Deaths of Despair

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Written by Abdun Nur

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Community is the key to freedom; freedom from parasites, freedom from domination and the accountability for those who are presently exempt, or immune, from being called to account for wrongful acts.

True community is always anarchic, formed through structures of common unity, while hierarchical models are formed through division into ranks, these are mutually exclusive models, you cannot have common unity if you have division and vice versa.

The loss of community is achieved through the establishment of hierarchies that form protective monopolies around the five forms of usury, these are interest bearing debt, taxation, rental, profit and ownership.

Feeling Sad and depressed?

Are you anxious?
Worried about the future?
Feeling isolated and alone?

You might be suffering from CAPITALISM

symptoms include homelessness, unemployment, poverty, hunger, feelings of powerlessness, fear, apathy, bordom, cultural decay, loss of identity, extreme self-consciousness, loss of free speech, incarceration, suicidal or revolutionary thoughts, death.

Usury is not trade, trade is the reciprocal exchange of the fruits of your labours, while usury is a one sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another.

When the usury (riba) models are dominant the psychopaths of domination seek to erode all residues of community completely, pursuing the collapse of social norms that have elements giving any aspect of unity, because common unity in any expression is a danger to hierarchical control.

Debt (the interest demand for the use of money)

Profit (the interest demanded for the use of capital)

Rental (the interest demanded for the use of infrastructure)

Taxation (the interest demanded for the use of your labour)

Ownership (the interest demanded for the use of land through the fiction of eminent domain)

Virtues in expression (physical actions) are the foundation of community, while psychopathy is the foundation of all hierarchies.

The family unit was the last bastion of community, now lost in many fiefdoms, or so eroded it’s unrecognisable, especially in the European and American cults. Without unity the individual is defenceless and easy for the agents of hierarchies to control, extort or exterminate.

Matrimony was a bond created to form protection for the children, it formed a unity of parents in providing a safe and nurturing environment throughout their life. Today having children out of wedlock, which seemed so liberating to so many at first, has brought a heavy price in the long term. Young men who thought they could live a life free of commitment find themselves alone and adrift in middle age. Children with only one or no parents suffer hardship and abandonment, and are more susceptible to abuse, and when mature are often far less empathic and nurturing themselves.

We are communal creatures, without that inherent structure the soul suffers the pain of isolation, and feelings of loneliness, resentment, anger, and abandonment, this is a downward spiral, and for a large percentage ends in a despair so profound they begin to seek suicide. Isolation is the goal of all hierarchies of control, as ideally they do not want anyone to speak for or with you, the only voice of complaint, rebellion, truth or despair would be your own, and for the agents of hierarchy a lone voice is easy to dismiss, punish or imprison.

The most repressive usury fiefdom presently is the American corporation, and this is reflected in its standing as the nation with the highest rate of depression. (Japan has the lowest rate of depression) Depression is rampant in American teenagers, who see a bleak future as the new American dream. Immediate suicide is now the second-leading cause of death among people ages 10 to 34 in the USA, the annual increase in suicides is now alarming.

The reason depression and despair are so low in Japanese society, is because the Family is very important to the Japanese, the family acts as an entity for whom the needs collectively are more important than the needs of the individual members. This contrasts sharply with modern American society, were family is becoming less and less unified, and more abstracted, a trend across all tri-Ba’al cults of corporate society, family being for the paedophile class of owners the final bastion of common unity they wish to destroyed.

Isolation is an unnatural state and many fill the void with obssessions, religious obssession being the most common, where they attempt to fill the void’ of socially isolation with baseless religious beliefs, dogma and ritual. God/s, cult leaders, study of dogma etc. help them feel a sense of belonging to a social group, were the victims of social isolation compete in their efforts to be pious, and knowledgeable on their choosen religion, as they attempt to lift there hierarchical status within that group.

Deaths through despair are rapidly growing as every aspect of community is expunged by the owners. Presently the fastest-rising death rates are from immediate suicides, the slower forms of suicide are not considered suicide, although they are. Addiction is a reaction to isolation, without community the soul begins to die, and seeks escape, this can manifest at varying degrees of self harm, the soul will seek out the suicide they feel comfort with, if they gain comfort from cigarettes or food they will smoke or eat themselves to death, others with more wealth may prefer alcohol, or narcotics, others combine some or all of these together, but all are expressions of slow suicide. These are ultimately all “deaths of despair”.

“The increase in deaths of despair was almost all among those without a bachelor’s degree. Those with a four-year degree are mostly exempt; it is those without the degree who are at risk… (This new trend is particularly surprising) for more than a century, suicides were generally more common among the educated, but that is not true in the current epidemic of deaths of despair.” Anne Case-Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism

To remove common unity you must divide people into groups, with each group having descending contempt for all those below them in rank, a model claimed to have been perfected by William Lynch, who some claim educated slave owners in 1712, explaining that the murder of unruly slaves was inefficient and counterproductive. Instead, he suggests that they adopt his method, which consists of exploiting differences such as age, sex and skin color in order to pit slaves against each other, at that time whites from Ireland, Britain and parts of Europe were enslaved to owners as well as Africans, as the oweners did not see any racial difference, a slave could be anyone. But Lynch as the originator of this method is disputed, historians claim it is more likely that it evolved as slaveowners tried different methods to control their property, effectively inventing racism as a method of control.

It wasn’t any element of goodness that owners of State mafias abolished slavery, it was simply realised slavery was only neccessary for certain uses, paedophilia, prositution, and organ harvesting, it was inefficient for forced physical labour, the “economic slavery” model functions magnitudes more efficiently.

The State mafia pit rank against rank, the homeless, the unemployed, the immigrant, the employed, the self employed, the bureaucrats, the political elite, the financial elite and finally the owning psychopathic families, each indoctrinated to be contemptuous of those below them in rank.

Unemployment is not an inherent element of life, but a result of a system of economic slavery designed to allow a small elite to control and drain the wealth from the masses. Maintaining a pool of desperate unemployment is needed to repress labour costs, and reduce the chances of industrial action or demands for better work conditions or wages.

There is no shortage of work, only of permission to work, and that is the key to ending that control mechanism. Through the monopoly on the resources to earn through your labour, poverty is generated as a powerful tool of control. Presently money monopoly dictates production, so labour is only allowed to produce if money monopoly allows it. The economic slave must seek out an employer (owner), the only freedom being for those with skills or knowledge in high demand, these may seek out the best offer from employers before they sell their labours to them, but for the majority beggars cannot be chooses, and globally this allows below poverty wages for the vast majority of humanity, who are trapped in this resource scarcity monopoly model.

To mask this reality the owners spread the idea that people are lazy, stupid and worthless but there is strong factual evidence against the view that workers brought the calamity of homelessness or unemployment or never gaining skills, on themselves by losing interest in work. People want real work that allows them to create, develop skills and build knowledge, and to have pride and so respect in their endeavours, no one wants to spend their lives in toil and drudgery of pointless monotony and stagnation, and no one should or would in an anarchic model of trade.

Jobs are not just the source of money; they are the basis for the rituals, customs, and routines of working-class life. Destroy work and, in the end, working-class life cannot survive. It is the loss of meaning, of dignity, of pride, and of self-respect that comes with the loss of marriage and of community that brings on despair, not just or even primarily the loss of money.

Men without prospects do not make good marriage partners. Women who once ran the home and brought up the children were tricked into viewing this roll as worthless, and indoctrinated to believe seeking the LIBERATION of waged slavery along with the men was a freedom, allowing the owners to slowly reduce the real value in purchasing power of the wage earners, as now they had two incomes to drain. This progressive and continuing decline in wages slowly undermining all aspects of people’s lives. This resulted in marriage rates falling, divorce rates rising, so ever more people lose out on the benefits of marriage, of seeing their children grow, and of knowing their grandchildren.

Few cared in the 1970s and 1980s, about the African Americans working in inner cities who experienced events that parallel what is happening to working-class white Americans thirty years later. The first wave of globalisation hit blacks particularly hard, and jobs in the central city became scarce for this long disadvantaged group. Better educated and more talented blacks deserted the inner cities for safer city neighbourhoods or the suburbs. Marriage rates fell as once marriageable men no longer had work. Crime rates rose, as did mortality from violence, from drug overdoses in the crack cocaine epidemic, and from HIV/AIDS inflicted through the hepatitis vaccine, which was disproportionately targeted towards the extermination of blacks and homosexuals.

Across America towns and cities that used to produce steel, glass, furniture, shoes etc., and that are fondly remembered by people in their seventies as having been great places to grow up, have been gutted, their factories closed and shops boarded up, this is no accident but a premeditated effort by the elite to destroy common unity and allow the horrors of poverty based slavery to dominate. This same story is repeated across Europe and the UK. In the wreckage, the temptations of alcohol and drugs lure many to their deaths, crime increases, violence and criminality become the norm.

The claim is that meritocracy is the foundation of the economic system, while the reality is far from this, true merit is seldom the yardstick of advancement. Meritocracy is the idea that everyone is equally allowed a chance to succeed and to rise to the level of their abilities. The saying “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying” is the foundation of this nominal meritocracy, one in which standards of public behaviour are low, and abilities are determined not through hard work and talent, but through wealth, which encourages cheating and the abandonment of long-held ethical constraints, that are seen as impediments to success.

An example which shows no real meritocracy exists, is exposed by looking at who becomes an inventor; inventions are key to economic growth and future prosperity. Children born in the top 1% of the income distribution are ten times more likely to become inventors than those in the bottom half of the income distribution. The true yardstick of advancement in the present usury systems is status, your rank within the hierarchies of control, which tend to be determined by which family you happen to be born into, this means there are many “lost Tesla’s” who might have changed the world for the better, having the genius but without any opportunities to express it.

Suicide happens when community does not exist, and the isolation of hierarchies fails to provide any framework to allow the majority of people the dignity of self determination and the meaningfulness of common unity. Experimentation with rats, who share the inherent characteristic of community, exhibit the same pattern humans do. An isolated rat with access to what is claimed ‘addictive’ drugs, will consume them copiously, but that same rat reintroduced back into a community of rats, with the same free access to addictive drugs, will abandon all drug use and reintegrate back into normal rat community.

The allopathic healthcare system is a uniquely American calamity inflicted globally, that undermines all human life. This medical monopoly was imposed by American billionaire monopolists, who worked to exclude all alternative forms of health care, and all forms of natural treatment, as you cannot patent natural products, and patent means monopoly. Allopathic medicine doe not seek to cure anything, instead it attempts at every opportunity, only to maintain disease, masking symptoms and allowing the victim to suffer and die simply for their profit.

Bad health is increasing in midlife, just as deaths have risen. Not only are people dying, but their lives are becoming less worth living. Sickness is part of the despair, and when a medical system is designed to both establish and maintain sickness, not remove it, such despair creates huge profits for the medical industry.

Just as the medical industry has risen from corporate monopoly and serves only to mulct profits, the food industry has worked hard to remove all nutritional value from food, even in many cases making food like substances that are toxic, such as margarine, vegetable oil or genetically modified plants, or toxic additives like artificial sweeteners and M.S.G, or treating food to remove any nutritional value through pasteurisation, or microwaving.

This plague of cultured illness afflicting the masses, also impacts on labour, making work more difficult to accomplish, and sick leave more common, even for many, preventing any contribution to production at all, forcing them to either exist off of savings, or seek State benefits.

“The rising economic and political power of corporations, and the declining economic and political power of workers, allows corporations to gain at the expense of ordinary people, consumers, and particularly workers. At its worst, this power has allowed some pharmaceutical companies, protected by government licensing, to make billions of dollars from sales of addictive opioids that were falsely peddled as safe, profiting by destroying lives. More generally, the American healthcare system is a leading example of an institution that, under political protection, redistributes income upward to hospitals, physicians, device makers, and pharmaceutical companies while delivering among the worst health outcomes of any rich country….

Food and Drug Administration approved the use of what is essentially legalized heroin. Many of those who have followed the opioid scandal see little difference between the behaviour of the legalized drug dealers and the illegal suppliers of heroin and cocaine who are so widely despised and condemned….

The US spends huge sums of money for some of the worst health outcomes in the Western world. We will argue that the industry is a cancer at the heart of the economy, one that has widely metastasised, bringing down wages, destroying good jobs, and making it harder and harder for state and federal governments to afford what their constituents need.” Sam Quinones, 2015, Dreamland: The true tale of America’s opiate epidemic, Bloomsbury.

U.S. death statistics show during the 1900s (link), people’s life spans had generally lengthened from roughly 50 years at the start to nearly 80 at the turn of the century without vaccines, or so called advanced medicine, with only 8000 American Medical Association members at that time, now, 120 years later, the life expectancy is 78, with around 250,000 AMA members.

GDP in 1900 was $0.59 trillion in adjusted value to 2021, medical costs represented 2.5% of GDP; so $14,750,000,000 with a population of 76 million; $194.08 in present cost per person per year.

US GDP in 2020 was $20.93trillion, 18% of GDP is spent on health care, so $3,767,400,000,000 with a population of 331 million, which averages out to $11,381 per person around 58 times more expensive. The medical mafia has globalised, and is a system of disease generation and symptom suppression, and should not be named health care at all, for example 1 in 1558 died from cancer in 1900, today 1 in 3 die from cancer, fear of disease looms heavy in the minds of many, and adds to the mental state of fear and despair.

Another tool of oppression is the financial industry which is now in the final death throws of the 300 year Ponzi scheme known as fractional reserve debt interest banking, lurching from crisis to crisis. The owners are presently using medical frauds to shut down all global production, this will become an annual pantomime, as the establishment of the police state using this method has been proven very easy to accomplish. The goal of the banksters is the global crash of all currencies, this will allow them to impose a single global digital model of usury banking, which will prevent any transaction from being hidden, untaxed or free from bank charges. The crash would also allow them to steal all banked assets.

To achieve this the Rothschild family must control every central bank within every fiefdom globally, and they have been attacking nation after nation since their orchestrated second world war, to establish that reality, using the soulless whores of the military industrial complex within the mafia fiefdom of the corporation America as their murderous enforcer.

They presently have their sights on the fiefdom of Iran, so they spread the seeds of hate using their media whores, while their political whores work hard to weaken their target with sanctions, intimidation, blocking free trade and falsely accusing, using assassinations, staged and false flag events, before yet another unprovoked attack of their military whores can begin.

Many are tricked into the false belief that the rich should be taxed more to resolve the inequity of modern society, but taxation is not the solution to rent-seeking (another term for usury); the right way to stop thieves is to stop them stealing, not to raise the amount the state mafia steals through taxation of thieves. Taxes themselves are a form of usury, and you cannot stop the extortion of usury through adding more forms of taxation or increasing the levels of usury.

The rich monopolise resources, this allows them to enrich themselves through unfair processes that pay only minimal amounts for the labour that creates their wealth, while seeking to create monopolies on production to raise prices as high as possible, this is known as capitalism. Those with capital demand interest on the capital used to produce, and through capital and resource monopolies determine production or prevent production, this allows selective technological advancements, and the suppression of many technologies that would, if openly available have ended existing corporate monopolies.

Usury is a deceptive form of extortion, usury must have monopolies to allow this, without monopoly usury would disappear. By squeezing even small amounts out of each of a large number of working people provides enormous fortunes for the rich who are doing the squeezing. That is what is happening today, and we should stop it, but you cannot beg the rich psychopaths to stop, you cannot vote, or march, or protest, or petition, or riot to change this reality, there is only one solution, you must work to establish the common unity models, these are inherent, they underpin all frauds of usury hierarchy, and could be easily established, changing the perception of powerlessness, isolation and ending resource scarcity.

The fraud of democracy was developed as the monarchistic model was crumbling, as reasoning spread people realised the truth of their enslavement. The Vatican orchestrated a civil war in England to replace the absolute power of the monarchy with money monopoly power, forming the first modern central bank, then with the collusion and aid of the Rothschild’s worked to create the Neoplatonic wars, to usher in similar changes throughout Europe, and impose democracy. This fraud allowed them to perpetuate the slavery of the feudal system while only the perception was altered. More and more people are waking up to that fraud.

“Working-class whites do not believe that democracy can help them; in 2016, more than two-thirds of white working-class Americans believed that elections are controlled by the rich and by big corporations, so that it does not matter if they vote.” Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson, 2011, Winner-take-all politics.

“In Britain at the beginning of the nineteenth century, inequality was greater than anything we see today. The hereditary landowners not only were rich but also controlled Parliament through a severely limited franchise. After 1815, the notorious Corn Laws kept out imports of wheat until the local price was so high that people were at risk of starving; high prices of wheat, even if they hurt ordinary people, were very much in the interests of the land-owning aristocracy, who lived off the rents supported by the restriction on imports—rent-seeking of the classic and here literal kind, and rent-seeking that did not stop at killing people; laws that were “written in blood.” The Industrial Revolution had begun, there was a ferment of innovation and invention, and national income was rising…

Working people were not benefiting. Mortality rates rose as people moved from the relatively healthy countryside to stinking, unsanitary cities. Each generation of military recruits was shorter than the last, speaking to their ever-worsening undernutrition in childhood, from not getting enough to eat and from the nutritional insults of unsanitary conditions. Religious observance fell, if only because churches were in the countryside, not in the new industrial cities. Wages were stagnant and would remain so for half a century. Profits were rising, and the share of profits in national income rose at the expense of labor. It would have been hard to predict a positive outcome of this process.

Yet by century’s end, the Corn Laws were gone and the rents and fortunes of the aristocrats had fallen along with the world price of wheat, especially after 1870 when wheat from the American prairie flooded the market. A series of reform acts had extended the franchise, from one in ten males at the beginning of the century to more than half by its end, though the enfranchisement of women would wait until 1918. Wages had begun to rise in 1850, and the more than century-long decline…” David Cannadine, Victorious century: The United Kingdom, 1800–1906, Penguin.

The poverty and horrors of the Victorian era, did not generate huge rates in suicide, even though the economic conditions and living conditions were far, far worse than the modern era within industrialized nations, because during the Victorian era the working class had a strong element of community, and a very strong family unit, this no longer exists, the paedophile class of soulless psychopaths created the first world war to destroy the strength of the family unit and the working class community, they premeditatedly murdered almost every man between 18 and 45 in Britain using the tool of war, this created the swinging 20’s were they could access the woman more freely for the first time. The same effect was seen after the second world war with the swinging 60’s, with the second cull.

The young are given less and less opportunity, the education system originally introduced by the Prussians to prevent the skill of reasoning to truth, by using a mandated schooling system of indoctrination, training children to accept authority and dismiss any contradictory evidence to official authored stories, through ingraining logical fallacies as the basis of thinking. This allows state educated people to act in complete contradiction to evidence, generating ‘herd stupidity’, which explains how the medical profession function so badly, and so contrary to empirical evidence.

Unable to independently determine truth after twelve or more years of institutional imprisonment, leaves the child easy to manipulate and mulct in adulthood. Being as ignorant as a state educated victim is, with only enough education to accept blindly, seek authority, and to regurgitate state authored information, when confronted with evidence that contradicts their ingrained indoctrination’s, they often exhibit cognitive dissonance, sometimes becoming angry, or running away, or simply being dismissive, stating such things as “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories”, or claim the evidence is fake, fraudulent or selective. The foundation of all schooled education are logical fallacies, these underpin all authored propaganda.

Fear porn is a powerful tool of control, and can only exist when the skill of reasoning is in short supply, the owners have propagated frauds across all aspects of knowledge, to maintain selective lies that allow existing monopolies to perpetuate. Nuclear weapons, vaccination, germ theory, subduction, gravity as an attraction of mass, the big bang; there are hundreds of frauds held precious within the minds of the masses, and these allow fear porn frauds to manipulate and control, as is proven with the fraud of viruses, used to impose a global police state and seeking to vaccinate and track every slave with a tracking chip. The price of herd stupidity is programmed ignorance, poverty for most, and declining health, resulting in depression, and for a growing number death through despair.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine
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