Part One – Establishing Universal Accountability – a Substantive Witena-Gemot of Axiom-logical Inherent Power

Written By Abdun Nur


Relief does not mean to inflict punishment on the wrongdoer, rather it means to provide relief from mental anguish, to pursue the wrongdoer in such a way that they are held accountable for their actions, and relief is established for both the souls wronged and the souls who acted to wrong. It means that in the substantive system, no wrongful action shall remain untracked, unanswered or ignored


Before the destruction of 562 there may have been a tri-bal system of the three worlds of control dominating Albien, (although I personally have grave doubts), the world of hierarchical religion, the world of hierarchical monarchism and the world of the commercially dominated slaves. The picture painted by the Vatican historians before the genocide of William the Bastard of the Islands of Britain, is of a backward, ignorant and uneducated population, but even before the catastrophe of 562 it was clearly not backward, and after that event if the shackles of tri-bal control existed, they were removed, no longer could hierarchy dominate, no longer could religion and the psychopathic monarchies subjugate, reason returned, if it indeed ever left, as the foundation of common unity, being anarchic community, and the substantive was the reality of trade, agreement and surety. Hierarchy possibly dominated Albien (the Earths surface) until 562 but would not return again, except in Southern Albien which was invaded by German immigrants, who invented Kingdoms, based around plunder and protection racketeering, for themselves, which were periodically removed and reintroduced.

The condition of pagan Britain is remarkably preserved in the laws of Dyvnwal Moelmud. That these laws are certainly long before the tenth century is proved by the gulf that exists between the state of society shown by them and that of the laws of Howel fixed to A.D. 914…. the laws of Howel refer back to Moelmud. What takes the laws of Moelmud at least to Roman times is that they are purely Pagan…How much farther back these laws may date, towards the traditional time of Moelmud, the fourth or seventh century BC we cannot now inquire.

The whole air is that of simple conditions and a free life, with much personal cultivation and sympathy in general conduct. It would be impossible to produce such a code from a savage or violent people, and this intimate view of their life is the best ground for judging of their qualities.” Neglected British History By Flinders Petrie

The Vatican hierarchical structures were completely inequitable and remain so, functioning globally at present.

The Welsh may have had some form of hierarchy before the genocide beginning in 1066, which afforded invented rights and privilege giving some equity to the conduct in community, this may have been a result of the constant harrying by the German immigrants of the southern region, forcing a military structure of defense and so a military order of command, the method of the German invaders was to lay siege to towns and villages to plunder, murder and rape, The Welsh displayed three words on their armour, “budro” “fudron” “Cristnogion”, and which translate into “Dirty Filthy Christians”.

Hierarchies create superiors and inferiors by their nature; therefore if all are equal in accountability for their actions, hierarchy cannot be used in arbitration of disputes. The substantive structure in arbitration will be presented using reason, as reason is the basis of truth, and the trivium is the ancient method of reasoning; also the remnants of the arbitration system that existed in northern Albien will be examined before the Vatican orchestrated genocide, culminating with the creation of the catalogue of stolen resources in 1086, known as the Doomsday book, this was created as a collateral reference for loan contracts, the Vatican and monarchical psychopaths believed that the creation of ownership would continue until the end of the worlds they had created; I will attempt to explain the concepts and reason in combination that will present a structure of arbitration free of hierarchy.

History is mainly a fabrication; the history of Britain was fabricated mainly from the 12th century by agents of the Vatican; if you consider the evidence that Vatican history is unsupportable. For example the feudal system did not exist in Britain until introduced by William the bastard, now we can accept that this imposed feudal model was imposed, as it is now in operation and has been since the point of the claimed conquering of Britain. Now if you study the events, they do not add up, clearly mainstream history of the conquering is equally unreliable.

Firstly William brought wooden fortresses over with a large force, documents do exist from several sources to support this, although the Vatican agents have historically both destroy documents that refute their lies, and also fabricate documents that support their lies. They landed on the British coast, the first lie they fought the army of a feudal King at Hastings, although widespread archeology has been done at the many locations where the battle may have occurred, in all those many excavations the only thing that has ever been found is one axe head dating to that period, there was “never” a huge battle at Hastings, it was a fabrication. The Bastard never fought an open battle, ever, he was a siege conqueror.

The Vatican had sent a mercenary force to destroy the Danes in Yordvik (York the capital), just before William the Bastard landed. When William’s ally Harold, the leader of the Germans that had been decimated by the Danes, met William at Hastings, William had him and his small bodyguard murdered and mutilated. The Danes had settled in Albien as partisans of the indigenous peoples. Harold was murdered because William intended to make himself king of the German protection racketeers and white slavers, based in the fortress city of London, and William sort ransom from Harold’s family for his mutilated remains.

Second point William moved to London, the only strong hold of the German invaders, with his huge force, and laid siege to the city, and attacked cities on the journey, burning them to the ground even if they begged to surrender, as to impose feudalism you must exterminate the existing allodial population, surrender has no meaning when genocide is the objective. But if he had just had a battle with a force of equal size, his forces would have been greatly diminished, however they were not. Additionally in all descriptions of the fabricated battle at Hastings no mention of the use of the wooden forts was made.

The reason William conquered Britain was not through skill or fighting ability, it was through a new technology of war, firstly moveable wooden fortresses that were used to force the local population to build stone castles for their invaders, and if any trouble came the mercenaries bolted back to their fortress and hid, or used it as a defensible position. It was castles that conquered the population, the cowardly mercenaries murdered, raped and pillaged, then when people came after them, they ran away as quickly as possible to the castles to hide, and repel attacks.

There was no King feudal system in Britain except for the small protection racketeering kingdoms created periodically by the Germans, who kept episodically coming to southern Britain to rape, murder and pillage then set up extortion rackets upon the local populations, these mafia fiefdoms established by the military adventures the Vatican agents named kingdoms, which William adapted as counties, however these invaders had been driven off again and again over the centuries. The Danes were settling as brothers with the indigenous British population, and the mafia of the German kingdoms in Southern Britain had all but been exterminated, originating from the tribes of the Angles and the Saxons, leaving only a few hiding out as felonious murderers and thieves, driven to the coasts at the bottom of Britain.

All the fabricated hierarchies claimed to have existed in Britain of the Vatican history are simply created to give support to the feudal king model, as if that nonsense had always existed, and no other model could.


The modern Writ system has passed down from antiquity and still mimics in some respects the old model, described below is the only structure that would support the natural innate inherent power of the individual, integrating all the fragments of the system that have survived the purge of Church and Crown corporations.

The origins of the writ are based within the axioms of the land which are established through reason and the soul’s innate nature; this was used within Albien for centuries before the invasion of the Roman Catholic Church Corporation. The term writ has been corrupted in legalese from a written notice, to a letter in the name of the monarch, as a legal instrument, this means it can no longer be used, as it is constructed as a legal fiction (instrument) for legal fictions (the monarch) and in regard to legal fictions (the person) exclusively. In place of the corrupted term writ, the term notification can be applied.

The history of Britain is founded upon the invented stories of the Roman Catholic Church corporation, much like the invented stories of the American Government corporation around the events of 9/11, or the British Crown corporation around the events of the Titanic or 7/7; they spin a web of lies that fail to hold up to any reasoned investigation, yet through the domination of institutions and media they maintain these inventions in the minds of the unreasoning masses.

The archaeological sites around Britain demonstrate that in the 6th century the population of Britain who had for centuries lived in skillfully built stone houses, with under floor heating, tiled roofs, viaducts and cobbled roads, had almost overnight return to a primitive state of subsistence living, and the corporations suggest a history of the Romans holding Britain as a colony and abandoning it, the indigenous population were ‘SO STUPID’ in comparison to their masters they instantaneously began to live in simple stick and mud dwellings, scratching an existence from the land, losing any knowledge of masonry, plumbing, roofing, metallurgy, or glass work etc.

There is evidence to support a different version of events; in 562, some claim a meteor struck, (but more likely an electrical arc connected the earth and the moon, electrical arcs form craters not meteors) from the North Sea transforming society.

This catalyst would of expose the frauds of sovereignty, hierarchy, and religion, forcing those who survived the natural disaster to take stock and establish a system founded on equity and community, not sovereignty, hierarchy and religion, such an event of mass death would make most reject their gods, the Roman gods being ones of protection.

It is this natural prescriptive equity system that will be explained within this article and those articles of explanation that follow.

The courts, from Latin ‘cautio’ meaning “bonding, securitization and bailment (of vow/oaths/cases)”. Courts are; a legislative assembly, a place to hear suits of the sovereign, or an organ of the government; this means the term court cannot be used to bring relief to disputes between living souls, courts act only within constructed legal fictions; one term used before John Bernardone Morosini (Moriconi) – aka Francis of Assisi – alias Marino Morosini) who constructed much of the legal system in the 12th century, was witena-gemot’s, which were community assemblies of common souls and neighbours.

Gemot (gemote: gemoot; ġemōt) meaning – “meeting, council, encounter”.

‘Wit’ means keen perception, as the thoughts of the mind, ‘wite’ keenly perceived a determined and concluded thought , ‘witen’ means to know, keen perception made fast, held, the ability to reason to truth, this can be expressed as wise male souls, ‘witena’ feminises the term, so all wise souls male and female, the ‘witena-gemot’ was the ancient term for the moot later made a court, a community assembly of all souls with the ability to reason male and female, a full community is represented by 23 good and equitable souls and one administrator. The guide to arbitration is to emulate the Pineal gland which rests in the centre of the brain, the seat of reason, this is the place within the community to give relief to all disputes, between the two cerebral hemispheres, the two opposites, the accuser and the rebutter, it is known by some as ‘The Throne of God’, around this are 24 cranial nerves that allow it to function at its full capacity, these are the 24 elders, the 23 arbitrators and one administrator, these nerves are connected to the spinal cord, which is the physical tree of life, and metaphorically the community, there are 31 pairs of spinal nerves, the spinal cord is the main pathway for information connecting the brain and peripheral nervous system, just as the community is the pathway of information within a dispute it connects all in unity and all senses can be evaluated. Just as the pineal gland connects the body and the soul to intuitive truth, the innate structure in arbitration would allow intuitive truth to underpin the evidence, reason and witness declarations. The average number of members in a full family is 50, if you divide a community at a certain point, slowly forming two distinct communities then using 31 pairs as the base state, you would have a community of 1550 souls as a limit. This comparison gives a good guide to the dividing point of community, although it would still remain arbitrary.

Related to this is the terms ‘witness’, which means to have knowledge and understanding, ‘witless’ which means to have no ability to reason, ‘witling’ which means a soul who thinks himself witty (wise, reasoning) but is not, and ‘Witworm’ meaning one who, or that which, feeds on or destroys wit (this term “witworm” describes the function of lawyers perfectly). The administrators of the witena-gemots’ did not expend their efforts on creating or codifying written laws as is the practice with positive law. As it was based on a permanent solution through relief not punishment, this meant the victim was the judge of what they felt to be an encroachment; something that caused them to suffer Terrente –meaning someone down to earth (terra), realistic and sensible of mind, referencing a system of arbitration for those with the peace of this state of mind threatened.; they through the witena-gemot sort relief, and the arbitrators gathered of their peers determined their alleged Terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’.

The term tort is the legalese term invented from Latin to replace the term trespass. Trespass in ancient Albien was Terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’. A physical entity of the same species that threatens you either physically or mentally; one that oppresses, menaces, causes mental troubles or weariness, who pushes or presses upon the mind of another; one who creates quarrels, conflicts, commits torture, torment or afflictions, one who with proviso declares a hostile intention, one who portends no good.

Inherent power is based upon two simple axioms, from these two axioms, which generate simple principles evident to all, universal truths that are unalienable, universal and immutable as an expression of the innate inherent power of every living soul.

The first reciprocal principle is ‘you must do all you have freely agreed to do, with witness’; this is the foundation of all agreements whether verbal or written.

The second reciprocal principle is treat all others as you would wish to be treated. This means ‘you cannot encroach on the peace of another’s mind (trespassing upon another living soul)’; this is the foundation of all torts (wrongful actions) – Terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’ in arbitration.

The outcome of a dispute turned entirely on the evidence and the facts of the case, a fact being that which both parties in dispute agree is true, which were usually established through oath-giving within written affidavit.

The disputants first swore to their accusations and denials. Each party then called on oath helpers (witnesses to any relevant events, and members of their surety groups in support of their good character) to back up these allegations with written oaths of their own.

The establishment of a natural tortious system hinges upon the notification (writ) system and the bind of surety. 

The witena-gemot is a circle of peers for the arbitration of torts, initiated through notification (writ), this is a ‘Letter of Action’, a written letter of one who is appointed through consensus as an administrator of the witena-gemot, as an order issued pursuant to relief before the facts (precept) under seal (meaning autographed with symbol or sealed with a physical imprint and witnessed) of what is now termed, a ‘summons’ to stand before the arbitrators gathered from the peers of your community, to determine the dispute. The term “summons” (to give a discreet reminder, from monēre to advise) is meant for the dead (meaning a constructed legal fiction), a living soul should not be summoned. The living soul is ‘instructed’ to be at a certain location, on a certain date, and at a certain time to arbitrate the dispute. This could be done in a virtual arbitration setting, on the arbitration platform, or in the real world.

The accuser, known as the plaintiff (complainer) in modern courts, who believed they had endured an encroachment, sued (to make petition or appeal to) the witena-gemot for a notification (writ) of action again the committer or retorter.

The notification (writ) has the details of both parties if known, the outline of the complaint and the relief sort by the complainer, with a date and time to appear for arbitration of the dispute by the arbitrators gathered from your peers. The accuser takes the notification (writ) and they or another hands it to the party accused, this must be witnessed or autographed or marked acceptance given by the retorter of the encroachment, an encroachment is known as a tort, which meant ‘a wrongful act’; the retorter has three choices:

They can refuse to accept the notification (writ). If the notification (writ) is refused the accuser must find themselves a rex, a title which means ‘to put right’, the modern equivalent of a rex is the Sherriff of the court, who is in the modern system, is the highest authority in the land; anyone the accuser considers capable of successfully enforcing the notification (writ) could be the rex.

The rex takes the notification (writ) to the witena-gemot of issue, the administrator of the witena-gemot writes a warrant ‘to guarantee as true’ the notification (writ). A “warrant” seals the writ. However the term ‘warrant’ is corrupted in legalese and means to indemnify the monarch from being sued if they lose. Warrant means a guarantee, so a ‘notification to guarantee support’ can be used in place of the term warrant.

If the encroachment was committed by an unknown party, a notification (writ) is made and the complainer selects a rex to establish through investigation, if possible they then determine the identity of the retorter or accused, the rex applies the same method of seeking a ‘notification to guarantee support’ (warrant) to secure the notifications (writs) truth.

A ‘notification to guarantee support’ (warrant) is the extension of a witena-gemot notification (writ), a Notification to guarantee support (warrant) is a written letter of one who is appointed as an administrator of the witena-gemot, directing the doing of an act, addressed to a living soul capable of doing the act, and affording them protection from damage, detriment or injury sustained by the retorter for doing so, within the constraints of the reciprocal duty of care each soul has for their neighbour. And may require them to arrest the body of a soul therein identified, and bring them before the witena-gemot.

A notification to guarantee support (warrant) is issued on the refusal of a witena-gemot notification (writ), the refusal of a relief or the inequitable detention of a living soul, a notification to guarantee support (warrant) is a physical demand of the witena-gemot. Every soul has an unalienable reciprocal obligation and responsibility to liberty, if this is denied you can demand a prerogative notification (writ) initiated by any living soul on your behalf if you are restrained from obtaining one yourself, this functions by empowering with the axioms of the land, the individual in holding, making accountable the exercise of the societies and communities around them, from inequitable imprisonment, through improper executive, judicial, or private restraints of confinements within incarceration facilities labelled, prisons, jails, camps, hospitals, re-education facilities, mental institutions, or whatever form it may take, all used to restrain others inequitably. Protection of liberty demanded through the notification (writ) of ‘Habeas Corpus’ (held body) from the witena-gemot, which is an ancient axiom of the land prerogative notification (writ) – an equitable procedure to which you have an undeniable reciprocal obligation and responsibility. It is an extraordinary relief in equity. Upon proper application, or even on naked knowledge alone, every equitable witena-gemot or court is empowered, and is duty bound, to issue the Extraordinary Notification (writ) of Habeas Corpus commanding one who is restraining liberty, so holding imprisoned another, to forthwith produce before the witena-gemot the living soul, who is in custody and to show cause why the liberty of that living soul is being restrained, and if the witena-gemot finds no just cause, relief must be established for the victim of that inequitable restraint. The term imprisonment usually imports a restraint contrary to the wishes of the prisoner; and the notification (writ) of habeas corpus is designed as a relief for them, to be invoked at their insistence, to set them at liberty. In the case of an infant or a child of tender years that is detained or abused improperly by the living soul holding the honour of their custody and guardianship, that wrong being sufficient ground to invoke and maintain the notification (writ) of habeas corpus through reciprocal common unity.

A Rex was not a king, but an aspect of the equitable system. Souls aided a Rex voluntarily. A Rex who could be any competent soul and had to offer battle gear, and food, to get others to follow them into battle, more importantly, all souls volunteered to champion the cause of the weak — for a ‘fee’, meaning they had a share in the wite, as no soul can equitably be bound with any sovereign, and under natural prescriptive equity through axioms of the land, no sovereign or state can equitably exist to compel.

Another function of those who were willing to champion the cause of the weak, acting as a rex, was the enforcing of verdicts being the decision of the arbitrators, for example to take back stolen resources and return it to the equitable possessor as the arbitrators of a witena-gemot established. 

The retorter, who had failed to honour the notification (writ), would have to pay all the costs of the rex, this surcharge was called the ‘wite’, and made serving the community through putting right wrongs in equity a profitable business for a soul serving as a rex.

If the retorter had not the means to honour the debt, then their surety would stand the cost. The retorter would be obligated to repay his surety bound-soul/s as soon as possible. Within the system of tortious or Terrente relief, only the surplus fruits of the labours of the retorter could be seized, all resource are allodially held, therefore no decision of relief can be made upon a souls utilised land, home, furnishings, tools, or their ability to sustain themselves or those who they support, only the disposable produce that is available for sale or exchange as a surplus to their essential needs, or their stored labours, as for example silver or gold or whatever store of intrinsic resource is available, could be considered in relief. If you had no surety so could not satisfy the relief due, then their future labours would be bound to honour their obligation, (but honoured immediately through an advance, if the model were applied using the software platform I propose within other articles on this website.)

This model is empowered by the sufferer of a disturbed peace of mind, focused not on punishment of the culpable but relief for both the soul suffering and relief for the one inflicting the wrong.

Arbitration is free to the wronged to seek and establish relief, and is based upon the principles of the axioms of the land unalienably, immutably and universally bound to the reciprocal inherent power of the individual, founded on protection not subjugation.


With the arrival of the Roman Catholic Church Corporation for over 20 year Albien endured a genocide instigated by Pope Alexander II and executed through the agents of the Church Corporation, lead by Guillaume le Bâtard, commonly known as William the (Bastard) Conqueror, which placed the simple trust of ownership upon the land, its people and its resources, through the force of arms, this reversed the equitable system and imposed a feudal legal slave law system of revenue generation for the corporation, which functions to a great extent in opposition to the equitable model of relief for both the soul wronged and the soul acting wrongfully.

The witena-gemot or moot was made obsolete and replaced by the court system imposed by those who subjugated the population, and much of the original witena-gemot methodology has remained, passed down to the present day. The court issue writs, warrants, prerogatives, and subpoenas, which are all forms of writ, but now it is no longer based on Terrente–‘the peace of their mind threatened’ relief, but through the invented constructed legal fictions authored by the agents of the feudal State corporate mafia, which is consented to through silence or ignorance.

Granting the agents of the fictions, invented by the agents of the State authority, the abuse of power to act against living souls through their authored constructs of person-hood and citizenship, legal name or title.

Relief is removed and revenue for the owners and officers of the corporation is generated under the guise of punishment, penalties and mulct (fines) for crimes (origin – charge: to impose a price or mulct); all laws are based on criminal acts, while all substantive axioms are based on wrongful acts (reasoned cries of distress).

Criminal acts: an act that violates public (corporate) rights or duties (which have been imposed by a small group working against the interests and freedoms of everyone else) these forbid or command actions. The agents of the corporation issuing the policy of law (granted rights from a master to a slave) which gives notice as injurious to the public (corporation), the public is the body politic, being the corporation or its representatives, and punishable through criminal proceedings in its own name.

It is common to mistake common law as a different form to the fictional constructive law, but it is simply a variation on the theme, all law is positive. Sir Matthew Hale defined ‘Law’: when speaking about the Common Law: “This law is that which asserts, maintains, and with all imaginable care, provides for the safety of the King’s Royal Person, his Crown and dignity, and all his just rights, revenues, powers, prerogatives and governments, as the great foundation (claimed under God through the Vatican) of the peace, happiness, honour and justices, of this kingdom.

Part Two – Establishing Universal Accountability – a Substantive Witena-Gemot of Axiom-logical Inherent Power

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” Thomas Paine