Nur’s Ark Cooperative Community Proposal

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Written By Abdun Nur

The original Noah’s Ark fable was a fictional story of an exceptional wealthy engineer, architect, and shipbuilder, who built a ship to save all those who wanted to be saved, although most refused. It was created because the world was being purged, supposedly of all animal life. Nur’s Ark is a similar concept, to save those who want to be saved from extinction. The psychopathic dominating the souls of the Earth are inflicting a vaccine genocide globally, already the genocidal psychopaths claim 40% of humanity have been injected, and it is likely the psychopathic will mandate the lethal injections globally, so Nur’s Ark is for the unvaccinated, much like a leper colony in reverse, were the lepers of vaccination are all outside the Ark.

Forming Community

Community is common rationalisation, a deep-rooted unity of aspiration that leads to ever higher levels of consciousness, and consciousness is a catalyst to higher orders of imagination, perception and so action, inspiring reciprocal brotherhood.

Community then becomes family, overcoming the alienation of the hierarchical system of slavery, mentally ingrained through indoctrination, where all function on mistrust, divisiveness and baseless fears, invested in the coordinated deceptions of hierarchical racketeers.

Community is the “only” security against the present global subversion of humanity, this is now an open and clear war, waged by a group of soulless psychopaths given huge wealth by the irrational masses, and so power within their usury systems of hierarchical extortion.

Link: How to “Dispel” Fear

They are using this power of monopoly to exterminate humanity, controlling the masses, and the majority of the masses have absolutely no ability to reason, having only a schooled mind, which functions not on reason, but on logical fallacies.

The methods of these paedophilic parasites dominating humanity are well tried and tested, you only need to examine the processes used in communist Russia, or China shortly after the Communist structures were installed, to see the future horrors these soulless leeches will apply.

Hierarchy is division which is isolating, subjugating and disregarding, its polar opposite is community which is common unity, it has no division into ranks, is embracing, anarchic and nurturing. Hierarchy is always free of community and real community is always free of hierarchy. When a child is born they’re like a freshly cooked meal, if the meal is absorbed into the body upon its birth, it can be beautiful, like a child absorbed into community, if the meal is disregarded for just a short time then no one would want to absorb it, because it would become rotten, poisonous and disgusting, it could even kill you, like an adult forever isolated in hierarchy. The pristine and pure, neglected, becomes the flawed, impaired and debased. Different aspects of the same energy, one is just a much lower vibration than the other. Unlike the meal, the adult can return to the pristine, but it’s a choice, to relearn, to cast aside lies and indoctrination, and to possess a desire to grow the soul.

Anarchic agorism is a philosophy that advocates creating a community in which all relations between individuals are voluntary exchanges by means of conscionable reciprocal trade, thus free of a third party demanding a baseless share through intimidating hostility.

The aim of the cooperative is to create a community that is self-contained, generating its own organic soils, its own power needs, treating it own waste, cleaning it’s own water supply, developing its own healing centre, perma-cultivating it own food, developing skills and increasing knowledge, etc. This is needed, as reasoning people must move away from the vaccinated, allowing them to freely suicide by vaccination, if you cannot move away it becomes very dangerous, the massive death toll will be blamed on the unvaccinated, so to live in densely populated areas would quickly be a bad idea.

Community is the focus of the cooperative, and the development of relationships, friendships, common purpose, friendly debate, through social gatherings, would dominate, as people worked together, building a place of wealth, beauty, friendship, trust, loyalty and virtue, filled with festivals, celebrations and galas, feasting and song. After all life is not simply existence, in the drudgery of the usury monopolies, but must be in the living, and living requires the creation of community, and community requires working in common unity free of hierarchical domination.

Community is not commonly understood, as we’re presently born into a hierarchical system that is dichotomous to community, meaning the more hierarchy that exists the less community, this lack of understanding of what community is, generates hierarchical thinking, in-flighting, confusion and would eventually destroy any effort to form common unity, as people unfamiliar with community, through their unintended ignorance, would work against it directly.

Hierarchical thinking promotes democratic rule, seeking leaders, forming hierarchical structures, demanding contributions (taxing those in the group), demanding labour be given, seeking conformity to dictates, all these things destroy common unity and dominate the thinking of most, this is resolved with the bond agreement, which lays out the anarchic structure of common unity free of leaders, hierarchy, dictates, democracy and compulsion. 

The foundation of community is always consensus, and the foundation of harmony is terrente and surety.

The creation of the community would not be a rush job, but a work of love, and a place of beauty, that would continue to develop organically decade after decade, the soul needs both community and beauty to be at peace, these elements are stripped away completely in the hierarchical model of usury extortion.

Those wanting to remove themselves and their families from the scamdemic genocide, especially those who possess needed skills, investing in the cooperative would be changing the destination of their life journey, and building a real future for their families. The more shares each bondsman buys the sooner a location could be paid, and the work begun to develop the music of the soul.

The Centre of Common Unity

Once basic infrastructure was in place, the farmers market would be first established as a high quality stone cobbled area, the design of the farmers market would be open to the imaginative input of all bondsmen, the market is the central focus of the community.

The market area would be expanded as resources allowed to construct artisan workshops around the market courtyard. The cobbled area would be initially small, 10m x 10m (large enough for six stalls), however this would be expanded as demand required, and once the area had expanded to it’s full size, a structural decorative roof covering built (needed due to the high rain levels in Scotland where it rains all day to a few minutes a day. between 175 – 250 days of the year),  in addition to the cooperative members selling their produce, all local farmers, in support of the community, would be encouraged to sell at the market as a free resource,, and absolutely anyone with a musical or a theatrical bent would be encourage to provide entertainment, merriment and joy to all.

The site would be developed to slowly build the community, creating innovative house design, that increased arable land as housing was constructed.

The building of housing would be integral to the landscape not sat upon it, designed to last for millennia not centuries, with the focus on quality and beauty, blending into the landscape with almost no impact, and the only thing that makes any construction Eco friendly of course, is longevity of construction. Any house built within the cooperative could only be sold within the cooperative at any future point, they could never be sold commercially outside of the cooperative.

The cooperative would quarry, on a small scale, as part of the construction of new homes, all the stone required for construction, building with materials directly from the site itself.

The members of the cooperative would be bondsmen, joined together in a written witnessed and sealed multilateral reciprocal bond agreement. To join this bond, and gain the many benefits of the cooperative, you’d simply buy shares through this agreement.

The difference between a contract and a reciprocal bond, both are agreements, a contract is a reduction in agreement (a contraction), making it possible to have a one-sided (usurious) agreement, while a reciprocal bond is equal to all parties concerned. A contract can be created without witness or seal, a reciprocal bond cannot. A contract can require a signature but only needs consent implied or inferred, while a bond requires one or two witnesses and a seal, a seal is a physical imprint, this is commonly a thumb print, you could use any identified physical imprint as a seal, you do not sign a bond, but can give an autograph (never with a legal name) if you wish, although it has no added benefit.

A contract can only be formed between constructed legal fictions, while a reciprocal bond can only be formed between living souls, the shares are not part of a constructed legal fiction of corporation, trust or cooperative, each bond share is linked directly to the bondsman that invested in it, proportionately holding claim per share to a 1000th of the value of the land and the common infrastructure, but excluding any claim to any infrastructure that is subsequently created by individual bondsman on the land, that they have funded and laboured upon separately to the cooperative shares.

In allodium the earth cannot be owned, as inherently you may only own that which you create, but in the present system of usury monopolies, reimbursing the fraud of ownership is the initial solution to remove dispute.

The bondsman cannot sell the share or give the share to any constructed legal fiction, which would be a potential danger to the cooperative group, all restrictions and advantages are stipulated within the reciprocal bond agreement.

1000 shares are now offered to begin the cooperative (more shares may be issued in the future as the cooperative bond is expanded). One share costs 1000 Kuwait Dinar (presently £2414 – $3325) per share, the share bond agreement purchased would be transferable, and could be sold at any future point; when sold to a new bondsman or back to someone the cooperative group, it would be redeemed for the value linked to purchasing power at the time of purchase. The share price is an arbitrary determination, and set at a point all could afford to invest.

In the volatile fiat Ponzi usury banking fraud, the banksters will crash all existing fiats at some point in the future, this is inevitable due to the structure of the banking fraud, and so these share bonds would be a very good investment, beside helping to form a community and show people a better way to exist, they allow you to save the value of your fiat within a community bond. If this idea were popular, many such communities could e funded through this interim method.

The shares are redeemable for their original “purchasing power”, this means if in the unlikely event the cooperative failed, for let’s say a police assault that wiped out the population in the community, as they did in Wako USA, then the land would be sold and the shareholders reimbursed, the share represents a proportionate value of the land, and UK land holds value well, any added value generated before the destruction of the community would be given to the inheritors of those murdered in the police assault, who had generated those increases.
Purchasing power is the value of a currency expressed in terms of the number of goods or services that one unit of money can buy. For example, in 1900 the value of $1 is equal in purchasing power to $32.50 today. If you consider a pound at the creation of the national bank scam, a pound was 1lb in weight of sterling silver, which had 240 silver coins equal to 1lb in weight, that mean £1 in 1694 is equal in purchasing power to £256 today. 
The shares are not solely to be purchased by people wanting to physically join the community, but for anyone wanting both to hold value in their savings and support others in an effort to save everyone from themselves.
Share can be redeemed at any future point, repaid within the time resources are available to cover their cost, through selling it within the existing members of the cooperative, or by being reimbursed when a new bondsman wished to buy the share/s.

For those bondsmen wishing to live on the site, the cost of home construction would be theirs directly, including any costs extorted through local government. The cooperative would function through allodium, if bondsmen wished to challenge the corporate State mafia’s baseless claim of eminent domain, by demanding they provide proof their claim is valid (an impossibility), this would be encouraged, however this may not be the consensus at the outset, and if the local government does not prevent the sites development, the local government fees and bureaucracy could be suffered initially.

The cooperative bondsmen would do the construction, allowing a higher quality job, than would be possible using none cooperative builders, at an equal or lower cost. The administrator of the cooperative bond is a qualified civil engineer, her husband is a qualified city and guild builder with well over thirty year’s experience in construction, who is able to teach, practically, all trades in construction.

For those bondsmen not resident in the crown corporation stockade, who require help navigating the local government system of visas, the cooperative bond members would give full support in all ways possible.

The more shares a bondsman holds, the greater priority would be given to their requirements beyond the collective good, large shareholders would be a priority for home building or development of an artisan cooperative within the community, as without their contribution to reimburse the victim of the fraud of ownership tenancy deed, the cooperative could not exist, this advantage would only be in priority of construction of a home, as homes would take time to construct and bondsmen would have to wait their turn, unless they did the work themselves.

The investment in Nur’s Ark isn’t only a very good way to protect the value of your savings, but an investment in your future and your children’s future, showing others a better way for all to live and thrive.

The produce created by the cooperative bondsmen would be available between all bond members at cost, no added profit, fees or charges, traded locally between bondsmen within the bond with a micro currency as a medium of exchange.

Living in the Community

If you wished to live on the site, while waiting for the construction of your home, a portable home could be placed on the site. Portable homes cost from £5000 to £30,000 depending on size and quality, and can be sold forward when no longer needed, recouping much of the cost.

If you wished to holiday on the site with family and friends, as a bond member you have full access to the site, and facilities could be developed to support this, priority would be given to those who had invested in more shares if demand out stripped developed facilities; a restaurant, bed and breakfast, with recreational activities – fishing, bird watching, gardening, hiking, or learning new skills, from the many artisans the cooperative would help to create, a myriad of craftsmen that can help teach their skills and pass on knowledge.

Recycling of local waste could be developed to generate gas, diesel and electricity on the site, and for the production of fine rubber crumb, all using old tyres, the rubber crumb can be used to replace the sand element when mixing concrete, this is used to form the substrate for the cobbled roads, and is also used in the mortar mix for the joints, this gives a very high impact concrete, with flexibility and excellent water, salt and frost proofing properties.

A fully equipped joinery shop could be built, for the onsite production of ornate crafted doors, kitchens, flooring, skirting, architrave, sills, etc. predominantly using hardwoods which are much tougher, longer lasting and more attractive.

An engineering shop could be developed for the onsite production of metalwork, mechanical maintenance and the fabrication or alteration of structural elements and industrial equipment.

A metalsmith shop could be developed for metalworking and for small scale aluminium casting, which could be done using recycled aluminium waste, for casting lamp posts, decorative structural elements, etc, aluminium is the easiest metal to cast.

A glass workshop could be developed for copper foil glass art, allowing onsite construction of decorative glass doors panels, windows, ceilings, light fittings etc. partly using reclaimed coloured glass bottles, or by adding different metal powders to clear glass, which can be used to cast multi coloured glass sheets.

A stone quarrying, cutting and carving workshop would be developed, to shape the many stone elements on the site, making cobbles, curbs, flag stones, walling, lintels, sills, jambs, mullions, kneelers, quoins, roof slates, ridge stones, copings, staircases, etc. as well as more decorative feature work.

A concrete casting workshop could be developed, to cast structural elements, make shuttering forms, rebar cages, and rebar sheets, and to locate sand and gravel deposits on the site to be used in construction, as well as develop a concrete production plant on the site.

An equipment store would be constructed to hold all the tools and scaffolding, pumps, plant, generators, electrical, mechanical, and pipework materials, etc. for the construction team, or teams depending on the size of the bond. Bulk buying of commonly used building items would reduce costs over all.

All workshops would be built into the landscape, using the basic template for all housing, which means at a future point the workshops would be simply converted into homes.

This innovative construction concept is quite simple, the area is excavated within the hillside, the stone is removed and used in further development of the site, the groundworks are installed and a screed laid, this is fibre-glassed, then a concrete foundation is laid, with rebar extending upwards from three sides, the sides are cast reinforced concrete, and finally a heavy duty reinforced concrete lid, all the external concrete is then fibre-glassed on the outside as a fully sealed box.

Skylights can be protruding from the lid if needed, the lid is covered with drainage gravel and then 2m of soil, where trees, plants, even water and roads can cover the now flat roof area, the front of the box is fitted with doors, windows and decorated as desired using carved local stonework and the interior finished to a very high quality, with the best materials and workmanship possible, in a style and layout as desired.

The box is now buried 2m to 7m below the ground, which provides insulation, the concrete does not get wet, so the rebar does not deteriorate, the fiberglass does not expand and contract with temperature changes, so the box lasts indefinitely without material deterioration. The landscape is “not” scarred by the construction, the useable land area increases not decreases with this method, and it’s designed to last millennia not decades, this makes this concept a truly Eco friendly method of construction.

Carbon fibre rebar can be pioneered on the site also, if people want to develop a better reinforcing material, I have a theoretical concept to do this, it just needs a small scale test to prove method.

Other workshops could be developed as the community grows, these would be artisan cooperatives centred around the farmers market courtyard. There is no limit to what can be created or what workshops can be developed, a leather-smith’s workshop that cuts, skives, sews, and otherwise prepares leather to make garments, upholstery and leather products, collaboration with other workshops would allow furniture and other product development.

A potters workshop, a cabinetmaker’s workshop, a brewery making ciders and beers etc. it’s only limited by the imagination.

More technologically advanced workshops would be developed as the community matured.

Many of these workshops would aid the construction team in the development of the site and community, developing unique elements to form a community that exists within a ever evolving work of art.

The community would use an internal medium of exchange, that would be developed further as the resources allow, this accounting system would allow community members to work and earn without restriction within a system of limited external resources.

Link: The Artisan

Once the site has matured to a point it’s running well, a technological hub would be developed, this would encourage people with skills in engineering fields, and other disciplines, to come together and create the technologies that have been suppressed by the corporate usury system, once these technologies are practically developed, then they would be used to create cooperatives, not only locally to the Ark, but open source anywhere on earth, available to anyone wanting to use cooperatives to free themselves from the chains of corporate mafia greed.

The next stage would be the development of a software system, this would be used by all cooperatives to interact, using a true medium of exchange, and allowing advances free of fiat money, fees, interest or restrictions.

If any bondsman wished to develop something on the site, and there was no objection from any member, they could fund such development directly themselves, if they so wished, for example they may want a stone bridge across the river at a specific point, or a dock to moor boats, or a peer to fish from, or a road, or a path, or an orchard, etc.

A Potential Site

A site has been identified for sale in the highlands of Scotland covering an area of 7.26 square miles or 4649 acres (18,811,828m²), this would be the location of Nur’s Ark. The basic asking price without fees is: offers over £1,100,000 (458,000 KWD – $1,522,000)

If there isn’t enough interest in this site, another site could be found within the UK, dependent on the amount of shares people are willing to “commit” to buy, to invest in the community concept, until a group is formed of those interested, no one would be asked to transfer the money until enough is available to actually buy the property, this concept requires a critical mass to move forward, and consensus in action.

The site comprises of rivers, lakes, forest, coastline, mountains, and arable land, abundant in wildlife, stag, deer, trout, eagles, Otter etc.

The site is located near (57 miles away) the city of Inverness (population 47,000) ranked the happiest place to live in Scotland, and the second happiest for the whole of the UK. which has an airport, the cost of a one-way flight from London to Inverness is presently £31 per adult. It is also close to the popular tourist attraction of Loch Ness (73 miles away), where more than 200,000 overseas tourists travel every year, beside the indigenous visitors. The population of the highlands collectively is 235,000.

The site could generate the production of local products, honey, vegetables, fruits, baked or cooked goods, crafts, fresh fish, sea food, poultry, ginger beer, pear cider, cheese, etc, and the cooperative would build a large high quality farmers market, selling the produce made. This would be easy to make a popular attraction to the many visitors to the region.

This project cannot be started until 500 shares have been requested, once the funding is in place the ark can be floated.

A web Link to the property for sale, that Nur’s ark could be floated upon:

Morefield Estate | Strutt & Parker (

The Local area Ullapool information Link

How to buy shares:

The purchaser of the shares will print off two copy of the bond agreement, detailing the reciprocal agreement, which is available to download on request, fill it out, attach a scan copy of your passport and digital scan of the two sealing witnesses passports, or other proof of identity, to the bond agreement, this will be posted to us recorded delivery, then we will provide transfer details for the amount you wish to invest, once the funds are cleared (to an escrow account held by a solicitor dealing with the land purchase), a witnessed seal (by the administrator of the cooperative) of the reciprocal bond will be added to both copies of the agreement you filled out, and one copy, along with the bond/s certificates will be posted recorded delivery to you, at the address you provide. This bond has a serial number and embossed seal, a professionally printed reciprocal bond verification, and can be examined digitally on the website by any bond member along with a digital copy of your original bond agreement.

The bond can be transferred to any nominated soul the bondsman wishes at any future point; to transfer the bond the original bond holder seals a transfer agreement with two witnesses, emailed from the cooperative on request, and a new bond is issued on the receipt of the original bond, however even without the original bond (in case of loss) a transfer can be completed simply on the recorded details once all are satisfied it is genuine. The bond certificate simply functions as a physical receipt and proof of procurement.

Once the first 500 shares have been requested and funds received, the first stage of Nur’s Ark can be completed with the purchase of the property, this is time critical, as the property may be bought by another if it takes too long to find funding, in which case a new site would have to be found.

If any bondsman wishes to donate resources to the cooperative bondsmen as a gift, this is also very welcome, and will allow faster development of the many projects the cooperative could create. Those with resources can also provide an advance as a down payment for home construction, with a written bond agreement, this would be linked to purchasing power, protecting the value from the ravages of the banking mafia.

The Highlands are prone to short winter days and very long summer evenings. January and February are the coldest months, averaging 37°F (3°C), and summer has average temperatures of 55°F (13°C), don’t be put off by the cooler temperatures of Scotland, cold is much easier to deal with than very high temperatures, you simply wrap up with layers of clothes and you are free to explore the land in all seasons, the air is bracing and fresh, the wind is enlivening, a thunderstorm is a thing of beauty if you watch it warm and cosy inside, with buildings designed to insulate against the cold, using efficient heating systems.

In contrast very high temperatures are more difficult to deal with, you cannot escape the heat and must hide within air-conditioned structures.

Perma-culture has already been established within many locations around the highlands of Scotland, successfully functioning in the weather conditions this area provides:

Findhorn Food Forest (aka the Edible Woodland Garden) (ScotLAND Learner) | Scotland (

Woodlands would be planted to form wind breaks on strategic areas of the site, dry stone walls built to control grazing animals, soil formation developed using mycelium networks and healthy bacteria, which support soil dwelling creatures and make soils nutrient rich, resulting in healthy nutrient rich foods.

The property is ideally suited to perma-aqua-culture, farming fish, prawns, or aquatic plants, in the many lakes on the property.

If you wish to invest in the cooperative email:

Get in touch with any questions, and they’ll be answered to the best of my ability.

Upon request the reciprocal bond agreement will be emailed to you, for your further consideration.

If you’d like to help financially it’s quite simple: login to your paypal account – On the home page scroll down to the third large box on the left-hand side named “Money out” – Click on “send payments” Enter email address in box indicated    –    [email protected]     –     Click on next and add in amount then send

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