Overpopulation – Is It Genuine, Or Just Indoctrination?

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Written by Abdun Nur

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Overpopulation propaganda is a construct to create utter contempt for ordinary people, the useless eaters as expressed by the paedophile class of psychopaths dominating humanity.

LIMITS TO GROWTH – Documentary broadcast in 1971 by Thames Television UK regarding The Limits To Growth that kick started environmentalism and various global agendas.

Overpopulation and global climate change, are frauds that are connected, those who swallow the lies of global warming, and the CO2 bogeyman, as a rule also swallow the overpopulation lie as well.

“Destruction of wildlife and the climate crisis is hurting humanity, with Covid-19 a ‘clear warning shot’, say experts.” The detrimental indoctrinated beliefs come to the fore during the “pandemic” scam. One UN representative stated the coronavirus was Earth “sending us a message”.

The hierarchical systems attempts to corrupt data, censor information, manipulate evidence, and present a distorted view of what is really happening, this is not only done in connection to overpopulation, but across the entire scope of govern mental ministry and connected institutions. The reality of global weather, is there has been a very slight rise in global temperatures over the past 120 years of 0.8%, which is so slight it’s negligible. But that stable cycle of the Sun has now ended, and a cooling cycle has begun, the earths temperature is generated by the output of the Sun and little else, this determines global temperature almost entirely. In the 70’s the elite had a problem with activists working against the dumping of toxic waste globally, the indoctrination was begun of CO2, which is plant food, framed as pollution, diverting attention away from toxic dumping, and focusing the stupid onto plant food, with zero reality based evidence they pushed the indoctrination of global warming, then climate change, now they have imposed huge taxation to further extort the masses under this indoctrination, while the old problem of activists stopping toxic waste dumping, is no longer a problem. CO2 in the atmosphere is around a third of one percent, 0.34%, the lower the stupid push CO2 levels, the less plant life on the planet, if it were lowered enough, all life would eventually cease to exist.

The elite have worked to reducing populations for centuries, the claim of overpopulation existed when only 350 to 375 million people populated the planet during the dark ages. The wholesale murder of the poor has been a constant pass time of the paedophile class across the centuries.

What are the real problems, masked by the fantasy of overpopulation?

To understand if there are too many people, we must examine the global situation, and the methods applied to use the natural resources available.


1.1 BILLION pounds of pesticide was used in America in 2006-2007, 22% of the world's TOTAL.

"cide" in pestiCIDE meand "To Kill".

Did you know that over 100,000 pesticide poisonings are reported in the U.S. per year?

The corporate industrial farming model, will have completely destroyed the soils of the arable land across the planet in the next 60-100 years, if they continue to apply the same insane model. This model is not based on best yields, or sustainability, so what is the reason this insane model of land use is being applied; one reason is using modern industrial farming diverts the wealth out of the farm and to the corporations, farmers must buy GM seeds, toxic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and this takes away almost all the wealth from the farm, and for this reason many farmers go bankrupt in the end, if they pursue the industrial model of farming for too long, the second reason is depopulation through disease generation as industrial farmed foods are toxic.

Firstly the land is tilled, this turns the soil and breaks it apart using a plow, you may think what is wrong with that?

Plants exist in symbiosis with the mycelium, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae. The mycelium takes dead plant matter in the soil and converts it into nutrients for the plants, this replenishes the soils nutrients and keeps the soil healthy, tilling destroys the mycelium networks, and brings this natural cycle to an end.

If farming were designed for best yields then no till planting methods would be applied, as the yields are substantially greater and the labour costs lower, the plants are healthier and the soil is nutrient rich and healthy, this also reduces the chances of erosion of the soils. A good method of clearing land of plants, seeds and parasites is birds, using land as a short term free range hen field for example, would clear the land of all seeds, insects and weeds on the surface, and the hens would also add fertilizer to the soil.

The industrial corporate farmers solve the problem created from tilling, using chemical fertilizers, with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium spread onto the soil, this allows the soils to support life, however the plants that are grown are progressively more deficient in trace minerals and nutrients, and these deficiencies move along the food chain to animals that consume the plants including humans. Chemical fertilizers destroy soil health, and like a vicious circle the more the soils are destroyed the more chemical fertilizers are applied.

The plants are much weaker due to the nutritional deficiencies they suffer. Weaker plants are considerably more prone to disease and pest attack. The industrial farmer solves this problem with chemical poisons, known as herbicides, pesticides and insecticides.

Another symbiotic aspect of the soil is bacteria, the bacteria work to do a similar function to the mycelium, in breaking down dead plant matter and returning the nutrients to the soils. When the soils are laced with toxic chemicals, the bacterial colonies are decimated, further degrading the soils.

To apply the amount of toxic poisons needed to eliminates weeds and kill pests, the industrial farmer further weakens and could even kill his crops.

The solution for the industrial farmer is to genetically modify the plants themselves to be more resistant to the toxic chemicals used to kill weeds and pests, allowing them to increase the amount of toxic chemicals the plant is able to absorb and still remain alive, and these very high levels of toxic chemicals contaminate the food chain, and the soils, destroying the living ecosystem of the soil, and degrading it year on year.

These toxic chemicals of herbicides, pesticides and insecticides leach into the water supply, many of these chemicals are endocrine-disruptors, negatively impacting on the hormonal systems of humans and animals. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. These chemicals are not only in the food, but in the drinking water, in the U.S. for example, NRDC studies found its contamination is most common in drinking water across the Midwest and the southern United States.

Genetically modified plants do not increase yields, they just allow the industrial farmer to unnaturally protect the weak plants from the pesticides, herbicides and insecticides the plant absorbs, killing all competition, and artificially preventing the natural processes, that would if nature took its course, destroy the weak crops.

The elite in control of industrial corporate farming have been working since the 1970’s to actively reduce food production, in the past huge food mountains existed, and this forced the cost of food down, so reducing the profits of the corporations, in the 1970’s enough food was produced to feed approx. 34 billion, today they produce enough to feed 10 billion. This is not reflected in the charts, as food production has shifted from high quality foods, that generated butter mountains, beef mountains, rivers of milk and wine lakes up until the 1970’s, (having huge surplus of food causes problems for the corporations, who would sooner dump them in land fill than lower profits, abundance removes the ability to add profits). Production was refocused to very low quality foods such as maize, rice, wheat, barley, soybean, peas, and beans.

The change began during 1970s, when govern mental corporations socially engineered the change in diets. Right up to the 60s, livestock, rather than people, were the main consumers of grains. instead people ate far more vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, eggs, cheese, raw milk etc. and much less fast foods, and grain based snacks. Governmental mafia and medical quackery promoted the food pyramid, as if it were based on medical science, they legislated and used the media whores to vilify healthy animal derived fats, and championed very unhealthy grain based fats, extracted using solvents. Grains allow much higher profits for the corporation, much easier storage, much longer shelf life and very easy shipping.

They have extended this scam to sugars, which they now promote as unhealthy, while promoting excitotoxins (chemicals like MSG and artificial sweeteners that overstimulate neuron receptor, causing brain cells to suffer damage or death) as the healthy alternative, these chemicals stimulate the appetite, as does a high carbohydrate diet which is processed within the digestive system very quickly. Today, more than 70 excitotoxins lurk in most packaged and processed foods.

The more removed from access to local food production, the more food waste is generated. According to the Food Sustainability Index 2017, the countries with the lowest food waste generation per capita include Greece and China (44 kg per year), followed by India (51 kg). The countries with the highest waste creation are Australia (361 kg), followed by the U.S. (278 kg).

Farmers are paid “subsidies” to farm according to the dictates of their owners, with the goal of increasing grass lands, or land taken out of food production, and so reducing productivity. UK farmers gained £3.4bn a year in subsidies under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), in order to maintain corporate profits, and so high prices, for food production, effectively using the taxes extorted from the enslaved population to pay the farmers not to farm, and force the population to pay much higher prices for their food.


Water is the next area of attack by the elite, water is polluted through heavy industry, always keep in mind, 96% of all global corporations are actually incorporated into just four mega corporations. This is often done through the ownership of shares, where outwardly a corporation may appear independent, but through control of majority shareholding are in reality controlled externally.

Every major food and beverage brand in the world is controlled by 10 corporate giants—Associated British Foods, Coca-Cola, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, Mondelez, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever.

Monopoly consolidation is a standard method of market domination, this is achieved through the boom and bust banking scam, and the ability to control the State corporations, allowing legislation giving massive advantages to monopoly corporations.

In some fiefdoms the industrial polluted water is used on crops, this is common in places like China, Israel and Egypt. Farmers tap the water table in drier regions, such as California, drawing water from under ground aquifers. Under ground aquifers become depleted over time, and often are very slow to refill.

The elite is also working to contaminate these aquifers, which exist in arid regions, and would allow easy access to clean water. These are destroyed through the new business of Hydraulic fracturing, for the extraction of oil and shale gas, by fracturing of bedrock formations using a pressurized liquid of water (often sewage water), sand, methanol, ethylene glycol, and propargyl alcohol, this causes earthquakes and contaminates aquifers and the water table. A few deep aquifers have brackish water, this can be fine for crops but would need treatment to be used for drinking water, but of course after fracking this underground water is heavily contaminated. To comprehend the amount of pollution created through pressure injecting into the ground, one operation by Pioneer in the Permian Basin, uses 21 million gallons of water on a typical day.

During the collection of oil and gas, Pioneer collects about 21 million gallons of water. That water is extremely contaminated, far more contaminated even than sewage water. In the past, the oil industry has not been able to reuse much of that water, as the contamination levels are so high, but recently Pioneer has started to learn how and is reusing about 5 million gallons of water a day. Most of the water captured with the oil and natural gas can’t be used for anything and must be disposed of in wells nearly a mile or more deep, further contaminating the ground water.

Billions of People Lack Water. Clean freshwater is an essential ingredient for a healthy human life, but 1.1 billion people lack access to water and 2.7 billion experience water scarcity at least one month a year. By 2025, it’s claimed two-thirds of the world’s population may be facing water shortages, as the elites plan continues. The control of water is dominated by corporations, fresh water is not naturally in short supply, but is engineered surreptitiously to be in short supply.

Technologies to pull sea water from the oceans and desalinate it for agricultural use is seldom done, in places such as desert areas, technologies exist to transform these areas into fertile farm land very quickly.

In the industrialized nations, water from the mains supply, flowing from the tap, is often toxic, the corporations lace the drinking water with rat poison (fluoride), and bleach (Chlorine) which mixes with organic compounds creating harmful byproducts, known as trihalomethanes, and creates haloacetic acids, known to cause cancers and reproductive problems.

“Thousands of other cities and small towns across the country are serving water with lead or other contamination problems to millions of people.” Erik Olson (director of NRDC’s Health program)

According to a new NRDC report, nearly 77 million Americans got drinking water from systems that violated federal protections in 2015, and more than a third of this number relied on systems that did not comply with standards put in place to protect health. Millions of other Americans’ water suppliers failed to test water safety properly or didn’t report test results to health authorities or customers, potentially sweeping many more health risks under the rug.

EPA estimated in the year 2000 that nearly 36 million Americans drank water containing Arsenic. This is common across the earth, besides Arsenic, Radium, Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Barium, Aluminium, Ammonia, Chloramine, Chromium, Hormones, Pharmaceuticals, Nitrates, and Pesticides etc. contaminate many water sources.


Forests cover 31 percent of the global land area, yet we are told constantly by the media whores the forests are almost gone, research suggests three-quarters of lost forests are re-growing naturally, the remainder is re-designated for agriculture, pastureland, or development. There has been no research done to determine the true extent of deforestation globally, and it seems it may well be a much smaller issue than the owners would have us believe,

Arable lands on the earths land surface cover 11.06%, this is used to grow crops and farm live stock, or simply exists as idol land, not used to grow anything. The soils across the earths that are industrially farmed are deteriorating, but soils can be healed or made quickly.

Presently its estimated there are over 4 billion hectares of forest, this is claimed by the U.N to be down from the pre-industrial area of 5.9 billion hectares, but forests naturally regenerate if left to their own devises, so where is the data established to make such determinations. It is likely forests have reduced as land has been cleared for farming, industry or development to a certain extent.

It has been claimed by the media whores since the 70’s, at least, that we are losing around (the area of England) 13 million hectares of forest globally every 6 months, that would mean since the 1970’s over a billion hectares would have been lost, this is clearly not the case.

Tree densities around the world, puts the total number of trees presently at 3.04 trillion, or roughly 422 trees per person on earth.

Solution to Soil Destruction and the Expansion of Arable Land

Soils can be rebuilt, and even arable land created from desert, deserts make up 33% of all the earths land, and hold a huge potential for development into forests, arable land and for development. To transform the deserts is quite a simple process, clay is mixed with sand to form a layer allowing water to be held in the subsoil, water pools are formed scatted across the landscape to increase evaporation. Human and animal waste is processed in digesters, generating methane, and when the process is complete an almost odourless bacteria rich slurry is created. Human food waste and plant waste can be composted to generate methane, and the completed compost can be mixed with the nutrient rich bacterial slurry and sand to create bio-active soil, mycelium spores and soil aerators such as worms are introduced. Water is drawn from oceans and desalinated, using the energy created from the digestion and composting of the organic waste, or using the desert sun, then piped across the area, feeding the many interconnected landscaped pools, which are filled with plants and fish etc, these pools are then used as reservoirs, where water is drawn in order to irrigate crops and land.

Pioneer plants such as bamboo are used to bind and protect the soils from erosion, bamboo helps to protect soils especially on sloping land, with other planting developed once the soils are protected, such as fruit trees, fruit bushes and hedgerows for land desired for arable use.

Once established trees hold the soil in place, and in large enough numbers will begin to generate their own weather systems, as the desert are turn arable, the levels of moisture would dramatically increase, and when a large enough area is transformed, the weather would become wetter. Large forests could be planted, to develop timber supplies, fruit crops, even developing natural Eco-systems of plants and animals that exist symbiotically with the trees.

The main source for deforestation data, the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA), which is compiled from government inventories by the Rome-based UN Food and Agriculture Organization, estimates the annual net loss, once forest regrowth is taken into account, is just 3.3 million hectares. And it says deforestation rates have declined by more than 50 percent in the past decade.

In North America and Russia, forest loss is overwhelmingly temporary, mostly from wildfires but also from logging, which regenerates naturally. All forms of forestry are characterized by a dominant forest regrowth signal in the years following loss.

Land and Population

The entire planets surface is 197 million square miles, 29% (57,130,000 square miles) of that surface is land. Of that 29% of the earths surface – 10% is covered in ice, 31% is covered in forest, 33% is covered in desert, 11% is arable land, 10% is tundra, 2.7% is covered in cities, roads and buildings. Which leaves about 3% mountains.

However you can consider land use in many ways, grasslands (“grassland ” may be defined as ground covered by vegetation dominated by grasses, covered with herbaceous plants with less than 10 percent tree and shrub cover), this for example can cover arable land, tundra, even some types of desert, the area of grasslands is estimated at 40.5 percent of the terrestrial area excluding Greenland and Antarctica (World Resources Institute, 2000, based on IGBP data).

Approximately 2.7% of the world’s land is covered by cities, structures, roads, industry etc., including housing. Since 1950 there has been a huge worldwide increase in the percentage of global populations living within cities. For example 92,2% of the UK population live in cities, this trend of populations being crammed into large cities is being engineered globally. This is an unnatural and unhealthy ongoing development, and itself causes many problems.

Poverty and Crime

We now suffer slave law, known as the legal system, this mafia based model creates criminals of many slaves who have wronged no one, this incarceration model is used largely to maintain fear in the slave population, in order to encourage conformity to the dictates of the owners.

The police (policy enforcers) dressed in their respective clown costumes, do not, as the media whores paint, protect the population and solve wrongs, if that were their true function, they should all be sacked, as the police globally solve less than 1% of actual wrongs against a soul, and in reality they inflict wrongs directly, functioning as revenue collectors, in the protection of government mafia property, and population control, intimidation and to maintain conformity, so from that point of view, all police would be considered nothing more than the soldiers of a mafia organization.

In slave law you can be kidnapped and jailed without having caused a wrong to another soul at all, in fact almost all those jailed around the earth are kidnapped and jailed for nothing more than a violation, of their owners slave law policy.

Poverty and ignorance are key to control for the owners, and poverty, ignorance and crime (crime being the breaking of state mafia policy), are inextricably linked.

Number of people accepted as homeless by councils in 2015

Estimated vacant properties in the UK in 2015

The Great Social Housing Swindle

The access to resources and so the ability to generate wealth for the average soul within a fiefdom is not that easy to determine, as the State mafia’s look at the whole (GDP) to claim wealth levels, but the level of imposed parasites in many fiefdoms perverts the understanding of wealth across a population. A better method to determine how easy it is for the average soul to get access to resources and so have the ability to generate wealth for their own uses, would always be how many homeless souls the fiefdom generates, what taxation levels are imposed, what’s the median wage, and is that median wage above poverty, and determining what percentage of the population exists on or below the poverty level. Lets look at some examples:

New Zealand Crown Corporation

The fiefdom, within the industrialised world, with the highest homelessness level is New Zealand, where over 1% of the population is homeless, with taxation levels for income tax 33%, corporate tax 28% and 15% VAT, their minimum wage $17.70 nzd ($11,74 usd) per hour ($36,816) after income tax $30,820 nzd a year working a 40 hour week. The median rent for New Zealand is $2,100 nzd per month, or $25,200 a year. New Zealand has imprisoned souls of approx. 9,500, (1 soul in 514) cost per prisoner a year to hold them in jail $91,000nzd ($60,358 usd) each. Māori people make up 50 per cent of New Zealand’s prison population, despite only accounting for 15 per cent of the population, 54% of state prisoners sentenced to more than 1 year were serving time for a violent offense.

You may be deceived into thinking the Māori people are the problem, but if you go back 160 years the situation was very different, the prison population was grossly over-represented in bad health, with poor education, within an equally bad justice system, but it wasn’t the Māori people filling the cells, it was the “Irish” within New Zealand.

The median hourly earnings in New Zealand, if you consider all earners, from the billionaire to the trolley boy, is $25.50 an hour -$53,040 a year – $43,339 after tax – after rent you’re left with $18,139, plus $8,000 per year to own a relatively cheap car – down to $10,139, so you have a $194 a week to feed and cloth yourself and your family.

In New Zealand it is clear, a single earner on the median wage could not support a family, it would require both parents to work full time in order to exist above the poverty line.

In New Zealand the Crown revenue for the 2018/19 financial year was $119.3 billion, which is $24,416 nzd per soul, however 1.1 million are children, 1.14 million are retired, 195,000 unemployed, this means 2,435,000, however 403,000 people work for government in the manipulation, control, restriction and extortion of the working population. So the only people generating wealth in New Zealand number 2,032,000, less than half the population, while the crown corporation do extract revenues from the retired and the parasites they employ, the redistribution of extorted revenues still, is taken through the threat of violence from those who generate true wealth.

NZ government debt was $57,736,000,000 NZD in 2019

The NZ Government has been borrowing a lot of money through the Covid-19 economic scam, the present level is NZ$ 135,201,549,100 Oct 2nd 2020, that’s an increase of $77,465,549,100 since 2019, getting close to tripling the national debt fraud in just a year, the virus scam is doing this globally, increasing debt in readiness to crash all global currencies, in order to impose a new global digital banking monopoly.

To mask and confuse the masses GDP (gross domestic product) is used across all Crown corporate fiefdoms instead of simply presenting the true figures, GDP or GNP has no connection to any useful information.

Officially there are around 682,500 people in poverty in New Zealand or one in seven households, including around 220,000 children, but official figures tend to mask the true reality, and clearly the extortion and restrictions of the Crown corporation have now reached a level, that poverty will become the norm rather than the exception.

To live and not simply exist as a waged slave, the maximum percentage you should spend on housing, is 25% of your monthly income, if you spend more, as a general rule, very quickly you would be at or below the poverty line, and would work only to exist. $8,400 NZD a month ( $5,580 USD) a month or $100,800 NZD ($67,000 USD) a year after taxes, would then be the minimum to be above poverty.

United States of America Corporation

Homelessness in the United States of America is presently 552,830 people, with income tax at 10% federal plus 51.8% in San Francisco, California (37% federal tax + 13.3% state tax + 1.5% city tax – corporate tax 21% + 0–12% (state/local) the minimum wage is $7.25 USD per hour $15,080 a year, after tax $13,137. The median household income was $59,039 that’s $43,623 after tax.

The average cost of renting a 2 bedroom house is $1,340 a month. The fiefdom with the largest prison population is the United States, 2.3 million (1 soul in 131) cost per prisoner a year to hold them in jail $81,000 usd. Victimless crimes are 86% of the Federal Prison population, meaning 86% of those in federal prisons are there for victimless crimes. They have not stolen any property, damaged any property or harmed anyone directly by their actions.

Official figures claim 38.1 million people within America in 2018 lived below the poverty line. The poverty threshold for a single person under 65 was an annual income of $12,760 USD. If a more realistic threshold were applied poverty levels in the USA would be hugely higher.

To live and not simply exist as a waged slave, the maximum percentage you should spend on housing, is 25% of your monthly income, if you spend more, as a general rule, very quickly you would be at or below the poverty line, and would work only to exist. So to be considered above the poverty line you’d need to earn, after tax $5,360 USD a month or $64,320 USD a year, this would then be the minimum to be above poverty.

These two examples show that even in what are considered the most affluent fiefdoms on earth, the majority work only to exist and have neither the resources or the free time to actually live.

Starvation and Overpopulation

Overpopulation causes hunger is a lie, enough food is presently produced to feed over 10 billion people, but still every year, around 9 million people die of starvation, mainly in Africa, which is the most fertile continent on earth. Therefore overpopulation is not the cause of starvation, capitalist monopolies, criminal waste and restriction of production to maintain high profits, inefficiency and dangerous to human health production methods, and very restrictive resource monopoly system imposed through violent hierarchical controls, hold the masses in poverty, making them vulnerable, within a psychopathocracy of abuse.

As the parasites of the paedophile class rape humanity ever more, living standards diminish, so poverty, hardship and suffering grow, people demand change, the soulless mouthpieces of govern mental control say “it’s not our fault there is suffering! It’s not our fault there is poverty! It’s your fault, you’re reproducing too fast! There are simply too many people!”.

Overpopulation is a Malthusian Myth


The main driving force of the myth of overpopulation are the Ashkenazi, their elite are working, along with other soulless psychopaths, to reduce population, through chemical sterilization within vaccinations, industrial scale abortion, an allopathic medical monopoly that generates disease and masks symptoms, and a economic system that imposes resource scarcity and global poverty. Presently this is being accelerated through a virus fantasy pandemic, that has shut down a large portion of global food production, they are targeting food stores, which are mysteriously being burnt to the ground across the earth, they are imposing totalitarian governmental controls in preparation for the new global order of a one world government, and digital money monopoly, and are busy installing the 5G tracking and targeting weapons system globally, allowing them to remotely execute any dissenters. They have openly declared a desire to cull humanity, and that desire they are clearly working to make manifest.

What is driving the increase in population, you may ask, and the answer is poverty, in most of the earth, people are in abject poverty, they have no retirement pension, or government support, they don’t have savings or resources worth note, so then how can they make provision for the point in their life, when they can no longer provide for themselves, and the answer to that is why populations are rising. They have babies, they have as many babies as they can, as they need their children to take care of them in their golden years, children are their pension scheme. Keep in mind around half of the world’s population are living on less than $5.50 USD a day.

Therefore if you remove, not by force, but through the application of an alternative to the many imposed monopolies of the usury and hierarchical frauds that hold humanity in poverty. As people apply independently an alternative model that frees people from slave law, violent oppression and extortion, imposed by the tiny number of psychopaths in control, simply through applying anarchic models of common unity, which are free of both hierarchy and the five forms of usury, then that drive to reproduce, of the masses in poverty, to protect themselves in old age disappears, and with it the growth of population is quickly reduced, which for whatever reason has been naturally slowing since the 1970’s, especially in regions dominated by the Ashkenazi. The earth is not being abused by the masses, but by the slave owners of humanity, end economic slavery, by establishing anarchic alternatives to the psychopathic monopolies, and all the abuses will disappear along with it.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine
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