Multilateral Reciprocal Bond of Behaviour Forming Cooperative Community

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Written By Abdun Nur

Below is an example of a proposed bond to join the bonding platforms, it would be better to prove the skill of reasoning at the outset, but as this skill is presently super rare, and as this can be learnt, and added as a skill when mastered at a future point, it would be reasonable to be able to join the bond without it, this would however limit the bondsman in their ability to access certain features, that require the skill to reason to access, such as surety bonds and arbitration peer (juror) on the platforms.

The bond is in place to prevent economic slavery and to protect others from the greed, selfishness, stupidity and the economic, legal, educational, medical, industrial and social abuses of others, the bonding platform can not therefore be used to inflict more misery by the greedy and stupid. This is why it limits the use of the bonding platforms to equitable trade and at the outset seeks to prevent inequitable thefts and manipulations.

(None in substantive reciprocal agreement can bind in legal name, but referenced through ‘seal’ in substantive print of thumb, finger, hand or other impression, that can be verified indisputably.)

Additionally to the written bond here detailed, the system would require face, ear, hand and voice scans, in order to physically recognise the bondsman and the witnesses on the system, these scans are held within the bondsman’s hub, accessible for reference by the system, and not accessible to any  other bondsman or outside inspection, no legal names are used, and no location beyond the general location designated for the node the hub is a part of.

Once the bond has been completed online, it is printed out and all seals attached, then scanned back onto the platform.

Multilateral Reciprocal Bond of Behaviour Forming Cooperative Community reference number ______________ (Generated by the bonding platform which also provides the bonding templates, the bonding platform digitally records all bonds)

Date ___________ (any referenced dating system can be used ex. Gregorian Calendar or Hijri calendar)

Node reference:_______________(generated through location of the proposed community you would be a part of)

As a declaring bondsman, I, known as_______________ (Known through locally held reference (The son/daughter of) – (example: Deb – daughter of Joe and Karen. Or a name you are known as, like Slim or Bluey etc. No legals names)) am seeking Cooperative Behaviour Bond.

I, the bondsman seeking the unity of this reciprocal bond of behaviour, expressly reserve all innate liberties, with all my inherent powers preserved and retained, universally and equitably binding upon all as reciprocal obligations and responsibilities, this reservation encompasses the unalienable and immutable innate axioms expressing inherent power substantively, based upon the reciprocal duty of care that forms all unity, inexorably binding upon every living soul, and is without prejudice.



(Wet seal)


(with a reference to what body part impression was used to form a seal)


I, the bondsman of seal, seeking “Cooperative Behaviour Bond”, will be bound openly to the reciprocal duty of care to all others in the Cooperative Behaviour Bond, as I am bound in a duty of care inherently to all souls in existence.

I clearly state I am NOT a psychopath, sociopath, murderer, thief, paedophile or rapist, I do not hold a belief I’m part of a master race, I am not a member of any secret society, I am not a member of any monarchy, I do not work for any government agency, institution or subsidiary, I do not posses an Israeli passport and never have, I am not a multi-millionaire (above the value of my home), I do not work in the banking industry, I am not a landlord renting property.

If it is proven at a future point that I have made a false declaration, I accept that I will be permanently banned from the bond, also both souls that witnessed this declaration will be permanently banned from the bond, or if the witnesses are not bondsmen, permanently prevented from joining the bond.

If I dishonour any three agreements, without a wronged soul, for example, I’m late in a repayment instalment of an advance, within any 12 month period, on the third dishonour I will accept being banned from the platforms; if mitigating circumstances exist I am free, within thirty days of the ban, to begin an appeal in arbitration, presenting the mitigating circumstances, all assets are frozen at the moment of the ban and the account would be dissolved after thirty days, but if under appeal the account would remain only frozen until determination is established.

If I break any agreement in trade with another living soul, when proven I will accept a ban as an extreme out-come, if all other relief is inadequate.

If for false declaration, or for whatever other reason, I am banned from the bonding platforms, I fully accept it will result in the following:

My account will be instantly frozen, all advances I hold will immediately become payable, and I here declare I accept and give full acceptance for the system to freely access my account and utilise all held savings to instantly satisfy all obligations on the platforms.

All the bonds I hold, cooperative, need, assurance etc. will be terminated, and all deposits refunded to my account, these refunded deposits will also be used, if needed, to honour all obligations on the platform. Once all available resource have been exhausted to honour all financial obligations on the platform, any short fall will fall to my surety bondsmen if held, if a short fall cannot be honoured in any other way, the entire node of the bonding platform I’m attached to will proportionately stand the loss.

If after honouring all obligations on the bonding platforms, a remainder exists in my account, it will be placed onto the trading platform and converted in to a nominated fiat currency, and deposited into a nominated bank account I specify at that point.

I accept, if I am utilising land with infrastructure upon it, that’s held guaranteeing an advance, that outstanding advance must either be satisfied within thirty days, or the utilisation traded to satisfy the advance. The details of this are stipulated within the behaviour bond of allodial utilisation.

If I have a land utilisation held in determination on the allodium platform, without any outstanding advances attached, no action to prevent such utilisation would be required, at any future point if I wished to trade the land, and any infrastructures upon it, I am free to trade it through the allodium platform and when traded, recovering any nominated fiat currency, which would be deposited into any nominated bank account, or it could additionally, if the trader agrees, be traded for metals such as silver or gold, at the value equal in fiat exchange, determined through the fiat value of the metal.

I will not unreasonably hinder the development of the resource of the land within local community, which development will be established through ‘reasoned’ discourse and consensus within the bonding platform, or through local meetings of those interested in either the development or prevention of any proposed project. (Consensus is not democratic, the discourse determines all reasoned disputes to the project proposed, you cannot stand against something unreasonably, objections must be based on reasoned argument, and consensus is of those willing to fund the proposal, if you do not want to fund any proposal you are not in anyway obligated to)

I declare I will not use any part of the platforms, this bond allows access to, for any of the five forms of usury. Usury is not trade:

Trade is the reciprocal exchange of the fruits of my labour for the fruits of someone else’s labour.

Usury is also known as riba, ribbit, Wucher there are many words in many languages.

Usury is a one-sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another, which has 5 basic forms:

  • Interest or fee bearing Debt (the interest demand for the use of money)
  • Profit (the interest demanded for the use of capital)
  • Rental (the interest demanded for the use of infrastructure)
  • Taxation (the interest demanded for the use of your labour)
  • Ownership (the interest demanded for the use of land through the fiction of eminent domain)

I here declare unequivocally, I will never use any advances to gamble. At no point will any TME on my ledger account be used on chance-based gaming, such as,  lotteries, sports and horse betting, bingo, electronic gambling machines (EGMs), card games, and chance-based casino table games such as roulette and craps etc. To do so would break this binding bond. (Link: Gambling: The Seeking of Unearned Reward)

I here declare unequivocally, I will never use any advances to invest. At no point will any TME on my ledger account be used on invest in stocks and bonds. This encompasses all types of investment Bonds that posses an element of potential profit, for example, a single-premium life insurance policy that can be used to hold investments, the value of the bond may go up or down depending on how well your investments perform. This includes all types of stocks, for example, Corporate stock shares used to raise money in order to finance operational needs and to fuel corporate growth, bought to gain unearned returns on investment. To do so would break this binding bond.

I here declare unequivocally, I will never use any advances to buy contracts. At no point will any TME on my ledger account be used on the commodities, futures or derivatives markets to buy, for example, forward Contracts, future Contracts, options Contracts, Swap Contracts equity futures, index futures, commodity futures, currency futures, interest rate futures, VIX futures, etc. To do so would break this binding bond.

I declare I will not recognise as valid, nor be a party to any constructed legal fiction of copyright or patent. The fraud of copyright attempts to trade while simultaneously attempting to rent ideas, related to print, publishing, performing, film, or recorded literary, artistic, or musical material. Patent is a government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention. Copyright and patent are forms of protected monopoly and I declare them both unacceptable and very detrimental. (Link: The Nature of Copyright)

If I wish to leave the bond, which I’m free to do at any time, the system will cancel all bonds and return any refundable deposits attached to them on request, all advances would be requested for full return, once all advances had been honoured, any remaining coins within the account could be offered on the trading platform, or given to others, or used in trade, and when the account is at a zero balance, the account could then be closed by the bondsman, if at any future point the bondsman wished to revive the account, they are free to do so.

I declare I will not physically attack, shout, swear or be abusive in any exchanges with any reasoning bondsman in multilateral reciprocal behaviour bond, even if in dispute under arbitration, instead I will seek arbitration and establish reasoned truth and so relief.

Witnesses to seal this Reciprocal Multilateral Behaviour Bond

(Two unrelated to the trade in direct family, independent witnesses, seal the truth of the bond. Sealing this bond binds them to the truth and relief will be sort if they knowingly seal a lie.)

I, ______________ (Known through reputation. The son/daughter of father/mother’s first reputation) give free witness to the truth expressed clearly within this bond, to bare false witness is a grave wrong and I stand unafraid in truth. (If, it is proven the witness sealed a lie, they are held accountable on the platform) I on ____________ (date) witnessed _______________(a list of all the neighbours that this witness saw the wet seal added) add their wet seal.

Wet seal of first independent witness: _______________

Bond number of first witness: _________________ (if no bond number a reference will be given by the system after a scan of face, hands, ears and voice is stored by the system)


I, ______________ (Known through reputation. The son/daughter of father/mother’s first reputation) give free witness to the truth expressed clearly within this bond, to bare false witness is a grave wrong and I stand unafraid in truth. (If, it is proven the witness sealed a lie, they are held accountable on the platform) I on ____________ (date) witnessed _______________(a list of all the neighbours that this witness saw the wet seal added) add their wet seal.

Wet seal of Second independent witness: _______________

Bond number of second witness: _________________ (the bond number is generated when you join the closed bond of the true medium of exchange advancing platform)

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