The foundation of common unity is the skill to reason to truth. In the modern world knowledge has fallen more and more into the manipulations and confusions of the elite sovereigns who dictate upon the people, this has inevitably led to a situation were, what is taught is not what is useful, true or evolving, people suffer false knowledge.

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Written by Abdun Nur

Why would you care about community, you may ask, I mean it’s something you’ve never experienced, so why would you want it, well consider happiness.

What is Happiness?

The most important thing for happiness is good health and well-being (both physical and mental), the perceptual elements of this are, creating good stress free living conditions, feeling safe and in control, and being within nature.

Health is corporatized presently, this means the medical Mafia exist, as all Mafia, parasitically, and diseases are invented as franchises and administrated by licensees, through a system built on frauds; the fundamental frauds of this sickness industry are germ theory and the fantasy of viruses; viruses only exist as computer models, no virus has ever been isolated, or proven to exist, in short a virus is a fiction and fraud. To generate more revenue for the medical Mafia, vaccines are injected into victims to generate, or greatly increase, the odds of the victim developing disease within their bodies. Link: The Nature of the Hospital System

Link: Monkeypox is the Rebranding of Smallpox

Link: Polio (Poliomyelitis – Grey Marrow)

Link: Tetanus Does NOT Cause Lockjaw

Link: Cholera – Vibrio Cholerae

Link: Enzyme Generated Disease (Ex. Spongiform Encephalitis – Herpes)

Link: Rabies the Fictional Disease

A soul in an unhealthy body cannot be truly happy, nor can a damaged mind be truly happy in a healthy body.

The govern mental corporate Mafia, that farm populations within fiefdoms, use baseless fears to manipulate and control their live stock, xenophobia is called patriotism, indoctrination is called education, slave law is called justice and imposed monopolies are called services.

Consciousness contracts when it’s invests in fear porn; fear porn dominates the thinking of the unreasoning masses, frauds fill the narrow confines of their mental prison cell, from the world ending frauds of nuclear weapons, to the contrived fraud of climate change, fear porn can only fester within an unreasonable mind. Link: The Claim of Nuclear Weapons

Link: Climate Change Fear Porn

Link: Overpopulation – Is It Genuine, Or Just Indoctrination?

A soul in fear cannot be happy.

Nature to the commercial corporations is a resource to be transformed into profit; profit is the interest demanded for the use of capital monopoly. The mantra of commercial corporation is “do ‘anything’ for what egomaniacal benefits can be extracted”, commercial corporate Mafias function psychopathically, with a complete disregard for human health or animal suffering, pollution (which they now mask with the fraud of CO2, which is simply plant food), environmental destruction (which they inflict through the fraud of ownership), and govern mental regulation designed to protect corporation from accountability, and enforce copyright and patent to maintain monopoly, carbon credits will be yet another layer of monopoly consolidation for the four conglomerate corporations that represent 96% of all global corporation, when this fraud is imposed. Link: Tri-Ba’al Corporation; The Fictional Corpse of the Trinity

A soul denied clean air, water and food, or easy access to the beauty and magnificence of nature cannot be happy.

Stress of the endless rat race (economic slavery), to feed the five forms of usury perpetually, a wage slave stuck working solely for the money, just to exist. You can’t quit, because no alternatives exist, leaving the rat race would likely have terrible financial consequences for you and your family. Link: Fear is an illness

The common emotional reactions to the present money monopoly are fear, shame, anxiety and guilt. Business is commonly built around cheating others, while such a payday might bring excitement and happiness for the perpetrator, its equal and opposite reaction tends to be unhappiness for the victim. In contrast community seeks reciprocation as a fundamental principle. Link: Corporation is Simply Another Term for Marketing

Studies have shown happiness decreased when gambling increased, it takes some time for the brain chemistry to restructure and re-adjust to living a gambling free life. Gambling is unhealthy and irrational, and causes conflict and even violence, so is fundamentally at odds with community. Link: Gambling: The Seeking of Unearned Reward

A soul and body held in economic slavery cannot be happy.

What people are conditioned through the entertainment media to believe is happiness, is wealth, a beautiful partner, fame, power, and position.

The only happiness derived from these ambitions are vicarious, in the blind adoration and worship of celebrity. For those few that enjoy these perceptual trappings of happiness, are they truly happy, in the superficial sense I imagine yes, but in any real sense of what happiness is, considered from how they behave in general, no.

People are conditioned to view parasites with wealth as superior, and the wealthy are indeed arrogant, entitled, and condescending, as this belief dominates the thinking of the wealthy as well as the poor.

People sacrifice time with their family in order to pursue wealth, squandering an entire lifetime worth of effort on hoarding fiat wealth, and when they die, was that a life well spent, in the sense did that life make them fulfilled, wise, virtuous, or was it a life of manipulation, extortion, contract and confidence trickery?

The irony of chasing money, allows the parasites to build monopoly and exploit that position generating inflation, in order to steal. The banking Mafia print I.O.U’s as a certificate of a debt called fiat money, in the past, on average every decade or so, fiat was worth half its purchasing power, presently the bankers are generating hyperinflation to crash all fiats globally, to bring in a new digital cryptocurrency, the ultimate reality of that scam will mean, there was no point of squandering your life spent hoarding fiat to the detriment of actually living a life in happiness, as the real value perceived for fiat, dwindles to nothing?

The very worst form of banking fraud – Link: Islamic Banking

So, What is Happiness?

The happiest people spend time with those they love, both family and friends, in common unity, this increases as it cycles, the more common unity, the more love, the more love the more common unity. Unfortunately the reality of what love is, is rarely grasped, and the majority live never really experiencing love above the superficial.

“You know very well that love is, above all, the gift of oneself!” Jean Anouilh

The encouraged child knows love, unconditional and invasive, dominant but nurturing. But this love is inherent not earned; it should be selfless love.

If reason is missing from the development of the child, schooled away, they grow to an unreasoning adolescent, unable to discern reality well, so, rejects love in confusion, they see fleeting novelty as love, their self perception, confidently held, of worldly wisdom, where the weak mind of unreasoning youth is open for manipulation, social engineering insane behaviour, physically scaring their body and mind permanently. This love is hormonal and unreasonable, and many weak minds fall at the first hurdle of life.

They often invest every drop of innocence in putrid bile, used and cast aside, love is lost, its potential reduced. The soul is marred by a foolish fantasy of love, and this is why the ‘skill to reason to truth’ is the most vital of all learnt knowledge.

Some unable to reason seek a vicarious escape from reality, the love of idols fills the void, the love of abstract thoughts fogs all reason, the jaded can reject all love; dominated by obsession, and conformity to their chosen substituted reality, where the mirror of love is lost to lust, or even perversions, that conform to the costume of their vicarious truth, physical pleasure the yard stick. Psychopathic love of the self. Link: Predator and Prey

The bitter years of loveless thought, in some, can realise the understanding of love again, in other it remains always pure confusion, life is too short in slavery to mature to a natural progression to reason.

But love is simple; unconditional and invasive, it nurtures and it expands, it only requires a single thing in response; its reflection, love is only a gift, it cannot be forced from you.

Love can take many shapes, it can fill life or its absence can wither life, reason and love are the bedrock of community. The diametric reality forms hierarchical corporate nihilism or the modern world.

To love a book, is to enjoy the emotional connection to its written thoughts. To love a home, is to enjoy the emotional connection to its comfort. To really live is to love life, so achieve true happiness, living for a creature of community requires community, to spread your branches in the warmth of the sun; existing only requires hierarchy, buried alive in the roots of restriction, subjugation and extortion.

Reasoning love is a mirror, beyond reflection; with deep correlation, a magnifying lens of reflected love, energises and nourishes the spark within. And true community is the living expression of love.

Community cannot be created by a group of strangers. By its very nature community demands ‘common REASONED unity’. The modern industrialised world has just the fiction of community; community today maintains little meaning or connection to reality.

The pragmatic bedrock of common unity is the surety bond, similar to the blood brothers of the American west. Link: The Surety Bond

Govern mental corporate Mafias are instituted against souls by small groups of parasitic wealthy psychopaths, to subjugate and exploit, freedom is not a individual choice, you can not be endowed with granted rights from your owners to be free, freedom is environmental not individual, you must live in a community structure free from the compulsion of others who may act against your individual choice, a community bound to the inherent power of reason built upon the binding reciprocal duty of care. Freedom is through unity of mind, not in conformity, but in every individuals free reasoned determinations.

Hierarchy results in systems that have no true value for the individual, those who worship hierarchy value property, wealth, and land at a higher value than human life, the most extreme example of this dehumanisation of the individual, would be manifest through the communist model, where the state has total power, dominating each individual as the corporations property.

Throughout a great portion of recorded history, humanity has suffered under a system of isolation, wherein the individual perceives themselves to wield little or no power. The state monarchical Mafia, or govern mental corporate Mafia or religious corporate Mafia control and dictate upon them and the general population. All controlled through the mandates of carefully maintained family bloodlines, from Popes to Presidents, Monarchs to the Banking elite, all are drawn and function under the same hierarchical sovereign model.

Link: The History of Albien (Britain) Part One

Link: The History of Albien (Britain) Part Two

Link: The History of Albien (Britain) Part Three

Community Quotes. QuotesGram

Hierarchies seek to isolate their victims, subjugating their minds, manipulating them with baseless fears, and indoctrinate delusions to pacify reality with illusions of equality, illusions of opportunity, illusions of identity, and illusions of ownership and accountability, just as religion pacifies them with illusions of salvation, illusions of resolution, illusions of justice and illusions of sanctity.


The foundation of common unity is the skill to reason to truth. In the modern world knowledge has fallen more and more into the manipulations and confusions of the elite sovereigns who dictate upon the people, this has inevitably led to a situation were, what is taught is not what is useful, true or evolving, people suffer false knowledge.

The peoples of the Earth stand ignorant as they ridicule and mock themselves through their thoughts and actions.

The serpent that seduces perception is the Sophist – meaning, ‘One skilled in elaborate and devious argumentation’. Sophist arguments confuse perception and action, but are often difficult to identify, unless you’ve mastered the skill of reasoning.

Witworms dominate the mainstream media, politicians, barristers, and media mouthpieces are simply professional sophists. A Sophist tries to argue freedom from the perspective of personal action, when freedom should be viewed in the opposite perspective, a society free from exploitation, free from subjugation, free from conflict, free from usury in all five forms, being taxation, interest on debt, rental, profit and ownership, free from religious compulsion, etc. this would be freedom, anarchically empowering individual actions, that are dominated by individual responsibility, freedom means accountability, so to be free is an environmental reality more than a individual act.

The sophist shout about the gift of personal freedoms bestowed by sovereigns, that grants rights to the individual, that they subjugate, with human rights acts, all rights are a grant from a superior (owner) upon an inferior (slave), and exist at the whim of the granter, only a slave has rights, a free soul has inherent power which is immutable, unalienable and universal. Link: Inherent Power

Link: Part One. The Writ (Notification)

Link: Part Two. How a Substantive Witena-Gemot of Axiom- logical Inherent Power, Could Function Through Axioms of the Land, if Re-established

Link: Part Three – Establishing Accountability – Witena-Gemot Administrators of Terrente Relief

Link: Part Four. Wite and Surety Bound-Souls

Link: Part Five. Terrente – Duty of Care – Outcast

Link: Part Six – Universal Accountability – Relief, Recourse and the Peers

Link: Part Seven. Constructive versus Substantive


Happiness is a state of mind, 90% of our happiness comes from the way we view the world and internally process our environment, happiness is not then a passive experience, but each individuals conscious reality, those who have a strong sense of purpose and meaning in life, have better subjective wellbeing. Purpose is good for our well-being, and improves our resilience to stress and even our ability to think.

Purpose in the hierarchical model, is focused on fiat wealth generation, with what small time remains spent on parenting, home improvement and socialising, observably this does not make people happy, because fear of poverty is not a basis of happiness.

The method of hierarchy is to ignore the underlying cause and simply state the desired outcome as the solution of an abstract concept, without ever addressing or resolving the underlying cause generating the abstracted concept. The pursuit of happiness, this will make you happy, just as they say in a negative expression the war on terror will end terror, both these ideas are logical fallacies, using the outcome as the source of the outcome, without addressing the cause, war is the generation of extreme fear, and terror is the suffering of extreme fear, how can generating extreme fear remove extreme fear, it is an expression of a fallacy of logic?

If, for example, a lack of purpose in your life, makes you unhappy, you have a cause, you could then say, create a passionate purpose in your life and you will be happy.

Purpose must then be your passion and passion is about emotions, generating motivation, resulting in contentment, pride, accomplishment and these emotions makes us feel good. Therefore the key to purpose is always “do what you love”.

Polycentric Common Unity

‘Poly’- (many) centric (cardinal point- something on which other things hinge); to have many centres of importance: a plurality of independent centres of communities existing within this proposed structure as a natural equitable system, self-generating anarchically. The platforms are built through location, forming economic communities of those within a certain area, with each new bondsman forming their own unique hub with reference to their physical regional location within the accounting system. But this is not a direct reflection of how their account functions, which makes each bondman the centre, as a virtual hub within the community platform, encapsulating in community all those within a 5 mile radius, so when a need bond is proposed for example that includes the area of a 5 mile radius of the bondsman, it would be advertised as within their hub, for example.

The origin of the word “community” comes from the Latin munus, which means the gift, and cum, which means together, amongst each other; so community literally means ‘given willingly in proximity to people’.

The first community we all enjoy is the family, the clinical psychopaths now imposing their insanity upon the Earth stated this 75 years ago.

“The family is now one of the major obstacles to improved mental health, and hence should be weakened, if possible, so as to free individuals and especially children from the coercion of family life.” – International Congress on Mental Health, London, 1948

Hierarchy is the opposite of common unity (community), hierarchy is division into ranks, and you cannot have division in unity, the goal of all hierarchy is to isolate their victim.

These models are mutually exclusive, in hierarchy you must exclude any soul that can reason, if they learn to reason they become unfit to be a slave, you cannot unlearn to reason, anymore than you can unlearn to read. In community you must exclude any soul that is unreasoning, until they have learnt to reason, then all can join community, as all natural dichotomies are asymmetrical in nature.

In hierarchy, for millennia, the reasoning have been sort out and exterminated, as they must purge any voice of sanity, in community all can join once they master reasoning, exclusion is then a choice. Think of it like speaking the local language, for example, if you moved to Britain you’d have to learn to speak English in order to function easily when interacting with the population, likewise reason is the language of community.

The soulless psychopaths that create and dominate hierarchies seek to remove all forms of community because it functions in polar opposition to community; true community is always anarchic, these two forms of social cohesion are incompatible.

Division and isolation are the desires of hierarchy, while anarchic community seeks a spirit of trust and goodwill amongst people closely associated in activities and endeavours, working in unity in purpose are the desires of community. Hierarchy seeks competition while community seeks cooperation, hierarchy seeks the division of democracy while community seeks the harmony of consensus.

Division is the basis of hierarchical control, where all except the Ba’al (owner) at the apex of the pyramid are slaves, and all slaves seek rank. Link: Tri-Ba’al Corporation; The Fictional Corpse of the Trinity


The expression of reasoned thought is through discourse both written and spoken. Reasoned discourse generates a sense of purpose, positive emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

All mental illness, except for the psychopathic who are born soulless, is simply a mind damaged through the absence of community. The fraud of psychiatry is built on the scrap of happiness discourse generates, where the mind can recover some of its calm simply through another individual being willing to interact and speak with them.

Nothing defines people better than their discourse. Reasoned discourse unfolds the values, cultural themes and beliefs of the people, reasoned discourse defines how and why they live in the way they do. Access to the reasoned discourse of people provides mental growth, armed with the necessary information about the patterns of life they reason would best suit them.

Insanity is Commitment to an Irrational Conclusion

In edification, reasoned discourse allows people to express ideas and thoughts and to figure out complex problems. Without reasoned discourse, there would be no such thing as edification, because ideas must be shared and explored for learning to happen. This contrasts the school model of education, which is systematic, hierarchical indoctrination. Link: Edification of Child Need Bond

Insanity is Commitment to an Irrational Conclusion

The skill of reasoning to truth is absolutely vital to the growth of the soul, without it you are truly lost. Real wealth, meaning emotional wealth, refers to the abundance and successful management of mental, relational and purpose-relevant resources. Without mastering reason you are trapped in childhood as an irrationalist, and then, to all that can reason, your beliefs are often quite insane.

How to Form Anarchic Community Locally

Step One – Edification:

Learn the skill of reasoning to truth; through mastering the identification of logical fallacies. Link: The Reasoning and Virtue Reward Platform

Link: Mastering the Skill of Reasoning – The Trivium


Form local group either physically or online and build knowledge of methods to address ‘The threat of overwhelming force against the legally disarmed.’ by the govern mental Mafia. Link: Anarchic Militia

The community platform would when built provide tutorial videos and documents to teach people how to interact with the govern mental Mafia, how to deal with the policy enforces and avoid entering a contract with them, how to deal with the courts without accepting representation of the straw-man, how to deal with government bureaucrats from local or national government.

The Allodium:

How to deal with the transfer of the fraud of tenancy and establish the allodium. Etc.

A need assurance bond could be formed, and a cooperative to service it, that would function to aid in the nullification of any legal action the Mafia attempted.

Step Two – Establish TME Anarchic Cryptocurrency and Barter Notes Model:

Join the bonding Platforms (once coded).

Begin to transfer your savings onto the platform in part or full, which are then held in a safe store of fixed value; as TME becomes available to buy on the fiat trading platform. You cannot trade TME for fiat directly, but you can pay invoices outside of the platforms with fiat, so indirect trading.

Once a production cooperative is formed to manufacture barter notes, and ATM’s have been adapted to accept and check barter notes locally, any bondsman can draw out whatever amount of barter notes, in exchange in trade for TME cryptocurrency held within their account. The value of barter notes is determined by their fiat silver value, and the TME value is determined by the purchasing power of fiat, so the exchange value is variable.

When a barter note is traded for TME value, ‘the advance is generated’, the collective bondsmen of the need bond utilising the entire ATM and note structure stand guarantor, while the external guarantor is the physical note which can be resold to recover the advance. When the note is taken out of the ATM, at a future point, that advance is returned and cancelled, during the trade.

If the fiat silver price went from $22 to $30 the barter notes may become more valuable against the TME cryptocurrency, which is valued against purchasing power, conversely if the silver price went from $22 to $20 it would trade for less TME.

When an advance is generated on the platform 2% of that advance is generated separately, to manufacture barter notes, and the first need bond established locally would be a barter note production bond and cooperative bond, this bond could provide this service for many local hubs over a large region, and all costs would be collectively shared.

As time passes of all advances generated and all returned, only the actual number of TME coins would be relevant and be set at 2%, including all existing barter notes already in circulation, as production ability allowed.

The annual cost of the barter note production bonds would be a shared burden proportionately to how many barter notes you use within that year, for example the production costs are recovered in trade of the barter notes, but the infrastructure and equipment depreciation cost each year is a shared burden. Let’s say it costs 20,000 TME in depreciation each year, then if 20,000 people used the barter note system they would each pay proportionately to their use, if you used the system 300 times in a year, and I used the system 100 times you’d pay three times as much as I for the year, so I may pay 0.3 TME and you may pay 0.90 TME for example.

If you’re a non-reasoning or reasoning bondsman on the platform, but you work within a cooperative and earn TME cryptocurrency, you can draw it out from any ATM in barter notes, or you can get reimbursed for invoices from your fiat debit card with proof provided by placing TME on the fiat trading platform from your account. (Note: only a reasoning bondsman can gain advances, a non-reasoning bondsman can buy or earn TME but cannot gain advances)

You can also deposit barter notes back into an ATM where they will be converted at the present value in trade as TME cryptocurrency into your account.

The average fiat bank note changes hands on average 110 times a year and stays in circulation for 6 or 7 years. Barter notes are much tougher in construction, lets estimate they last 25 years on average, once a note needs recycling, its returned to the barter note production cooperative, where also anyone can sell any silver they wish to be converted into notes.

A tiny depreciation charge is added to the production cost element of the notes, each time a note is returned or taken from an ATM, its recorded on a bondsman’s account, depreciation amounting to 4% per year of the estimated 0.056 TME production cost, totalling 0.00224 TME annually per note, is spread out proportionate to use each year. If the initial starting value is set at the purchasing power of $10 equalling 1 TME cryptocurrency when the platforms are released, the production cost is the same for any valued note produced whether a 7th of an ounce or 1 ounce note etc. Computer systems are fantastic accountants.

If demand for barter notes exceeds 2% of advances, this could be increased by the production cooperative, if people bought them directly and paid in advance with TME. 

Step Three Creating Bonds:

The second most important need bond is the technological hub development bond and cooperative, to develop suppressed or ignored technologies open source and to help the development of forming cooperatives to create technologies locally and disseminate them globally.

The most pressing technologies that need addressing are communications, and the development of quantum entanglement technology would remove the monopoly of the corporate system, and the development of free energy sources, the Papp engine, the Japanese scooper company magnets, the bacteria that generates hydrogen, or which ever of the many free energy options are available to consider.

Community is always structured on freely entered ‘Binding Agreements’. Your seal is your bond, your seal is a referenced physical imprint, like your thumb print, with a witness seal attached.

You can form bonds locally and satisfy needs. The bond is the key to anarchic community, freely entered agreement, built around access to an advancing TME (true medium of exchange), in symbiosis with CME (a Crude Medium of Exchange) barter notes. Link: True Medium of Exchange Barter Notes

Stop accepting fiat money as explained- Link: A True Medium of Exchange

Use the bonding platform templates to build need bonds to provide for any local need. Link: The Bonding Platform

Examples of need bonds:

Link: An Internal Terrain Nutraceutical or Bioceutical Healing Bond

Link: Car Driver Assurance Bond

Link: Walk In Supermarket Need Bond, Forming Cooperative Bonds

Link: Edification of Child Need Bond

Link: Movie or Small Screen Series ‘Need’ Bond

Link: Software Development Bond

Link: Paying for the Roads Without any Government Mafia

So come together, master the skill of reasoning to truth, then you can easily communicate, you will have no conflict, you can reach consensus and you can build.

Step Four Physically Establishing Bonds:

No bondsman could trade land with a corporation, and no corporation can be reimbursed for the fraud of tenancy, all land held by corporation would be freely available as the existing corporate Mafia monopolies are slowly rendered obsolete, in the mean time, land can be traded with individuals that hold the fraud of tenancy, and they would be reimbursed for the cost of the land, created through the tenancy fraud of ownership, and once the tenancy was reimbursed the land removed from the registry and established in allodium. Link: Allodium Platform

Link: The Nature of Ownership

A need bond for construction of infrastructure would be formed and a cooperative bond created to service it, and local needs would be built, free of the five forms of usury.

Step Five Establishing Accountability:

Once the economic, medical, technical and production is in place, accountability is important and the establishment of inherent power arbitration can be created. Link: Inherent Power

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  1. Salam Abdun ,

    One of the best article you wrote, it’s very comprehensive and links provided fully explain the view of paradise, an alternative you suggest to the present Riba Model, a hell established on this planet , where humanity is suffering and not evolving spiritually, rather contracting into black oblivion , which is no future but extinction.

    I wish humans open their eyes and ears and find lies all around them and get out of lies into the truth and love of paradise . You deserve congratulations. My heart is filled with feelings of gratitude.

    Thanks for sharing. I have shared it with my all friends.

  2. Love, happiness and reasoned discourse are said to be the foundation of the proposed commune system of living. How would the psychopaths, mentally ill and the soulless be dealt with in the common unity system. Will they be treated as slaves or lesser commons. The monitary system you outlined is very shaky and confusing. I don’t think it will be practical. Secondly all people living in the commune could not have same thoughts, view of the world and perception of the environments. what will be the position of those with opposing viewpoint on different issues. Then how will the law and order maintained in society. What about the offenders of rules and general perceptions.

    1. Amity Bakhtiar,
      community is only possible for reasoning souls, irrational souls will not accept or function well in community, they need hierarchy, the Jinn, or if you like the psychopaths, cannot be in community, they could serve a function, so earn a living from community but could not live within it, they are soulless and so cannot be trusted or relied upon; or psychopaths and irrationalists could form their own hierarchical society, just as all are forced to suffer presently.

      Mental illness is a product of hierarchical society, we are communal creatures and when held in isolation cannot function well, this in some causes them to mentally fall apart, they can seek an exit with suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, or they can break down in the face of such isolation and get labelled by the quackery as mentally ill.

      There is no law, the anarchic model is built on arbitration and I explain this in detail in eight articles on the website, please read.

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