A True Medium of Exchange

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Written By Abdun Nur

The Nature of Money

Money monopoly limits human potential through poverty and misery all across the Earth.

In temple or church, it’s called donation or tithe.

In granted privilege: it’s fee.

In marriage, it’s dowry.

In divorce, alimony.

When you owe someone, it’s debt.

When the government mafia extorts, it’s tax.

In court, it’s fines.

In retirement it’s pension.

Employer to workers, it’s salary.

Pledging your labours to a Master, it’s wages.

To children, it’s allowance.

When you borrow from banks, it’s loan.

When you over pay for good service, it’s tips.

To kidnappers, it’s ransom.

To immorally persuade another it’s bribe.

From the dead it’s a bequest.

To sue and win it’s settlement.


The term ‘Money’ originates from the goddess “Moneta” meaning ‘to remind, warn, or instruct’. Moneta is a title of the Roman goddess Juno who was the protector and special counsellor of “the preservation of Ba’alist interests in land (extorting from the tenants) by a dominant wealthy (psychopathic) class” known as a State or fiefdom. Coins of Rome where minted in or near her temple.

Money monopolies are fundamental to Ba’alism.

Ba’al means “owner” and is based on the trinity forming the monopolistic usury structures of corporation and trust, the tri-Ba’al system.

Corporations are almost identical to the structure and purpose of a criminal Mafia, whose central activity is the arbitration of disputes between criminals as well as the organization and enforcement of illicit agreements between criminals through the use of or threat of violence, the sole difference with legalised corporation is the enforcement of agreement is through the coercion of the legal system given teeth with the govern mental corporation’s monopoly on violence.

Ba’alism is formed again and again in religion after religion through the centuries, for example in Hasidic Judaism—through the three worlds of BiYA – Beriyah (the World of Creation – in Ba’alist Christianity the “Father” – Settler provides the substance), Yetzirah (the World of Formation – in Ba’alist Christianity the “Son” – Trustee provides the administration), and Asiyah (the World of Action – in Ba’alist Christianity “The Holy Ghost” – Beneficiary – the consumer).

This same Ba’alist concept is repeated in Buddhism adopted from the ancient Ba’alist Āryan concept, the Form Realm (rūpa-loka) “Father/provider of the substance”, the Desire Realm (kāma-loka) “the Son/administrator” and the Formless Realm (ārūpya-loka) “Holy Ghost/consumers”.

Again this structure of usury ownership is repeated in Hinduism, through the triple deity of supreme divinity. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world (world means “the age of man”): Brahma the creator (Settler – creator of the substance), Vishnu the preserver (Trustee – administrator of the substance) and Shiva the destroyer (Beneficiary – the consumer of the substance).

The Egyptian Ba’alist usury ownership model claimed Osiris (husband) creator of the substance, Isis (wife) administrator of the substance, and Horus (son) beneficiary/consumer of the substance.

Religion is a key tool of the Ba’alist control system allowing Ba’alists to dominate through a parasite-based model.

The Ba’alist Theban triad of Amun, Mut and Khonsu.

The Ba’alist Memphite triad of Ptah, Sekhmet and Nefertem, all establishing the trinity of corporation and trust.

The earliest known trinity forming tri-ba’alism is Heket. This had three central characters, namely Khnum (Ram headed God – creates the substance – Settler), Heket (Frog headed Goddess – Trustee) Child (humans – beneficiaries).

Hathor  is the “eye” of the sun god Re of Heliopolis. Ba’alists endlessly recycle the same stories and symbolism religion after religion.
Islam was originally formed as an anarchic community creation model, not a religion, this was soon subverted, and the Jewish, Christian, Ba’alist structure installed. Of all the “major” religions Islam stands as the only one that was not originally a Ba’alist manufactured belief system, designed to control, extort and enslave humanity, at least until it was subverted into one.
All these Ba’alist concocted religions establish the same reversal of reality, they make the substance the thing of value.
Inherently the substance itself is always free, as you did not create the substance, the physical substance was innate, and cannot be “owned”!
You can only ever claim to “own” that which you have created yourself, if this is invested within something of physical substance, the substance cannot be traded in isolation, it’s the labours invested within that substance that is traded reciprocally.
Ba’alists form one-sided models using these religious fantasies, and externalise what inherently is internal (“this is my own land” – internal / “I own this land” – external), for example the term ‘bondsman’ is reversed to mean a slave, but inherently a bondsman is created within the reciprocal nature of free anarchic agreement, without inherent bonds community cannot exist (community exists only upon the foundation of the skill of reasoning), this makes the masses fail to grasp what must always be reciprocal and never usurious.

Current money. – The currency of the country; whatever is intended to and does actually circulate as currency; every species of coin or currency. In this phrase the adjective “current” is not synonymous with “convertible”. It is employed to describe money which passes from hand to hand, from person to person, and circulates through the community, and is generally received. Money is current which is received as money in the common business transactions, and is the common medium in barter and trade.” Black’s Law Dictionary

Lawful money. Money which is a legal tender in payment of debts.” Black’s Law Dictionary

Legal Tender. That kind of coin, money, or circulating medium which the law compels a creditor to accept’ in payment of his debt, when tendered by the debtor in the right amount.” Black’s Law Dictionary

Notice the law compels the corporations to accept legal tender, which they are presently refusing to do, instead demanding all use digital money in the UK, and some airlines within airports also demand this, which is clearly an act against the imposed slave law.

“All the inhumanity and injustice of the world was/is “legal” because it preserved the privileges of the power elite. Change ONLY comes from illegal acts, which are “illegal” only because they serve to dislodge that elite, whose “laws” only exist to protect themselves.” Daniel Odonoju

Fixed Value

Fiat money is simply a “token” with percieved value only, theoretically claimed a medium of exchange, but to be so would require its value was both intrinsic and was fixed.

True value is derived from only one thing, invested labour, you cannot use a material substance to maintain a fixed value, such as gold or silver, because these things can easily be monopolised in our present resource monopoly model.

Any physical substance attaches no cost, when anything is traded the substance itself is always free, only the labours expended within that substance, to locate it, or to extract it, or to purify it, or to cultivate it, or to engineer it, or to deliver it, or whatever other labour was invested, are traded.

This means a “true medium of exchange” (TME) can be generated through an advance of someone’s future “labour”, forming a suspended trade, and when that advancement of “labour” is repaid, or returned, at a future point, interest and fee free, that advance is cancelled out on the platform ledger. This means there is no token of value, there is a TME.

A true medium of exchange MUST remain stable and its creation must be generated with “a full guarantee” of that stored value, this can be done in a physical token of precious metals. Link: True Medium of Exchange Barter Notes

Precious metals make a flawed, but essencial medium, open to most of the same manipulations and abuses of fiats, but as it holds the stored labour of mining, purification, and possible minting, to a much reduced extent, through a physical object such as silver or gold, or as I will explain, through a key pair encryption digital mechanism that provides a full guarantee of that stored value, through the attachment of external guarantees from other souls, that gives certainty to the repayment of an advance, beyond the undertaking of the bondsman receiving the advance initially, to repay the advance. Physical TME barter notes are the physical aspect on the model.

Guarantee has four basic methods:

1 – Guarantee through bilateral surety bonds, this guarantee can be networked across all sureties. Link: The Surety Bond

2 – Guarantee through proportionate risk within collective advancing multilateral bonds. Link: Advancing Cryptocurrency Multilateral Bond

3 – Guarantee through the stored labours within the infrastructure and equipment required to service need bonds. Link: The Bonding Platform

4- Guarantee through the entirety of all bondsmen with the whole closed bond model, if all else fails to maintain the fixed value and stability of the ledger, all would contribute proportionately, this burden would be very unlikely as several layers of guarantee would exist before this final solution to the loss, and the cost for each bondsman would also be tiny, as the loss would be proportionately shared across the bondsmen of the entire platform.

The earth-coinage cryptocurrency:

1 – Only exists when it is advanced fee and interest free.

2 – Has a full external guarantee attached, possessing at least three guarantees of return.

3 – The TME cannot be traded for any fiat or tokenisation of value, a TME is not a token but a tracked suspended trade. Fiat or a tokenisation can only be traded indirectly, as all trades must be reciprocal, and fiat has no intrinsic value.

4 – All trades of the TME are only possible within the software of the closed bond, they can not be traded on any other platforms.

Then the value of any exchange held within this medium of exchange is truly fixed in value, this would create the worlds first “TRUE” medium of exchange.

A true medium of exchange (TME) would not increase in its tradable value or decrease, it would simply hold the value. stored in a medium to be traded at another time within another disconnected trade, the very purpose of a medium is simply to hold a value until another trade is desired.

Guarantee of value (labour) is the key to a true medium of exchange (TME). Holding that value fixed to purchasing power against any indirect fiat trade, makes that TME stable, while providing advances free of fees and interest, along with all transactions free of fees, ending the need of endless growth, required presently by the debt usury system, and finally as the advanced TME is repaid it ceases to exist.

Not all Labour is Equal

Value is derived from the labours invested within an object, or the labour given in service, but not all labour is equal. For example, if I wanted musicians to play at a celebration, and I simply found five people to give their labour in service, but none of them could play an instrument or sing, and none of them knew any songs, what value would their labour hold?

So the labour of someone that has studied and practiced a skill is more valuable than the labour of someone who has not studied and practiced a skill.

When developing a system to represent value as a medium of exchange, the first thing it must have is true value, fixed and universally recognizable. Labour is the fundamental source of value, for example, if I cultivate tomatoes, nurture and protect them, harvest and deliver them to be traded, it is not the tomatoes themselves, as the substance of the tomatoes is free because you did not create it, it is the labours invested in those tomatoes that is traded.

If, for example, I gain an advance on the platform of 100 TME, it is 100 suspended trades in value of labour, but that labour has a different value dependent on where it is traded, for example if I need unskilled labour, for example, clearing the rubbish, dead plants and weeds from my garden, this is unskilled labour, but if I need a stone garden wall building to retain the soil and look beautiful, that is skilled labour. An hour clearing the garden of rubbish would be a base value, while the skilled building of the wall may be several times that value, depending on the agreement determined before the trade.

Trade is further simplified through the “Need Bond Model”, which reduces cost to the one seeking the “need”, increases the earnings of those providing the “need” and increases the quality of the product or service “needed”.


  1. The people that have the need create the production or service, they determine the quality, design, longevity, so no advertising is ever required, saving a minimum of 5% of end cost.
  2. There is no use of tokenisation, such as the pound, or dollar, so no taxation is involved, the advances are free of the banking Mafia, so no fees or interest, is required, and no inflation, saving a minimum of 50% of end cost.
  3. The repayment of the advance for infrastructure is through the annual cost of depreciation, so the higher the quality of construction, the longer the life of the structure, and the lower the annual cost of depreciation, meaning better quality is cheaper.
  4. No profit is involved because the need creates the production or service, saving around 20% of the end cost.
  5. No middlemen, middlemen double the cost of a product above the cost of production.
  6. No management; so increasing output and reducing costs, saving around 20% of labour costs.

When the platform advances a TME, it must have external guarantees (if the gainer of the advance refuses to return the advance, then the  guarantees must repay that advance on behalf of the gainer of the advance, agreement to be bound to return the advance under such circumstances would be in place before the advance was generated), which means it has intrinsic value (value “in itself” and to the holder) and extrinsic (value perceived externally), so exhibiting full value in itself.

Full value means, I’m gaining an advance on my future labours as a suspended trade, and that advance must be returned, when it is returned it is cancelled out, as it was created simply to allow someone access to their labours now, that they would need a lot of time otherwise to accumulate, this allows them to do things with resources they wouldn’t otherwise have, and allows them to work to return those advances slowly in the future without added costs, so free of fees and interest.

For example, if they wanted a house building or buying, because they needed a home to live in, but they had to save the full amount before they could build or buy a home, it would be impossible, as their resources would be squandered in simply finding shelter while they saved, or they would be forced to build a shanty.

A medium of exchange needs no other aspects than this, it must not be abused, it should be considered a key foundation of freedom, a clean “true” medium of exchange. To abuse that, is then to disrespect that freedom, so if you gained advance and used it to gamble, extort, profit, or manipulate, you have metaphorically pulled your pants down and taken a huge dump on the freedom to access, and trade in a “true medium of exchange”.

The best way to generate a TME is simply through advancing the value of labour, and that advance once returned is completed and no longer exists to be traded as a a medium of exchange, this means the value of that token of a TME always  has “FULL value”, it is not diluted, causing inflation, it is not open to speculation and giving unearned reward, at the cost of earned loss.

The amount of advanced tokens in circulation would always be healthy as people have no end of things they want to trade, they only have a system of resource scarcity that stagnates trade and drains resources to a small group of parasitical psychopaths.

When advances are generated against infrastructure, the TME would be in circulation for many decades or even centuries, depending on longevity of the construction, before the depreciation of those structures cancelled out the advances. Link: Allodium Platform

Fiat presently dominates globally; fiat is a token used as a claimed medium of exchange, through perceived value only, it has no true intrinsic or extrinsic value. The present caba’al dominating this claimed medium of exchange would not be able to access the earthcoinage platform, and they plan to crash their fiat monopoly in the not too distant future, and install a cryptocurrency monopoly, allowing them to steal all value. However, if people can begin to reason things through, giving support to a TME, as that TME becomes widely understood, any fiat model would be naturally abandoned.

The Origins of the Usury Banking Monopoly

Usury is not trade, trade is a reciprocation of goods or services between two or more parties.

Usury is a one-sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another, which has 5 basic forms:

Debt (the interest demand for the use of money)

Profit (the interest demanded for the use of capital)

Rental (the interest demanded for the use of infrastructure)

Taxation (the interest demanded for the use of your labour)

Ownership (the interest demanded for the use of land through the fiction of eminent domain)

The Origin of I.O.U Fiat Notes

The original bankers stored metals for a fee, like silver and gold, for which the bankers gave a written I.O.U, more often than not people simply exchanged these I.O.U’s instead of going to the bank to take the metal and give it physically, as the trader could simply take the I.O.U and redeem the metal themselves. The bankers noticed that only around 5% of the metals was ever circulating in and out, 95% just sat in the store, the scam was to lend out metals they did not have, using I.O.U’s and using the gold and silver of those that had paid them to store it safely, instead for circulation, and then charge fees and interest for these paper I.O.U’s as if they’d lent the physical metals. This was generally done without the consent of the ones storing the metals, who clearly would object to there metal being lent out when they were paying for it to be stored. As long as they only lent out, at interest, no more than 20 times the amount of stored metal using I.U.O’s, then the store would continue to circulate the metal without the victims realising the scam.

If however someone wanted a large deposit all at once, this would crash the scam, and this was called a run on the bank. In this original system the guarantee was that the victims believed the metal existed that they borrowed, but in reality they only borrowed the I.O.U, so the guarantee only continued as long as no one requested a large deposit back.

The scam has evolved, now the bankers lend 20 times, or more, as much from the I.O.U’s they create, the I.O.U’s have replaced the metals, and this is known as fiat money.

Fiat means by decree, fiat money is created when the government decrees a money monopoly and the value of the fiat currency isn’t representative of another asset or financial instrument such as gold, but has absolutely no value except the govern mental mafia decreeing it has value, and imposing that decreed money monopoly in legal settlement for goods or services.

By creating the entire money supply as loans, the banking sector is able to collect interest at an average rate of around 5% per annum on very nearly every pound, dollar, yen, euro, every fraud of fiat in existence.

This results in a regular and ongoing transfer of wealth from the non-banking sector to the banking sector.

The scam of I.O.U’s requires that the amount of debt certificates (I.O.U’s) created must double around every decade to maintain the scam. As all money is interest and fee bearing debt, to repay, beyond the basic advance, of the added fees and interest, you must generate more debt, as otherwise the amount of debt in existence will only repay the basic advance, and no debt will exist to pay the fees and interest.

Fiat is given value through an imposed monopoly of the Corporate State mafia, within the fiefdom they dominate. This value reduces relative to the volume of debt generated, so as the debt doubles every decade, the value halves, so the value is taken from the savings of those holding debt certificates.

The final element is monopoly. To remove the monopoly of fiat, force is not required, you simply establish a better alternative to the fiat monopoly. Monopoly is needed when a medium of exchange is free of guarantee; money as fiat is only given value because the imposed debt certificates (fiat) are granted a monopoly, the owners of the fiefdom State says it has value, and without any alternative you are forced to use that system.

Contract Vs Reciprocal Agreement

A “contract” is a reduction in agreement, a contraction. Contract forms a one-sided agreement, and this is why ONLY a constructed legal fiction can form a contract, and why you must be re-presented as such a fiction in any court, before you can act on behalf of that constructed fiction (straw man).

A contract is a usurious form of agreement, in the sense that it is one-sided, while the reciprocal bond agreement model, is a form of true written agreement, being free of all legal names and signatures, and must be both sealed (a referenced physical imprint) and witnessed.

For example, in contract you could join a gym, but only go for the first month a few times, however the contract is to pay for a year, and therefore utilised or not, the legal name of the person (the legal fiction) must pay. This is not possible in a reciprocal agreement, as you must exchange reciprocally (meaning exchanged with an equivalent), this means you would only be obligated to pay for the actual utilisation of the gym (which would be equivalent to the value of the stored labours traded, in other words, if access to the gym for one year was 500 and you used it for 5 days within a year, you’d only pay around 7 reciprocally, plus the equally shared cost of the service, so if 500 people used the gym, and the running costs without labour were 5000 a year, each would contribute 10, so the total cost reciprocally would be 17), not simply for the access to the gym.

Usury Debt -The Process for the Creation of “Personal” Interest Bearing Debt

1. Your signature on a service agreement  (an actual contract needs two signatures, one from each party, offer, acceptance, consideration) creates a promissory note (asset)
2. The bank does a bait and switch and tricks you into thinking they have loaned you the money on the service agreement. (re: Colin McKay’s essays on occult banking such as https://psalmistice.com/2016/04/13/the-money-shot-even-banking-is-all-about-sex/ ) and claim you now owe them.
3. The bank had no consideration, it is simply providing a service, the consideration was your signature which created a promissory note (re: Werner papers and Bills of Exchange Act – legally anyone can create a promissory note and the banks must accept it as cash, but the corrupt nature of the system will refuse this, there’s a video about that…  see banker interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOMllJe6SC0 )
4. The bank ‘deposit’ creates a bank liability to the sum of the amount in the promissory note into your bank account,  the credit balance which appears in that bank liability account BELONGS to the creator of the promissory note at the moment they create it, I.e. ab initio. When added into the ‘credit entry’ of the bank, it forms that customer’s asset (a.k.a the bank’s liability) account, creating a ‘credit balance’.  The bank NEVER owns that customer’s asset at any time, so cannot LEND it to them. 
5. The bank sells the promissory note on to the financial markets.
6. The bank demands payment of interest on the promissory note, and the payment in full to the value of the promissory note, which it has already sold-on (so they get paid twice + usury, and legally a debt resold, is a debt extinguished)
7. The bank prefers you never pay-off the created debt, so that they can confiscate your assets enriching themselves and their shareholders.
See also:
Paying a bank loan with a promissory note and proof of acceptance

“The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace, and it conspires against it in times of adversity. It’s more despotic than monarchy. It’s more insolent than autocracy. It’s more selfish than bureaucracy. . . . Corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavour to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the republic is destroyed.” (This quote first appeared in 1896 and was attributed falsely to Abraham Lincoln, who died in 1865, never the less it is a statement that continues to prove true, even if the true source is unknown.)

Why We Cannot Generate Cryptocurrency Without Guarantee, as a “True” Medium of Exchange

Guarantee is the key to value, everything traded is in reality an exchange of the fruits of your labours, for the fruits of the labours of another. So when a medium of exchange is used to hold the value of a trade for a future trade, you are effectively storing that labour value, if that value increases (effectively stealing more than you had) or decreases (effectively being robbed, losing some of what you had) in purchasing power it would then not be a true medium of exchange.

If a cryptocurrency invents the token of value from nothing, through selling them for unearned gain, or data mining to securing them for no exchange, they have no guarantee attached, so their value only exists upon the faith of the holder, and does not posses a fixed value in purchasing power, this makes them worthless in real terms.

The other problem with this type of cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, is manipulation, the bankers can buy these cryptocurrencies without restriction, as they have infinite fiat money, and the price will climb, then when the price is very high, lets say a 5c start value has grown to $10,000 value through this mechanism, then the bankers can dump all their holdings onto the market, now the market has a glut of cryptocurrency, and the price crashes, the bankers have gained vast sums from this mechanism, while the masses, if they bought high, have lost huge sums of their stored labours. Additionally block chain cryptocurrencies are not private, all the details of all transactions are within the chain and can be examined by anyone.

The guarantee must be in labour either in securing a bonded agreement to repay an advance externally to the one gaining the advance, or where the stored labour is held within infrastructure that can be traded on to recover the advance if the repayments are dishonoured.

To express this key aspect in a slightly different way, to gain any advance, it must either be held within the labours stored, within infrastructure or goods, or with an attached guarantee of repayment from two disinterested third parties externally guaranteeing the repayment in addition to the soul gaining the advance, willing to repay the advanced labours with their own labours. This means, when an advance is not reimbursed by the one who was granted the advance, it must be repaid through attached guarantee, and equitable mechanisms would exist on the software platform to achieve this, as the zero balance of the cryptocurrency between outstanding advance and attached guarantee must be maintained.

Equitable Wealth or Legal Tender

"I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing... useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions... while millions of men and women who work all the days of their lives secure barely enough..." - Eugene Victor Debs

No legal tender law is ever needed to make men take good money. Its only use is to make them take bad money.” Stephen T.Byington

All banking fiats are certificates of debt, the volume of debt must double on average every decade to service the fees and interest of previous debt, this effectively devalues the fiat by half from its original value in purchasing power, robbing the value from savings, and increasing the cost of goods and services proportionately, creating an endless struggle of the workers to maintain the same purchasing power of fiat received for the economic slavery exchange of their toils and drudgery in hierarchical employment.

Why is interest on advances of a medium of exchange so bad, you may ask?

“If you had borrowed one dollar at the time of Christ at 6% interest, how much money do you think you would owe today, 2000 years later?  Let’s do the math: 1.06^2000 = $4.09 x 10^50, or $409,006,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  That’s orders of magnitude more money than there is in the whole world! To put that in perspective, if there were 10 billion people on the earth each earning $1 trillion dollars a second, for every second of every minute of every hour of every day from the beginning of time, 15 billion years ago, their combined earnings would only amount to $4.07 x 10^39.  It would take another 86 billion earths each full with 10 billion people earning $1 trillion dollars a second for every second from the beginning of time before you would come close to having enough money to pay back the interest due on a measly $1 loan at a low 6% interest for a mere 2000 years.” Dr. Anthony Santelli

It may appear a difficult road, to establish a true medium of exchange as an alternative to the present mafia based usury model suffered globally, the wealthy parasites have formed a powerful caba’al of control, and people worship these parasites, almost as gods.

The closed bond model does require a small amount of effort to establish by the bondsman at the outset, but a closed bond prevents certain elements from gaining any benefit from your labours, and allows those who would trade dishonestly to be excluded, either from joining the bond at all, or to be banned at a point their actions show their corrupt nature.

The Danger of Hierarchical Internet Monopoly

Presently people are forced through imposed monopolies to access an internet that seeks to charge for as much as possible, allows censorship, monitoring, violations of privacy and extortion for what should be free features of the network.

People have begun to fight back with peer to peer software, but this still relies on accessing a monopolised Internet.

If the earth-coinage platforms are developed it would be possible to form technological hubs around the earth, by anyone with the interest to do so. The development of entanglement technology would be a priority for anyone interested in freeing people from the monopoly of the Internet. An Internet the Ba’alist’s could presently shut down, both nationally or globally if they desired, for any period they wished.

Entanglement would allow communication to be free of any signal, it could not be blocked, monitored or regulated by the Ba’alists.

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when particles share spatial proximity in such a way that the quantum state of each particle forms a single thought of existence. This means when the particles are later separated, if something effects one particle, the other also reacts instantly no mater the location or distance.

If this technology could be designed to adapt existing equipment of phones and computers, an independent Internet could be developed free of hierarchical monopolists, forming a peer to peer network, many times faster than the most powerful connections presently available, allowing individuals to host websites on their computer directly, networked around the system. Videos could be shared, social interactions would be open and free, no data collection for advertisers or states, no banning, blocking or spreading of propaganda.

“They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price.” Kahlil Gibran

To learn more. Link: Trust Rating for Selfish Advantage

A Physical True Medium Of Exchange Barter Mechanism

A physical means of trade is important within a system of exchange, because access to the Internet may not be possible for all reciprocal trades, or the Internet may not be working, or be shut down for whatever reason, so in such situations a local physical ledger is be needed, an a TME barter note model compliments the cryptocurrency platforms.

The inherent danger of the physical possession of TME notes is theft by the local govern mental Mafia or criminals of another sort, the other issues is accidental loss, counterfeiting is not possible with the TME notes as explained fully in this article: True Medium of Exchange Barter Notes

Local cooperatives could be formed through a need bond, for the production of TME barter mechanism notes of pure silver or other precious metals, with exact weight and design.

The TME barter notes could start at 22 grains in weight of pure silver, which is approx. a 20th of an ounce, such small denomination notes would equal about $1.25 March 2023.

The cost of minting is quite low per barter note, when a large number are minted, excluding the cost of the metals, with modern production methods and state of the art equipment.

Construction bonds would be used to form the infrastructure, and equipment would be bought to create a state of the art small scale mint, this mint could provide coins for a large area of local utilisation, and may attract a great number of need bondsmen, making the annual cost of minting proportionate to utilisation of the bond, very low in cost.

The cooperative bond would then be formed to service the need bond, and those selected, would be trained, or if available already skilled bondsmen selected.

If you wanted to deposit the notes into your account, you simply return the notes to the local ATM, and the value is deposited into your account.

You could also trade any silver items, and the value in weight of pure silver would be deposited into your account, once the pure weight was determined at the production location.

As the notes hold the value of the metal in full they can be held with confidence, silver is highly utilised metals in industrial processes, so will always have a strong value.

The barter notes are of universal value, as it holds its full value in metal, any none bondsman would then be open to accepting it in trade, it is not representative of a fiat value, fiat possesses only perceived value. The coins could be open to some elements of abuse, for example those with extreme wealth may seek to hoard notes, restrict access to metal, they may even melt them down, which would then cause the production cost to increase, as new notes would have to be produced to replace those destroyed in the circulation of the barter mechanism.

If silver was made difficult to obtain by the government Mafia, production of coins would be prevented in that location, and production would have to be done at another freer location and notes brought in..

Notes could be stolen, this is intrinsic of all physical stores of value, agents of government Mafia could seek to steal physical notes, so holding them in large quantities may not be a good idea while such Mafia are dominant.

The production of notes could be targeted by the agents of government Mafia, for theft and destruction, but as it belongs to the local community people collectively, through the need bond, they should stand in defence of such criminality, and violence, as the loss would be directly upon then, as they have guaranteed the advance. Link: True Medium of Exchange Barter Notes

A second solution to a temporary loss of the Internet is a physical location of a local ledger, a master copy of the ledger can be established at a central local point, a plastic data memory card system can be used that records local transactions, and the card can then be taken to the ledger and the card data added, this is a difficult system to create and maintain, and if the internet or electrical systems are down for only a short time, the TME barter mechanism of notes may be enough.

Each card would have a pin, and even off line, all accounts are identifiable through each account holders off line account, and the account holder could record the thumb print and voice scan of the bondsman to check later if any issues occurred, if the bondsman was a stranger. Access to any need bonds would be unchanged, that a bondsman was already connected to, as the offline system would still recognise the account.

The main issue would be, you would be restricted to local trade only, where you physically interacted with the other bondsmen, until the internet connection was re-established.

This means the development of quantum entanglement communications technology would be a priority, and the development of technological development need bonds, would be an important element to stabilise the system globally, removing any power of interference from the paedophile class, who presently hold a monopoly on systems globally.

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