About Abdun Nur:

Abdul Nur FreemanIndigenous of Eburaci (means “yew tree place), Albien, so congenitally Albic or an Albannach (now synonymous in the modern age with the enslaved land named Scotland, which replaced Alba, but universal with the entire island of Albien- a Sassenach is a Saxon), City and guilds Qualified builder, married, a living soul bound to inherent power, un-bonded in surety at present but open to offers.

Abdun Nur has developed the website and the model it presents. Coding of these models is the next step, and for this others would have to volunteer either some resources or time.

About Earthcoinage.com:

The name “earthcoinage” used to reference the cryptocurrency is not important, as it is not a public fiat cryptocurrency, and would never be traded on cryptocurrency platforms allowing speculation, labelled investment.

The earthcoinage is traded exclusively within the bond, and so its value in trade is determined by the platform, establishing the purchasing power of any fiat offered, so creating a fixed value in trade against earthcoinage, it can be held a year or a 1000 years but when traded, would have exactly the same purchasing power when traded for fiat (fiat means not backed by any commodity, it only has perceptual value, fiat describes all global currencies, including cryptocurrencies).

A medium of exchange needs no other function than to hold the value no matter the time it is held.

The cryptocurrency only exists when it’s advanced, and must have an external guarantee attached, the system must maintain a zero balance across the platforms, and three forms of guarantee can be applied. No one can simply generate or mine the cryptocurrency, it only exists fee and interest free as an advance, that must be returned and cancelled.