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Written by Abdun Nur

To Volunteer or “Not” to Volunteer!

No living soul can be a party to any contract. Contract is always exclusively between constructed legal fictions, because contract is a reduction in agreement, a contraction, while true agreement is inherently reciprocal (equally advantageous trade).

Contract allows a one-sided advantage, whereas true agreement does not; true agreement must be reciprocal to be binding.

No constructed fiction can enter reciprocal agreement, because a bond requires a seal, it bears no fictional straw man signature, no names, no titles, no implied or inferred consent, it simply requires a witnessed seal. A seal is any referenced imprint of part of the physical body of the bondsmen within agreement, a thumb print is common (if the platforms presented in the articles of are used, the bondsman’s account number gives system identification). This means no one should ever sign anything if at all possible.

Trade is not usury for a similar reason, usury is a one-sided taking with nothing in return, while trade is a reciprocal exchange. There are five basic expressions of usury; usury is a demand of interest linked to use, as the basis of theft, for example, the govern-mental mafia claims an interest in the use of your labour, and demand you pay them taxation as a percentage of the fruits generated through that labour, you’re the property of the state corporation and they seek “your consent” to be re-presented. to take rent from the use of your body, through the straw man of a subsidiary corporation created when your parents registered  a legal name to the State mafia, this is why it’s a legal fraud to use or accept a legal name because it is the registered property of the State Corporate Mafia.

When people are born into the suffrage (suffrage is to be made powerless through representation in suffrāgium – “prayers or pleas on behalf of another”) of constant extortion, fraud and theft, these things are then viewed as the normal way people interact. Poverty is then common and such poverty of mind and body prevents any protection from the  corrupt and immoral activity of the wealthy, and vicarious adoration of the owners encourages even the impoverished to seek to imitate the grand criminality of their idols, acting psychotically themselves, routinely indulging in comparatively petty acts of dishonesty, betrayal and theft, often with pride, seeking to take wealth from the efforts of others.

The reality is, you can only wrong another soul, you cannot be held accountable if no living victim, or wronged living being exists, this is inherent, govern-mental creates legislation which is against such an inherent and immutable concept. ALL legislation is to legalise (make something that was previously illegal, permissible) which “IS” against the unchanging moral principles that form inherent power.

“LEGALISE. To make legal or lawful; to confirm or validate what was before void or unlawful; to add the sanction and authority of law (corporate policy) to that which before was without or against the law.” Blacks Law Dictionary 2nd Edition – page 708

No living soul is bound in anyway to any legislated act of any state mafia corporation, you’re required to sign to be bound to an act, it requires your consent, for example the rules of the road are imposed and fines inflicted because you have signed your drivers license, do not sign and they cannot extort revenues from you.

All taxation if voluntary for this very reason, it requires your consent. Taxation is theft, no amount of schooling (indoctrination) will alter that reality in the slightest, to form a tax the govern-mental mafia invent an “act” of theft, they then seek to intimidate, coerce and mislead people into volunteering to pay, but if you do not sign or consent they cannot succeed.

Often taxation is extorted on behalf of the govern mental mafia by others, who volunteer to function as unpaid tax collectors (thieves), when someone adds VAT (sales tax) to the cost of goods or services for example, or when an economic slave is being employed as an employee to an employer, a master slave model, the govern mental mafia is able to contract with the employer to steal directly from their employees before the employee receives the benefits contracted in exchange for their toils and drudgery, to pay whatever the govern mental mafia dictate.

The answer to this is “Do not” use the corporate structure of employment, or corporation, instead develop bonds, (as detailed on to provide everything free of all corporation, hierarchy and free from all five forms of usury.

People have attempted to refuse to give over large percentages of their earning to the govern-mental mafia and the media is gleeful in showing them jailed, a famous example of this is Wesley Snipes, the actor of the Blade movie franchise. In 2008, Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for willful failure to file federal income tax returns, as he rightly believed it was voluntary, but instead of standing on inherent power he agreed to be represented as a legal name straw man subsidiary corporation of the state mafia, and so he had no basis to refuse, once agreement is made it is binding, so never volunteer, never sign, never use a legal name, unless under duress, and add under duress to the signature if no choice is given.

When you register anything, including your name, you’re in reality transferring ownership, so through registration of birth the legal name no longer belongs to you, it’s now the property of the corporation holding its registration. To use the legal name on your birth certificate is then fraud, as it is not yours, and all liabilities attached are the responsibility of the owner, not you. Create a none legal name for yourself.

Do “Not” Use Corporate State Sanctioned Digital Money

America has gone from the world’s largest creditor, reversed during the 1960 into a debtor nation, sliding ever down, until today it’s the world’s greatest debtor.

The dollar has been devaluing since the fraud of the FED was imposed in 1913 by the banking mafia, after all those who stood against the creation of the FED (a private corporate company), were given passage on the Rothschild owned Titanic, then with almost all its lifeboats removed before it disembarked, it was rammed into an iceberg as explosives were ignited, which ultimately sank it at the deepest part of the Atlantic during 1912.

Parallels exist between the “story” of the Titanic hitting an iceberg and the twin towers being hit by planes, both these stories attempt to mask the premeditated destruction.

The reality of the ship sunk with explosives, and the two towers and build 7 dropped with controlled demolition (along with focused radio waves (HARRP)), in both examples, these events are never repeated with the same outcome, planes have hit skyscrapers but never caused collapse, ships have hit icebergs but never sunk, state corporation narratives are unheard of before or after as possibilities, and they cannot stand up to even basic reason, even the science of engineering openly refutes the state corporate narratives, but truth is not important in this system of slavery, only controlling the narrative.

$1 in 1913 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $33.47 Feb 2022, however production was far more labour intensive in 1913, mechanisation of production has drastically reduced costs, this skews the purchasing power of $1.

A much more reliable gauge of value is against gold, 1oz of gold cost $20.67 in 1913 and presently costs $1948 that’s 94 times the price, this means if mechanisation is taken into consideration, $1 in purchasing power is equal to $94 February 2022.

Considered against silver in 1913 1oz of silver was $0.60 today $22.88 Feb 2022 that’s 38 times more, (the silver price is one of the most manipulated commodities by the banking mafia).

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are easily manipulated commodity, cryptocurrencies are a speculative fiat, the banking mafia simply buy a strong position in a cryptocurrency, which builds the price, they wait until lots of speculators are invested, then dump their entire holding onto the market, crashing the price. This punishes the investors, who may lose large amounts, making speculation a dangerous choice. this cannot happen with earthcoinage as it is not open to speculation, nor available to trade outside the closed bond of the platforms.

Before the FED was imposed in 1913, Americans paid “NO” income tax, income tax is needed to pay the interest on the debt of the dollar monopoly granted to the FED. Before 1913 the mafia represented as the American government corporation had a surplus in revenues, that was without any income tax payments, so the govern mental corporate mafia had no national debt.

Thanks to the banking mafia fraud, today the debt the govern mental mafia has inflicted onto the enslaved population is in excess of $30 trillion ($30,000,000,000,000); if that debt is shared equally by every man, woman and child within the fiefdom dominated by the govern-mental mafia, each is indebted by that system proportionately to around $90,900 each; a debt that is growing exponentially.

The American corporation collects about $4.5 trillion a year in income and payroll taxes from 148.3 million taxpayers, proportionately equalling $30,344 per taxpayer of a median income of $48,672, additionally the govern mental mafia corporation gain further revenues through written acts of extortion, each victims “volunteering” to pay, fees, fines, license, sales tax, corporation tax, property/land tax, import duty, inheritance tax and various other extortions.

Now you may puzzle as to a median that earns less than the proportionate tax levies, the total taxed personal income earned in the United States was $17.6 trillion, if that was proportionate per taxpayer it would be $124,911 each.

Because the economic slavery model is parasitical, it drains the fruits of the labours of those who produce, extorted into the hands of those who produce nothing, the bottom 50 percent of American taxpayers, pay just 3 percent of federal income taxes, as they earn poverty wages, while they simultaneously generate almost all the wealth practically.

Examples of groups of people that produce absolutely nothing of value are: all govern mental mafia employees, all involved in the legal system, the banking system, all realtors/estate agents, all middlemen, all exclusively employed as management, all investors, all capitalists etc. You could argue some within these groups do produce something, but not if considered against any true alternative, which practically proves they do not. For example state mandated educators, more accurately, indoctrinators, labour within an education system that is focused on filtering out dissent, free thought, reasoning, and convincing the child the government corporation and commercial corporations are not mafia’s, when all corporations function exactly as every mafia, they are irrefutably identical. After an average 15,000 hours of state education (institutionalised incarceration) the victim leaves with almost no practical skills, no ability to reason, very little knowledge and indoctrinated to state doctrine.

A similar story has been played out in every fiefdom globally, economic slavery drives the abuses of the usury system.

This new phase of enslavement was established around three centuries ago with the formation of the first national bank (Bank of England), and the replacement of monarchical corporate domination for commercial corporate domination.

To bring about a global system, the older mafia of the first world, enslaved foreign fiefdoms through establishing a monopoly on violence within a region, colonising region after region across the earth, as empire (a large commercial organisation (mafia)), formed new corporate fiefdoms, installing the infrastructure and indoctrinations of govern mental mafia control, then once the systems were established, transferring control over to local criminals to administrate, the entire purpose of colonisation was to achieve this alone, and if those systems still dominate that region, the colonisers remain in control, no need to celebrate national day, to participate in such celebration is merely to degrade yourself in the celebration of slavery.

The profound reason the psychopaths are so successful implementing the Ba;alist corporate slavery system, is because the majority are eager to deny the reality of the psychopathic domination and the empathic suffrage. You don’t have to be very clever to seek the wrong side of dichotomy as the psychopathic do. As an empath you simply need to fail to grasp the situation, the psychopaths function in hatred (patriotism), punishment (legal slave law system), fear (lies), greed (usury), envy (living vicariously), and lust (objectification and externalisation).

The easy choice is the psychopathic, just as when the light is no longer generated all returns to darkness without any effort, the opposite choice to the psychopathic “requires” real work, care, thought and love, the psychopathic requires you are passive and do not to interfere.

People prefer the ba’alist system to any alternative, they would rather sell themselves and their children into perpetual slavery than to join together and form true alternative from the opposite side of the dichotomy, presently the majority of people want to be enslaved, want to be extorted, want to be governed, want to be regulated, long to be rich and famous, want revenge, want punishment inflicted with glee upon others, want monarchy, want corporation, want usury, then all the discourse in the world will have zero effect, no amount of reason, no amount of evidence, no amount of effort will make a drop of difference, they want to be property, they want to lies, they want to believe.

That situation is changing. The scam-demic and the fictional virus narrative of the govern mental mafias has, they claim, March 1, 2022, vaccinated around 76 percent of the population of the United States with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine chemical cocktail of toxic poisons, this is similar across all the fiefdoms majority populated with ethnic Europeans, the vaccine is designed to depopulation, this destroys the victims natural ability to self heal, they are left with a degrading immune system.

The coming mass vaccine reactions, with 100% of the vaccinated dead within a decade, will be painted as a new virus, and the virus the media are now building up is monkeypox and AIDS, supposedly caused by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) claimed a virus that attacks the body’s immune system, of course aids was caused by the hepatitis vaccine, which just as the covid vaccine was designed to destroy the body’s ability to defend itself from disease (toxins), through injected systematic poisoning.

The covid vaccine of course is greatly superior in its power to decimate the body’s systems. Presently govern mental mafias around the globe are pulling back the covid virus narrative, allowing the WHO to work to gain the legalised act of a totalitarian capability; granted the power from every fiefdom mafia to mandate any medical treatment it desires globally, once this is in place the monkeypox or HIV pandemic, or whatever viral fictional they manufacture, will begin, and the new deadly vaccines will be quickly mandated to supposedly save you from the bogyman of the HIV virus fiction.

The complete extermination of the less conformist ethnic groups the goal. The ideal result sort by the paedophile class, is a communist world government, being the most extreme form of corporation, where everything is the property of the corporation, with a surviving population of 500 million Chinese and Japanese, as they’re ultra conformist; this group is ideal, they’re unquestioning, easily subjugated and with a proven aversion to swimming against the herd.

The great reset of the banking mafia, as a digital cryptocurrency monopoly, must be rejected wholehearted, accepting this Ba’alist monopoly will empower the dominating psychopaths to an unstoppable point.

Xenophobia A.K.A Patriotism

The psychopaths who dominate hierarch, perpetually, socially engineer hatred and division, always seeking to isolate each slave from every other slave.

Xenophobia is the mental norm for all statists (corporation worshippers) who proudly label their xenophobia patriotism”, they wave flags, stand for anthems and cheer for candidates, presidents, monarchs and billionaires in vicarious adoration.

The xenophobic are encouraged to form beliefs that some other souls are cockroaches, sub human, terrorists, worthless eaters, aboriginal and something to see as less than animals, this indoctrination is engineered through the media and institution in subtle ways, and the majority of people take that engineered perspective as their truth, but that is not healthy, sane or true.

This hatred can be obvious or subtle, the hatred of the those who deny the lies of the corporate mafia is well ingrained, the dissenter, the  protester, the nonconformist; hatred of the unvaccinated, the anti-vaxxer, the anarchist; to the hatred of those who deny climate change, hatred of those who refute the claims of a jewish holocaust, to the hatred of a manufactured enemy in war. Division allows control, hating a victim diverts attention away from the truth, the evidence, the logic, the glaring reality that exposes the claims of the State mafia; as to examine the truth would then be unpatriotic, even an act of terrorism or criminality. Statements such as “settled science”, infer that the science need not be examined as experts have determined it is irrefutable, this term is only applied, when to examine the science, would expose it as worthless.

If people are educated to firstly learn the methods to reason all things to truth, such manipulations are not possible. reasoning is best mastered through the trivium. People are ‘schooled’ to think emotionally not rationally through State education, the schooling system is an elaborate filter to weed out the nonconformists.

The psychopathic system cannot end until people begin to establish alternatives, reason must be in place, and the understanding of hierarchical models and the usury models that enslave us all, and also to understand the alternative anarchic models that would remove the disease the earth is suffering from of hierarchy and usury of corporate fictions, which allows the psychopaths to maintain control, and deny the inherent power of the empathic souls upon the earth.

Slave labour to a rational soul is utterly aberrant, most psychopaths in the affluent corporations of State only apply economic slavery and restrict physical slavery to the brothels and the activities of illegal, rather than legal mafia, but all must conform to the subjugation of the policy of corporation, while the impoverished corporations of State have no problem with physical slavery in any form, having little regard for life, human, animal or flora.

The schooled mind is trained to seek granted rights often within a constitution. A constitution is an enactment made by a legislature and expressed in a formal document, again this requires your consent, it is not lawful, it’s merely legal.

A right is a grant from a superior upon an inferior, and exists at the whim of the granter. Rights exist for this reason exclusively for slaves, a free soul has no master to grant, and possesses inherent power, needing no rights issued by a corporate mafia.

People are often proud of the fiefdom they were born into, they’re often passionate about the religion they were brought up in, they’re defensive of the government mafia dominating them, these things are the result of random chance, to take pride in such things makes no sense, to follow a religion because it is the religion you were brought up with is unreasoned, why is your religion any better than that of someone 10,000 miles away?

Communism is the Ashkenazi wet dream for the one world government, but all government is evil, all is mafia, all is parasitical, all is owned by a small group working against those it enslaves.

To escape the bleak future of the great reset simply work to establish alternative social structures free of hierarchies and all five forms of usury, it’s that simple, the government mafia cannot control you once you realise they need your consent, come together in small groups locally and practice through role play mafia interactions with police, courts, bureaucrats and written correspondence.

Bureaucrats dominate corporate mafias, functioning as those who take offerings mainly on behalf of govern mental corporation, always concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people’s needs, suffering and autonomy.

I’ve presented alternative models of social interactions in the many articles of, if you wish to be free of the endless abuses of government, take a little time to study these alternatives, thank you.

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