The Creation Bond

Written By Abdun Nur

The community will be funded with share savings bonds, these are bought with fiat, initially at a set value of 1000KWD (Kuwait Dinar is presently the earth most valuable fiat Banking currency).

The share saving bond holders are part of the creation bond, which will fund the development of the first example community, from which other communities could grow from other locations, as the huge advantages of the anarchic community model were laid bare.

The value invested in the share savings bonds is held by the stored value it is traded for; traded in land, infrastructure, equipment and materials. This is secured through the witnessed and sealed bond agreement, and if at a future point, for whatever reason the community cooperative is lost, the value would return to those holding the share bonds through the trading of those resources, with any remaining value returned to the heirs of the people who generated it.

The savings bonds can be traded between anyone within the bond cooperative at any point in time, for their value in purchasing power at the point they were first created.

To begin the community 500 share savings bonds would need to be requested, when enough people want to trade fiat for 500 share saving bonds the land can be paid for, only at the point of 500 share requests would the need to transfer the fiat for the shares be requested.

The fiat would be sent to an escrow account, if trust is low, or to a nominated account otherwise, for the transfer of the deed of tenancy to the cooperative,

Once the location is established, the future share savings bonds, initially 500, would pay for equipment, and materials needed to develop the site.

The objective in the future is to create a software platform that would allow a global anarchic cryptocurrency within a closed bond model. When this model is coded the savings shares would be dissolved and the account holder of the share savings bonds would have their value, in purchasing power at the time of their creation, deposited into their account as earthcoinage cryptocurrency.

This value would be generated on the platform as an advancing creation bond guaranteed through the stored value of the land and infrastructure of the community the share savings bonds were traded for.

The creation bond would be open until all the advances were repaid. Repayment of the creation bond would be through donation from anyone within the bond, and would be open ended until all advances had been paid.

The earthcoinage cryptocurrency within the bond is not like any other cryptocurrency presently available, it cannot be traded outside of the bond, it has a set value, which when traded is linked to the purchasing power of the fiat traded, this gives it a fixed value in real terms. All advances are linked directly to a specific external guarantee.

To learn more about the cryptocurrency model: Advancing Cryptocurrency Multilateral Guarantee Bond –

Fiat is not a safe method of holding value, and the banking mafia must orchestrate a global crash to reset the fraud and steal all the assets presently in their control, this is known as the great reset:

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