Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass?

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Written By Abdun Nur

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The glaring problem with gravity, as a claimed attraction of mass, is, if it were indeed an attraction of mass, then it would pull in all directions, however gravity only attracts to the centre of the planet, if it were an attraction of mass, then when I stood at the side of a huge mountain, I should be pulls sideways slightly, or when I travelled deep into the earth the mass around me and above me should pull me side ways and upward as well as downward, and a mass close to me should have a greater effect, than the mass further away, this is not the case. So the glaring question is, what is the reason this attraction of mass would align itself as a centralized attracting force within a large planetary body and not pull in all directions?

So, if gravity is “not” an attraction of mass, what is it?

It’s claimed as conjecture that gravity extends infinitely as an ever weaker field from all mass, this assumes gravity is generated by mass, but if gravity is not generated through an attraction of mass,  that has no foundation, so, gravity does not extend infinitely.

The International Space Station orbits 250 miles above the earths surface with a force of gravity reduced by 10%, let’s for simplicity say that for every 400 km the force reduces by 10%, this means 4000 km from the earths surface no gravitational force exists or is negligible. Let’s ignore the demonstrated reduction of 10% at 250 miles, and say gravity reduces by 1% every 400 km then the force would extend 40,000 km, let’s say gravity reduced on average 1% every 1000 km then the force of gravity would be gone 100,000 km from the earth surface. The moon is 384,400 km on average from the Earth.

The moon is about 1.2% of Earth’s mass and 2% the volume of the Earth, that means the Earth is 98% more in volume than the moon. The Earth weighs 81 times more than the moon. the moon is as a minimum 886 times further away than the international space station from the Earth surface, now the moon does demonstrate an effect on the oceans, but is it through an attraction of gravity from its mass?

Let’s reverse the force of gravity from a pulling force of attraction, to a pushing force of absorption.

So, let’s say, gravity begins “pushing” objects towards the Earth at around 100,000 km from its surface, this weak pushing force concentrates the closer it’s drawn and accelerated towards the earths centre, this drawing force is generated when the ambient electromagnetic energy of the galaxy is attracted to the metallic elements of the planet, gravity being a residual effect of aether flow. The flow of energy into the earth causes the aether to generate gravity as a residual of flow, which is dissipated within the liquid metal circulation which include rotating convection, magnetoconvection and rotating magnetoconvection forming facets upon the surface and within the crystalline toroidal form of the planet.

Magnetic fields extend infinitely, as the Sun travels around the galaxy, its atmosphere absorbs the ambient electromagnetic energy, which transforms the atmosphere of mainly hydrogen gas, into a charged plasma, the gas is not burnt off, or used as fuel, it is only electrically charged, generating a temperature of between 2 to 20 million degrees Celsius, while the Suns surface is almost cold at 6000 C. This energy absorption makes all stars grow.

Likewise as the Earth and all other metallic planetary bodies or moons pass through the ambient energy, they too absorb this energy, this absorption makes the crystalline toroidal structure of planets grow, and the mass of the earth has increased steadily as time has passed, the growing Earth is easily exposed through the examination of the much older land masses, which are around 34 km thick, in comparison to the ocean floor which is between 3 to 6 km thick, and if the planet is shrunk down, by reducing the growth of the ocean floor and drawing the old land masses back together, these land masses fit together perfectly as a solid ball,. The earth is expanding as it absorbs ambient energy, which forms new sea bed, this expansion happens along the undersea fault lines

The larger the planet grows the more ambient energy it absorbs, and so the greater the pushing force of gravity becomes, this is demonstrated in the fossil record, when insects dominated the Earth beginning 400 million years ago, they were huge, for example a giant dragonfly-like insects had a wingspan of up to 28 inches. This was possible as the pushing force of gravity was much weaker, as the planet grew insects shrank, at 150 million years until 65 million years (time scale claimed but in question) ago birds with huge wing spans, and dinosaurs that weighed as much as 100 tonnes roamed the planet, but as the Earth continued to grow these too disappeared, as the pushing force of gravity made it impossible for such huge creatures to exist.

The moon absorbs this ambient energy, like all metallic planetary bodies or moons it grows slowly, this reduces the pushing force where the moon interaction with the ambient energy effecting the Earth’s absorption, like a shadow, this reduced availability of energy for the earth to absorb, caused by the moons absorption, reduces the pushing force localised to that reduction and generates tidal fluctuations.

The moon has a gravitational effect, but a child could reason, it was nothing to do with an attraction of mass The actual distance of the moon from the earth varies over the course of the orbit of the moon, from 356,500 km (221,500 mi) at the perigee to 406,700 km (252,700 mi) at apogee. Clearly no gravitational force could exist as ‘an attraction of mass’ to do this at such huge distances beyond any detectable gravitational attraction, making the claim the moons gravity as an attraction of mass, effects the earths oceans, nonsense. The density of the moon is claimed low, but it is more likely the metal content of the moon is low compared to the metal content of the Earth, which would reduce the ability of the moon to absorb energy, and means the moons density is likely similar to Earths per cubic centimeter.
Comparative size of the Moon to the Earth. The moon is only 2% the volume of the Earth

90 percent of the pushing force of Earth’s gravity reaches the space station, so you may wonder why do those claimed to be in the space station float around gravity free?

The answer is because they are in free fall. In a vacuum, gravity causes all objects to fall at the same rate. The mass of the object does not matter. If a person drops a hammer and a feather, air will make the feather fall more slowly. But if there were no air, they would fall at the same acceleration. Because of that, the object would appear to float in front of a falling person. That is what happens in a space station. The space station, its crew and any objects aboard are all falling toward but around Earth. Since they are all falling together, the crew and objects appear to float.

What does it mean to fall around Earth?

Earth’s gravity pushes objects downward toward the surface. Gravity pushes on the space station, too. As a result, it is constantly falling toward Earth’s surface. It also is moving at a very fast speed – 17,500 miles per hour. It moves at a speed that matches the way Earth’s surface curves. If a person throws a baseball, gravity will cause it to curve down. It will hit the ground fairly quickly. An orbiting space station moves at the right speed so the curve of its fall matches the curve of Earth. Because of this, the space station keeps falling toward the ground but never hits it. As a result, they fall around the planet (if indeed the space station is actually in space, some question this is the case).

Physicists Do Not Know What Gravity is, Only What it Does!

Hitchens’s razor is an epistemological razor (a general rule for rejecting certain knowledge claims) that states: “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.” This being the case, the vast majority of modern physics should be dropped into the nearest bin.

When it’s assumed gravity, to be a universal constant, it allows the calculation of masses and densities of celestial bodies. Using a gravitation constant, as  measured on Earth, would mean the planet Saturn appears to have a lower density than water, for example.

Strong evidence for a different gravitational ‘constant’ for each body at different times is the reality. Gravity is the most inconstant of physical constants. This is due to the level of energy available at any given time and the ability to absorb energy of a given planetary body.

It’s claimed gravitation is one of the four fundamental forces, but it’s so weak a force, the word “force” becomes nearly meaningless. The strong nuclear force (which keeps atomic nuclei intact) is about 100 times stronger than the electromagnetic force (which creates the light spectrum etc.), which in turn is up to 10,000 times stronger than the weak nuclear force (which facilitates the subatomic interactions responsible for radioactive decay). Three forces, all within six orders of magnitude of one another. Then comes gravitation. It’s about a million billion billion billion times weaker than the weak nuclear force (when considered as an attraction of mass).

This determination of the strength of the force of gravity is claimed based on the wrong idea, that it is caused by an attraction of mass. If the entire mass of a planet can only pull on an object, as an attraction of mass, a tiny tiny bit, then it has a claimed relative strength to electromagnetism of about 1036 times weaker.

Gravitation is the only force that doesn’t have a quantum solution — a theory that explains the force in terms of subatomic particles, as gravity only exists in reality as a residual effect of the flow of energy into a metallic body, much like the flow of water which has a force that draws things along as it flows down a valley, as energy flows into the metallic body it flows throw the underlying aether generating a gravitation push.

Although people are fooled into believing “scientists” know things, in reality they do not know as much as people think, and much of what is claimed science is built upon frauds, deceptions and lies. Besides not knowing what gravity is, they do not know what energy is, again “scientists” only know what energy does, and even that is limited.

"The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane." Nikola Tesla

The Electric Universe

Presently the elite, paedophile class of psychopaths, who dominate science through funding, want people to believe the universe is built around the weakest force, gravity. From this false foundation they have generated fantasies such as black holes, dark matter, dark energy and abstract theories of warped space, in order to bolster the utter nonsense of Georges Lemaïtre, a Roman Catholic priest, who constructed the theory of the big bang. This was achieved by corrupting physics in the 1930’s with the nonsense or plagiarism of Einstein, forming a false foundation, and the use of abstract (unrelated to reality- abstracted) mathematics. It is for this reason physics has been stagnant since the 1930’s.

"The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race. The time will come when the comfort, the very existence, perhaps, of man will depend upon that wonderful agent." Nikola Tesla

Gravity is not a foundation to explain the nature of the universe, even a very rudimentary grasp on reason would expose that reality, if you want to understand the nature of the universe then study energy, after all 99.999% of all the matter in the universe is plasma.

Plasma is a state of matter in which an ionised gaseous substance becomes highly electrically conductive to the point that long-range electric and magnetic fields dominate the behaviour of the matter. The plasma state can be contrasted with the other states: solid, liquid, and gas.

Any reasoning soul would instantly realise, the fundamental aspect of the universe is plasma not gravity.

The four physical dimensions of the fluid of the aether is effected by wave movements of that fluid, and for example some sound waves are shown to effect the flow of the aether and antigravity systems could be developed.

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