprise the paedophile class confidently believe you ‘are’ a slave, so stop begging these soulless entities not to act against you, instead act with disregard for these parasites, establish common unity by developing models of interaction that allow the inherent anarchic structures of common unity to be applied. The parasitical models function on monopoly, creating alternatives removes monopoly through creating a choice, and is the only effective solution.

Some believe they must themselves “impose” their idea of anarchic models onto others, this is then a “political model”, and as such is not anarchic at all, to view anarchy as such a model of politic would prove the advocate of such an ideology themselves, had absolutely no clue, of what anarchy was, could be, or its true function.

Some claim to be anarchic and yet their focus is to seek vengeance and are dominated by a wish to impose retribution upon hierarchical society, again these people do not grasp anarchy, instead they are filled with hatred and work against the very term they allege to champion.


The very first skill needed before you could honestly express the claim of holding an anarchic desire of common unity, would be the very rarely developed skill of reasoning to truth. The ancient method to achieve this expression of skill is known as the trivium, and to claim any belief without attaining the skill required to determine the truth, would be akin to entering the UFC believing you could win, without ever having taken a single lesson in any form of combat.

The skill of reasoning is fundamental to common unity, without it you are naked in the ‘whirled’ (of confusion), like a small child; so you seek others to make decisions for you, trusting others, you believe are superior to you blindly, a belief of indoctrinated faith these self professed “experts”, authorities, officials, will take care of you, protect you from life (so you are never able to live, only to exist), effectively these parasites within the enslaved mind of the victim, metaphorically change your nappy when you shit yourself, spoon feed you everything, so keeping you safe in the darkness of your desired ignorance. Being mentally trapped forever in childhood, many seek the trappings of the contrived illusion of maturity generated by the system, which in reality expose their child like nature, so they indulging in alcohol and tobacco, some are so childish they seek what are termed recreational synthetic drug, others drown their minds in fantasy, existing vicariously in sporting heroes, movies, or television, or forever immersed in video gaming fantasy worlds.

It’s easy to see those who cannot reason, they openly express the lies (reversal of the truth) of their dictating parent mind, even one such belief exposes this mindset, such as championing one of the many contrived fear porns, for example man made climate change; or that vaccination has saved lives, or even saved a single life; or government, courts, jails, police, military protects you; or nuclear weapon are a real thing or threat; or electromagnetic pollution is harmless and stating such indoctrination as “I do not believe in conspiracy theories”; there are many other such main stream beliefs exposing unreasoning minds.

Reasoning to truth then, is as important as math for construction, or speaking a language for communication, to prevent reasoning the paedophile class imposed mandated schooling, this indoctrinates through memorization and regurgitation, functioning as a filter to exclude any who show signs of independent thinking or reasoning.

The best that is allowed, within the institutions of state mafia education, is analytical reasoning, which functions by limiting the examination of the truth to narrow confines, and examining those confined limits, by breaking them down. So in this method of schooled analytical reasoning, you would begin with the conclusion and seek evidence selectively to support it, anything to contradict the original conclusion would be disregarded as false, this method is fundamental to allopathic disease generation and symptom masking, and why the medical system cures almost nothing, and why regional death rates drop as much as 50% when doctors strike, and why medical treatment is the earth leading cause of human death.

Why do I say reasoning is fundamental, often I fail to get my point across because it appears complex or confusing due to cognitive dissonance?

To clarify, if you cannot reason, then you are, by definition, unreasoning and unreasonable, as such you are unfit to be in the company of others who reason; unfit to determine, debate, examine, or research, as you’re unable to determine to truth, so you then act, think and react in an unwise and often derisory manner. I often outrage people by pointing out simple self evident truths. Not mastering the skill to reason is like attempting to have a conversation without knowing a language.

Interactions of One Soul

Beliefs are touted by the agents of hierarchies as a personal (external mask) faith. You can believe any old bullshit you wish, the more brainless the better, because truth is the kryptonite for all forms of hierarchy.

But, should anyone be given respect for holding a belief that has never been reasoned to truth?

Well, unreasoned beliefs can cause a great deal of difficulty as they’re based on blind faith, such beliefs often seek authority of a guide book, or a cult leader, they may mutilate children (e.g. circumcision or vaccination), or instill their child’s soul with the same baseless fears and blind faith beliefs they suffer from themselves, they may murder in the deluded belief they are obligated to as part of their faith when another is considered to have broken a dictate of that belief system, they may do any number of wrongful acts, while all the while demanding they may do so without any accountability, because they have faith as their shield.

So again reason is always a prerequisite before a soul could ever join community, hierarchies work the opposite, so within common-disunity (hierarchy) reasoning makes you “unfit” to be a slave.

Ships of Isolation Verses Arteries of Surety

All legal “ships” “sale” (Sale origin “sell”- “to give up (someone) to an enemy, betray, exchange for money”) under false colours (designed to disguise the true nature or intentions of agreement) on the holy SEE (“holy” origin – The “whole unknown quantity”) (“SEE” origin – seat of power), a constructed fiction used to maintain bilateral diplomatic relations with 183 sovereign states through constructed fictions of concordats and treaties) of commerce.

All ships are constructed to allow contract, as inherently contract cannot exist. Contract, is the reduction of agreement (contraction) to allow one sided advantage, it is always exclusively between constructed legal fictions of commerce (commerce is not the same as trade).

You sale on the ships of commerce, and so can have your vessel “court” (by the corporation) docked and revenue (to return) paid (to satisfy, settle (a debt), to pacify (by force of arms).

“Court” – origin “cohort” – A cohort was originally one of the ten divisions of a legion in the Roman army, containing from 300 to 600 men. The most common use of cohort today is in the sense “group” or “company”

“Dock”- origin an enclosed space for the mooring of ships

Legal ships fill the horizon of the mind, relation-ships, companion-ships, member-ships, trainee-ship, craftsman-ship, workman-ship, showman-ship, salesman-ships, guardian-ship, partner-ships, leader-ship, ruler-ship, councilor-ship, senator-ship, dictator-ships, lord-ship, king-ship, emperor-ships, god-ship, wor-ship, owner-ship, hard-ship.

Hard-ship is the vessel of austerity, inflicted on all field slaves.

As a persona re-presenting a ship of commerce, you must seek permissions, comply to all authored dictates, seek license on demand, pay to pacify force of arms, which demands fees, fines or mulct, and beg those granted office with application and offerings. If you are incompetent, so unable to make decisions independently, to fulfill all imposed duties, then pay a licensed authority (lawyer), sworn under oath to act against you, to make all your decision and speak mendacious upon your behalf.

Why, you may be thinking, is contract not inherent?

Because a contract is similar to usury, usury is not trade because trade is a reciprocal exchange of the fruits of your labours and the labours of another, while usury is a one sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another; likewise a contract is a one sided agreement, that binds one party to another without any reciprocation, while a true agreement would exist always in reciprocation, sealed by all in bond and witnessed by your peers. The bond expresses relief in advance if the agreement is broken, it is always without prejudice, while contract can never be without prejudice (prejudice – preconceived opinion that is not based on reason). A soul cannot make agreement with a fiction, only a corresponding form, a contract is always between constructed fictions, never between souls, these are mutually exclusive forms of agreement.

Reciprocation means doing something in response to an action in a way that corresponds or is somehow equivalent to that action. An example, imagine you wish to form a bond in matrimony, you stipulate within the bond that the womb-man must always cover her hair when any unrelated male is in her presence, if she agrees it binds both equally, the man must also cover his hair in the presence of any unrelated womb-man, exactly as he demands the womb-man must.

If the man demands in reciprocal bond, that he may marry up to 4 womb-men, then likewise the womb-man may marry 4 men, and even do so in advance of the man, and the men she marries, would be under the same stipulation, themselves each able to marry up to 4 wives, and their wives able to marry up to 4 men, as so on. But if the man wished to be able to beat the womb-man for any deemed transgression, it could not be a part of any reciprocal bond, as that would break the inherent duty of care, you cannot make a wrongful action reciprocal, no soul can seal witness on a wrongful act they are bound by the inherent duty of care.

Reciprocal Bonds cannot form an agreement that would break the inherent duty of care, or that would establish a usurious agreement, as you cannot bond a wrong, so you couldn’t for example agree to murder, theft, violence, or rape, or to wagers (gambling).

An example of this is in contract, which are abstract agreements and should be considered apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances: as an abstract idea, therefore you can be forced through agreement to pay a monthly fee, regardless if the service is utilised, or even of good quality, and you are “legally” bound to pay, because you must pay even if the service is not utilised, it is a one sided agreement. This is not possible when a reciprocal bond is formed, reciprocal bonds are not formed abstractly, but must be in reciprocation, if something is not utilised, what are you being forced to pay for?

In the present usury model contract is part of money monopoly dictating production, this can be used to prevent technological advancements that would threaten established monopolies, seeking always to reduce quality and engineer redundancy to increase profit. Profit is the interest demand for the use of capital after all other costs have been satisfied, including the costs of labour; profit is a form of usury and is not part of any reciprocal bond.

Surety is a fundamental aspect of common unity, it’s a similar idea to blood brothers seen so often in Hollywood westerns. A surety reciprocal bond is a sealed and witnessed bilateral agreement, this can be limited, or all encompassing, it’s applied within the earthcoinage advancing cryptocurrency platform model, you form surety bonds with friends and family, and in this way the forming of guarantee of advance is easily established.

The surety is fundamental to arbitration of wrongs within common unity. If for example, you wrong another, and the relief through arbitration is to repay a loss, and lets say the loss is 10,000, but you have no resources, however you do have a surety, and for example you have 5 surety bondsmen, then the loss is satisfied by your surety as a proportionate division 2000 each. Lets say 4 of your surety can satisfy the relief, but the 5th cannot, only able to pay 500, however he has a surety of 3 beside the bondsman in need, then the short fall needed to satisfy the relief is again a proportionate division between the 3 surety bondsmen 500 each, for larger sums this spreading out into the community to satisfy the relief would feed ever outward until the full amount was satisfied.

The bondsman that has their obligations met by their surety, is bound to repay that advance, and the furthest out to provide relief from the direct surety, would be reimbursed first, and this reimbursement would continue until all had recovered their advance. If a bondsman wanted to end the surety, the bond is ended in the same way it was created, however a bond can only be ended fully once all outstanding obligations are satisfied, these obligations are binding even if they are remain beyond the termination of the surety, if the wrong or demand was formed before the dissolution of the agreement. Lets say you want to end a surety, but the bondsman of the surety has burdened you with paying 1000 for him, all liability ends at the point you end the surety bond, however existing liability remains, so only after you have paid existing obligations can you fully terminate the bond, the bondsman is still required to reimburse you, but you are no longer required to stand in support of their future actions.


A second fundamental aspect of common unity is consensus, the unreasoning mind seeks democratic conflict, additionally the unreasoning mind cannot determine to truth or confidently form correct conclusions (after and not before determination of all evidence), so acts emotionally or from a indoctrinated position. This conflict can then prevent consensus forming organically, and exasperation dealing with the victim of an unreasoning minds can lead to resentments.

Why is a democratic model no good?

Because it imposes, and so generates wrongs. For example, as a graphic extreme, let’s say 51% of 100 people are morally bankrupt, sexually depraved males, and 49% are females, they have a vote to allow anyone in the group to be allowed to rape anyone they wish in the group, 51% vote to pass the democratic decision. Representative democracy is a magnitude worse, as you merely select from a small list someone else to make your decisions for you, and are then bound to conform to those dictates.

A jury, is an idea that dates back into the anarchic past, and was adopted from that ancient model when slave law was imposed, shortly after the Vatican invasion, along with the imposition of the five usury models, in Albien (Britain), a jury, is not democratic, it requires consensus.

Again if a juror cannot reason, then the truth is tried against you by unreasonable and unreasoning souls, not by your peers (a companion) someone from your common unity, with basic abilities required to reason to truth, otherwise the truth is not determined, instead, only emotional and unreasoned prejudice (preconceived opinion that is not based on reason), resulting instead of truth and relief, in malfeasance and extortion.

Consensus means ‘to consent’, this is fundamental to all anarchic concepts, in the fraud of democracy, the majority impose on the minority, conceptually.

So for example if a road is proposed to the local common unity, and the path of the road has no reasoned objection, a road may be built. The guarantee of that funding, through the repayment of the annual depreciation of that advance, is funded by only those who determine independently to do so, if you do not want to fund the road, then you do not, but once a commitment is agreed, it must be honoured. This is a common utilisation proposal, so once completed no one can prevent you from access to the road, even though you paid nothing toward it, and that is fine. You, at another time, may want a bridge, but others do not, however likewise they may cross the common utilisation of that resource without let or hindrance.

Slave Law versus Arbitration

Slave law is built upon granted rights and imposed duties, the paedophile class grant you a right, and impose duties for its limited expression. To pull this nonsense off, they cannot apply it against a living being or soul, so all slave law is exclusively applied to constructed legal fictions, and requires you to accept the constructed fiction (to be re-presented) before the mafia can apply their fictional (authored) grants and duties.

The agents of the fiefdom mafia of State, author agreements to form control, these treaties, constitutions, statutes. and legislation’s are only valid and so binding upon you, if you have placed your seal on them, if you have not sealed them directly yourself, they do not, can not, could never, bind you in any way whatsoever, as a living soul.

Inherent Duty of Care

The anarchic model is built upon the inherent duty of care, this is a very simple premise, if you would reasonable want it, do not deny it to another. For example if you see someone drowning in a river, and stand by, watching them drown, while it’s within your power to save them, then you’ve failed in the inherent duty of care incumbent upon you, and others can seek accountability and relief from you. This is because if the positions were reversed, you would reasonably want them to save you.

This model was known as ‘terrente’ (meaning someone down to earth (terra), realistic and sensible of mind, referencing a system of arbitration for those with the peace of this state of mind threatened). So anything that disturbs the peace of your mind, you can seek relief through arbitration, no written laws are required, only that your peers must ‘reasonably’ agree that such an act, omission or deception would disturb the peace of their mind.

This functions on two basic ideas:

You must ‘do’, all you have agreed with proof of witness and seal. (In the past your word was your bond, but sadly virtue is lost presently, and so the word must be chained to proof.)

You must treat all others as you would wish others to treat you.

If in this model, for example, if You’re happy to murder another, then reasonably you would equally be happy for another to murder you. Those that exist without souls, known as psychopaths, are ideally suited to act as a ‘rex’, meaning “to put right” wrongs, so allow wrongs to be given relief, for the earnings of ‘witen’, this means soulless entities have a purpose, and arbitration functions to provide full relief from the suffering of an unpeaceful mind, and relief of the wrong doer in order that the same wrong is never again repeated.

Once free of slave law, no soul for example can enter into contract, that is impossible in the anarchic model, as a contract is exclusively between constructed fictions, it is a fundamental part of slave law.

A free soul can only enter into reciprocal bonds of sealed and witnessed agreement, this cannot be a one sided agreement, one that binds one side and not the other.

You may at this point ‘love’ the slave law model, and want contract etc., what I’m explaining is not opinion, but fundamentals, if you want to be a slave, that’s a free choice, if you do not, that would also be a free choice, presently there is no choice. All I, and any true anarchist would want, is the choice, I’m not trying to force freedom onto any soul, most are stupid, most are lazy, most are greedy and deluded, so want to be slaves, and for those in love with their servitude, good luck to you. An anarchist would never blow up anything, wage war, murder, attack, an anarchist would only defend themselves when facing an unprovoked attack, and unprovoked attack is the exclusive arena of the paedophile class.

To form anarchic common unity, you must first be comprehensively familiar with every applied conceptual model of the anarchic unity, if you do not grasp something how could you practically apply it?

Commerce Verses Anarchic Trade

Commerce is nominal trade and traffic between state mafias and their slaves (citizens) within or without the fiefdom. ‘Free trade’ within this model means trade with reduced tariffs, taxes, license and duties imposed, that are attached to the movement and exchange of commodities.

Anarchic trade is, the exchange of goods, between someone wanting something, and someone providing something the other wants, if in that exchange one of the traders has nothing the other wants, then a true anarchic medium of exchange, that is guaranteed 100% externally to the traders, and is guaranteed to hold the same un-altering value in purchasing power, no matter how long the trader holds the medium, can be used as a store of a true medium of exchange. That can be achieved using a 100% advancing cryptocurrency model, using the tally stick concept of the gainer of an advance, always linked to an advance guarantor, allowing a zero balance check. Always without any interest or fees attached.

The master slave model of employment is not possible when anarchic models are applied, instead it uses a bonding model, this would be coded as resources allowed forming a bonding platform attached to the advancing cryptocurrency platform, making the creation, funding and application of all bonds very easy. The present usury model allows those with capital to dictate production, while the inherent anarchic model works the other way around, where the need dictates production, this remove the requirement for capital monopoly, profit, begging employment from a master, taxation, advertising, interest, fees, or middle men, in fact all existing parasites are no longer involved in production.

Cult’-ural Events, Ritual and Competition Verses Merrymaking through Feasting, Dancing and Amity

The Roman Cult allows the slaves, bank holidays for the cults rituals, such as Easter, Christmas, new years day etc. These holidays (holy days) have rituals and lies as their foundations, and limited fellow-ship allows those of commerce monopolies to gain great benefits from these events.

Competition is used on the slave mind as a vicarious delusion, sitting in the tell-lie-vision trance, watching sport and believing you are a part of it, this also allows great benefit to those of commerce, through selling spectacle, merchandise, gambling and advertising. As the Roman cult loves to point out, give the brainless bread and circus and you can do absolutely anything you like.

Common unity cannot exist if you don’t know those involved, a group of strangers has little unity. Forming bonds of unity is the key to every element of community. That in mind, a community has an upper limit in size, this is an arbitrary determination, but around 1500 souls would be a point of division within a physical expression of common unity (town/village), and the formation of a second symbiotic community.

There is a great need to know the souls of your community, and this unity is equally vital to the soul. It is in the absence of such unity, addiction, depression and despair grow.

The heart of any community is the market, and after the market ends for the day, the merrymaking, where the community dance and feast and join in amity of debate, discourse, developing the skills of reasoning and enjoy all forms of amusement and entertainment. A bi-weekly market that brings strangers and makes them friends, that draws wealth, and ends any idea of isolation.

The paedophile class of psychopaths have worked for many centuries to force the masses into huge concrete cities, removed from nature, isolated from others, a place the psychopaths can flourish, under the three worlds (whirleds), the under world of psychopathic criminals, the world of commerce, were the usury psychopaths dominate and the over world of aristocracy where the paedophile class, of religious leaders, monarchs, billionaires and presidents imposing policy, stealing resources and granting each other monopolies.

We are not designed to suffer such a model of perception, cities exist for the benefit of psychopaths, and should be abandoned to them, you must seek to form common unity, and that can only exist if you exclude psychopaths and their contrived hierarchical fictions.

Seeking Permission Through the Fraud of Ownership Verses the Allodium and a New Way to Consider Building

Owner-ship has absolutely no basis of validity, if you claim you own through conquest, then reasonable if I wanted your home, I need to simply smash into your door, murder or enslave all inside and claim I own everything, and of course that can be no basis of ownership.

I could claim it’s a grant from my religion, I own the Earth because the god I worship gave it to me, but why should you be bound by the dictates of a god I worship, and what proof can I produce showing such a claim is true, clearly a book written by men would be a worthless form of proof in anyway, so to claim a religious basis is not valid.

I could claim I take owner-ship from taking the power of those transferring their power and granting it to a representative, however you cannot be given a power that is not possessed by the one you represent. And inherently you may only own that which you create yourself, you come into this earth with nothing and you leave with only your memories.


The allodium is the inherent model, and is free of all fictions of title, grant, or ownership. When establish allodium utilisation using the allodium platform, all constructed legal fictions are removed. In order to remove dispute, the slaves that have suffered the fraud of ownership by the paedophile class should be reimbursed, and the land should then return to allodium. In the fraud of owner-ship a slave, can only buy the deed of tenancy, as no slave may own, they are always tenant, guardian, keeper, user, occupier or custodian.

The very idea of allodium “title” would be as valid as to claiming a Spiderman, superhero comic as an “historical” document.

Learn more – Link: Allodium Platform

The allodium structure functions through unilateral bonds of behaviour, the land is always free, but the labours invested in the land can be traded. When traded before the exchange may be completed, all those with a direct border to the land in trade must witness the sealed unilateral bond of behaviour of the new utiliser of that land. Failure to gain all witness, would prevent the trade on the platform .

You can only give a bond of behaviour if you are a living soul, this also excludes all constructed legal fictions of corporation, trust, government, company, or the public from involvement in this model.

To be in common unity you must seek to join the reciprocal bond.

Modern building is not designed for beauty, longevity or the best design of useful practical application. Huge ugly housing estates are constructed, ticky-tack boxes, that scar the landscape and form conformist, identical cells of isolation. In the concrete cities things get even worse, with huge towers of apartments, built with ever smaller rooms, ever less utility, becoming uglier, and made with poorer and poorer quality materials. These modern boxes are becoming more and more contaminated with EMF pollution, and the costs attached to these boxes ever increases, these slave cells are not even utilised well, as the parasites extort ever more year on year, leaving little time for anything but working to pay the demands of the parasitical, ever reducing spare time to dwell in the slave box.

If that way of living for you?

Really it’s not living at all, but only existing.

When building a community, the first thing to consider is impact on the landscape, does it increase the beauty of the land, or does it make a blight?

Soil is important, but to the psychopath it’s viewed as dirt, you cannot grow with dirt (excrement), it must be turned into soil. The worst thing for the soil, aside from pouring billions of gallons of toxic chemicals into the soil each year, is to till the ground.

The soil is a ecosystem, worms aerate the soil, mycelium networks break down nutrients and allow the plant roots to draw them in, bacteria helps to break down waste. If you plow the soil you destroy that ecosystem, and quickly the soil nutrients are consumed as the ecosystem designed to replenish through the decomposing cycle is destroyed. The solution of the psychopath industrial farmer is to pour chemical nutrients into the dirt, the result is crops prone to disease, food devoid of nutrients, and filled with toxic chemicals, this is modern farming, psychopathic, short sighted, unhealthy and unsustainable.

An alternative to the plow is a vegetarian animal tractor, for example a chicken tractor, this uses chickens to remove weed seeds and insects while simultaneously fertilizing the ground. It would take 2500 chickens to clear to bare ground 1 acre in a week, but you don’t need bare ground, you only need to strip away seeds and insects, cutting the vegetation down as low as possible and composting it, before introducing the chickens. This means 250 chickens could realistically strip 1 acre a week of seeds and insects. Mono-culture farming is another problem and this should also be addressed.

The most fertile soil is at the bottom of valleys, as rains wash all the nutrients to the valley floor. The valley bottoms are natural flood planes, and are without doubt the stupidest place to build homes, yet in the present usury system these areas are the most common locations for building, as flat easily accessible land is cheapest to build on, and profit is king.

Innovative design can be developed, avoiding modern usury based thinking for design, which tends to design ugly, glass, concrete and steel horrors. The eco-build in reality would have nothing to do with how much carbon is used in some nonsensical carbon footprint fantasy, or garbage recycling as the source of materials to build, or anything else the present Eco-build espouse.

True Eco-freindly building would first and foremost consider longevity of construction, as the longer a thing is built to last, with minimal servicing, would be the least generating of land fill waste, the least wasteful of labour and added resources, and the cheapest, as a cost against utilisation over time.

For the first anarchic community, my suggestion would be to sink the market into the ground on the side of a hill, depending on the terrain this may allow the quarrying of stone. Then to build artisan workshops, each attached to a bondsman of the community, and above this the home of the family of the artisan, even cellars could be constructed for storage, or even parking. Above this concrete structure with a stone exterior and interior features, fully water tight, a heavy duty concrete roof, with roof windows in reinforced concrete, stone clad. The concrete roof is sealed with three layers of fiber glass and a top coat resin, then a pea gravel drainage system is installed, finally covered with four feet of good soil, then an orchard of fruit trees, bushes and wild flowers are planted over the roof area, the concrete tunnels let light from the orchard into the internal rooms of the family home, and specialist glass can be installed that turns dark or becomes clear when the user wishes, or copper foil coloured glass can be used if desired, and the impact on the beauty of the landscape is enhanced, turn a hillside with little utility into arable land with fruit trees and homes.

Building with care, seeking the highest quality is the focus, not building as fast as possible for easy unearned profits. Beauty is the expression of skill, so master skills and express beauty. If the focus is on longevity of service for a build, which is the very essence of sustainability, almost nothing else makes something sustainable beyond longevity of service, whether in construction or any other application across every industry, then the selection of materials, the design of the structure and the methods used are determined from that foundation.

Specialization Verses Broad Multidisciplinary Mastery

Specialization in production leads to drudgery, and commonly prevents the worker gaining any advantage for future employment elsewhere, as they have not developed a skill set, only a specific ability, gaining no advantage for future employment in the same area of labour. Skill development is a vital part of common unity, specialization is not healthy for the mind, and makes you vulnerable when things become difficult, skills allow a certain amount of protection from adversity.

Specialization in academia causes problems, because the academic has such a narrow grasp of only a small area of a field of study, and little to no grasp of symbiotic disciplines of study, as a result of this narrow grip of a subject they cannot fully grasp their own field of endevour, this retards advancement, and allows false foundations of a discipline to be maintained.

Technologies that the paedophile class do not want developed, are suppressed, or not pursued. The most important aspect of the first community would be the creation of a technological hub, a cooperative group formed servicing a need, where people with practical skills, like mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical, biological engineering, or metallurgy, tool making, etc, brought together with a passion to change the global situation and, open source, develop suppressed or ignored technologies that possess the potential to free human. For example development of the Papp engine to production, training and helping to develop cooperative bonds. Another example would be the development of entanglement internet and telecommunications, that open sourced model would function anarchically, needing no signal, instead communicating using quantum entanglement of connected particles, providing free internet and telecommunication, that has no cost after equipment is bought, cannot be censored, or shut down, blocked, never has a poor signal and could be any speed you wanted, even a 1000 times faster than the appalling 5G toxic EMF system. When I say open source, I mean open source to all members within the bond.

Food Production. Industrial Farming Verses No Till Whole System Thinking, Food From Soil Eco-Nurture

The paedophile class of psychopaths impose a label on food that is not soaked in pesticides, while no such encumbrance is imposed on chemically laced toxic food like substances, of industrial farming. The labelling within a bond would be the opposite, you have no need to point out the food is free of chemical toxins, only that it contains them.

Why Waking Up to the Lies, is Now a Matter of Life or Death!


The small group of owners or as they should be viewed the paedophile class of psychopaths, dominating humanity, have been generation after generation working towards a new Roman Empire global order, taking humanity back to a point in time, where the psychopaths had the power to own humanity as toys, allowing paedophila, rape, sodomy, torture, murder, orgies, and every extreme of sexual perversion to be indulged to excess. They used souls as gladiators murdering for spectacle, sold souls in open slave markets, and held power through absolute fear, controlling all. They imagine to apply technology to this model, were instead of house slaves used to dominate the field slaves, they will have robotic overseers, mechanical demons of violent soulless abuse.

That conceptual reality of horrors existed 2000 years ago, when around 300 million people populated the whole Earth, so the stated plan of the owners is to reduce global populations back down to around that point, removing 7500,000,000 souls.

Many are tricked by the system of deception to believe this depopulation will be through viruses, but all viruses are a fiction of the systems of control, a fear porn construct. The true method of depopulation is vaccination, which allows the owners to carefully design agents to generate dis-ease. Many believe nuclear war will be used to depopulate, but again nuclear weapons are a fiction developed, again as fear porn, so cannot be used for depopulation.

This stated objective of depopulation is vomited forth as a constant theme through the whores of television, literature, publications, movies and video games, all paint a future Earth with only a few survivors, the rest are dead or transformed into the walking dead.

All these fear porn scenarios played out for entertainment are always based on lies, the lie of germ theory claims disease is bacteria, viral external attack, zero evidence exists to give support to germ theory.

Or that a meteor will strike and wipe out life, which is based on worthless big bang theory physics and astronomy. True physics and so astronomy is based on the electric universe model, lf evidently based on the physical reality of nature is considered and not abstracted nonsense of institutionalized frauds. The electric universe model shows craters on heavenly bodies and on earth are not created by meteor strikes, but electrical discharges between metallic heavenly bodies, such as the moon and the earth.

The truly stupid swallow this indoctrination of over population, and themselves repeat the mantra endlessly, as if it were justification for disease, war and poverty, ‘finite resources and too many mouths to feed’, rings out from cinemas, televisions, newspapers and pseudoscience articles endlessly.

But if the Earth is considered against the evidence, humanity is not over populating, and if humanity were free of the owners and their systems of parasitical extortion, imposed monopolies, usury and hierarchies, the population would self balance. I say this, as the more wealth and safety, the more community, the lower the birth rate, the more poverty and danger the higher the birth rate local to that situation.

Without the paedophile class, pollution would end, as it breaks the inherent duty of care, the assault on nature would end, soils, which will be gone in a few decades if industrial chemical based farming continues, presently being transformed in to chemically poisoned dirty, devoid of the vital life that allow plants to grow in symbiosis.

The paedophile class have been working hard to reduce population through vaccinations designed to weaken the immune system, encourage disease and introduce infertility chemicals into the body, this along with abortions, disease generation through chemically contaminated food, water and air, EMF pollution and medication and claimed medical care, and imposed global poverty for the majority, have cost many hundreds of millions of lives.

“Policies to reduce fertility will have their main effects on total numbers only after several decades. However, if future numbers are to be kept within reasonable bounds, it is urgent that measures to reduce fertility be started and made effective in the 1970’s and 1980’s.” 1974 Henry Kissinger -former secretary of State – ‘National Security Study Memorandum 200’

In 1918 around 2% of the global population were murdered by administering over doses of Aspirin, this extermination was labeled Spanish flu. Medical murder is far cheaper and far faster than conventional war, and can be easily organised, were bodies can be burned without autopsy on an industrial scale, with the full support of the victims families, who will even demand they and their families be vaccinated (murdered) first, and complain at any delay in their extermination. The best tool to cause the depopulation global pandemic is vaccination, the more that the vaccine murders, the more the stupid will demand all are vaccinated.

Conventional war cannot achieve this, nuclear weapons are a fear porn tool, and exist only as a fantasy designed to control through fear. From 1933 when the Jews declared war on German until the end of the war in 1945 the death toll was only around 3% of the earth population.

So to murder 3% of the earths population took 12 years, compared to Aspirin which murdered 2% of the earth population in 2 short years.

We are naturally very smart creatures, and through that power, free of repression, mental tortures that destroy the intellect, such as schooling, electromagnetic pollution, toxic food, water and air, stress, a system of medical care designed to generate disease and mask symptoms, then instead of each successive generation becoming dumber than the last, which is happening presently, they would recover and intelligence return.

Another fiction of the owners is climate change, this was created to divert attention away from toxic dumping of industrial waste, into oceans, waterways, air and soils, as people were preventing this directly, so instead the paedophile class used their media whores, and political whores to fix attention on plant food, the lower the paedophile class can reduce CO2 the less plant life can grow on the Earth, and if they could fool the stupid to reduce CO2 low enough, then food could no longer grow. CO2 is around a third of one percent of the atmosphere, and has absolutely nothing to do with the global temperature.

The small group of paedophile psychopaths that inflict their dictates, extortion, thefts, frauds, lies and violent oppression, are given power, as a gift, every soul is powerful, but if they are held stagnant in fear, ignorance and confusion, they will give away that power to anyone that wants it. In reality the power of the elite only exists as long as truth is hidden and only their monopolies exist.

Power Vacuum Fear Porn

You want Peace!

Then make certain you’re unable to be used as a slave.

Always living free of usury, monopoly and hierarchies.

In this way, leaving no way for the parasites to feed.

Then you have no need to prepare for war!

The often claimed power vacuum, or power void, used to describe a situation when control of the masses is lost, then it’s claimed a powerful parasites will attempt to fill the void, this of course is only possible if you use models of interaction that function through parasitical control, if you do not have centralised parasitical control models, then no void or vacuum can, or could exist.

Baseless Fears

People are trained by the agents of the State mafia to fear and react, to emotional appeals, lies and frauds, never to question, and never to believe anyone that says anything other than the State narrative, spewed from every mainstream media whore, anyone pointing out the media whores lies is a conspiracy nut, a tin foil hat wearer, they need do no more than comment, with something like ‘he probably thinks the moon lands are fake’, just a another conspiracy nut!” The masses only ever think, using logical fallacies, as reasoning would prevent any of the govern mental control from working.

If people could reason and research objectively using evidence as their yard stick, then all the many frauds of the agents of State mafia would fall away, the virus fiction, the germ theory fiction, the vaccination fiction, the nuclear weapon fiction, the contagion fiction, the pandemic fiction, the climate change/global warming fiction, the legal fictions, the allopathic medical fiction, the energy physics fiction, the fictions fill the minds of the stupid. A mind filled with hatred cannot feel compassion, and a mind filled with lies cannot think.

When they're making billions on antibiotics, antivirals, and vaccines, why would they fund research that proves bacteria and viruses DON'T cause disease?
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