Philosophy Of Existence

Written By Abdun Nur

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Reason is my master, truth my guide and love my destination.” Abdun Nur

My Philosophical Perspective

Imagine an infinite pure consciousness pouring from nothingness endlessly within a singular, infinitely repeating, spinning moment, spinning out and back into nothingness, in a toroidal flow of thought, without any substance, no material existence of any kind, no quantity of space or energy; not an entity because only the consciousness exists, and to be an entity would require something other, something distinct from something else, so consciousness is an entirety.

The only product of the one single consciousness is thought (potential), manifesting infinitely building perceptual realities, so vast, so dense in thought, so elaborate we struggle to begin to conceive such complexities at our present lower fractal states of perception. But I you, and I me, and I all others are the same I, of the same single consciousness or soul, the totality, the entirety, and the I of each soul is expressed infinitely as a totality of the single consciousness.

If you consider the smallest part of everything, known as the atom, at this level there is no physical quality, it is a vortex of charge, a vortex is the pull of nothingness at the centre of spin, the energy of conscious thought is a thought spinning around nothingness, but these small thought atoms form the complexity of all perceptual experience.

Metaphorically the idea of an external god, would have you believe the atom is all powerful, dictating upon the actions and decisions of those it perceptually constructs, as it is the base state everything flows from, yet the opposite is true, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This is the fractal nature of consciousness, the one consciousness is the base state, the fractal expression is the greater, as the sum of the infinite fractal expressions, in other words, you are the entirety expressed, I am the entirety expressed, like an ocean the drop can be as small as molecule of water or as large as the entire infinite ocean, the expression is limited only by the perceptions of the expression.

The I could not fully experience the infinite thoughts intimately without this fractal nature, which allows the illusion of separation. This is demonstrated practically, as all the souls on Earh share the same perceptual experience we perceive as this reality, this Earth, this universe.

The nature of fractal consciousness, allows each fractal the choice to exercise free will or not, they can evolve from new state to new higher fractal state, and have the same attributes, the same aspects as the whole consciousness, because they are the same, being the ocean in a drop, and a drop within the infinite ocean of consciousness, indivisible, so cannot be distinct, always only the whole single consciousness can exist inseparably, the fractal is the undivided, an integral fractal form building the perceptual structures.

What aspects of an expression of the one consciousness are expanded, is a free choice of a fractal expression of the single consciousness, like the facets of a crystal our choices determine our growth through experience, each aspect or facet beams in expression, as our choices build, shaping the fractal form. An aspect can grow or wither, develop to become the most abundant within their individual expression of consciousness, or to wither to the point it almost disappears. They can build imagination or neglect it for example.

We, as fractals of consciousness are here to experience, and through our experiences, the totality of the ocean of consciousness experiences, shares, interacts and is synchronous to our actions; the fractal we is seeking adventure, to develop reasoning, innate virtues, for the expression of love and joy, and most importantly the expansion of imaginative thoughts, because there is no ‘other’ of consequence, to hate, to abuse, to exploit, we are ‘one’ infinitely expressed. We’re one mind as dichotomic thought, both as one in nothingness of inner contemplation, and as one in fractally shared thought of illusionary external perception.

In this truth alone there is a great source of happiness. There’s a word in Japanese ‘yugen’ which means an awareness of creation that triggers an emotional response too deep and powerful for words, so breath-taking that it stands beyond marvel, beyond magnificence, beyond majesty. Yugen flows from beauty, even of thought itself, as beauty fills perception the soul sings its joy. True happiness is knowing yugen, even if only now and then, true suffering is never knowing such joy.

Beauty is a fundamental aspect of consciousness, or if you prefer soul, its expression in our labours, in our surroundings, in our very natures, in our families, in our communities, feeds the soul consciousness.

All things are in dichotomy, if you have yang, you must have ying, so if you have soul, you have an expression of consciousness without soul, psychopathic consciousness, which exists only as thought, with no true independent existence being a creation from thought, a form with no reflection in the mirror of true existence. The psychopathic nature is directly opposite of the single consciousness, a soul is generated through love, a soulless entity is generated through collective fear, it feeds on thought, it does not generate reality it is formed and expands as a consequence of negative perceptions. The soulless find satisfaction in suffering, misery, ugliness and hatred. The soulless nature loves power over others, to be owner, this is Ba’al, and Ba’al means owner.

Death, as non-existence, for the soul empathic is impossible in this understanding, when you die within a shared perception, you are simply disconnecting from that perceptual collective and entering another perceptual reality, your fractal form remains.

If the real is perception, what is then real? Objective existence is not a substance that exists independently but the manifestation of universally experienced thought, which becomes truth through that shared perception.

The fractal soul is a spirit within a river of solitude, that craves to know the ocean of totality as it flows towards it, so the soul flows to the ocean of truth in every direction, each expression of the infinite points of view considering truth of the whole, knowing no two consciousnesses could exist. When a fractal consciousness, drink deeply from the silent river, so the once parched can quench their thirst, and begin to sing songs of wisdom, love and truth in reality. As the spirit of a mountain stands ‘truth’, a barrier insurmountable that blocks all escape, you cannot go through, you cannot go over, you cannot go round, truth stands overwhelming, to advance beyond truth and dance its tune profoundly, greater truth will push you on; so the ocean grows deeper, and the mountains of truth higher. Conversely, if you stagnate in a cesspit of lies, the music becomes a whisper, and truth is hidden from the choices you make.

What Make Me Believe Reality is as I Describe?

To understand reality, you must examine perceptual reality, which is built upon, so reflects the fundamental nature of none perceptual reality. The fundamental aspects, the repeating patterns, that build all expressions of perception should be considered. For example, growth is one fundamental aspect of perceptual creation, the nature of matter is growth, 99.999% of solid matter is crystalline, being a lattice that extends in all directions, a growing structure, and these fundamental patterns work on both the micro and the macro, the Earth, the stars, all planetary bodies are growing, as vast crystalline forms (electric universe model).

99.999r% is a repeating pattern of perception, the universe is 99.999r% empty (of the four forms of matter) space. Plasma makes up 99.999r% of the remainder, gas forms 99.999r% of that remainder, crystalline solids form 99.999r% of that remainder, liquids form 99.999r% of that remainder; atoms are 99.999r% empty space, this is a repeating pattern, at both the micro and the macro. This demonstrates the fundamental structure of nothingness and the entirety, the dichotomy of nothing and the infinity of that pure state of being.

Asymmetrical dichotomy is another fundamental pattern. Asymmetry exists when the two halves of something don’t match or are unequal, for example positive and negative, another aspect of this is direction, for example sound returns to silence, silence does not return to sound; light returns to darkness, darkness does not return to light; heat returns to cold, cold does not return to heat, etc. This demonstrates the flow of consciousness, if consciousness goes silent it returns to nothingness.

Thought flows from nothing, it is generated by consciousness, thought is the only authentic form (perceptual) in all reality, thought is the product of consciousness, thought returns to nothingness.

The paradox of the absolute pure nothingness being a state of being, must always generate the immutable consummation moment, that a state of being is something. You only need a single consciousness and an infinitesimal moment of time, nothing else need exist for all creation to exist as it is, therefore this demonstrates the true nature.

The nature of reality is an expression of its underlying structure, thought is the only product of consciousness, and only consciousness need exist for all reality to exist, therefore all reality is thought, thought flows from nothingness, therefore all reality must be perceptual in form.

The opposite of nothingness is the entirety of everything and anything, this is an asymmetrical dichotomy. So any expression of existence must remove nothingness, as light removes darkness, while any thought must inexorably flow back to nothingness. Dichotomy is a partition of a whole into two parts, as a reflection of  the “golden ratio”. Two values are in the golden ratio, if the ratio of the value is divided by the larger value it is equal to the ratio of the larger value divided by the smaller value, ying and yang. In other words, this pairing of parts must be jointly exhaustive: everything must belong to one part or the other, and mutually exclusive: nothing can belong simultaneously to both parts.

Nothingness and the entirety exist at a ratio of 99.999r%, as from nothingness you have “a state of being” which generates the breaking of the purity of that “absolute nothingness” which is an embodiment of a state of being, which means nothingness is “something”, a state, this creates a paradox, it is this paradox that generates consciousness, pure nothing must then invariably generate reality, the paradox must then always be immutable.

Fractal structure dominates perceptual reality, approximate fractals display self-similar structure over an extended, but finite, scale range, as a never-ending pattern. From simple foundations infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales grow, through repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.

Time itself reflects this nature, a single infinitesimal moment builds time, this tiny moment spins, in an infinite repeating toroidal feedback loop. This tiny moment is all that is needed, the tiny moment that formed when the “state” of nothingness was transformed into a paradox of something; the paradox of consciousness exists only within that tiny cycling infinitesimal instant.

Consciousness itself also builds in the same fashion, the entirety of consciousness repeating at every spin of the almost non-existent instant in a toroidal flow, as a feedback loop, each expression expanding the thoughts and form of entirety, and the approximate fractals of consciousness grow, every expression of the single consciousness  always remains only the entirety, only in the anima of perception does any division exist, there is no separation, no master and slave.

From this fractal nature we get the toroidal form and so the perception of three dimensional space. Spin forms a circle through the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9. The circle is infinity, reduced to its root, the circle is  3 + 6 + 0 = 9, this is the first value, three elements are needed to form three dimensional space perceptually within the spinning moment. A toroid is constructed by rotating a circle around an axis which is outside the shape, this reflects the structure of nothingness and the entirety.

A geometric shape is the information which remains when location, scale, orientation and reflection are removed leaving only curves, points, and lines. Axiomatic mathematical logic then builds reality, formed around the thought field axioms, a field is a set on which addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are defined and behave rationally as real numbers do. This is not abstract (completely detached from reality), abstracted mathematics cannot in anyway explain reality, which is the reason modern physic has remained stagnant since the 1930’s. Quaterion mathematics can explain reality. Quaterion consisting of a real dimension and 3 imaginary ones, consisting of a scalar (something real) part and vectors (imaginary) parts.

The toroid is formed throughout perceptual nature, and is for example, in the macro expressed as planets and stars, and dominates all electromagnetic flow. The effects of movement of the toroid, generates things such as the toroidal vortex, and helical forms.

The human body forms a toroid, a flow of psycho-reactive energy, this is a physical perceptual projection of consciousness, the brain is a perceptual organ of interaction between the physical perceptual form and the interacting perception of energetic consciousness.

Reality is a shared perception, as only a single consciousness may exist, all fractal illusions of separation, the I, the you, another soul, would be the only way the fractal structure of consciousness could participate within any shared perceptual reality. This is self evident as only a single mind could experience a single perceptual construct, a construct we call reality, the fractal structure of consciousness then allows illusions of separation and the choice of free will within that perceptual form, to grow diversity.

Free will for the vast majority is an illusion, most choices are only justified from the available options after the decision has already been made, most often by others, this is known as conformity to the majority view. Conformity is the stagnant existence of the stupid, a soul is made stupid when that expression of consciousness has chosen not to live but simply to exist, seeking the eternal and rejecting the internal, a conflict that builds fear, selfishness and hatred within them.

Most eagerly conform to the dictates and dogmas of their wrongly perceived superiors, so allowing those without souls to dominate and shape perceptual reality.

The skill of reasoning is the only proven method to re-establish free will over conformity and cowardice, the conformist system of the schooled mind, is indoctrinated to believe firmly, they can reason, even against all the evidence.

This being the case, if free will were mastered, reality could, in theory, be altered directly by the fractal consciousness of any expression of the entirety, to directly manifest thoughts within the perception, that could altered it, for example to manifest physical objects, levitate, destroy, move or transform matter. Always keep in mind anything from the infinite must itself be infinite.

The god entity concept is an external constructed fiction, that detrimentally shapes the perceptions of reality if that fiction is invested in, a powerful stagnating concept, allowing parasites and charlatans to control and manipulate any victim of that lie. Through fictional externalisations of what are always internal concepts, Ba’alist (psychopathic owners) use constructed fictions to dominate humanity globally.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine
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