It’s a Simple Choice “Anarchism or Ba’alism”

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Written By Abdun Nur

Ba’alism is the model of externalising, what is inherently an internal concept, to achieve this you must turn reality into fictional constructs.

Ba’al is the “Lord of Two Horns”, a horn is another name for a pyramidal peak; the horns of hierarchy, being the horn of the accumulated wealth elite’s corporate institutions, and the horn of the religious institutions, which intimidate the slaves, holding them in the fearful ignorance of both religious and political subjugation.

These constructs allow usury in its five forms to dominate, the fundamental form of usury is ownership – “The interest demanded for the use of land”.

Fundamentally, usury is a one-sided extraction of the fruits of the labour of another: Link: The Five Forms of Usury Enslave Humanity to a Ba’alist Elite

Ba’al means “owner” – one expression of this is exercising authority through property rights; an owner of land.

Moloch is the same god as Milcom, Adad-Milki, all an epithet for Baal

Ba’al means “Lord” having authority, control, or power over slaves.

Ba’al is a synonym of the Hebrew adon (“Lord”) and adonai (“My Lord”) still used as aliases of the Lord of Israel Yahweh.

Ownership, is the reversal of reality, it’s a belief that you can own something you did not create, which has in truth  absolutely no foundation. Inherently you could only ever claim to own something created through your labour. When you trade inherently, you exchange your labour or stored labour reciprocally for the labour or stored labours of another.

You may choose to give or trade these labours to another, but you cannot give or trade anything you yourself did not create, reciprocally trade, or directly inherited from another bound by the same restriction.

To invent the Ba’alist fiction of ownership, the Ba’alist Corporation claims eminent domain forming a fiefdom State, and then sell deeds of tenancy to the “person”, a legal fictional owner (deeds of tenancy, as a slave may not own) of a property, this can only be done with a fictional “person” legal construct, the “person” owns the legal title of the land tenancy, the title is a grant from a Ba’alist owner to a slave (re-presented as a legal fiction, the persona (external) not the anima (internal)), as only if you accept representing yourself as a fictional construct, are legal fictions binding).

This is “my own land”, expresses the internal concept of land, “I own this land” states the Ba’alist external concept.

The “Holy See” is the universal government of the Catholic Church.

They use ships on the “holy see” of commerce to move wealth from the wealth generator to the wealth thief, ownership through the fiction of a granted title, allows the granter to rent the land as a deed of tenancy, to the real wealth generator, and then demand they pay the Ba’alist parasite for their interest in that fictional title each year, otherwise the tenant will eventually have their deed of tenancy taken, returned to the Ba’alist granter.

It does not matter at all which type of corporate fiefdom is applied, all follow exactly the same model, the State corporation in the capitalist model has eminent domain over the land, and all assets of the slaves are used as collateral on loans, which is the reason a 10 yearly census is imposed, which is used to determine the assets of the slaves.

The extreme of this eminent domain ownership scam is the communist model, which is the most repressive Ba’alist model ever developed, turning a soul into abject property, the body into material to be used and each life to be exploited, debased and prevented from experiencing any valuable existence for their evolution of consciousness.

-Ship’: suffix of nouns denoting an external body of status and office originating from: to ordain (to invest with ministerial or sacerdotal (sacrificial) functions; confer holy orders upon).

Ownership, proprietorship or possessor-ship are all the ship of the fiction of making what could never be owned, claimed owned through fictional constructs.

To learn more on how the allodium functions Practically – Link: The Allodium Platform

Only ‘if’, the Ba’alists can create a dominating hierarchy over a region, can they impose fictional constructs. These constructs are only valid within the boundaries of their constructed fiction of ownership, this is known as their jurisdiction, commonly the Ba’alists inflict genocide to establish a dominating Mafia, as they did in Britain, and the Americas, etc. But this can also be achieved through the occupation of colonialism, where the infrastructure and systems of constructed fiction are established to enslave a population and extract the wealth from a region. Once this infrastructure of extortion and theft is in place, the Ba’alists can transfer to any local Mafia, or psychopathic group, to administrate as an independent fiefdom.

Link: The History of Albien (Britain) Part One

To be a Ba’alist you must be a psychopath, this is a psychopathic model of domination, many empathic people are used by the Ba’alists, but none can be Ba’al (owner). The war is ‘ONLY’ ever between the psychopathic and the empathic.

The head of the Ba’alist model is the Pope who wears the triple crown of Ba’al. Religion is used to create the tri-Ba’al system, the Holy Trinity of corporation and trust.

Humanity is presently dominated by a small ca-Ba’al of wealthy families, who impose the CaBa’ala, a system of constructed fictions forming a legal system, this uses occult knowledge, meaning a system outside the laws of nature, administrated by the Rabbi (master of slave law), licensed (granted authority to act by your owners within an imposed monopoly) to pass the bar, only those called to the bar, a barrier between the victim or slave and the parasite or thief, under oath to protect the corporate Mafia, can give expert “legal opinions”.

Religions are powerful tools of the Ba’alist model, they are either invented or quickly taken over by the Ba’alists, this is evident by the trinity, in Christianity the father – Settler (creator of the substance); Son – administrator (of the substance); and holy ghost – beneficiary (consumer of the substance), which is the foundation of corporation and trust. The trinity is fundamental of every contrived religion presently in existence.

Hence the ships of commerce dominate these religions through “worship”. “fellowship”, “followership”, “discipleship”, “messiahship”, “apostleship”, “rectorship”, “Pastorship”, “vicarship”, “godship” etc.

Religion is an easy way for the Ba’alists to dominate and control souls, for example the story of the Christian religion has been recycled at least seventeen times.

To consider the trinity of Religions further – Link: A True Medium of Exchange

A person is a constructed legal fiction, it’s a persona, a social façade, a deceptive outward appearance, a mask worn to hide your face from society, the ‘person’ is built upon egotistical thinking, where competition, selfishness, greed, avarice and a broad disregard for others are the fundamental irrational reality forming social interactions.

To acknowledge the fiction of personhood assaults a soul’s virtue, causing failure morally, thereby disgracing, and discrediting the inherent nature of a soul. Embracing the fiction of personhood is embracing a personification of evil in perception and so action.

Ba’alism is based solely upon constructed fictions of perception, turning inherent reality into authored invention violently imposed. Typically, these inventions are based on logical fallacies, for example, the Ba’alists claim they take the powers wielded by the govern mental corporate Mafia from the people, but as an individual you cannot extort from your neighbour, restrict free movement, kidnap and incarcerate, beat, subdue or murder your neighbour, yet these things are routinely done by all govern mental corporate Mafias globally.

Every government, no matter the form, is identical to every illegal Mafia, the only reason this is not self-evident to all, is the governmental form of Mafia inflicts a prison style schooling system upon the children and dominates all mainstream media utterly. For example, Pharmaceuticals and medical treatment are the number one cause of death globally, no military could hope to compete with these criminals in the suffering and horror they inflict, no illegal Mafia’s drug pushing holds a candle to the government Mafias business.

The pair that bring forth their child for rent to the state Mafia, make registration with certification; the pair-rent (parent) to the State Mafia who pay them a weekly benefit in rental, child allowance.

The birth (berth) is certified for the ship of citizen, and given legal identity, so made the same, identical, (identity – from Latin idem the same).

Now the corporate Mafia need to build a ship for the berth, so feed and nourish the citizen through the indoctrinating shoal (school). A school is a group of the same species swimming together in synchrony; turning, twisting and forming one body. When they become an adult (adult – from alēre to feed, nourish) they are given a ship. A citizenship must be “represented” by an adult.

Represent – from Latin repraesentāre “to exhibit” – to hold forth.

This means the soul presents itself as a constructed legal fiction of citizen and the ship is docked when court (caught), and their ship can be charged and discharged when in the dock.

The fear of being docked and so at risk of losing their assets or being unable to sail the see of commerce, intimidates the citizen to pay all extortion and conform to all subjugation issued as the policy of the corporate Mafia of State.

If you hide a ship from the dock you harbour them, harbouring a criminal is itself against corporate policy. A crime is a charge that must be paid, once discharged the ship can go free into the holy (worthy of complete devotion) see of commerce.

Everything is considered by the Ba’alists owned, from the land to the life on Earth, to your very soul. Ba’alism is hierarchical, and the triple crown of Ba’al is worn by the Pope, who tacitly claims ownership of the land of the Earth, the birth certificates, and the souls.

Challenging the ownership scam is fundamental to ending the slavery system of the Ba’alists:

The first step is recognising the fraud.

The next step is creating the allodium model as an alternative.

The third step is to rebut all fictional claims and physical assaults using the very slave law system against itself, by making them adhere 100% to the letter of their slave law, every ‘I’ dotted, every ‘t’ crossed. Additionally, they must “prove” their claims, and no one can prove a fraud.

Know Slave Law to Block Slave Law Taking Charge. End Bailiffs Taking Possession

It is highly illogical to let a bailiff in to your home, when they are in attendance with fraudulent paperwork, that has no official seal or wet signature. Especially when they are not in possession of a signed and stamped EX96 form (UK) which they need, to be able to force their way-in with a locksmith.

A debtor can remove right of implied access by displaying a notice at the entrance. This was endorsed by Lord Justice Donaldson in the case of Lambert v Roberts [1981] 72 Cr App R 223 – and placing such a notice is akin to a closed door but it also prevents a bailiff entering the garden or driveway, Knox v Anderton [1983] Crim LR 115 or R. v Leroy Roberts [2003] EWCA Crim 2753

Debtors can also remove implied right of access to property by telling him to leave: Davis v Lisle [1936] 2 KB 434 similarly, McArdle v Wallace [1964] 108 Sol Jo 483

A person having been told to leave is now under a duty to withdraw from the property with all due reasonable speed and failure to do so he is not thereafter acting in the execution of his duty and becomes a trespasser with any subsequent levy made being invalid and attracts a liability under a claim for damages, Morris v Beardmore [1980] 71 Cr App 256.

Bailiffs cannot force their way into a private dwelling, Grove v Eastern Gas [1952] 1 KB 77

Otherwise a door left open is an implied license for a bailiff to enter, Faulkner v Willetts [1982] Crim LR 453 likewise a person standing back to allow the bailiff to walk through but the bailiff must not abuse this license by entering by improper means or by unusual routes, Ancaster v Milling [1823] 2 D&R 714 or Rogers v Spence [1846] M&W 571

Ringing a doorbell is not causing a disturbance, Grant v Moser [1843] 5 M&G 123 or R. v Bright 4 C&P 387 nor is refusing to leave a property causes a disturbance, Green v Bartram [1830] 4 C&P 308 or Jordan v Gibbon [1863] 8 LT 391

Permission for a bailiff to enter may be refused provided the words used are not capable of being mistaken for swear words, Bailey v Wilson [1968] Crim LR 618.

If the entry is peaceful but without permission, then a request to leave should always be made first. Tullay v Reed [1823] 1 C&P 6 or an employee or other person can also request the bailiff to leave, Hall v Davis [1825] 2 C&P 33

Excessive force must be avoided, Gregory v Hall [1799] 8 TR 299 or Oakes v Wood [1837] 2 M&W 791

A debtor can use an equal amount of force to resist a bailiff from gaining entry, Weaver v Bush [1795] 8TR, Simpson v Morris [1813] 4 Taunt 821, Polkinhorne v Wright [1845] 8QB 197. Another occupier of the premises or an employee may also take these steps: Hall v Davis [1825] 2 C&P 33.

Also wrongful would be an attempt at forcible entry despite resistance, Ingle v Bell [1836] 1 M&W 516

Bailiffs cannot apply force to a door to gain entry, and if he does so he is not in the execution of his duty, Broughton v Wilkerson [1880] 44 JP 781

A Bailiff may not encourage a third party to allow the bailiff access to a property (i.e. workmen inside a house), access by this means renders the entry unlawful, Nash v Lucas [1867] 2 QB 590

The debtor’s home and all buildings within the boundary of the premises are protected against forced entry, Munroe & Munroe v Woodspring District Council [1979] Weston-Super-Mare County Court

Contrast: A bailiff may climb over a wall or a fence or walk across a garden or yard provided that no damage occurs, Long v Clarke & another [1894] 1 QB 119

It is not contempt to assault a bailiff trying to climb over a locked gate after being refused entry, Lewis v Owen [1893] The Times November 6 p.36b (QBD)

If a bailiff enters by force, he is there unlawfully, and you can treat him as a trespasser. Curlewis v Laurie [1848] or Vaughan v McKenzie [1969] 1 QB 557

A debtor cannot be sued if a person enters a property uninvited and injures himself because he had no legal right to enter, Great Central Railway Co v Bates [1921] 3 KB 578

If a bailiff jams his boot into a debtor’s door to stop him closing, any levy that is subsequently made is not valid: Rai & Rai v Birmingham City Council [1993] or Vaughan v McKenzie [1969] 1 QB 557 or Broughton v Wilkerson [1880] 44 JP 781

If a bailiff refuses to leave the property after being requested to do so or starts trying to force entry then he is causing a disturbance, Howell v Jackson [1834] 6 C&P 723 – but it is unreasonable for a police officer to arrest the bailiff unless he makes a threat, Bibby v Constable of Essex [2000] Court of Appeal April 2000.

Vaughan v McKenzie [1969] 1 QB 557 if the debtor strikes the bailiff over the head with a full milk bottle after making a forced entry, the debtor is not guilty of assault because the bailiff was there illegally, likewise R. v Tucker at Hove Trial Centre Crown Court, December 2012 if the debtor gives the bailiff a good slap.

If a person strikes a trespasser who has refused to leave is not guilty of an offence: Davis v Lisle [1936] 2 KB 434

License to enter must be refused BEFORE the process of levy starts, Kay v Hibbert [1977] Crim LR 226 or Matthews v Dwan [1949] NZLR 1037

A bailiff rendered a trespasser is liable for penalties in tort and the entry may be in breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights if entry is not made in accordance with the law, Jokinen v Finland [2009] 37233/0712

The Temples Of Ba’al and the Black Robed Devils


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