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About Abdun Nur:

I’ve been writing articles for over twenty years now, and my writing skills have, I think, improved slowly over the years. This would be a blog website I suppose, I attempt to present information and provide new solutions, some of what I write upsets some people; the truth often does. I’m not interested in saving peoples feelings through hiding the truth, if you want the lies good luck to you, if you want the truth I’ll do my very best to determine and present, for your considerion.

I’m indigenous of Eburaci (meaning “yew tree place” now under corporate ownership renamed Yorkshire), Albien (Albien means the earths surface now under corporate ownership renamed United kingdom, I’m from the fiefdom kingdom of England (Angle Land) a land enslaved since 1086), so congenitally Albic or an Albannach (now synonymous in the modern age with the enslaved land named Scotland, which replaced Alba, but universal with the entire island of Albien – a Sassenach is a Saxon, a Germanic tribesman), City and guilds Qualified builder, married with five children, a living soul bound to inherent power, un-bonded in surety at present, but open to offers.

I’ve developed the website and the model it presents independently. Coding of these models is the next step, and for this others would have to volunteer either some resources or time if the project were to move forward.

This is my third website, the previous two were attacked externally, firstly by blocking the bandwidth with a massive number of bot hits and ultimately corrupting the joomla site, I couldn’t find anyone to help, the host company was rude and disinterested, the first site servantofthelight.com was focused on spiritual thoughts, the second site labourcoin.com was focused as the present site.

I did get a small amount from people through the sevantofthelight.com, enough to cover the site costs, but I get nothing from earthcoinage.com, I fund this effort alone, and when I changed hosting companies, the parasites that charge annually to use a website name, demanded a high price for labourcoin.com, so I had to invent an alternative, the name of the advancing cryptocurrency is just a reference, and when actually coded could be changed.

I am now using wordpress, which seems to provide better protection from attack.

If you seek┬ácertified authority from me, based on academic certification above the minimum of a basic schooling, I have none above and would seek none, in seeking certification you’d search for a mind unable to reason, the entire schooling system is designed to filter out reasoning minds, and promote those best at blind conformity to indoctrinated authority, and the logical fallacies that demands. This is the reason germ theory and virus fantasies are the basis of medicine and the reason Einsteinian and Newtonian doctrine has stagnated physics since the 1930’s, it is the reason humanity is now dominated mentally like a child loving psychotically abusive parents.

I’ve had no opportunity to gain higher education from my working class origins, which from my point of view was a blessing, I left school and studied construction, gaining city and guilds qualifications, I have and continue to earn a living with my hands, I’m a man with very limited resources, if I had resources I would fund the coding of the platforms myself.

I write and ponder, free of indoctrinations, my mind is my own, it is not owned by a system of control, if what I write offends, as it seems is sometimes the case, you should consider why truth is offensive to you, if what I write makes you look at things differently and consider things from a new point of view, and if you have read the concepts of trade, arbitration and allodium etc. and like myself, believe they would allow a better way to exist on this small planet, then help to code the platforms, help to create an alternative to the the present corporate monopolies.

I labour alone, I fund this effort alone, I have laboured for over twenty years developing and researching the ideas I present on the site, I thought the greater levels of abuse the owners of humanity inflicted, the more people would seek a true alternative, but clearly, if that is the case, the level of abuse of a global vaccine genocide is not enough abuse, as I still have never gained a cent in funding towards the website or coding the platforms, nor anyone that can code, being interested in working on the ideas, nor people simply expressing interest.

This may be due to my inability to present the ideas effectively, people are used to being the mark of a conman, and I’m not approaching this from a mark-eting point of view, I’m not embellishing the truth, making false promises, or exaggerating reality. The truth can be a hard bitch, while lies are exactly what the mark wants to hear, so this could be part of the issue.

If you, like myself, have very limited resources, I understand the situation, and I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to consider some of my thoughts, I get little feed back from my website at present, feel free to email with your thoughts, ideas, question or observation, thanks.

About Earthcoinage.com:

The name “earthcoinage” used to reference the cryptocurrency ledger model is not important, as it’s not a public fiat cryptocurrency, and would never be traded on cryptocurrency platforms allowing speculation, labelled investment.

The earthcoinage is traded exclusively within the bond, and so its value in trade is determined by the platform, establishing the purchasing power of any fiat offered, so creating a fixed value in trade against earthcoinage, it can be held a year or a 1000 years but when traded, would have exactly the same purchasing power when traded for fiat (fiat means not backed by any commodity, it only has perceptual value, fiat describes all global currencies, including cryptocurrencies).

Advances on the ledger can only be exchanged for fiat in trade, meaning if you as a bondsman needed to pay a fiat bill, for example, an invoice for a new car, and you had enough in your ledger account to cover the cost, you’d offer the invoice on the fiat trading platform, and any one within the bonding platform could pay all or part of the invoice in exchange for all or part of your ledger coins.

You cannot trade for fiat directly, as it has no value, being fiat, but if others outside of the platforms are willing to take fiat in exchange for real labour through an invoice for goods or services, trade is equitable.

A medium of exchange needs no other function than to hold the value no matter the time it is held.

The cryptocurrency only exists when it’s advanced, and must have three external guarantees attached, the system must maintain a zero balance across the platforms, and four different forms of guarantee can be applied. No one can simply generate or mine the cryptocurrency, it only exists fee and interest free as an advance, that must ultimately be returned and cancelled.

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