True Community is Through the Development of Consciousness

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Written By Abdun Nur

It may appear otherwise, but we are pure consciousness, and upon this perceptual planet, consciousness is at war with the conscienceless, or if you prefer, the souls with the soulless, or the empathic with the psychopathic, or the Ba’alist with the anarchist, there is no other division.

The Ba’alists construct illusions, the first is that, we’re an insignificant speck in an infinite universe. We are not. The reality is the opposite, it is the universe that is comparatively insignificant in the infinite flow of consciousness, as the universe is the expression of consciousness.

The universe is generated within our consciousness through thought perceptions. It’s a shared perceptual universe, because only a single consciousness can ever exist, the illusion of separation is the result of the fractal order of consciousnesses. There is no external, that is the Ba’alist trick, they convince the empathic that the internal is nothing while the mental construct of the external is everything, This allows control through an external god, which must be worshiped in all Ba’alist religions, that is the trick, when in reality there could never be an external God, as they imbue into our consciousness. And the externalisation of everything, or if you like the reversal of reality, then stagnates the soul.

The Ba’alists convince us we are powerless, dominated by an all powerful hierarchical monopoly of State, and must bend to the will of a small elite that dictate, not only upon the State mafia of your indigenous fiefdom, but every fiefdom state upon this planet.

We, the empathic fractals of the single consciousness, are the force of creation, the fractal expression of the single consciousness or soul, which is, in this perceptual reality, generated as a shared common thought, and as such, we can effect the thought of this shared perception directly or indirectly. I’m not saying we are God, which is the indoctrinated Ba’alist response to this statement of our innate nature, there is no external god, or any god entity, this is an exteralisation of the internal state.

Common unity is the form of consciousness, and so common unity is the form of empathic social interactions. The Ba’alists exist as dichotomous forms, and as such there innate natures are directly opposite, they take pleasure from inflicting suffering, while empathic gain the same pleasure from providing happiness and joy, for example.

The psychopathic must isolate the empathic, in order to dominate, extort, restrict and repress them. Hierarchy is the ideal model to achieve this.

Common unity is anarchic inherently, while Ba’alsim is hierarchical, hierarchy is division into ranks, you cannot have division in unity.

Reason Frees the Mind

True community can only be formed by those empathic that have mastered the first skill, all community requires the mastery, of reasoning to truth; this must be established, without that, community cannot exist. The psychopathic created and imposed the schooling system, in order to prevent that skill from developing.

Why is reasoning so important to community?

Because, if you cannot reason to truth, you will reach unreasonable conclusions, and to be unreasoning generates conflict within a group, conflict causes division and hatred, and common unity falls apart.

The ancient method of reasoning to truth was the trivium and the quadrivium. Link: Mastering the Skill of Reasoning – The Trivium

As all perception is thought, and we’re the generators of thought, we can develop this power of thought, and this is the aspiration of common unity.

Virtue Frees the Negative to Form Eudemonia

The second aspect of common unity is the practical application of virtue, and if the inherent models of anarchic community are created, as I explain in the many articles on the website,, virtue becomes a great advantage within a system based on both trust, and surety of kin, or if you will, brother/sister-hood in virtue. Link: Morality – The Act of Virtuous Conduct

Development of the “Self” to Uplift All Souls in Concert

The third aspect of common unity is the development of the self. The mental power or the conscious power of the soul, this has no limit, except the false belief it is impossible.


Memory function can be increased using universally applicable techniques, to the point you can have permanent total recall of all information, images, and events. This ability can be mastered, but does not increase intelligence, only the recall of information, however it will simultaneously increase your attention span.

Attention span is dangerous to the Ba’alist system, when someone is able to concentrate or remain interested on a particular activity or subject they are far more likely to look deeper than the succinct sound bite, used widely by the Tavistock institute social (mind control) engineers, to push double speak, gaslighting and fictional science (claimed settled).

People with atrophy of attention will jump to conclusions they “want” to be true, even when it is against their interests to do so, and sound bites which are designed to cause fear and provide easy answers, are swallowed greedily, reinforcing “schooled” confirmation bias.

It’s well documented that using smartphones and tablets daily, leads to attention problems, they increase absent-mindedness, reduce our ability to think and remember, to pay attention to things and regulate emotion.

Improving the way information is gathered, with a conscious awareness of “schooled” biases, together with a deliberate practice of being a ‘devil’s advocate’ focused against our favoured beliefs, helps in counteracting the deceptions, confusions and manipulations. Never taking things at face value, never believing something simply because you “want” it to be true, instead carefully evaluate the evidence from its root, consider who benefits from a situation or event, consider the origins, determine intent, consider the real objective, in so doing shed the false beliefs that chain you to a stagnant existence, preventing you from ever truly living


Imagination is the ability to produce and simulate novel objects, sensations, and ideas in the mind without any immediate input of the senses.

Imagination is built through spending time in the real, in nature, in true community, in social play free of competition, in a nurturing and loving environments; imagination is the foundation of creation of both literal and abstract reality; imagination is the MOST important “creative” skill to build for our soul.

Fundamental ways the imagination is developed is through discourse, both verbal and written, physical activity free of competition, reading widely (reading demands concentration so develops attention span, watching video does the opposite), and meditation.

Meditation is also a skill of the mind to develop, and if this skill is mastered, you can release DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) through meditation technique, and enter reality without the filter of the shared perception. The expansion of imaginative ability will become exponential, an example of this skill in generating imaginative leaps was Nikola Tesla, the greatest imaginative mind ever recorded.

The Ba’alists have criminalised the possession of DMT, even though every soul produces it within their body naturally, and they impose a 3 year jail term in the USA. In the UK the Ba’alist truly fear DMT, where it carries a maximum penalty of seven years in jail for possession and life imprisonment for supply.


Mastering Perception of the Senses

Healing through visualisation is a powerful way for the soul to master the brain; the brain is the organ that connects the psycho-reactive energy to the perceptual engine.

When people are given a way to see what’s happening inside their head in real-time, they can rapidly learn how to dampen pain, enhance self-control and boost mental ability. If more of us had access to this technique, it could be transformative.

The first demonstration that real-time MRI could be a powerful tool came in 2005, with a study where researchers taught people how to control pain.

Through various cognitive strategies, such as “attend toward or away from the painful stimulus” and “attempt to perceive the stimulus as high or low intensity”, participants quickly learned to control the size of the flame, thereby directly altering the level of electrical activation in the pain-responsive region.

Importantly, decreases or increases in this neural signal correlated with subjective feelings of pain, as measured by a questionnaire and a 10-point pain scale.

Amazingly, in just a single 13-minute session participants learned to easily control the size of the flame and were able to reduce their pain by over 50%. Since then, research using real-time MRI has exploded, and new clinical and experimental uses seem to pop up just about every month. The ways of displaying brain activity to people also now includes feedback such as audio sounds or a ‘thermometer display’ via virtual reality goggles. The training can create changes in the brain that have long-lasting effects.” Link: The most promising route to ‘mental superpowers’

Healing Others with Energy Medicine:

The ability to heal with one’s own psycho-reactive conscious empathic energy.

The energy system of the body is utterly ignored by mainstream medicine, who propagate the lie the body uses chemical processes for all functions, this couldn’t be further from the truth, most chemical reactions are a result of psycho-reactive thought energy, eminating from the field of consciousness that surrounds the perceptual body.

The energy field can become contaminated, as it interacts with all energy fields around it, so for example if you sit in a room with a strong electromagnetic fields, as most homes have, this will slowly contaminate your energy field, and for example if you go into nature and earth yourself to the ground or a tree, your field’s vibrational rate will be re-balanced, this is a common way to remove depression, which is a result of this electromagnetic contamination.

Disease can be fostered if the energy field is contaminated for a prolonged period, as it causes cell death, when cells die the natural response of the body is for bacteria to consume the dead cells and return the nutrients back to the body, if this cell death increases a fungus will develop to consume the dead cells, this is known as cancer, these cleaning functions of the body are claimed by the medical quackery as the cause, but this is not the case.

The uncontaminated energy field of a clean soul can be used to harmonise a contaminated soul’s energy, even the daily interactions with the soulless entities that infest the Earth presently, can contaminate the energy field.

Extrasensory Perception:

The hair of the body functions as a receiver for external information, this was shown during the Vietnam Police action (an unprovoked attack, created in order for the elite to test new methods, designed to increase the 5% of natural psychopaths who were willing to murder, by turning an empath into a psychopath using synthetic drugs, trauma, and music (later video gaming helmets)).

During that carnage native American scouts, used by the American army, could no longer scout if they had their hair cut, this ability was fundamentally linked to the hair. Link: Long Hair & Intuition: Native American Trackers & The U.S Military

Remote Viewing:

Remote viewing, also named Astral Projection, is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, perceptually “sensing” with your consciousness.

As we’re not in the universe, but the universe is within us, anyone with a soul can remote view anywhere in this entire universe, and once the methods have been mastered, with simple coordinates you can remote view distant planets, moons, oceans, inside the earth, inside a deep underground bunker, anywhere.

Animal Whispering:

Sensing the feelings and thoughts of an animal. As we’re a powerful consciousness, we can communicate with all life, these skills are not fully developed, but hold a huge potential.


The ability to float or fly simply through the power of consciousness, this is not proven, in as far as no one has taken a subject, who has the claimed ability to levitate and within a clinical environment, determined conclusively if this was trickery or not.

Psychic Power:

Psychic power, also known as clairvoyance, appears to be complete nonsense, a huge number of instances have been proven fraud over the years, which means those claiming psychic ability have no credibility, and clairvoyance is simply methods of generalisation or other deceptions, used to con a victim.


We are communal, because we are an infinite soul fractally structured, from a single consciousness. To wrong another soul is therefore, to wrong myself.

Community is about developing consciousness, as this is, in reality, all we are, or ever will be, we are far more powerful than we’re led to believe, by the Ba’alists.

The population of the Earth live very brief lives, we are born, indoctrinated, develop no mental skills, never experience community, and die before we have even begun. Death is accelerated by the Ba’alists who know if we lived too long, we may gain one of the mental skills explained above, and then their mountain of lies would no longer hold us in slavery.

Death is simply a change of perception, but if we live in a stagnant cesspool of stupidity, and surrender in cowardly conformity to the indoctrination of a Ba’alist elite, we’ve lived without any true gain, often we devolve in consciousness, suffering the choices we were tricked into making, were a life is spent abusing all around us.

Ageing is not caused as claimed by the medical quackery, it’s not the result of poor cell replication, it is simply the dehydration of the cells, a baby is 80% water, a 60 year old 50%, simply rehydrate the cells and the damage would reverse (“not” by drinking more water). Link: An Internal Terrain Nutraceutical or Bioceutical Healing Bond

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    It’s a wonderful and enlightening essay for those who are Conscious, but the majority is not conscious. I congratulate you on creating this write up to serve the endangered humanity .

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