The Third State of Consciousness

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Written by Abdun Nur

If you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” 

– Peace Pilgrim, born Mildred Lisette Norman (1908-1981 Pacifist, Peace Activist)

Firstly, everything in existence is thought vibrations; everything we consider solid, tangible, or evident is fundamentally intangible, existing only in connection with something else; existing only perceptually, as manifest vibrational fields spinning in an infinity of mindfulness, the universe is the epitome of perpetual motion of fractally collective conscious thoughts.

The laws claimed of thermodynamics were built upon the high-pressure steam engine, which demonstrates the properties of gases, pressure, and temperature within the enclosed constraints of a steam engine. It was through the observation of the steam engine, and not the open energy systems of the physical universe at large, the foundation of the claimed laws of thermodynamics were manufactured.

The steam engine is a model within an enclosed energy cycle, the universe is a model within an open energy cycle, in the steam engine energy is finite, in the universal processes energy is infinite. Link: What is Energy?

All large scale universal systems are then over unity, producing more energy than they consume; the universe is an open energy system that endlessly increases in energy. Take an atom, it practically demonstrates perpetual motion, as it vibrates perpetually within the underlying aether.

The universe is electrical not gravitational, gravity being a pushing force through the underlying four dimensional aether (similar to the pushing force of water flowing), as a residual effect of energy absorption into a large metal body, which increases its mass over time, this is why the Earths land masses are moving apart, and why the dinosaurs went extinct, as the residual force of gravity became too strong for such massive creatures to exist, as the mass of the planet increases, the ability of the ever larger metal ball to absorb energy increases, and in turn the residual force of gravitation increases.

The true model of cosmology is the electric universe, an idea that originated from Nikola Tesla’s mind and is similar to the electrodynamic paradigm. “The Earth is virtually no more than a small metal ball compared to the vastness of electric currents.” Link: Is Gravity an Attraction of Mass?

Much of main stream physics is built upon utter bullshit, and many claims are not actually proven, even though they are claimed to be. The reason physics was corrupted in the 1930’s was to prevent over unity energy systems from being easily developed, the money masters want to steal money from the charging for energy, fuels generate vast sums and presently underpin the entire money monopoly system.

Einstein (plagiarist and liar) (Link: The Claim of Nuclear Weapons) was forced on to the universities, and made into a saint by the mainstream media, and abstract (removed from reality) mathematics replaced quaternion mathematics. This is why nothing has advanced in physics since the 1930’s, when your foundation is lies, only more lies can build upon it, which crumble away so easily.

For example electrodynamics describes light as electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range of approximately 1015 Hz, colour would then be vibrational currents, interactions, changes in the ambient electromagnetic fields, these wave fields are carried on the underlying aether.  (LINK)

Colour is the vibrational tone within a spectrum of frequency, the light spectrum acts just as musical tones, white light is the full combined harmonic (within the limited visible light spectrum humans can see), in theory, there are an infinite number of harmonics. Light plays just as the notes of an orchestra combine, or as ripples on the surface of a pond, combining and harmonizing.

All chemical substances from the constituent particles, and their constituent atoms (atoms – the smallest unit we can examine perceptually formed as vortex vibrations of the underlying aether), emanate or reflect or absorb a specific colour, according to its vibrational frequency or combination of vibrations. This means the frequencies of the parts of the atom combine to create harmonics, as do the atoms beyond that, as do the particles which effects the ambient electromagnetic field, it is the patterns of the ambient electromagnetic field we see, just as patterns of sound travels through a gas, sound wave energy travels on movement energy,  known as mechanical energy, and if sound energy is focused can have a pushing force. Patterns of light travel through electromagnetic waves upon the underlying aether and these waves of light travel on heat energy, known as thermal energy.

These interactions form consonant harmonics. The tone of the atom is copied, absorbed or altered by the electromagnetic light field striking it, like ripples in a pool reflected away, interacting, absorbing or emitting its own frequency of vibration at the point of impact absorbing energy, then reflected outward emitting energy; emitted as a poloidal or toroidal vortex from the vibrational field itself. All electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed which is about 3.0 * 108 meters per second through a vacuum. This is called the “speed of light” however time is not a constant and is altered by localised energy levels.

The poloidal direction follows a small circular ring around the surface, while the toroidal direction follows a large circular ring around the torus, encircling the central void. When the vortex is generated from a moving source it generates a spiral vortex.

“The basic element of quantum theory is the double-slit experiment. It is a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible to explain in any classical way and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality it contains the only mystery … the basic peculiarities of all quantum mechanics.” – Richard Feynman

The false premise and flawed experiment that claims light is both a wave and a particle has been disproved by real physicists, however the establishment work hard to present a false view of reality. Light is a vortex vibrational field, a vortex can be focused outward which is the common state or can be artificially focused inwards as is the case with a laser.

The electromagnetic melody of each particle effects the ambient electromagnetic fields which ripples through the aether, to form the rhythmic song of an object, which can combine ever outward to form consonant rhythms of creation, so you can see the consonant harmony of a drop of water, an ocean, a world, a galaxy, a universe.

Sound is vibrations transmitted through an elastic medium, travelling in air at a speed of approximately 331 meters per second at sea level, which is 99.9999% slower than light vibrations, which are transmitted through the underlying fluidic medium, travelling in the vacuum of space at a speed of approximately 299,792,458 meters per second. The ratio of 99.9r% is a reoccurring principle throughout creation; then it would follow light vibrations would be 99.9r% slower than ‘thought’ vibrations, quantum entanglement is an example of thought propagation, the single thought of the split particle is shared instantly no matter the distance.

All realities are only ‘perceptually manifest’ from the inside out, instant to instant, without this constant re-manifestation within the shared construct of consciousness nothing would remain, the manifestation of everything in existence, in all realities is ‘thought’ vibrations; thought is the fundamental source, the primordial structure of creation, thought was the first ‘real’ and will be the last ‘real, substantive, materialistic’, in actuality the perceptual, it creates all realities, the emanating source is the consciousness structured fractal ocean as an entirety of the single consciousness, therefore there can be no entity source, but an entirety source, a single ocean of fractal consciousness in existence, the only reality beyond this is pure nothingness, a constant underlying state held in dichotomy (just as silence is the underlying state of sound, or blackness is the underlying state of light etc. what exists in one side of the dichotomy cannot exist in the other, therefore nothingness cannot exist in everything, but everything can be drawn out of nothing, just as sound is drawn out of silence), thought draws existence out of nothingness. This is why when you attempt to have less than nothing you instantly have infinity, for example when you go 1 degree below absolute zero, it is infinitely hot.

Perceptual reality is built on dichotomies, because the fundamental structure of all perceptions is a dichotomy. Link: Philosophy Of Existence

The fundamental Force of Consciousness

Knowing nothingness as a concept is key to knowing the self, it’s shedding the lies to reveal only that which flows from nothingness, so you no longer believe you’re something that you’re not; you no longer hold tight to the false perceptions you once coveted, raw nothingness is the foundation. Then you’re free from the mental slavery of treasured delusions, free from the manipulations of your ego, free from gullible self deceptions; this is true freedom.

It’s just as impossible to have infinity in perception, as it’s impossible to know nothing as a pure conscious state; in the sense we cannot conceive it, when I say know nothingness I do not mean to shut down cognative functions, I mean know nothingness in faith, conclusion, ideology, culture etc. Reason and evidence must instantly correct any belief, you must know “nothing” beyond reasoned truth. It’s impossible to completely silence the mind, and who would want to, if you did silence the mind completely, it would return to nothingness, and your light would be extinguished, just as if a song is extinguished and all returns to silence.

Thought vibrations are created from consciousness, as all realities are manifest from ‘thought’, there must be an underlying single consciousness forming all reality, so only that consciousness can exist, all else is the song of that fractal consciousness; sung out of every thoughtful atom in harmony, holding perceptual reality together, vibrating, or more accurately, a singing ocean of creation, the fractal conscious willing of every thought into being, built on patterns that repeats throughout all perceptions.

As everything originates from the same source, everything is within everything else, the entire creation is built upon differential fractals, if creation is examined as microscopic pieces, each piece projects the entire image, but as if viewed from a smaller subset of angles.

A graphic example of this fractal nature is expressed when the complex web of neurons in the brain is compared to the cosmic network of galaxies.

Cycles of Creation

The gradual shift in the orientation of Earth’s axis of rotation, which, like a wobbling top, traces out a pair of cones joined at their apices in a cycle which has a 25,830 year gyroscopic precession of the equinoxes period, taking approximate 2,152 years for each natural cycle to move into a new age corresponding to the average time it takes for the Vernal Equinox to move from one constellation of the zodiac into the next. We are now at the end of the Piscean cycle which is the Hellenistic age, and are now entering the Age of Aquarius, which is the age of the nexus (connection); at present the subconscious soul of the vast majority sleep. Link: The Age of Aquarius

Labelled diagram showing Earth’s magnetosphere
The solar wind excites resonant oscillations within the Earth’s magnetic field.

Based on observations wars come and go in cycles. These cycles were discovered by the late Professor Raymond Wheeler, a psychologist and historian at the University of Kansas. He found that as part of his larger historical analysis, international battles happen in approximately 11 year cycles and have done so for 2,500 years. This shows the cycle of Pisces as a brutal and barbarous age, blood pouring upon its pages, with the death toll over its 2,152 year reign, in the billions!

Electrical features of a glow discharge
Diagram showing the important electrical features of a glow discharge aligned with the heliosphere and with the Sun as the anode. Note that in a spherically symmetrical corona discharge the cathode glows and extensive positive column glow are absent because the drift current is spread through a huge volume. The heliosphere boundary is a double layer with charge concentrations shown. A reverse electric field is strongest at the point of inflection between the two charge concentrations. Discharge diagram from J. D. Cobine’s Gaseous Conductors.

Warring behaviour is connected with sunspot cycles. It has been discovered that the solar wind affect the Earth’s magnetic field, this is created by the outward expansion of plasma (a collection of charged particles) from the Sun’s corona (outermost atmosphere). It travels along the Sun’s magnetic field lines that extend radially outward, with an average speed of 0.87 million mph, but can reach speeds of over one million miles per hour. In fact, its speed is so great that “bow shocks” form whenever it is forced to flow around the planets in the solar system. This field is most active a year or two before or after the sunspot peak; never right on the sunspot peak, and it influences all biological life on Earth.

Sun’s plasma sheath, protects it and the planets from the interstellar environment. If the Sun is the local focus of a galactic discharge then the heliospheric double layer forms the “virtual cathode” to the Sun’s corona discharge current. Almost the entire voltage drop between the Sun and the interstellar plasma will occur across this distant plasma sheath. (Link: Voyager 1 at the Edge – of what?) second link- (Link: A Mystery Solved – Welcome to the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®!)

The battles on Earth start mostly during the ascent, or descent, of sunspot activity, when geomagnetic activity is highest. Laboratory studies have shown that geomagnetic activity affects human brain rhythms and endocrine balance in some individuals, creating a kind of mass psychosis triggered by processes off the planet.

The external electromagnetic field of the Earth has powerful effects upon the connection between the physical body, being trillions of life forms working symbiotically with each other under the guidance of the consciousness it hosts, and the ability of that consciousness to access reality itself, the Earths vibrations control perceptions rhythmic beat setting the cadence (chords comprising the close of a musical phrase) of the song of the soul.

Pisces means fishes, as we swim oblivious of the ocean of reality; in this age we have swum in giant swarms hiding from the mysteries of the depths. The two fish of the constellation Pisces are said to represent the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the god Eros. Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, identified by the Romans with Venus. Eros is the ancient Greek god of love, identified by the Romans with Cupid. The ego age of carnal lusts, from both the Roman point of view and the pragmatic reality of the age the two fish period lasted.

As the Earth moves into the next cycle of creation it will slowly alter the electromagnetic field of the Earth, which in turn will alter the connection between the body and the soul. Aquarius means the age of the water pourer or water carrier; from the connection and access this new age will grant the consciousness of man to the fluid reality that manifests beyond our perception at present, the aether or fluidic manifold, will pour out knowledge, and that knowledge will be carried by the soul.

Professor Allan Snyder of the University of Sydney Australia has studied artistic and numeric autistic savants, leading to his hypothesis that everyone innately possesses these extraordinary skills. His research demonstrates that using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to artificially depress the areas of the brain responsible for high level functioning allows for the expression of these savant-like abilities in normal human beings.

The externalising mind (ego – persona – the unreasonable mind) is suppressed and the subconscious (soul or anima – the reasoning mind) is awoken, altering the harmony between the physical and the consciousness (that could be called spiritual), in other words the primative mind is in conflict with the soul.


Life is innate in creation, as the ‘thought’ singing out reality is a living dynamic force, life is an evolving song, transforming from new state to new state as the dynamic environment of reality itself evolves. Man evolved perceptually within the dynamic environment of the Earth’s nature, man’s song shaped by that struggle, that harmony, that reality, each man (a woman is a womb-man so equal in term) developed through ‘reason’; reason used to master base emotions and develop innate virtues, knowledge builds on knowledge, truth on truth, just as lies build on lies.

The ego man is easily dominated by the ‘soulless’ men, who exist without conscience, disconnected, with no empathy nor compassion, the psychopathic fiery consciousness that burns out after a brief existence. The psychopath, known as jinn within the ancient Arabic language, hides easily within the sea of ego mankind, the slaves of Jinn, this would not be as possible in a reasoning consciousness. The man of Jinn is a fleeting creation that lives like a raging flame reaching out and consuming all it can, then evaporating into nothingness, a disconnected song contained by both the nature of the reality they exist within and the nature of their ego consciousness.

  The Soul

Man (for want of a better term) is a fractal expression of the single consciousness; a soul is a song that creates itself, in as much as it writes the notes it plays, a self-sustaining song cannot die; the consciousness of the souled man has a powerful sleeping subconscious, the source of the song, a million times (infinitely more) as powerful as the ego slave jinn mind; this sub-consciousness has compassion, love, empathy, the potential to create, imagine and invent, a song so powerful a single voice could resonate throughout the universe.

A soul is a harmony that combines to form a rhythmic melody, that rhythmic melody is the song of mankind, if the song of mankind returns to the soulless world of Jinn, as it has at present, if it is dominated by fear, if it seeks an owner worshipped and adored, if it rejects reason and desires lies, then it refuses to rise up to a new state of reality. This stagnating, or even devolving state of consciousness, is very malignant, and will, if unresolved, ultimately result in the extinction of humanity, a reboot will occur and a new form will be created. The souled man is of the family of ‘Adam’ (Adam – man of the clay of the Earth, How you shape your clay is up to you).

The Family of Virtuous Man

The evolution of the souled man, transforming into a new state of consciousness, the consciousness of the transformed soul is nourished by light and has no need for food or drink, as consciousness itself keeps us alive, not food, some already claim to have achieved this method of sustenance, breatharian, but they continue to age as all others, we also need bio-available water.

This new creation is beginning to take place around the world, and the first signs are emerging. To consume food dominates the majority of lives leading to diseases, discomforts, ageing, and in the end death.

The blood feeds the organs of the body, when we eat food that food is a store of sunlight, the body breaks down the food and this provides the sunlight the blood needs to feed the organs. If you eat vegetables the source of the light is once removed, if you eat meat from a vegetarian animal the sunlight is twice removed, if you eat meat from a carnivorous animal the light is at least three times removed. To gain the light directly is the ideal source of nutrition, just as plants gain their sustenance directly from light. The body must first be made into a state of high alkalinity, and the cells rehydrated, which protects the cells of the body.

Ageing is not caused by cell replication making slightly imperfect copies time after time, as the medical Mafia claim. Ageing is caused by dehydration of the cells, a new born baby is 80% water, an average 60 year old is 60% water, the older we get, the more the cells are dehydrated, this dehydration is not effected by increasing the amount of water we drink. People look like sun dried prunes in old age, but no one need age, and in the ancient past people understood this and did not age as we do, people live such a short life under the domination of the soulless psychopaths they never grow, they never experience anything of real value to their soul, they are stagnated and exploited.

This transformation is within man’s potential, but for most it remains dormant. Those who feel drawn to living on light nourishment can activate this potential, but that it not an easy task.

As we are simply consciousness, and the body the vessel of our perception of reality, the new conscious state of being will restructure the energy of the body, changing the flows, distributing and changing the resonance of our energy to establish a direct connection to the fluidic fractal manifold, an example of a soul that experienced such a connection was Nikola Tesla.

In effect linking the conscious mind to the reality of the subconscious mind; just as some achieve through meditation, a direct connection to the information exchange of the underlying reality, of the fluidic fractal manifold.

We’re created to transform from new state to new state, always from the inside out. You create your reality according to your beliefs, yours is the creative energy that makes the environment of your world, that reality is the consonant harmony of mankind; the present suffering will end when the reality man ‘imagines’ into being no longer contains hatred, greed, ravenous consumption, intolerance, self-imposed ignorance, apathy and contempt, which allows so many parasites to gain conformity to their parasitical dictates. When just one soul transcends their present constraints, the song they will sing will be so powerful it will sweep away all the lies, exposed to the blinding light of truth, nothing is hidden within the information exchange of the fluidic fractal manifold.

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is very uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect that core belief, they will rationalise, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.” Frantz Fanon

Dissonance is an unresolved, discordant chord or interval, the song is corrupted, isolated and subdued.

When you die you become aware of the manifold reality, a place each enter when they sleep, but cannot remember, as it’s a place for the soul not the waking mind; to taste death, is knowing the manifold as a constant state, so you would taste death simply by that experience.


In living organisms Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) does not usually exist as a single molecule, but instead as a pair of molecules that are held tightly together. These two long strands entwine like vines, in the shape of a double helix. In the book ‘Biology of Belief’ by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. the idea with compelling evidence is presented that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person’s beliefs; the subconscious mind can physically alter your DNA, being the song the body sings.

A small child in Dahua, China nominally named “Cat-Boy” has eyes that glow in the dark like flashlights and has the ability to read in complete darkness and without the aid of any light. Moreover, he can see as clearly as if it were daylight. The instructions that construct the body of all creatures have infinite diversity, and can provide abilities and structures of life that allow the fulfilment of all the desires of the consciousness. In animals the pressures of the environment can through necessity alter the DNA of the creature, that same imperative passes onto the foetus, this is the power house of evolution, not random mutations through offspring; a conscious imperative shapes the natural world. Link: Chinese cat-boy Nong Youhui

The potential for our elevation to the next state of consciousness is building, the fiction propagated that the DNA of the body is a fixed state has been exposed as a lie. The evolution of our body is through the transformation of our consciousness.

Dr. Snyder accurately perceived that “we do not look passively onto the world; that, indeed, our brain connections are continuously changing and the signals our brain receives actually change its connectivity.”

Moscow University physicist Pyotra Anokin estimate of possible interactions in the human brain is unduly low. According to his calculations, the potential number of structures that the human brain can create is so large that writing them out as a figure would translate into a line approximately 6.5 million miles long; a situation that can be likened to using an area the size of a dust particle in a 500 room mansion.

The Brain or the Consciousness?

John Lorber (1915–1996) was a professor of paediatrics at the University of Sheffield, he studied cerebral cortex losses. He reports the case of a Sheffield University student who had a measured IQ of 126 and passed a Mathematics Degree but who had hardly any discernible brain matter at all since his cortex was extremely reduced by hydrocephalus, having a brain between 50 and 150 grams, compared to a normal brain of 1500grams.

In 2007 another case in France where doctors were amazed that a 44-year-old civil servant with an abnormally small brain similar to the Sheffield brain again caused by hydrocephalus (water on the brain), who was leading a normal life with a slightly lower than normal IQ. Subsequent tests revealed that the man had an IQ of 75, with a verbal IQ of 84 and performance IQ of 70. The bulk of people in society have a average IQ of 85.

Consciousness is Not Chemical

An American physicist Evan Harris Walker, states “the human mind and human consciousness are not empirically measurable quantities.” Walker believed that consciousness is not a chemical process, but is instead attributable to a quantum mechanical tunnel process; a theory that is consistent with the views of a growing number of quantum physicists and brain scientists. Walker also persuasively showed that the brain’s synapses exhibit quantum mechanical phenomena, for which models have been posited by David Bohm and Basil Hilely. These authors report astonishing similarities between quantum potential and neurological connections in the brain.

The Dawn of the Third State of Consciousness

The fractal creation of a soul was the gift of emotion, the first fundamental state of consciousness, and that was the expression and test of our imagination, emotion is the power house of consciousness, it can be harnessed to commit horrific atrocities, or to establish heights of love beyond expression.

Emotions influence us more than reason, because they’re the basis of everything we are. Reason is like a chisel with which you can polish your emotions in order to pacify them, the soul, or if your like, the subconscious mind, controls most of the emotions in us, allowing us to empathise, be compassionate, loving. We apply reasoned thoughts as a way of mastering emotions.

“Troubling I sit, day and night. My friends are astonished at me: They forgive my wanderings. I rest not from my great task: To open the eternal worlds! To open the immortal eyes of man inward: into the worlds of thought: into eternity. Ever expanding in the bosom of the Creator, the human imagination.” – William Blake

The creation of shared perceptual realities allows the fractal souls to be opened and awoken, through the gift of relationships with others, this allows the gift of discourse and the examination of truths, and that is the test of universal harmony. This develops the second state of consciousness, the reasoning soul, mastering the skill of reasoning lifts consciousness ever towards truth and knowledge, it expands and tests our intelligence.

“Reason obeys itself; Ignorance submits to what is dictated to it.” – Thomas Paine

Truth and complete unbiased openness to knowledge, is the gift of the information exchange of the fluidic fractal manifold, to the fractal mind, and truth is the principle that places power upon you;

“Integrity is telling myself the truth, and honesty is telling the truth to other people.” Spencer Johnson (Motivational Author)

The truth will set free all who hold the truth in value.

The third state of consciousness is the skill that grows out from reason, one of deep attention and awareness, through the practical expression of innate virtues, consciousness can achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state of mind. If the third state is achieved, the mind, I believe in theory, could remake perceptual reality at their will, reshape, rebuild the reality around them. It is the removal of the veil that hides the awareness of consciousness to the fractal ocean, where we see reality as it truly is.

You cannot achieve this as a parasite, which is why monks and priests fail so utterly, even when they dedicate their lives to it. Reciprocation is a fundamental state of consciousness, when you exist upon the labours of others, taking all you need to sustain yourself, taking what you have not earned or deserve, you are not existing in virtue, which means you have failed before you’ve even begun.

The power of thought can affect physical events and the behaviour of others, although not all minds will advance to a higher state of consciousness, if any ever do, they will have powerful effects upon all consciousness on earth.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” – Ted Perry, commonly attributed to Chief Seattle (1780-1866 Leader Of The Suquamish And Duwamish Native American Tribes) Link: This Earth Is Precious – 1851 chief Seattle, of the Suquamish

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