"Eventually, even the darkest night, that always produce the brightest stars, will end, and the freckled stars will either be engulfed by the fearless burning light of a new fractal soul, shinning so bright it's the Sun of a new dawn, or fear will break upon hope, dashed upon an empty world of soulless horror." Abdun Nur

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Written by Abdun Nur

“Eventually, even the darkest night, that always produce the brightest stars, will end, and the freckled stars will either be engulfed by the fearless burning light of a new fractal soul, shinning so bright it’s the Sun of a new dawn, or fear will break upon hope, dashed upon an empty sunless world of soulless horror.” Abdun Nur

The Cesspool Internet Vs. The Fresh Water Internet

Some believe the third evolution of the Internet will be the popping of the bubbles of the four conglomerate corporations, by incorporating peer to peer models open source. These corporations form the cesspool Internet presently used, some believe that interacting openly with these monopolistic conglomerates, so remaining within the same pool, will remove the power and manipulations of those corporate conglomerate Mafia entities?
But that’s like having a cesspool and using it for drinking water.
The third evolution of the Internet must create a pool of fresh water that only interacts with the cesspool in a sanitary way, in other word when you access the cesspool Internet, from the freshwater Internet, it has to work asymmetrically.
My proposed model is to divide the cess pool Internet from the true Internet, within a closed bond peer to peer model, allowing people to build websites without any cost on their own computers, but also allowing people to browse the Internet cesspool freely within the closed bond asymmetrically, taking the cess pool Internet as a bubble and returning the bubble with any information you wish to send along with it, but nothing else, if you follow my logic, effectively treating the cess pool Internet as if you are dealing with excrement that may contaminate fresh drinking water.
This means if you are outside the closed bond within the cesspool Internet, you cannot access any websites or information within the freshwater closed bond Internet, but if you’re swimming inside the closed bond freshwater Internet, you can access all the Internet freely.
As the closed bond is not centralised, but each individual is their own universe, they cannot block access to the cesspool Internet unless they block access to all.

Global I.D’s

The global identification card is the plan of the great reset, where without the card you cannot buy or sell, use a bank account, access social media, cannot travel, use a hospital, use a telephone network provider etc.

The ‘Stable’ Sharing Library Platform Element

Presently torrent sites are constantly under attack from the corporate monopolists, who attempt to prevent downloads of movies, television shows, books, software and other forms of digital media, by forcing host torrent sites to shut down. Link: Movie or Small Screen Series ‘Need’ Bond

Many files for download are of poor quality, contain Trojan software, or do not exist at all for download.

Seeders disappear quickly for many downloads, and it can be very difficult to download older files for this reason.

Instead of having a system of torrents open to such miseries, a much better solution, to unrestricted and free media files access, would be a stable share library held within an encrypted closed bond.

Bondsmen joining the share library platform element of the share platform, allocate a minimum amount of their computer systems memory capacity, for example, 100gb, to the library, but can allocate as much memory above this as they wish. The library is then held across the entire network of bondsmen using the library sharing platform element.

The library holds stable encrypted copies of verified high quality movies, tv shows, software and other digital media, categorised, organised and easily accessible, because all bondsmen on the sharing platform have given some memory capacity to the library, meaning all files are held and can always be downloaded easily and quickly as requested peer to peer, with huge volumes of data spread across the network. This would be free of pornographic content.

Some bondsmen may be willing to be repository sites, those with fast Internet connections and plenty of spare memory capacity, to further stabilise the flow of data through the share library platform.

‘Uncensored’ Video Sharing Platform Element

An ad. free, searchable video sharing platform, free of censorship, where bondsmen can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own video, peer to peer. No one gets paid for posting content through advertising, but people can beg a gratuity for content or to support future content.

As this is anarchic, built through downloaded, share platform software, each element forming a network, only those within the closed bond can access the platform, rules of conduct would be in place, for example against pornography, videos of individuals inflicting violence, torture, or murder simply for entertainment, etc.

‘Uncensored’ Social Media Sharing Platform Element

Allows bondsmen to create profiles, to connect with friends, colleagues or bondsmen they don’t know directly, within the closed bond.

It allows bondsmen to share pictures, music, videos, and articles, as well as their own thoughts and opinions with however many bondsmen they like. There is no danger from clicking a link that will cause malware to be installed on your devices, and no corporation, government, covert intelligence agency or parasitical billionaire to monitor, record or interfer with your content.

‘Searchable Direct’ Website Hosting and Sharing Platform Element

Bondsmen host their website on their own computer, using peer-to-peer networking to distribute access to their webpages, as a searchable alternative to the hierarchical third party model, unlike the hierarchical structured social media sites, the peer to peer model is completely free of censorship, there are no annual name and hosting fees, there is no restrictions on size, you can directly host as many videos as you wish, it is completely free of spam bots, Malware, Phishing, SQL Injection Attack, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Denial of Service (DoS), Session Hijacking and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks. and Credential Reuse, etc.

The search engine allows all external websites to be accessed within a VPN protected environment, but additionally allows peer to peer websites to be accessed and included in all searches.

This means you do not need the P2P websites to be searchable to none bondsmen outside of the closed bond, but simply to have P2P sites included in searches when using the search engine of the closed bond, as the closed bond model expands the hierarchical Internet will become less populated. until eventually the alternative can be the dominant system.

This removes the invented costs of website hosting, removes the cost of protective software to guard against external attacks, removes the cost, you must pay for a website name annually, and removes any danger of a government or corporate Mafia censoring or shutting down your website, or blocking access to your website.

Searchable Information Resource Sharing Platform Element

An Information Retrieval (IR) system is a software system that provides access to books, journals and other documents, and stores and manages those documents.

This is becoming more and more restricted within the corporate Mafia model, fees within the cesspool internet model to access information is the first barrier to free access, the occulting of certain books and information, or the active disinformation related to a subject, or events, are spreading like a cancer across the hierarchical cesspool Internet.

IR systems should be designed to support people who are actively seeking or searching for information, free of government disinformation, propaganda, frauds and occulting.

Most IR systems assumes a static or relatively static database against which people search, these forms of IR systems are generally “professionally” built, meaning those building the IR system are paid for that occupation rather than on an amateur (unpaid) “free” basis.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems are decentralised, large-scale computer networks, where peers operate as clients and servers at the same time. Peers can join and leave the system at any time. The power of P2P systems lies in their capability to provide services with practically unlimited scalability based on the principle of resource sharing.

The biggest centralised search engines are only able to index a small part of the available documents. Anarchic, decentralised search engines, where the effort is shared amongst a very large number of computers and individuals, can build IR systems with almost unlimited capacity, where those seeking information can also provide information, building a resource that would be impossible to achieve with centralised “professional” IR systems.

1) Transport Layer Communications – collects message segments from applications, and transmits them into the network

2) Structured Overlay Networks – Structured overlay networks let the set of cooperating peers act as a distributed data structure with well-defined operations.

3) Document and Content Management – stores internal documents and share them within your organisation

4) Retrieval Models – using key-based routing. Boolean (true or false), Vector (indexing and relevancy rankings) and Probabilistic (coefficient (SC) between a query and a document as the probability) are the three classical IR models. Link

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  1. “Eventually, even the darkest night, that always produce the brightest stars, will end, and the freckled stars will either be engulfed by the fearless burning light of a new fractal soul, shinning so bright it’s the Sun of a new dawn, or fear will break upon hope, dashed upon an empty sunless world of soulless horror.” Abdun Nur

    Beautiful lines , in this age of darkness giving hope.

    cesspool Internet, from the freshwater Internet, I couldn’t grasp

  2. Ok , thanks , I have got some idea after reading the whole article as a very layman in understanding internet.

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