Trading thoughts, which are ideas or opinions produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind, is important, as knowledge builds knowledge, ideas beget ideas; however, only when truth is the foundation, as truth is almost always the foundation of discovery; chance being the exception.

Thought Deposit Trading

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Written by Abdun Nur

Trading thoughts, which are ideas or opinions produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind, is important, as knowledge builds knowledge, ideas beget ideas; however, only when truth is the foundation, as truth is almost always the foundation of discovery; chance being the exception.

The hierarchical structures of thought trading, use universities and corporate research departments, protecting their thoughts and ideas, or the stolen thoughts and ideas of others jealously, with copyright and patent, in 2020 $2.4 trillion was squandered on research globally, however even within their structure, you can’t legally own an idea. Link: The Nature of Copyright

Much of the corporate research published is fraudulent and or contrived nonsense, because many areas of research have foundations of lies, and when they attempt to build upon lies they can build nothing but more lies, this is no more evident than in the field of medical research.

Technologies have been developed independently and suppressed with bribery and murder through corporate interests repeatedly, over the past century, and many of these technologies could easily be resurrected and open sourced, empowering cooperatives and allowing people access to alternatives to many existing monopolies.

New technologies can be developed that could never be developed through the present corporate system, as some of these competing technologies would remove control over the masses. For example, quantum entanglement, the understanding of this is now advanced enough for this technology to be developed as a means of mass communication, removing any need for radio or microwave signals, or centralisation, allowing download speeds a 1000 times or more faster than the fastest present Internet connection, with instant communication no matter the distance, even the other side of the universe, with no signal to track, block or disrupt, a none toxic means of signal transfer.

Trading for knowledge, or the development of knowledge, is then fundamental, just as corporations fund thought, so anarchic trade can fund thought. Research has shown that sharing ideas in discourse can build respect, boost your reputation as a thought leader, fill knowledge gaps, and even improve the satisfaction of life itself, because we are a creature of a unity of one fractal soul.

Schooling is designed to prevent the skill of reasoning to truth, and to wither imagination, the two mental qualities that are vital in any wise soul, State mandated schooling is a vile form of child abuse.

The thought trade is simple, the one with an idea, presents it for trade, if you like the idea, you can buy the thought, you can buy as many thoughts of that idea as you like.

The idea is now funded, or at least partly funded, and as the idea develops, others, like you, will see the genius of the idea and buy more thoughts.

When the idea is fully realised, let’s say for example it cost 20,000 thought deposits to fund, and each thought deposit cost 200 TME, that means 400,000 TME are held in thought deposits.

Let’s say, you’re a mechanic within a cooperative, created by a need car assurance bond, and the idea was to develop puncture proof tyres, that used a viscous gel instead of air; as the leading cause of traffic accidents are tyre failures, and as within the cooperative the less accidents equals greater earnings, it is to your financial advantage to improve road safety. Link: Car Driver Assurance Bond

So the tyre technology is now ready, and the platform can now create a need bond to manufacture ‘all weather’ gel tyres, and many cooperative bonds can be created to service that need.

You, as a mechanic require tyres, and you’ve traded for many thought deposits for their development, so whenever tyres are manufactured you’re always at the front of the queue, the more thought deposits you hold the nearer the front of the queue you are, this means your car assurance bond, bondsmen, get tyres first and always, while other car assurance bond mechanics get tyres to supply their need bondsmen, only after all thought deposit holders have their bond needs fully satisfied.

If you, as an individual want to drive a safer vehicle, you may buy a single thought deposit of that idea, so you would get tyres before anyone that does not hold a thought deposit on that idea.

Without your investment within the idea, the reality of that idea would not practically exist, therefore it is reasonable that you should always be first in the queue for the fruits that idea generates.Dale Carnegie Quote: “People support a world they helped create.”

You could sell forward the thought deposit at any point, even before the practical fruits of the idea had manifest. If you, for example, ordered tyres on the strength of your thought deposit holdings, but sold them before the full order was delivered, the moment the transfer had occurred, would place any outstanding undelivered orders you had, at the back of the queue.

Each thought deposit has a unique number in the system, and a certificate can be printed for each thought deposit detailing who possesses it, when paid for, etc. which could then be displayed for people to see, and a cooperative can also advertise thought deposits to attract new bondsmen to the need bond they service; showing their thought deposit certificate demonstrates they are working to improve safety actively through the use of their own earnings, and holding thought deposits can also mean their cooperative has advantages over other local bonds of the same type, they are always at the front of the queue for tyres, in the example.

The thought trading platform supports theoretical ideas as well as practical ones, for example, I have a reasoned hypothesis that the cause of ageing is due to the dehydration of the cells within the body, I theorise that a cell absorbs water then breaks it down into its constituent elements of hydrogen and oxygen, then reassembles those elements to form new elements. Therefore, to reverse ageing, you simply need to rehydrate the cells.

The cost of the technological hub would be a shared burden proportionately spread across all those utilising the hub, funded through the thought deposits they held.

Once a specific technology was developed, whose reimbursement cost would be initially a set amount determined through the need bonds created to generate the product or provide the service.

That set amount of reimbursement added to the cost of each item produced or service done, would be added until the development cost, all thought deposits, were fully repaid.

Once the thought deposits were all repaid and dissolved, each additional item produced or service done would attach diminishing cost, for example, if 1 TME was added to each item produced, once development costs had been repaid, then 0.25 of a TME would be added, reimbursing those who had paid 1 TME for the product as an added cost, so that they too only paid 0.25 TME. This process could be continued, once all had paid only 0.25 TME in added cost, it could be adjusted to 0.05 TME for example, and the process of reimbursement could continue. Once the amount was tiny, after this, all production would then have no added costs of development.

This means, if I bought a thought deposit, and it at a future point resulted in production, the cost of development within a technological hub would be paid as an added cost for each manufactured item, let’s say the cost of development was 400,000, then for each tyre a cooperative manufactured, 1 TME was added, after 400,000 tyres had been produced the cost of development would have been returned and all those that had held a thought deposit would have been reimbursed, and their deposit dissolved, along with any advantages those deposits had granted them.

I can seek thought deposits from anyone interested in funding me in research and experimentation in any idea, which may or may not lead to the ability to reverse ageing for example, if it did lead nowhere, the thought deposits invested would generate no benefit, if it did lead somewhere, you would be at the front of the queue for rejuvenation.

Maybe I am a mathematician and I theorise that I can apply quaternion mathematics, and determine the theoretical structure of time, as a toroidal dichotomy, I present a reasoned discourse demonstrating a logical foundation for further study, you invest thought deposits in my further research, this may generate no practical fruits other than the furtherment of knowledge, which would result in a detailed scientific book, the production of the book would have an added cost to cover development of the theory, in the same way the tyre example functioned.

Or it may open the Pandora’s box of time travel at a future point, if it does develop the knowledge of time travel, you would be at the front of the queue to go back in time correcting any errors of historical events, or forward in time, bring back new scientific advances, for example, or whatever was decided to do with such a tool.

Maybe you have an idea for a book, and place the first chapter on the thought trading platform, seeking funding to write the rest of the story, which you have roughly outlined or explained, bondsmen can read and consider your book idea.

If they like it, they can buy thought deposits in order to fund it, once the book is complete they receive the book before anyone else, which they’ve already paid for, by purchasing a thought deposit. The cost of a thought deposit is determined by the one presenting the thought on the platform, if for example I set the cost of a thought deposit for my book idea at 100 TME, it’s unlikely I’ll get any takers, if I set it at 10 TME and I include the first edition copy in trade for the TME, I may get plenty of interest. Example Link: Evil William the Soulless – The Vatican’s Man of the Millennium

If the thought deposit idea required technical support to achieve, such as the finding of individuals with certain skill sets to form a cooperative bond, specialised equipment, etc., the idea would form a need bond offer within the system. Bondsmen that had bought thought deposits would be requested to stand guarantor for the funding of the technological hub, when an idea had reached a minimum level of funding. (No one buying thought deposits gives any thought deposits until a minimum level of funding is achieved, the system only trades the thought deposits at the point the minimum number of is achieved, only then is the idea funded, the system will only request the cost of the thought deposit once the minimum number of offered deposits is reached.)

Another option for technological advancement would be a local technological need bond hub, this two can gain added resources through the mechanism of thought deposits, to further service ideas within that technological hub.

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