The more alternatives that are used, to the corporate hierarchical monopolies, the less power these monopolistic parasites wield, the weaker the structures of enslavement hold sway. You cannot use violence to remove a system of violence, you must simply establish alternatives to the monopolies, giving a free choice, and let a better model supersede, so rendering the old monopolies redundant, without violence, without forcing your model on to others.

Anarchic Militia

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Written by Abdun Nur

A Polycentric Network that Aims to Defend the Individual Against Oppressive Government (Corporate) Authority, Unprovoked Attack and Intimidation.

Community is common unity, therefore community is always anarchic, meaning free from all forms of hierarchical control, hierarchy is division into ranks, common unity, by its definition, can have no divisions.

Hierarchy has to be free of reasoning souls to exist, and those imposing hierarchy work to remove reasoning from the enslaved population, reasoning making a soul unfit to be a slave, all forms of community are free of the unreasoning, as unreasonable people cannot form common unity. If a group attempt to form a community built of those that cannot reason, infighting, chaos and eventual failure and dissolution follows.Reasoning Quotes - BrainyQuote

The foundation of any community is ‘the skill of reasoning to truth’, without this skill it’s absolutely impossible to establish any real unimpeded community. This ability can be learnt and tested before a soul can enter into a community.

Unfortunately people are schooled, an abusive prison based model designed to prevent the skill of reasoning. This average of 15,000 hour indoctrination programming, trains them to believe they can reason, and so, the main obstacle to learning the skill to reason is a firm faith based belief that they can reason already.

In my long studies of the systems and manipulations upon humanity, this false belief remains the fundamental problem with any hope of the formation of true community, or the development of any alternative anarchic models; models that would be able to save humanity from the impending horrors of the corporate owners, horrors that will make the horrors inflicted in the past, by these psychopathic parasites, seem as nothing in comparison.

Faith is a logical fallacy; the appeal to faith is always a fallacy, used to justify a conclusion, faith always and only exists in the absence of reason.James Harvey Robinson quote: Most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for...

Faith in God – All externalising god religions are inventions of the Ba’alist (owners), the method of misdirection is simple, the externalisation of what is an internal reality, all gods are externalisations.

Faith in government

Faith in doctors/medical science

Faith in tell lie vision

————-Faith in History———–

Faith in banks

Faith in state education

Faith in scientists

Faith in history

Faith is complete trust and confidence as an unreasoned belief held without any proof, or in other words, such confidence in a faith based belief, is not warranted in any way from the available evidence. (For those who are deeply invested in the faith in God externalisation, if you could provide evidence of a god entity, then you would not have faith, but reasoned belief, all that is required then is to provide such proof, and I’ll happily add it to the article. The reversal of reality is a simple way to misdirect, for an evidence based perspective on the creation of reality : Philosophy of Existence)Immanuel Kant 's quote about knowledge, reason. All our knowledge begins with…

The most common fallacies are:

Ad hominem (attack the person not their arguments)

False dichotomy – an argument where only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes.

False analogy – Example: Bananas and telephones are both shaped to fit our hands, so bananas must, like telephones, be designed. This is fallacious because the similarity in one area doesn’t imply a similarity in another. For example: Bananas and telephones are both shaped to fit our hands, so telephones must, like bananas, be edible.

Consensum gentium (wisdom of the crowd) – Arguing that an idea is true on the basis (a) that the majority of people believe it and/or (b) that it has been universally held by all men at all times.

Appeal to authority – saying a claim is true simply because an authority figure made it. This authority figure could be anyone: an instructor, a politician, a well-known academic, an author, or even an individual.Jonathan Swift quotes on knowledge

There are many more logical fallacies and the study and ability to identify logical fallacies is a fundamental part of reasoning.

How the Monopoly of Violence Allows all Other Monopolies to be Installed

When the parasites develop the corporate govern mental Mafia within a new area, they first of all, form a monopoly on violence.

The creation of a paid military force, is step one, this allows the Mafia to begin to take control of a region, imposing ownership as their eminent dominion, then selling deeds of tenancy with annual land tax attached, generating huge revenues for the owners of the corporation, for land they have absolutely no defensible claim to own and so to sell tenancies upon. Once this monopoly of violence is in place, the beast of the govern mental Mafia can grow. (Link- The Nature of Ownership)Inductive Quotes - BrainyQuote

You cannot win through the use of violence against an established govern mental Mafia, as there is always an endless supply of witless fools eager to join the govern mental Mafia’s military.

Rebellion against the corporate govern mental Mafia has been attempted many times over the centuries, and it always ends badly for two reasons. Firstly, if the Mafia lose, they will promise whatever the rebels demand, once the Mafias’ monopoly on violence is re-established, invariably the Mafia agents then break all promises and round up the rebels, murdering them on mass. (Link: Revolution is Spinning in Circles – Rebellion is the Revolt of the Conquered)

The second reason rebellion always fails is monopoly, the govern mental Mafia has established many monopolies, and no matter what happens, if you have no alternative structures of society in place, you will return back to the slavery of the hierarchical corporate Mafia systems, this is known as revolution as you simply spin in a circle. (Link: The Monopoly on Violence)

Violence is Not the Answer

Voting is an act of aggression against all around you, as you are inflicting a corporate representative upon them without their consent, to impose, extort and restrict. You cannot vote any freedom.

Democracy is conflict, functioning to strip away the inherent power of the individual, no reasoning soul would suffer democratic dictates, designed to manipulate and control.

You cannot petition the agents of the corporate Mafia to stop extortion, restriction or abuse, they are parasitical psychopaths, begging such entities is pointless.

You cannot riot against the govern mental Mafia, it ends with your local area destroyed, local people suffering, and the agents of the Mafia beating, murdering and incarcerating people on mass.

You cannot march against the corporate govern mental Mafia, they will manipulate the situation, kettling demonstrators in order to direct, block or pool them for abuse, often in-sighting violence using agent provocateurs, and then using their media whores, twisting reality, to vilify and attack.

All these things are mechanisms of control, designed to nullify the victims, exhaust their outrage against a wall of irrelevant nonsense.

Terrorism is the most ridiculous of all these mechanisms of control, where a small group, invariably under the guidance of controlled witworm opposition leaders, murder, intimidate and destroy in the name of fighting repression, this nonsensical idea is the most unreasonable of all. Using repression to fight repression, using terror to fight terror, using unprovoked violence to fight unprovoked violence, no reasoning soul would be a party to such terrible wrongful actions, these are the actions of the witless.

How to Develop an Anarchic Militia

Once the skill of reasoning to truth is established as the foundation of community, the next step is to develop other skills. It’s the responsibility of a free soul to establish the ability to defend themselves and their family, only a slave seeks the protection of an owner, this is why the ability to arm yourself with knowledge is fundamental to living as a free soul, as opposed to existing as a defenceless slave.

A key element of self defence is knowledge. the old adage:

 “Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are sure to be defeated in every battle.” Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher

The legal system of corporate policy can be addressed using knowledge of the systems to attempt to nullify or reduce the power of the various agents of the courts. The skills needed to address the police, court and bureaucracy of the state Mafia, can be practised.

Forming local groups or doing online tutorials to teach people methods to interact with the police, courts and bureaucracy without fear. Knowledge removes fear, and practice within safe groups helps to master a new skill.

The ideal time to learn these skills is as children, but adults can also master new skills.

Self defence of those in good health is key, establishing mixed marshal arts, teaching a combination of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, kick boxing and Judo within clubs locally, to teach people how to safely defend themselves from unprovoked physical attack.Founding Fathers Quotes on Guns and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the Second Amendment

Weapons training, if the local Mafia allows it, many govern mental corporate Mafias have already prevented access to weapons to consolidate their monopoly on violence. Where possible. the provision of weapons and ammunition and comprehensive training in the safe use and accurate execution of the weapon, safe storage, and safe transport, should be an individual goal for each reasoning soul.

This is done in Switzerland already where school children are given rifles and trained to use them professionally, each child supplied and allowed to keep them at home. (This alone would be the true reason Switzerland remains neutral in European conflicts, as although the population is mentally enslaved, they have the means to prevent an external Mafia take over, and the means to remove the Mafia completely if they could overcome their diminutive mental powers, and simply have a desire to face truth unafraid and master reasoning, that of course is very unlikely; the vaccine genocide will create an opportunity for those few that survive to consider, if being a coward, a parasite or wilfully ignorant is a good choice after all?)

Health is now used to depopulate through vaccination, a medical corporate Mafia built upon the lies of germ theory and the fiction of viruses dominates health abuse care, and so the removal of the many monopolies of the corporate parasites, through the establishment of anarchic structured alternatives is vital to being free from oppressions.

Lawrence Lessig Quote: “Money corrupts the process of reasoning.”

You cannot be free from parasites if you continue to use the systems developed and imposed by the parasites, you must collectively work towards the local development of alternatives, fundamentally built around a true medium of exchange that takes away the money monopoly that funds the parasites and their abuses.

Polycentric Networking

There are over 165  – 200 militia groups (depending on source) in the USA presently. These are defined by the US govern mental Mafia as: 92 militias, 75 sovereign citizen, three constitutional sheriff, and 52 conspiracy groups.

These groups could, using the proposed platforms detailed on this website, develop into anarchic bonds, built on reasoning, that are networked, not only in the fiefdom of the American Mafia, but globally, forming polycentric networks, no leaders, no hierarchy, as none is needed.

The bonding model allows individuals to choose to be a Rex (meaning- ‘to put right’), allowing those reasoning souls of their own accord, to join the bond. In doing so, declaring themselves willing to stand in defence of the weak, the oppressed, those souls suffering unprovoked attack, within a witnessed and sealed multilateral bond. The bond would prevent any acts of terrorism, of unprovoked attack, or revenge attacks, pre-emptive attacks, or attacks in general, it is defence from those attacked by agents of govern mental Mafias, or other forms of Mafia.

The bonding platforms, exist within a closed bond, meaning it is not open to the public, it’s built around a true medium of exchange, and requires proof of the skill of reasoning before any soul can fully join (an irrationalist could join but would have limited access to all the features of the platforms), it also excludes those that work against other souls, or are parasites. Additionally a closed bond allows those that break their bonds of unity to be expelled and banned from the bonding platforms at any time.

A true medium of exchange (TME) is generated exclusively as advances, interest and fee free; advances of the future labours of a bondsman, with at least three independent guarantees of the advancement of labour being returned, attached to each advance. If the TME is traded for any fiat, the fiats value in purchasing power is first determined, this means the TME does not alter in real value against any fiats, no matter how volatile the currencies are.

Additionally, advances on the ledger can only be exchanged for fiat in trade, meaning if you as a bondsman needed to pay a fiat bill, for example, an invoice for a new car, and you had enough in your ledger account to cover the cost, you’d offer the invoice on the fiat trading platform, and any one within the bonding platform could pay all or part of the invoice in exchange for the value of the nominated fiat at the point of exchange, for all or part of the offered ledger coins.

You cannot trade for fiat directly, as it has no value, being fiat, but if others outside of the platforms are willing to take fiat in exchange for real labour through an invoice for goods or services, trade is equitable.

This TME also allow those within the bond to convert and store their fiat currencies within a safe, stable ledger model. This prevents parasites from tracking trades, knowing the identity of account holders, as no legal names are needed or used and only bondsmen can access the platforms, this prevents any oversight, or access or extortion, whether from govern mental Mafia, banking Mafia or corporate (legal or illegal) Mafia.

As the ledger is anarchic in structure, the State Mafia cannot take it over, cannot shut it down without permanently destroying the Internet, or block access to it, as it’s peer to peer.

A rex is paid through the wite, administrated through the (software platform) Witena-Gemot (link), if the rex is lacking in any equipment to extinguish a notice (writ) of action, they are supplied (on loan) from within the community with body armour, weapons and munitions, and transport, only when the rex is needed to put a wrong right. Every care is given to a rex’s safety, and protection, nothing is more important than a reasoning souls life or health.

Training is very important to a rex, in the ancient system of protection those of a brave and strong disposition earned a living as a rex, putting wrongs to right, defending the weak and oppressed from parasitical psychopaths and murderers, etc.

A rex acts upon a bond of notification (similar to a writ), for example in the USA 2.5 million souls are incarcerated, around 86% for crimes against corporate policy, that have no wronged soul attached, this is a great wrong.

The corporate legal system is built around constructed legal fictions, used to mask inherent power (Link- inherent power), those bondsmen that feel this wrong should be set right, could contribute towards a inherent power bond of redress, a bond wherein those who have studied the frauds of the corporate policy system could, using inherent power demand the release of those held against their will by a criminal caba’al who use these kidnap victims as slave labour.

Those within the fraud of the legal system could be held accountable, using the arbitration platform within the bonding model, for their kidnappings, extortions and incarcerations directly, from lawyer to judge to policy enforcer, to those who profit from the labours of the physically enslaved. Once the banking system is in tatters (presently being engineered by the banking Mafia, in order to depopulate and bring in a one world communistic totalitarian government Mafia) the power of the parasites will for a time become very much weaker.

The legal system is global, so in every fiefdom, controlled by govern mental corporate Mafia, this could be address, some fiefdoms are run by criminals that do not care a jot about either adhering to, or administrating a rule based legal system, places where courts are so corrupt they’ve a free hand to murder, torture, incarcerate, extort and abuse without any redress possible.During the first two months of the war it was the Anarchists more than anyone else

The more alternatives that are used, to the corporate hierarchical monopolies, the less power these monopolistic parasites wield, the weaker the structures of enslavement hold sway. You cannot use violence to remove a system of violence, you must simply establish alternatives to the monopolies, giving a free choice, and let a better model supersede, so rendering the old monopolies redundant, without violence, without forcing your model on to others.

Immanuel Kant Quote: “If the truth shall kill them, let them die.”Those who are born into mental slavery will seek granted rights from their owners, will worship corporate figure heads, wave flags, stand up for the corporate anthem and support the invented borders, the military adventurism and bureaucratic dictates of their corporate owners. For such witless wonders little can be done, they will demand the depopulation vaccines and the earth will shortly be rid of them.

Presently the media whores claim anarchist militia are fighting Putin in the Ukraine along side the Ukrainian army, however, the evidence shows the banking and corporate caba’al owners orchestrated the Ukraine war entirely, and as the Ukrainian people will not fight for the bankers, the slaves within the European Union are being bled dry to endlessly fund a mercenary army at war with the Russian army. This is why a prerequisite of common unity is the skill to reason to truth, otherwise you can be easily manipulated to fight the oppressed on the side of evil.

To a reasoning anarchist, both corporate forces warring in the Ukraine are equally evil, the NATO/Washington Cabal against the Russian Caba’al, when both caba’als are under the control of the same groups of soulless psychopaths, controlling and orchestrating all sides. It’s never to take a corporate govern mental side, that any rex would stand in defence, but to protect the souls from all witless soldiers under contract to the soulless of the caba’al.

The arbitration platform allows anyone to seek accountability from all those who commit wrongs, even those presently protected by the corporate Mafia could be as accountable as any other. For example, Prince Harry (Princess Diana’s bastard son to James Lifford Hewitt) admitted to murdering 25 people during his military service, this mass murdering soulless psychopath should be held to account, that accountability would be impossible in the legal system, but quite possible through an anarchic arbitration platform.(Link- Part Six Relief, Recourse and the Peers)

People believe a government Mafia is needed to protect against an invading government Mafia from an outside fiefdom, which is the basis of feudalism, and the method used to impose the original (monarchic) govern mental slavery by the Vatican.

However, feudalism only works in two ways, when taking over an existing enslaved population it’s just a transfer of power, otherwise the Mafia must first clear out the reasoning elements of the population through genocide and colonisation. Once the infrastructure of the govern mental Mafia monopolies are all in place the colony is handed over to local criminals to administrate, and the corporations can drain the wealth from the population as long as the monopolies are maintained.

Therefore, if you want to be protected from invasion, you collectively have to become a poison pill, if an entire population can reason, they’re unfit to be slaves, reasoning is the kryptonite of corporations. If the entire population recognise a Mafia as a Mafia, and purge all agents attempting to infiltrate and establish monopolies, they cannot gain any revenue, and Mafia is corporation, and all corporation is simply a system of theft.

I remain a single voice, towards the objective of building the platforms, which would protect the savings of those using them, allow the formation of true community, protect the individual from the various Mafias, develop repressed technologies, replace the sources of production, remove all five forms of usury and allow all to be accountable for their inflicted wrongs, to that end the platforms would have to be coded.

Work to build the platforms could be begun if funding for a coding team was available, but I have little money, and I have received not a single cent through the website to-date, which I fund myself.

Unless alternatives are developed to the Mafia monopolies the future is a horror show, culminating in the complete extinction of humanity within a century, in my view.

If you’d like to help financially it’s quite simple: login to your paypal account – On the home page scroll down to the third large box on the left-hand side named “Money out” – Click on “send payments” Enter email address in box indicated    –    [email protected]     –     Click on next and add in amount then send

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  1. Assalam Alauiqum ,

    Dear brother Abdun , I have just read your new essay, a very intrestig read. You are absolutly right , that establishing alternatives is the solution to save yourself from monoplies, however awareness to see chains of slavery is the first step and than going for alternatives.
    Keeping weapons for self defence is only allowed through licence from Governments , while licence is given to only suitables, so what should general public do ?

  2. Amity Tariq,

    common unity is the key, even if you have no weapons, it is possible to stand united and act locally, an example of this happened in Mexico:

    This was simply removing the officials of the corporate mafia, and it generated a lot of freedom, massively improved safety from violence. If you removed the entire hierarchical structure of parasites it would be miraculous, we are born into slavery, and fooled into believing we are free, but when real freedom from parasites is experienced, people will at last begin to live, allowing souls to grow in a nurturing and fertile environment, instead of the present stagnant fog of bleak existence.

  3. Are you familiar with Derrick Broze? He’s started a freedom cell network.
    PayPal is an evil part of the monopoly. Any other way to support you?
    Do you have a Substack?

  4. Abdun,
    Excellent article, you are a good writer and a noble soul. We are all on the same page, you are not a lone voice, however so much of humanity has been decieved it feels that way. The masses are slow to awaken from their slumber or to admit the deception. Many still defend the establishment. Some will until the end. What you are doing with this article is good thoughtful follow through. There are some things we should all look at. Astrid asked about a Substack, there is Medium and a number of other platforms that can be used to get so many of our writings out there. We win this by the exact methods you are writing about. As for decentralized coin or token, many of us are already doing so. They have attacked the base value of alt tokens by setting up dark pool exchanges wash trading the value out of them on derivative exchanges with unlimited leverage and fake tokens. This doesn’t destroy the underlying value of the utility token, only falsely devalues it temporarily so most people take their losses . The criminal rulers are masters at manipulating curency as long as they can print and we accept it, and make no mistake we are in 5th dimensional warfare conducted by the Principalities and Jinn. Currency war is part of their battle plan. There are a number of quaility decentalized blockchains that exist. At least 20 come to mind. Your idea of our own community blockchain is stellar. It isn’t that difficult to establish and mint either. You don’t need to write code. Mainly getting Community acceptance. Look at, they make it easy to make your own block chain under a subset, it operates off of a person to person protocol. They have to kill the internet to kill it. It depends on decentralization to operate for distribution, validation and guarding the blocks. It is permissionless and is based on decentralized streaming. It also gives you free streaming and public video platform that can’t be censored. With the token value being shorted down, it is really a great store of value right now, but the bigger picture would be the community sub chain. There are other blockchains as well that could be used.
    Thanks for email, it was good hearing from.

    Peace be with you Michael

    1. Amity Michael,

      the ledger system is only one aspect of their control, the platforms would work as a complete alternative, free of any hierarchy, the bonding model allows new technologies to be developed and practically applied in real time, it frees all from money monopoly as the need bond reverses the present production structure, you should, if you’re interested, read the whole model, this is quite a lot of reading, as I explain the alternative across the whole spectrum of social interactions. Abdun Nur

  5. Abdun,
    You have a lot on the site, haven’t seen your work since Servants of the Light, are you talking about the Crypto White Paper you wrote? If so I will, I haven’t gotten to it yet. The bonding structure as I read in this article could be handled on the sub blockchain, it would be a function of the Community rules on an independent layer 2 with an independent token. The primary blockchain just handles secure blocks and the decentralized protocols. You could keep it on a Dex. I will read the white paper and share my thoughts. I am interested and willing to help make it a reality in some manner. Thanks Michael

    1. I should have another go at the white paper, I have improved the model since I wrote that one, the allodium platform is a key to removing the existing mafias, all five forms of usury are built upon the fraud of ownership, floated on the holy see of commerce.
      If you wanted to grasp the ownership fraud fully:

      The legal system is corporate policy I propose an anarchic arbitration model, I’ve written about this at length in several articles on the website, a model built around inherent power free of rights:

      The need bond reverses the capital monopoly and production is created by those with the need:
      Abdun Nur

  6. Abdun
    A lot to read, I know you put a lot into it, I will get back to you, need a few days.
    Peace be with You

  7. Thank you very much Abdun
    Great article mate,I’m so interested on learning about the psychological barrier most people have with regards to trtwhen its presented to them? As you wrote,they have lost the skill of reasoning to truth.
    Thanks again and I look forward to your next article.
    All the best

  8. Salam Abdun ,

    Thank you for your reply , I have shared your article with my friends. We are trapped into logical fallacies , like the one you explained in the example banana and telephone . It’s so difficult to take a man out of any logical fallacy he is trapped in.

    Can you explain emotions and logic/intellect. We observe people getting dominated by emotions which dominate their intellect/reasoning ability. What is the origin of emotions ? How a person can be convinced against his emotions which are dominating or influencing his reasoning ability, rather his reasoning becomes slave of emotions. If you consider nose of the dog as emotion , his legs as reasoning than his legs follow his nose. You got my point ?


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