Gambling: The Seeking of Unearned Reward

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Written By Abdun Nur

Gambling causes a brief addictive jubilant high when you win, but causes stress, anxiety and depression which leads eventually to an incredible sense of despair. This despair can lead to gambling related suicides, gambling addiction has the highest suicide rate of all addictions, hands down.

Gambling addiction can affect the gambler and their family in many ways. This addiction causes social problems, emotional problems, physical problems, psychological problems, occupational problems, family problems, and of course, financial devastation.

Gambling addiction can cause you to lose your friends and family, and often causes divorce, it creates tremendous social isolation, since gambling become the most important thing, more important than work, relationships, honesty, or responsibilities.

Gambling is an insidious addiction that destroys the soul, and this in turn destroys the body, physical deterioration is both common and can be rapid, as all resources are drained to the addiction.

Investment is the New Term to Ameliorate the Term Gambling

The bookmaker needs the gambler, the bookmaker is always seeking new ways to ply their trade, but how to convince those against gambling to become gamblers.

The bookmaker markets the latent gambler to believe they would not be gambling, the trick is that the bookmakers new gambling is different to their old gambling, so the modern gambling system is masked in institutionalization and propaganda.

The well groomed, designer suited bookmaker, stands in the luxury office, in control of a multi billion dollar empire, and with a voice of authority markets the new gambling as “investment”.

Gambling was purely emotional, but investment is science, you must research how you invest (bet)”, but ask any gambler and they spend a lot of time researching what to bet on, checking form, studying strategies.

“With investment you get assets, we issue you with shares, gambling doesn’t give you anything”, but gambling gives you unearned rewards if you bet correctly, just as investment, and the betting slip is identical in many ways to the shares certificate.

“Investment is long term, while gambling is short term”, but the length of time the bet runs does not alter the fundamental nature of that bet.

“Investing involves less risk than gambling”, investment holds exactly the same risks of loss as any other type of gambling.

“Investing is well planned to reach a goal, gambling isn’t”, the goal of every gambler is to gain unearned rewards, that is the very essence of all gambling, and is the essence of investment.

“Investing isn’t addictive, gambling is” speculating on the stock-market, futures market, commodities market, etc is well proven to be addictive and it takes a big loss for someone to get the jolt to stop indulging in speculative trading.

“Gambling is a risk taken under certainty, and investing involves risk under uncertain conditions. Gambling solely hinges on luck and investing hinges on patience, practice, and knowledge.” The bookmaker’s sophistry is quite convincing, but complete nonsense. Gambling is identical to investment, there is no fine line, their is no added skill, the only difference is marketing.

To make it clear:

Gambling is risking money on an event that has an uncertain outcome and involves chance.

Investment is risking money on an event that has an uncertain outcome and involves chance.

Investment is a gambling device, gambling is defined in law as unlawful play at a game for money, legislation makes what was before outside the law, that was unlawful, legitimate.

Gambling: The Seeking of Unearned Rewards

The five forms of usury and imposed monopolies extort to gain unearned rewards, while gambling is the risk of the loss of earned rewards, for the gain of unearned reward.

Why would gambling be unlawful, after all you are freely risking the loss of your own assets to gain unearned rewards?

The gambling business is a swindlers paradise, gambling is always rigged in favour of the house, this is no different for investment gambling, or casino gambling.

The risk of loss is therefore not equal to the gain of unearned rewards, and this is the reason it is unlawful, if the risk was equal the bookmaker would not exist, but when the risk born by the gambler is far greater than the risk of the bookmaker, this is inequitable.

When a gambling addict builds up debt with the swindlers, the swindler use threats, violence and sometimes even murder their debtor, additionally they commonly add high compound interest to the gambling debt. This criminality is intolerable in any semblance of community.

The gambler themselves can become desperate for resources to pay debts or for a stake to gamble further, stealing from friends and family, employers, even robbing strangers.

Gamblers can be blackmailed by the bookmaker, using their debts to control them if they are in positions that would give them advantage, or demanding immortal activities. Desperation to pay debts can lead some in to prostitution.

Investment gambling is more sophisticated, but has the same end result, where the swindler offers unearned rewards but can deliver bankruptcy.

Unearned Rewards

With gambling the unearned rewards that can be gained are from the bookmaker, this is not the same with investment gambling.

The bookmaker has very little risk in investment gambling, they take the gamblers money and speculate with it, using capital to generate profits (the interest demanded for the use of capital), then they share a small amount of those unearned profits with the gambler as a dividend annually.

However the real trick is to generate perceived value, this is marketing, and increases the value of the shares, often deception is used to achieve this, raising the share price is the real unearned reward the gambler is seeking, as the swindler keeps almost all the profits and gives very little as dividends.

The gambler can speculate on the commodities market, the swindler allows the gambler to bet with 20 times their investment, this means the gambler believes they will gain huge rewards, however conversely they risk huge losses. The commodities market is controlled by the swindler with algorithms that raise and drop the price to allow the greatest grains for the swindler across the entire platform, as a rigged game.

Seeking unearned rewards is pervasive in the present usury system, and the price for that is poverty, war, exploitation, crime, government, mafia, and isolation.

Gambling is a fundamental wrong, it is risking your soul for the thrill of the unearned gain.

The prohibition on gambling should not be externally imposed, as a child without the capacity to make rational decisions independently, the prohibition should be as a result of reason alone, do you want to be a burden to your family and community, working against your own virtue.

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