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The Claim of Nuclear Weapons (A Tool of Fear Porn?)

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Written by Abdun Nur

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It’s estimated it takes around three gigajoules, that’s 1,579,695° Celsius, to vaporise the human body, but that would only vaporise a body over a short period of time, to do it instantly would take a magnitudes higher energy blast. Now the claim of the Ashkenazi (Every member of the team that formed the nuclear weapons claim, was Ashkenazi) is a nuclear blast is 100,000,000° Celsius, (the atmosphere of the Sun is between 2 and 20 million degrees Celsius) this temperature would instantly vaporise a body, but what would that do to concrete?

Concrete will absorb heat, and at fairly low temperature begin to melt, granite will begin to melt at 1260° C (granite is the hardest material within concrete), if you exposed concrete to 100,000,000° Celsius or even one sixtieth of that temperature, it too would be vaporised, yet we are told by the Ashkenazi that shadows of humans, vaporised by a nuclear blast, are permanently burnt as a carbon shadow onto concrete and other surfaces, while the concrete and other surfaces are unharmed. 100,000,000° Celsius, or even 1,579,695° Celsius would not turn things into vapour, but into plasma, even carbon would be transformed into plasma at such huge temperatures.

So what you’d actually get from a nuclear explosion, if this were possible, is a giant glassy crater, the cold remnants would logically look like a giant lake of newly formed lava, cooling into a glassy crater lake. Also you would generate huge electrical fields from such a blast, as plasma is an electrically charged gas. Huge electrical discharges, can be observed from erupting volcanoes, which have temperatures a tiny fraction of those claimed from a nuclear explosion.

Examples of Electrical Discharge From Volcanoes

So the lava that would be generated by a nuclear blast, if such a thing were possible, would cool very quickly at first, forming a thin crust that insulates the interior of the lava, thick enough to walk on within a relatively short time, but the lava itself takes several months to cool, this does not happen in the claimed nuclear explosions. And bear in mind lava ejected from a volcano is only 1250° C, a nuclear explosion would, if real, generate temperatures far greater.

It’s claimed a 1 kiloton nuclear weapon is one which produces the same amount of energy in an explosion as does 1 kiloton (1,000 tons) of TNT. Similarly, a 1 megaton weapon would have the energy equivalent of 1 million tons of TNT, however a TNT explosion at detonation has a temperature at the ignition point of 3226° Celsius, this seems hard to reconcile with a 100,000,000° Celsius ignition point explosion, if the effects of the explosion are considered.

Detonations in gases propagate with velocities that range from 5 to 7 times the speed of sound, this means temperature equilibrium would not occur near the ignition point, but would transport very high temperatures a great distance. 

The Hiroshima fireball (in reality a firestorm generated by an aerial incendiary bombardment (identical to the Dresden firestorm inflicted by the war criminal Winston Churchill) was 370 meters (1,200 ft) in diameter, with a claimed surface temperature of 6,000 °C, so a 100,000,000° Celsius explosion, is claimed to have only a 6000 °C temperature on it’s outer surface, (which, if true, would not be mathematically supported through temperature equilibrium)?

The Ashkenazi claim the Sun is a nuclear furnace, however the surface of the Sun is only 6000°C, but the atmosphere around the Sun is between 2 and 20 million °C, which is around 5 to 50 times colder than the ignition point of a claimed nuclear explosion, this begs the question, how can the heat pass from the surface to the atmosphere if the surface is almost cold in comparison, while nuclear explosions are claimed the opposite with an internal ignition point temperature of 100,000,000° Celsius, and a surface temperature of 6000° Celsius, which is almost cold in comparison to the internal temperature? Does that nonsense, claimed by so called scientist, sound even remotely plausible?

Any claim the Sun is a nuclear furnace, if the glaring flawed logic is ignored of the nuclear furnace model, is completely disproved practically by the Papp Engine, this was developed by Josef Papp. Using the same gases that form the Sun’s atmosphere, held within the sealed ignition chamber of a piston engine.

A plasma arc generated by a plasma plug, charges the gases, converting them into a plasma, which forms a powerful implosive vacuum, compressing the chamber, pulling the piston up, when the plasma arc is turned off the plasma converts back to a gas, expanding the chamber, pushing the piston down, this burns no gas, it simply charges the gas. It seems likely the Ashkenazi Richard Feynman murdered his assistant to prevent this technology from development, and the Papp engine is widely claimed a hoax without any biases of evidence to show this. The electric universe model supports the Papp engine concept. (According to a 1969 article in Commercial Car Journal vol. 117, page 63. One dead, eight injured)

It’s claimed much of the destruction from a nuclear explosion, (beyond the area supposedly vaporised we’d imagine), is due to blast effects. The blast itself, it’s claimed expends 40–50% of total energy.

A chemical explosion (like TNT), of a solid or liquid explosive material is converted to very hot, dense, high-pressure gas, which at sea-level produces a peak over-pressure of 375 kilo-pascals (kPa), and this oddly appears to be the same max. over-pressure generated by the claimed nuclear explosion.

At 50 seconds after the explosion, the blast wave from a large TNT explosion has travelled about 12 miles. This blast wave is determined by the overpressure, which in turn is determined by the energy released in the initial explosion—the bigger the initial energy release, mathematically the larger the overpressure and so blast wave. The energy release in a nuclear explosion is many magnitudes greater than TNT, yet the overpressure is impossibly identical.

The 1942 idea for the fraud of a nuclear chain reaction was born from the discovery of fission in 1938, by German chemist Otto Hahn. Fission is a naturally occurring process, as a spontaneous radioactive decay (not requiring a neutron) or generated by an exothermic reaction which can release large amounts of energy both as electromagnetic radiation and as kinetic energy. The result the fission process generates, through a nuclear transmutation, creates mainly fissile isotopes.

This is why a nuclear power station can control the rate of decay, because when radioactive decaying material is struck by fission neutrons, released from its own natural decay, it in turn emit more neutrons, accelerating the rate of decay, so the greater the mass, the greater the effect, to the point a large enough mass emits enough ultraviolet light and heat to generate steam when submerged in water. This means the rate of decay can be calculated from the mechanics of bombardment in relation to mass, not by the relatively constant exponential decay and half-life of the substance itself.

The physical-damage mechanisms of a nuclear weapon (blast and thermal radiation) are identical to those of conventional explosives.” (Wikipedia)

When you compare the claims of the properties of a nuclear weapon explosion, how could the physical-damage be IDENTICAL to a conventional explosion? It would be utterly impossible!

Can Compressive Force Split Atoms and Initiate a Nuclear Explosion?

The maximum pressure generated by gun powder is 50,000 psi, nitroglycerine is 25 times higher than the explosion pressure of an equal mass of gunpowder, so generates 1,250,000 psi, the (speculated) claimed pressure at the centre of the Earth is between 48,496,630 psi – 52,905,415 psi, does this huge pressure split atoms? NO it does not, although the fraudsters claim such reactions are possible based on the fiction of a chain reaction, this same claim is made for the Sun as a nuclear furnace, but all these claims are based on the same circular reasoning, and have no substantiated supporting evidence. So, it’s clear, pressure will not split an atom and release energy naturally.

Physics uses the claim of nuclear weapons, as the evidence for nuclear weapons, a nuclear bomb is based on the idea of a run away chain reaction where atoms spontaneously break apart, they apparently do this for some unknown reason, supposedly created from a mass of purified radioactive material large enough to trigger such an event, they use spherically synchronised compressive explosions in a bomb in order to generate the same effect as a large enough mass, that they claim, would naturally trigger said chain reaction, however the only evidence for such a run away reaction, or that atoms break apart in a large lump of radioactive material, are nuclear weapons, this is known as “circular reasoning”, nuclear weapons physics exists solely because the claimed nuclear weapons exist, no external proof or evidence of the runaway chain reaction supports that.

What causes radioactive decay?

When atoms have too many neutrons compared to protons, or vice-versa, their release causes radioactive decay. It is nothing to do with atoms splitting apart, this is why, as the radioactive material decays over time, its decay steadily reduces as the available unstable atoms reduce, this decay rate is referred to as half life (which indicates the length of time it will take for the amount of decay to reduce to half the amount).

The whole of physics has been corrupted by the Ashkenazi, and has been held stagnant since the 1930’s, this corruption is also dominant within astrophysics (used to prevent the study of the electric universe model) as well as geology (which attempts to mask the reality that all planetary bodies are expanding as they absorb energy drawn into the planet externally, and gravity (gravity is a real weakling – 1036 to 1040 times weaker than the electromagnetic force or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 weaker) is a pushing force generated through that process of absorption, which is why it pushes to the centre, if it were an attraction of mass, as they claim, it would pull in all directions, which it clearly does not), I point out that it is a small group directly responsible for this imposed corruption, as that is the reality. You cannot explain reality using abstract mathematics, abstract means an art that does not attempt to represent external reality, this replaced quaternion mathematics, which does take reality into account. Link: Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass?

Nuclear Testing

When you wish to present the illusion of nuclear testing, you have to convince the participants first.

You create two teams, one team builds a TNT control test site, in order to calibrate the nuclear blast, the first team believe the second team is building the nuclear test site.

The second team builds a TNT control test site, in order to calibrate the nuclear blast, the second team believe the first team is building the nuclear test site.

Then when the test site is detonated, the first team believe they are seeing the test site explosion, while the second team believe they are seeing the nuclear explosion, and vice versa upon the second detonation. Of course you make certain no one can see the explosions (because if you look at it you’ll go blind), as you need to doctor films and add special effects, (very poor quality special effects), to sell it to the wider population. They stopped the propaganda films in the 1950’s as people, even then, began to question the genuineness of the films, as what they claimed was actual footage of a blast, looked more like a half wit had made a home made movie of a pretend nuclear explosion, as a joke film.

A mushroom cloud is normal for a large explosion, if you heap up enough TNT, you will, indeed, create a huge explosion, so it is quite possible to create a real mushroom cloud, but that doesn’t have anything to do with a nuclear explosion. I expect with the vast stolen resources States extort from the slaves within their fiefdoms, building a 10,000 or even a 100,000+ ton pile of TNT is well within the financial powers to organise.

Why Did the Ashkenazi Create the Fraud of Nuclear Weapons?

As the end of the second world war was drawing to a close, it became clear to the owners of humanity (psychopaths who believe people are property to be exploited and controlled), that the masses would no longer support wars, globally the masses were beginning to see how pointless, deceptive and horrific wars were, so the owners needed to re-establish fear porn.

The Ashkenazi, who are experts in deceptions, lies and frauds, formed a think tank, they devised the idea of a super weapon that could, in one go, utterly destroy entire cities, this expanded to entire nations later on.

They decided to make radiation a deadly force (many attempted to expose this lie at the time, and events have exposed it naturally, the wild life around Chernobyl thrives, the Pacific ocean is unaffected by the massive amounts of radiation released from the Japanese nuclear power station disaster), so deadly no one outside Government mafias could possess radio active material, in order that no one could easily obtain the material and disprove the fraud practically.

They needed to make the process appear insanely difficult, to further prevent the possibility of the fraud being discovered, making the process to create the purified radioactive material, both technically difficult and obscenely expensive.

In a Psychopathocracy nuclear weapons, if they actually existed, would dominate control, the earth would have regions wiped from existence until only the domination of the psychopaths remained, however even Israel doesn’t use them, a mafia so depraved, it would, presently, be unlikely a single Arab would still be alive, if nuclear weapons were possible.

The Red Mercury Hoax

Red Mercury was a fear porn exercise, designed to increase the ability of fictional “terrorist” to have the power of nuclear attack.

Red mercury was well publicised on the main stream media, from the 1980’s into the 1990’s, claimed to have the pretend ability to create a nuclear weapon with a tiny speck of nuclear material, using the magic red mercury, which had the pretend power to turn this tiny speck of nuclear material into a powerful nuclear explosion, wiping out entire cities, it was claimed.

When this hoax of fear porn was being applied, the magical ingredients of red mercury were a secret that only the mysterious creators of it knew, this hoax was so ridiculous even the moronic eventually realised it was utter bullshit.

Nuclear Power Generating Electricity – Critical Mass

A critical mass is the smallest amount of radioactive material needed for a reaction that generates ultra violet light and heat (different radioactive materials take different amounts of mass to achieve this), a nuclear reactor takes a female and male shaped of a radioactive material, and to activate they lower the male into a female holder, within a tank of water, this creates a large enough mass to generate light and heat to produce steam, which is used by steam turbine generators to generate electricity.

If you’re beginning to doubt the claims of nuclear weapons, you should seek out more information, a good book is “Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax” by Akio Nakatani

Begin to research the claims, see if they stand up to scrutiny, look beyond the authority and seek out the evidence. The video below is a fictional interpretation of the system of propaganda.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine
“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” Thomas Paine

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