Inherent Power

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Written By Abdun Nur

Inherent – existing in someone or something as a permanent and inseparable element, quality, or attribute

Power – ability or capacity to do something

Inherent power is unalienable, universal and immutable; it is derived from the nature of your creation, and binds all in reciprocation as everything is connected.

The innate truths known as axioms are foundations that are self-evident, such as, we exist on a shared planet and are dependent upon the air, water and myriad life it supports, therefore if a soul acts to pollute that environment to a point it detrimentally impacts others, it is an encroachment, if a soul prevents equitable utilisation of the land and resources of that environment it is an encroachment, or wrongful action, and so on.

(Note: CO2 (0.34% of the atmosphere) is not pollution, it is plant food, and its generation has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the climate, but it has a huge effect on plant life, helping turn the Earth green and vibrant)

Rights are demanded by the masses, but every right is a grant from a master to a slave; if you’re religious you take the grant of rights from the men who wrote on behalf of your invented god entity and the fabricated religious Mafia; if your a monarchist you take your granted rights and imposed duties from the Mafia imposed by a king, queen or their lords; if your a statist you take the grant of rights and imposed duties from the owners of the corporation of government Mafia within the boundaries of their fiefdom, because a right is a grant from a superior upon an inferior, rights only apply to slaves. Inherent power is free of rights, it is derived through reasoned reciprocation.

Psychopaths have constructed the hierarchical models imposed globally, these form the three Ba’alist Mafia worlds, the over (political/monarchic) world, the commercial world of corporation and trust and the under world of criminal Mafias, which hold the masses in economic slavery, all three worlds are dominated by the same caBa’al.

When a soul is born into these worlds, they perceive them as the real, but that perception is an illusion. It’s in examining the perception, of what is commonly accepted without question, that will allow all perceptual illusions to be exposed.

Man made Laws are written by and for Lawless people. A man of integrity needs no written rules to live in harmony with his peers and criminals don't obey Laws.
So Legislative only provides a mechanism for the ruling classes to constrict and control the freedom of the people.
Until you take responsibility for your own life there will always be a tyrant of some description to force their will over you.

A Free Soul is Produced Through the Mastering of the Skill to Reason to Truth

When all souls are free of the mental illusions of constructed perceptions, then souls could freely learn to reason, and then 99% of souls would never even consider being a solider to murder and destroy in the fictional legal construct of patriotic propaganda; when a mind is free 99% of souls would never even consider being a policeman to subjugate and extort their neighbours with corporate policy; when free to reason 99% of soul would never even consider being a lawyer to impose upon the poor and protect the rich in the name of Vatican justice; when free 99% of souls would never even consider being a bureaucrat to regulate, license, permit or control their neighbours in the name of a fictional legal construct of govern-mental corporate mafia. Only when the tree of owner (Ba’al) hierarchy (living death) has been over come, would it be evident a soul was truly free without challenge.

Are you aware?
That all "written law" including the written common law is STATUTE!


“Holding a Wolf by the Ears”

The legal system isn’t an avenue that could be used to escape the systems of control, the legal system is one in which both doing nothing, and doing something, to resolve any problem, are equally risky.

Many confuse the common law with the innate system, but common law is both positive and constructive law (based exclusively on constructed legal fictions), it’s imposed through barristers as procedural form, so not founded on inherent power, it is derived from imposed tradition and formalised procedure, and given validity by use and precedent, but tradition does not make a practice valid.

For example the Egyptians kept slaves for thousands of years; for centuries it was tradition to bind women’s feet in China; for two thousand years some assumed the whole universe rotated around planet earth; for over two centuries some have believed that democratic politics can make corporate government serve its slaves (citizens).

“The so-called Golden Rule…simply enjoins us to treat others as one would wish to be treated by them. This sober and rational precept, which one can teach to any child with its innate sense of fairness, is well within the compass of any atheist and does not require masochism and hysteria, or sadism and hysteria, when it is breached.” Christopher Hitchens

All positive law models are claimed traditional practices (as legal president) or legislated policy, imposed upon those deemed mentally incompetent or judged as children (through the authoring of the straw man of citizen), simply because they have been doing it for so long does not make it valid. STRAW MAN
An informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position. To "attack a straw man" is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by substituting a superficially similar yet weaker proposition and refuting it, without ever having actually refuted the original position.

Each soul is born and must grow in the dark seeking the light, to be denied the light is to suffer living death, so forced merely to exist and never allowed to truly live or develop.

This can be considered as a tree in dichotomy, at one end of the tree, life, and at the other end of the tree, death. This forms an asymmetry, as below so above, its branches spread outward just as its roots, the roots spread in darkness, the branches spread in light.

The tree of death (a world of fear, immaturity, doubt and ignorance) is only for children, it is a childish place of costumes and fictions, the tree of death is rooted in hierarchy. Hierarchies only exist for children, a child lives in subjugation, a child is not fully responsible for all they say and do, and does not reciprocate what they receive. They are trapped in the roots of conformity, until they grow enough to break out into the light of reasoned thought.

The tree of life is a place for adults, free of costumes and fictions of invented perceptions, it is anarchic; anarchy exists only for adults. No adult mind would happily be subject to hierarchical domination.

As an adult our innate reciprocal conditions and natural qualities bind us all in conduct towards all around us as living souls, not the dictates of the ‘monopoly men’ of power, who invent authority over others, using constructed fictions and violence to demand sovereignty, which creates and inflicts positive laws, implemented through their invented fictions of government, State, or corporation and trust.

“The improver of natural knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority, as such. For him, scepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin.” Thomas Huxley

Synchronicity through cause and effect is a foundation of nature, the coincidence of related events that are not obviously interrelated, from a result of everything being connected to everything else, if you do not understand this you may act against that nature. This means a tort (wrong) against your neighbour binds you to action, as to ignore the suffering of another ripples through creation in negative waves causing suffering, to deny the reciprocal duty of care, inherent in all interaction, will either impact at some point directly or indirectly.

Negative action cannot be the cure, an un-rectified negative act is synchronous and spreads through the reality like ripples upon a still pond, to give like for like negatively creates negative effects, this is the concept of the legal system based on punishment, and the mistaken, or contrived idea, fear of punishment prevents wrongs.

While acting positively gives positive effects, this concept is inherent as the essence of reciprocation, based on the idea relief must be given, of the mental distress that an unresolved wrong would cause, and the relief from the possibility the same wrong will be suffered in the future; relief between souls is through the arbitration of the middle ground of dispute, and this is the reason arbitration is about resolving both the wrong and addressing the cause of the wrong.

The negative is far weaker but counter-intuitive, it appears to make sense on the surface, while in practice works opposite to that belief; the negative is always the base state (allowing the wrong doer to take no responsibility) so easier to establish than the positive (taking full responsibility), but a base state is easily overwhelmed by the positive, just as light overwhelms the darkness, or sound overwhelms the silence, or movement overwhelms stillness. Reciprocation (all accountable) develops virtue and so heals immorality, encourages altruism and fairness, so works to removes evil (excess). Love (reciprocation) eradicates hate (contempt/conflict), etc. The dichotomies of nature stand evident for all to see, yet most never look.

This means torts (wrongful acts) that are given full relief, act synchronously in positive effect, these positive actions overwhelm negative asymmetrically, just as in nature, darkness cannot drive out darkness, a wrong cannot rectify a wrong, evil cannot be removed by evil, hate cannot eradicate hate. The dark choice is the easy one, often it requires only to ignore, deny or defend a wrongful act as punishment for a wrongful act.

The flawed philosophy of immoral like for immoral like (exchanging an equal evil for an evil):

However reciprocation is a choice, if you are bound inherently to a duty of care as a reciprocal state, this is a mirror, therefore to reciprocate the same is not a negative as long as it is insular to the wrong doer, it is reciprocal to their beliefs, through their actions, if they believe murder is fine, it’s then OK for anyone to kill them in self defence, or to murder them in revenge, which would attach no wrong, as they murdered another. But in arbitration, if reciprocation of murder was the verdict, the outcome would be a suicidal murder, the creation of a situation where they murdered themselves.

For example, as a murderer is unfit for the company of any soul, simply place them in solitary confinement with the tools always available for them to take their own life, and let nature take its course.

If you murder or kill another soul, without reasonable cause, then this demonstrates your open desire for the reciprocation of such a choice. If you steal, then it would be only reasonable to reciprocate that choice, this could be determined by those arbitrating the wrong, as returning several times the value of that which was stolen, or many times the labour lost in the theft. If a husband beats their wife, it could be determined that reciprocation of such an act would be reasonable, allowing the violent bully to experience the same experience, and several psychopaths could act as rex (rex means “to put right”) to inflict relief. However relief cannot be an eye for an eye beyond “no consequence may exceed the nature of the crime”, relief must always be ‘insular’ to the wrong doer, meaning relief must directly address the wrong with the intention of preventing a repeat of the same wrong in the future.

If, for example, someone blinded another with intent, to blind the wrong doer would render them a burden, making it difficult for them to sustain themselves independently, this is then not relief but the creation of “an albatross”. Relief then must not itself inflict wrongs or unreasonable burdens onto those unrelated to the original wrong, when determining the establishment of relief from a wrong, other innocent individuals cannot be wronged, such burdens or sufferings would then demand relief for such wrongs in and of themselves.

Fear of, nor the inflicting of punishment, will not solve or prevent wrongs happening in the future, and the prevention of the same wrong been repeated, beyond establishing full relief for the wronged, is the real focus of relief for the wrong doer by the arbitrators.

A natural herbal form of relief is the psychedelic, dissociative root bark of the Tabernanthe iboga plant, the experience yields complex visions and insights, the user experiences an introspective mindset in which they often recount past experiences in life, effectively making them relive the traumas they have inflicted upon others from their victims point of view, this has transformative effects on the wrong doer.

Everything is of the mind. The substantive wrongs, stand inherent, and function around the suffering of the mind; such wrongs are known as torts (wrongful acts); if there is no mind there is no suffering and therefore no wrong to answer. This is profound and innate because only consciousness tangibly exists; everything else is perception or illusion, being the product of consciousness.

The primary function of the independent juror is not, as many think, to dispense punishment to fellow citizens accused of breaking the laws, but rather to protect fellow citizens from tyrannical abuses of power by government.
The constitution guarantees you the right to trial by jury. This means that government must bring its case before a jury of the People if government wants to deprive any person of life, liberty or property. Jurors can say no to government tyranny by refusing to convict.
Even within slave law the purpose of the juror is clear, to protect not to punish.

The legal system attempts to negate the jury at every opportunity, if every victim of the legal system, on trial, with no wronged soul (victimless crime- around 80% of all cases), demanded a jury trial, the entire legal system would crash down, unable to function.

For example trial by jury originated in places and times where there was no state power, no centralised authority, no martial oppressor, or where these oppressing forces, if they did exist, were violently hostile to due process and the equitable relief of a living soul from torts, but the State mafia or imposed authority was too weak and distant to entirely suppress it.

A State (nation, country, kingdom, empire etc.) is a fiefdom, founded on the fraud of ownership (which requires a man god, or man substitute of a god, as a basis of ownership, the modern fiefdoms were created through the direction of the Vatican agents through the Pope, who is considered by them, the substitute of god on Earth). Ownership is a ship on the sea of commerce. Jurisdiction is a feudal land boundary and the active prevention of tort relief is a requirement in both the initiation and implementation of the feudal model. Once wrongs have no relief the oppressors install a legal (slave law) framework to extort revenues and suppress the slaves within the boundaries (jurisdiction – the boundaries of the fiefdom) of the feudal slave farm.


Originally, before the Vatican imposed the Feudal oppression, arbitrators, now considered juries, investigated torts and determined relief for both the sufferer of the wrong, and the wrong doer. This contrasts with the positive law system of feudalism which punishes the guilty (those who violate the public (corporate) rights or imposed duties) or more commonly demands revenue for the State corporation from the liable party, if of low rank, and ignores the victim, who only exists as a witness for the State corporate mafia, which has no interest in establishing any relief for either the wronged, or the wrong doer.

“The rich man, who separates himself from the poor by letting them die of hunger and cold, acts contrary to the principle of the Tao and is a great enemy of mankind. His crime cannot be absolved.” Taiping Jing

Further reading: The History of the Feudal system

There is a choice, you may seek community, which is equitable manners of conduct, this has no hierarchy; or you may seek culture, which is the cult of feudalism, where masters dominate the worshiping slaves, a hierarchical system.

Culture – Latin cultus – habitation, tilling, refinement, worship

The feudal system is achieved simply by the removal of the ability of the victim to seek the relief of torts (wrongful acts).

When others can inflict torts without accountability, then a soul cannot remain free, they must seek the strongest criminal to protect them from the weaker felons, giving all they have to retain only their life in slavery; a sworn subject in fealty; this is modern citizenship.

When souls encroach upon those around them without accountability you can be sure feudalism is in force; for example when a solider murders another in the employ of his masters; when a doctor’s wilful incompetence or neglect takes a life like a thief, when a soul is kidnapped and imprisoned that poses no danger to those around them by a costumed clown of State mafia; when usury can hold a soul in poverty, servitude, and subjugation, and those suffering such torts cannot seek relief, then you are in the cult of a feudal system, extorted, beyond the perception of relief from your masters, or their agents inequitable manners of conduct.

When all resources are hoarded by a few, when the fictional ships of commerce sail upon the land without challenge; ships of ownership, kingship, citizenship, lordship, leadership, and worship, etc.; all hardship classes of vessel for those slaves who crew them through serfdom and imposed subjugation; you can be sure feudalism is at the root.

In equitable community, tortious arbitration of all disputes to relief is the foundation that holds all souls free, only a slave needs a masters consent, given as rights granted; or the fictions of State, government, corporation or trust that dominate the feudal order, all designed to prevent tortious relief.

A right is a grant from a master to a slave, and as such all rights exist at the whim of the granter, ONLY slaves have rights, a free soul has inherent power.

“Right” – Latin rēctus – the meaning of rēctus – [figuratively] to guide, lead, conduct, manage, direct, govern, control (practically) to sway, control, rule, govern, be master of

A “Right” imparts the character of all “positive law”.

Giving the term a juristic content, a ‘right’ is well defined as “a capacity residing in one man of controlling, with the assent and assistance of the state, the actions of others” Holl Jur. 69 (Blacks law dictionary page 1038)

The Monopoly of Violence

Declaring an act illegal doesn't necessarily make it wrong. It simply means the government has added another behaviour to their list of which they are willing to instruct their agents to coerce, intimidate, force and punish those who fail to comply.

The idea of law, of actions being lawful or unlawful, or even more perversely legal or illegal, has culturally instilled emotional significance, which acts in general, contrary to our innate impulses; this generally prevents the acting out of revenge, the application of equitable reciprocation, and denies the preservation of the equanimity (peace), of the mind in exchange for the perception of defencelessness, baseless fear and anthropophobia.

The power to act is subverted to the authority that holds the slave in subjugation, as their master claims exclusive use of violence, the slave who acts in equitable retaliation, requital or protection, or with the equitable reciprocation of violence must answer for their conduct. So for example if an agent (costumed clown) of the subjugating authority acts violently against another living soul that violence has no relief within the legal fictions of slave law, to act in reciprocation of that violence results in escalation of violence by the imposing agent of authority, ultimately in many cases, leading to the murder of the slave. This transferal of the use of violence from the living soul leaves them open to further extortion through granted privilege; the subjugating authority grants privilege to legal entities to act against the individual, the community or the natural environment, for the advantage of the owners of the corporation of government Mafia, and those granted such privileges.

If violence were used to prevent such extortion, or to punish such conduct, through the application of the rex structure of the Witena-Gemot, if this structure were created as a coded platform attached to the platform, then such violence would not indicate a danger to a reasonable soul, but merely a reaction to inequity, or the threat or use of violence from agents of a subjugating (violently imposed) authority.

“I believe in the brotherhood of man, all man, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.” Malcolm X

Reciprocity- Community Without Hierarchy

Hierarchy originates from Greek ‘hierarchía’ meaning “the rule or power of the high priest”, and functions upon the removal of reciprocity and the creation of authority, privilege, monopoly and rank, producing excess for a minority and comparative scarcity for the majority, who generate the wealth.

Reciprocity is inherent, the innate equity of nature, from Latin ‘reciprocus’ meaning “returning the same way, alternating”.

The principle of reciprocity is the highest good encouraging goodness and decency, creating balance and harmony. Reciprocity is a free exchange of the equivalent or balanced action between living souls or living souls and nature, conceptualised as:

The Axioms that Express Inherent Power

  • Don’t take more than you need. (Allodium on the land)

  • Give at least as much as you get. (Reciprocal Trade)

  • One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. (Positive form of Golden Rule) (Reciprocal Duty of Care)

  • One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated. (Negative form of Golden Rule) (Reciprocal Duty of Care)

  • Do all you have freely agreed to do, with witness (Freely entered into and sealed, reciprocal, Self imposed obligations)

These concept describes a “reciprocal”, or “two-way”, relationship between one’s self and other souls or life, that involves both sides equally, and in a mutual fashion.

These axioms are simple enough even a small child could grasp them, and these are all that is need to resolve all wrongs, no need of constructed fictions of legal fantasy, political dictates of legislation, statues, treaty, or written granted rights and imposed duty laws.

The reciprocal nature of the inherent, then demands the axiom of non-aggression, that the wanton act of violence is without rationalisation, for example to destroy life simply to amass a fiction of property, pecuniary wealth, hoarded resources is an act of wanton aggression against all.

The Natural Freedom of Self-Determination

This is the capacity to make decisions, that wrong no other, without interference, obstruction, restriction or intervention from any other. For example, to intentionally conceal the truth, prevents another from an informed action, of finding out or ascertaining something based upon all the evidence, as a result of investigation or research that is obstructed through the occulting of truth, subverts that capacity. This is achieved through, the destruction, burying or seizure of evidence, or the creation of fabrications dressed up as truth to intentionally misdirect, confuse or cast doubt upon the reality of a situation.

The innate freedom of Self-realization is freedom from external coercion, every living soul must ‘not’ be prevented from the fulfilment of their potentials, being the capacity to develop, succeed, or become something they desire or strive to become or achieve. For example hierarchical structures of control stand in direct opposition to self-realization as they function upon subjugation, authority and imposition.

Epicurus said“…some things happen of necessity, others by chance, others through our own agency. …necessity destroys responsibility and chance is uncertain; whereas our own actions are autonomous, and it is to them that praise and blame naturally attach.” This being the case, free-will is in fact self-determination and self-realisation!


Good people don't need laws to tell them to act responsibly and bad people will find a way around the laws.
Plato, (born 428/427 bce, Athens, Greece—died 348/347, Athens)

Natural or innate inherent power of the individual can be understood as equitable principles to be applied through axioms (self evident truth, a truth, reason alone would conclude true), based upon the reasoned innate state of every living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima), which dictates manners of conduct based upon ‘reciprocal’ obligations and responsibilities due to all souls around you; while man-made codes are regulations imposed upon you through force or the threat of force (positive law- meaning positively enforced through violence or the threat of violence). Inherent power protects you through the application of the principles of a reciprocal obligation and responsibility, binding through the innate nature of the family of living souls. While hierarchy structured in positive law, uses fear and invented authority to rob you, through the imposition placed upon that inherent power, coupled with a belief the victims are powerless to prevent or address such impositions. Link: Morality – The Act of Virtuous Conduct

Every ‘living souls’ inherent nature, not religion, not universal mechanics, not the dogma of hedonistic philosophers, establishes the basis of the innate inherent power of the individual, which is unalienable, universal and immutable, dependent purely upon sound reason.

What then constitutes or defines a wrong against another living soul?

A tort is a wrongful act that causes mental distress or discomfort, or tortious injury, against another through a proven intentional action.

No fiction of any sort, such as corporation, State, or government can therefore suffer a tort, as they have no mind to either suffer or inflict distress, and no physicality to suffer injury; this practicality equally applies to all invented legal fictions such as trusts, legal bodies, the public, the country, etc.

A tort has two parts the tortious action and the mental intention, to act within your own mind with an honourable intent, attenuates the severity of the action, a mind can be wrong while honestly believing with certainty they are correct.

“Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle of error dictates that one cannot be wrong and know it at the same time. If you know it, you are no longer wrong, and if you are wrong, then by definition, you don’t know it.”

Mastering the skill of reasoning therefore becomes an “imperative”, as an inherent duty of care towards those around you. Because you present certain dangers to those around you if you cannot reason to truth, just as the mastery of any other skill that’s absence presents certain dangers to those around. If you perform dangerous actions without mastery, such as driving an airliner, or car, and cause harm it is then with intent. By definition if you cannot reason, you are unreasonable, and as such without any reason, so are irrational.

Be mindful of mistakes in your understandings and beliefs, this is why the trivium must be the basis of learning, this method of reasoning avoids many false perceptions; tortious actions based upon wrong information, philosophies or perceptions can create encroachments (wrongs), as the outcome of a given situation, possibly despite the best due diligence of a soul, if they do not have a developed method of reasoning to apply against evidence.

Proving” you can reason to truth would also be a requirement of a soul acting in arbitration upon a jury, as only a reasonable soul can determine reasonably. (This ability can be tested, to determine if a soul can reason, as if you cannot reason to truth, by definition you would be unreasonable)

In any equitable community nothing other than the living soul’s innate inherent power can form the universal manners of behaviour, defined through the examination of the innate nature of our creation, from being fully responsible and accountable for our actions, arbitrated as torts declared freely by a living soul in dispute with any other living soul, the protection and ultimate relief from torts, stand as axioms self-evident in the light of reason, and executed equitably to reciprocal relief of both the wrong doer and the wronged, when determined by a community in arbitration, this is one element of the basis of a free community.

Equality is about giving everyone an equal chance.
Not about giving everyone an equal result.

So to establish an equitable community would be to establish the true innate nature within each of us. What corporate society teaches to the majority from birth, are corruptions, perversions and confusions, deviations from that innate inherent natural state, some travel so far from that natural state they can no longer recognise or understand the state they began life possessing.

Our nature is a condition of birth, as with all created reality, its nature is formed at the moment of its creation, there can be uniqueness in that nature, but all share the fundamental innate nature of like creations. For example I am an inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima), like all universal souls I am alive, I breathe the air, I am on the Earth shared by a vast array of life forms; that is innate. The innate nature of existence functions in many areas of life, in community, trade/exchange, manners of conduct, relationships, all have innate natures, the fact these are ignored, perverted, corrupted, or confused does not alter that state, it just means that the innate nature is not applied, unnatural order is then in forced, this is clear from the present miseries souls suffers at the hand of others.

An inventive living soul is social in the way that wolves and penguins are social, but not social in the way that bees or ants are social.

The kind of community that is right for bees or ants, an eusocial (eu- good + social ref. insect society) collective or hierarchically labelled totalitarian society, is not right for any inventive living soul. In the language of socio-biology, humans are social, but not eusocial. So a social ecosystem of living souls follows from the collective innate nature that exists from birth of those souls, it has no hierarchy beyond a intimate family order flowing from the needed hierarchy for the child, but needs none beyond childhood.

To understand that innate nature, being the inherent, it should be examined.

As the good is that at which all things aim, the good of a ship builder is to build ships, the good of a squirrel is to be an effective, successful and functioning squirrel, the ultimate good for every living soul (inventivum anima) is happiness, contentment, being fulfilled. It’s also our nature to think, the good for inventivum anima must then consist in their functioning in a way consistent with and guided by their rational element, their reason and wisdom. Therefore whatever helps the pursuit of truth is good, whatever hinders it is bad.

It’s in our nature to be social creatures, as all life is connected and interdependent, which means the altruism of one has selfish benefit; the inherent ends of the living souls nature must not do what frustrates true fulfilment from indulging vices of perception encroaching externally, but through establishing true community, common unity, free of all imposing hierarchy, free of division into ranks, and therefore allowing social harmony, allowing personal growth, spiritual evolution and a fertile and fruitful environment for all life.

The innate inherent power of the individual expressed through the equitable axioms of the land are defined by Burlamaqui to be:

“A rule which so necessarily agrees with the nature and state of man (every living soul) that, without observing its maxims, the peace and happiness of community can never be preserved. These are called natural axioms (self evident through reasoned conclusion), forming manners of conduct, because knowledge of them may be attained merely by the light of reason, from the fact of their essential agreeableness with the constitution of man’s (every living inventive souls) nature.”

Natural axioms of the universe are structured as simple principles; therefore these principles do not require the writing down of every application of the axioms in the form of do’s and don’ts, as these principles are applied through reason, based upon two rules that must always be maintained.

“Reason obeys itself; Ignorance submits to what is dictated to it.”Thomas Paine

“True law is right reason, consonant with nature, diffused amongst all men, constant, eternal…..It needs no interpreter or expounder but itself, nor will there be one law in Rome and another in Athens, one in the present and another in time to come, but one law and that eternal and immutable shall embrace all peoples and for all time…..” (C.H.McIlwain, The Growth of Political Thought in the west (New York Mac-millian, 1932)pp.111-12, quoting from the De republica)

Although the term law used in the quote below in itself is incorrect in relation to the axioms binding all through inherent power, this is another’s expression of the same concept.

The axioms are, but not limited to:

  1. NO constructed authority, or hierarchical power can be imposed by one soul to compel another equitably; equitable innate inherent power expressed as axioms can only protect. If the manner of conduct of any arbitration does not protect me from wrongs or deal equitably with me, as one who has been blamed for the inflicting of a wrong on another soul, the conduct of that organised arbitration (court) does not apply to me. In other words, if there is no living victim, one tangible and of substance, there is no wrong to answer, you cannot wrong a legal fiction of public, State, or imposed sovereign parasite.
  2. The inherent power of all souls makes incumbent a duty of care upon every living soul, through a reciprocal obligation and responsibility to those around them.
  3. All living souls in sight of the axioms of the land are created equal in dignity, privilege, benefit, nobility, value; and vary only in knowledge, athleticism and skills.
  4. The Protection of the axioms of the land is such as you cannot promise, contract, or make agreement to bind yourself or any other into slavery. Human Slavery – The state of subjugation and control held upon you, of a master owning the fruits of your severe toils, and drudgery in exchange for the ‘benefits’ you receive from your disadvantage. Slavery is a relation founded in force, not in equity, existing, where it does, by force of legal codes (positive law). Slaves have rights and enter contract, while free souls have inherent power and have reciprocal bonds of agreement.
  5. There is no collective right or rights at all, only individual reciprocal obligations and responsibilities. As there is no superior to grant rights upon an inferior, only a slave has rights, a free living soul needs no rights, they have the innate inherent power each is born with, which demands by the innate nature of “Animas-kind” the family of the living soul’s manners of conduct through self imposed reciprocal obligations and responsibilities.
  6. Force is ‘just’ to defend ourselves or the weak that are encroached upon, only the initiation of force is prohibited.
  7. A wrong does not excuse a wrong.
  8. No one is bound to betray themselves. Therefore they have a choice to remain silent.
  9. Upon the plaintiff (the complainer) rests the proving
  10. Any accused is permitted to face his accuser without fear (No one else can represent you in a court unless you are mentally incompetent or incapacitated or a child).
  11. Every living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima) has a natural exclusive possession of their own body; and every living soul has a natural reciprocal choice to freely determine their own destiny. A soul is considered fully formed and possessing full inherent power when in the womb it has consciousness, demonstrated by the ability to feel pain, around 10 weeks after conception.
  12. Equity always regards the intention, as the basis of the truth of every action.
  13. You can only ‘own’ what you create yourself. (Allodial utilisation)
  14. Animals need only one grant: that of not to be property.
  15. No living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima) is compelled to sell their own resources.
  16. Where equity is equal, the equity will prevail equally. (Arbitration of dispute will provide no specific relief where the parties are found equal, or where neither has been wronged.)
  17. An agreement must be witnessed to be binding, and written to be detailed.
  18. You can only form agreement with other tangible living inventive, premeditating souls (inventivum animas); you cannot therefore make agreement with any constructed legal fiction. No soul can be a party of any ‘legal contract’ which are always exclusively between constructed legal fictions. Souls bond through witnessecd reciprocal agreement.
  19. You have an unlimited ability to form reciprocal bond agreement.
  20. No living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima) ought to enrich themselves at the expense of (meaning to the detriment of) any other, this would be a wrongful act.

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