The Age of Aquarius

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Written by Abdun Nur

We’ve entered a new astronomical energy era, commonly known as the Age of Aquarius, made famous through the 1969 song “Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In”. On the equinox of December 21st, 2020 (the winter solstice), the planets Jupiter and Saturn arrived at the great conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius, signifying we have entered Aquarius, and the age has begun.

The planetary conjunction happens every 20.5 years; but the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on the winter solstice, happens every 30th cycle totalling 615 years and last happened on the equinox of 21st December 1405.

With the end of the age of Pisces, and its approximately 2152 year cycle, and the beginning of the age of Aquarius. it’s believed the energy of innovation, humanitarianism, and independence will build.

The universe is cyclic, the phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes, has one complete period, called the Great Year or Platonic Year, caused by a gyroscopic wobble of earth’s spin axis that takes approximately 25,830 years to complete, there is no known exact number for the Platonic year, but the great conjunction provides 25,830, the guess unrelated to the great conjunction is 25,772. Precession is a slow rotation of the Earth’s axis around an axis perpendicular to the ecliptic plane.

Plato observed, just as we observe today, that the Moon, the planets, and the stars appear to orbit around the Earth. Since the rate of this precession is comparable to Plato’s “perfect year,” it has been dubbed the Platonic Year.

If the 25,830 year precession of the earths equinoxes and the cycle of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter are used as the guide it takes 3.5 cycles of 615 years and twelve full cycles each of 2152 years to form the 42 great conjunction cycles within the Platonic year, so an age would fall at the conjunction then the following age would fall half way between the forth conjunction, so seven conjunctions would equal two ages.

As the universe is electrically based, electrical interactions dominate, and so harmonisations between the different electrically charged bodies of the solar system occur innately, which is why I believe the planetary, moon and debris cycles within the solar system are interdependent.

Some use the contrived Christian religion to corrupt this logic, to force the age of Pisces to begin at the fictional birth of Christ, determined at the council of Nicea in the 4th century, when the New Covenant was authored at the direction of the two Emperors, structured around the externalising religion of Sol Invictus (Ba’al).

It’s believed the energy of this part of the cyclic galaxy lifts consciousness to seek and develop in new ways, changing the perception of reality, away from the illusions of hierarchical domination, materialism, corporatism, Ba’alist slavery and towards inherent universalism, fostering new ideologies; it’s the energy of community, virtue and subversive of old dogma, an energy of mind more altruistic and eleemosynary (dependent on charity). This remains to be seen.

Consider the Sun, which is not a nuclear furnace, it’s “not” burning any internal fuel, the Sun is moving very quickly around the galaxy, at around 137 miles a second, taking around 230 million years to travel a single orbit, at the same time the galaxy is moving at around 361 miles per second through the void. This means the Sun is passing very quickly through the galaxies ambient energy field, as are the planets and moons within the solar system. All these bodies are large metal balls that attract and absorb the ambient energy pervading the galaxy, it’s this absorption that generates the effect of gravitation, for example, as the energy draws to the centre of the earth its flow pushes everything towards the centre along with it.

The atmosphere of the Sun is electrically charged by this ambient energy and converted into plasma. The universe is electrical, not gravitational, gravity as an attraction of mass is utter nonsense. Link: Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass?

Just as time and energy are connected, mass and energy are connected. Any object that has rest mass when stationary also has an equivalent amount of rest energy, and any additional energy, of any form, acquired by the object above that rest energy will increase the object’s total mass, just as it increases its total energy.

This means we’re constantly bathed in this energy, and as all energy is connected to consciousness, the make up of this energy has a profound effect on our minds. Link: What is Energy?

This is medically proven, as if you’re exposed to electromagnetic pollution from man made devices, it may lead to metabolic disorders, depending on the intensity of radiation exposure, and how long you’re exposed, the result is abnormal emotional behaviour.

One early sign of someone suffering the effects of electromagnetic pollution is depression. It’s also proven, that if someone “earths”, this depression is removed, as the earths electromagnetic field cleans the contamination, so by going into nature and connecting physically with the earth the depression is gone.

It’s very likely the paedophile class of soulless psychopaths dominating humanity at present are aware of this effect, having, over the centuries, occulted entire libraries from the ancient world, and their objective of a global network of tens of thousands of satellites, being installed now around the earth, may counter the effects of that galactic ambient energy field, by contaminating it before it reaches humanity; which would be an added benefit from their point of view beyond global surveillance.

The medical quackery based on the John D Rockefeller model of poisons used as treatments, and the fictions of germ theory and virology as the basis of disease (viruses have no evidence of support to even exist), focuses on the chemical function of the body. But, the bodies energy system is far more dominant and far more important to the function of life, this energy system is completely ignored by modern medicine.

Your personal energy field consists of the energy that flows through and around your body. This energy field can also be called your aura, as it gives out electromagnetic energy and radiates light. Your personal energy field has seven main energy centres. You might know these as your chakras.

Energy is simply vibration of consciousness, the entire perceptual universe is the expression of consciousness, and for this reason belief is fundamental to how energies interact. Wrong belief of externalisation for example stagnates consciousness, this is the basis of the Ba’alist systems of religion, which invent external gods, blind faith and submissive, unquestioning worship, to foster inaction, the stagnation of empathic growth and to allow the Ba’alist structures to perpetuate unchallenged. The new age religions are reinventions of Ba’alist dogma, where the universe is the source and we are the product of material reality, while the reverse is the truth.

When two people come into close proximity their energy fields interact, if they’re vibrating at the same frequency then their fields resonate, this is harmonisation. Illness drops the frequency of your field, and healers can use their healthy energy field to force the subdued energy field into vibrational motion, this is caused by the effect of resonance, when two different frequencies of vibration interact and eventually harmonise.

Harmonisation is also possible in other inherent ways, for example, through “reciprocal agreement”, true agreement is a reciperocal harmonisation. Which is the reason the Ba’alist model uses the constructed legal fiction of “contract”, which contracts, so reduces, agreement allowing a one-sided advantage, contract is based on cognitive bias and egocentrism, if people understood reciprocal agreement fully, and could reason, they would never consider entering the fraud of contract.

The modern electromagnetic systems that power your home, or allow wireless communication, effect your natural energy field, proven to greatly reduce your I.Q (some studies claim by as much as 50%), when an unnatural frequency permeates your energy field, this changes the vibrational field forcing it to slowly harmonise with this unnatural vibrational pattern.

The vibrational pattern of your energy field is built upon your thoughts, this is why, what you believe is so, very, very important to the pattern of vibration your field creates, and why the mastery of the skill to reason all things to truth is such a vital ability to develop. Link: Mastering the Skill of Reasoning – The Trivium

Building your perceptions of reality upon lies, is detrimental to that field, which functions best on truth, truth is synchronous to consciousness, and lies are in dissonance to consciousness; lies disconnect you from the harmony of synchronous vibration, lies cause hatred, anger, violence, theft, fraud and extortion to permeate life, such contamination causes mistrust, selfishness and contempt, all because your beliefs are distorting your pattern of energy, you become detrimental to all around you. Synchronicity is a fundamental aspect of consciousness, it is the resonance of thought, virtue is the innate state, this is the uncontaminated pattern forming the state of innocence, just as the energy field of a new born baby. Link: Morality – The Act of Virtuous Conduct

Quantum physics recognises that human subtle anatomy has five energetic layers or envelopes: Physical, Vital, Mental, Supramental, and Bliss. Life is not a chemical soup that simply spontaneously generates life as your owners would have you believe, but built from consciousness upon psycho-reactive energy fields allowing your fractal consciousness to share the perceptual reality of this life.

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  1. Yes , good article. The one area I feel important to highlight in our present times, is that it feels important to believe in mankind being victorious over the pedo cabal. To believe in failure, lowers our energy and benefits no one, and potentially opens us up to illness. So the belief of victory is vital, even if victory may not be what most would anticipate.

  2. Abdun,

    That is a very good article , on point and well written. The issue is how to get the masses to read it? I think a lot of people will accept it and realize it and some will cling to dogmas, very few people even know the Universe is electric and will defend their positions with their last breath. In time changes will come. Keep writing, it’s very good @ some point writings like this will have a broad audience, already there are quite a few that have reached the same conclusions. It is on point and persuasive.

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