Corporation is Simply Another Term for Marketing

Written by Abdun Nur

“Advertising: the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” – Stephen Leacock

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging “offerings” that have been imbued with perceived value.

Deception is the bedrock of marketing, fooling the gullible is a “mark”eters bread and butter, each one of us their mark. A mark is defined as an object of attack, ridicule, or abuse specifically: a victim or prospective victim of a swindle.

Everything, and I mean everything, in the modern usury based global society, is focused solely on fooling the gullible, in order to turn each soul into a cash cow, mulct day and night.

Manufacturing corporations sell products, service corporations sell services and mental control corporations sell behaviour. All functioning through a distinctive species of fraudulent conduct, intending to further exchanges, or ingrain behaviours that are not free willed, as the victims decision is not honestly informed, allowing confidence tricksters (con men), to extort at the expense of their victims (the ‘marks‘).

Manufacturing Corporations

The era of marketed production began around 1860, this advanced to manipulative marketing around 1920, and continued to adapt to aggressive deceptive marketing around 1950.

Marketing continued to adapt as the marks wised up, to social marketing around 1970, which focuses on brands rather than the product, this adapted to relationship marketing around 1990, actively collecting information about the mark, attempting to know everything about them to better manipulate them. This continued to adapt to social network marketing around 2010 where the marks are profiled and directly targeted with manipulations tailor made for their circumstances and tastes.

Service Corporations

All corporations are authorized by the state for the owners and their minions to act as a single legal entity, recognized by law, ‘born out of statute”; a legal person in legal context. This is a form of protectionism, allowing the owners and their minions to avoid accountability for their criminal actions, instead the corporate fiction has limited liability.

Corporate Service as a general rule require monopoly, without monopoly the service provided would quickly be rendered redundant as cooperative alternatives would prove far superior.

The State corporate mafia impose monopolies to allow corporate service, for example in transport, railroads, road construction, airports, ports, etc.;or in communication, telephone, internet, etc.; or in utilities, water, gas, electric etc.

These monopolies allow the owners of the State mafia corporation to levy taxes above the basic taxation extorted from all other non-monopoly corporation, as without any competition the State are able to get in on the feeding frenzy of the monopolist, the victim having no other options available to avoid the extortion.

Mental Control Corporations

The main corporation of mental control is the govern mental State mafia, as all mafia it uses a monopoly on violence and the manufacture of fear to control it’s victim, using the wealth it extorts to fund its control systems. This corporation controls behaviour, through legislation, and indoctrination.

The indoctrinating of the masses begins from childhood with a basic 12,000 hour indoctrination program labelled school.

For those who excel in mental indoctrination, known as a conformist, the State indoctrination further provides college and university education, these indoctrination systems are the foundation for effective marketing.

Media corporations are in the business of “selling” mental control as entertainment, working hand in glove with the owners of govern mental mafia corporation, they manufacture content of newspapers, television, movies, internet and radio.

Logical fallacies are the basis for marketing and the use of terms that generate emotional rather than rational reactions, like “transparency,” “trust,” and “privacy,”. The new world order of totalitarian enslavement is laying the foundations of new abilities of marketing. An example of this is IBM’s “Digital Health Pass” the marketing describes the mass tracking app as a “smart way to return to society” that allows people to “return to the activities and things they love.”. Allowing the AI of the State govern mental mafia, the ability to access and monitor your every movement.

Establishing an Alternative to “Mark”eting

To create an effective alternative that would end marketing, so rendering it redundant, reversing the corps of marketing, that rots the mind, squanders resources and stagnates life, allowing only existence and effectively retarding living, is the cooperation of common unity, having no need of any marketing by fulfilling your own needs collectively, anarchically and free of both parasites and monopolists.

This is achieved through the bonding model.

The Bonding Platform

The bonding model is very simple, using the closed bond platforms, bonds can be created, funded and developed.

Accounts on the advancing platform are grouped by location in a polycentric network, as most trades are local, and most bonds are also local. Link – Earthcoinage Polycentric Hub Network

When a bondsman has a “need”, they go to the bonding platform and create a bond using one of the templates in order to satisfy that need is no one else has created a local bond already.

The bond becomes live when enough local bondsmen have joined it, that also have the same need, and are willing to guarantee the cost of depreciation of the infrastructure annually, for as long as they have the need.

When it becomes live a cooperative bond is created. This bond seeks bondsmen that have the skill sets to develop the bond, using full consensus.

The funds are created on the advancing platform cryptocurrency, to build the infrastructure.

The cooperative bonds pay collectively 20% of the cost of the infrastructure advance, which is held in virtual escrow, as a guarantee to protect the advance from fraud or abuse.

The cooperative uses the infrastructure, that is guaranteed by the “need” bondsmen, to provide the goods or services of the initiating bond, satisfying the need without banking charges, profit, taxation or parasites.

Examples of bonds:

An Internal Terrain Nutraceutical or Bioceutical Healing Bond

Car Driver Assurance Bond

Edification of Child Need Bond

Matrimonial Reciprocal Bond

Movie or Small Screen Series ‘Need’ Bond

Need Bonds: Part 1 – Automated Walk In Supermarket Bond, Forming Cooperative Bonds

Need Bonds: Part 2 – Supermarket Bond Forming Cooperative Bonds

Paying for the Roads Without any Government Mafia

Software Development Bond

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” Thomas Paine

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