Software Development Bond

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Written By Abdun Nur

Funding the creation of the coding for the cryptocurrency platform is the first big challenge, this could be done as a bond, before the creation of bonds is possible, so as a commitment bond that would become active once the coding was completed.

The cost of such a difficult software system would be estimated at around $250,000, allowing the funding of a team of coders for the first year. Once the fundamental platform is coded and released, the application platforms would be coded, but the coding after the release of the first platform would be far easier, as the cryptocurrency advancing platform would be running and spreading across the internet.

Contribution towards the cost of coding the applications would then be much easier to establish. If enough interest existed after the launch of the first platform several teams of coders could be developed to code several platforms simultaneously.

If someone commits to contributing towards the cost of coding, it could be reimbursed when the platform is coded, and goes live, when they create their bond and have an account on the system, all their contribution would be shown as savings, as the system would generate an advance for a coding bond, which is reimbursed through donations towards the cost of coding.

After the first platform goes live all subsequent application platforms that attach to it would be funded through an advance on the platform, repaid through donations over the next 20 years, or less if the advance is paid off, then the donations alone would fund the updating and expansion of the platforms.

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