True Anarchic Community

Written By Abdun Nur

True Community is the art and practice of being our most loving (virtuous), open, and free selves, free of the deceptions of persona, while we honour through reciprocation the same freedom for others to do the same. Link: Morality: The Act of Virtuous Conduct

Reciprocation is only possible anarchically, as hierarchy is based on a one sided advantage, for example the five usury models, which hierarchy exists to impose. Usury being a one sided extraction of the fruits of another’s labour, no reciprocation. Contract is a one sided agreement, it is not balanced, so is not reciprocal, this means they are forced to invent a straw man to represent the living soul who inherently could never enter a contract (a contraction – a reduction in agreement).

Reciprocation means you cannot impose your belief system onto other souls, for example if you believe it’s wrong to eat meat, you cannot prevent, attack or abuse others who eat meat, as they do not force you to eat meat, which would be equally wrong. You could make your views available for others to consider, if the animals eaten where butchered in a way that caused undue suffering, that could be addressed, because we are reciprocally bound to a duty of care, and inflicting suffering intentionally to any living creature breaks that inherent duty.

The Lion eats meat, it cannot eat any other type of food, it is only designed to eat meat, so to claim to eat meat breaks the inherent duty of care would mean you would have to prevent all meat eating species from consuming meat, effectively starving them to death, this would then break you inherent duty of care towards them.

However humans are omnivores and can eat meat or not, so this makes it an individual choice.

This concept of reciprocation is fundamental to anarchic models of common unity, this means race, being a hierarchical competition between groups, and individual beliefs are not judged, but rather are considered and accepted, as long as those beliefs are not forced onto others, or disrupt or prevent others from any reasonable action.

Some claim community is living for the highest good of all, this is the basis of the communist political model, and a cynical confusion, by reversing the concept, it enslaves the souls hierarchically, and there is no known worse model of suffering than the communist model. The correct way around of this concept, is, you apply reciprocation, where everyone acts reciprocally, they then live and the highest good is the result as a by-product.

Practically community is a place where services that aid daily life are within reach and accessible to all within the community. The “need” drives the creation of the service or production, no hierarchy is needed to dictate upon the need, no financial parasites are required to dictate upon the need, no capitalist monopoly is needed to dictate upon the need.

All the ills of the world, Adolescent pregnancy, restrictions to clean drinking water, child abuse and neglect, crime, domestic violence, drug use, pollution, mismanagement of resources, lack of funding for heavily tax extorted services, ethnic conflict, health frauds, hunger, inadequate emergency services, etc. are the direct result of the imposed hierarchical mafias and the prevention or ignorance of reciprocation within all actions.

Hierarchies generate poverty and homelessness worldwide, and they invent and propagate baseless fears in order to control and manipulate the isolated individual, to better extort, and subjugate them. The fear porns are then the focus not the real problems.

Fear porn redirects attention to fantasies such as climate change, when in reality CO2 is plant food and the more that exists in the atmosphere the greener the earth would become. Link: Climate Change Fear Porn

Over population when the earth has absolutely no over population, we use very little of the earth surface, the main issue is parasitical models of extortion and rape that allow a few to pollute, destroy and exploit the earth for the accumulation of huge numbers of fiat in a bank account. Link: Overpopulation and Climate Change are they Indoctrination

They create inequity, using slave laws (legislation) to divide and manipulate, with invented civil “rights”, manipulating the economic slaves to generate inequity and disparity in earnings, according to gender or location,

Encourage disease using a medical mafia of disease generation and symptom suppression founded on the frauds of germ theory and viruses. Link: The Nature of the Hospital System

The fear porn of nuclear weapons invented to allow military adventurism and genocide around the globe. Link: The Claim of Nuclear Weapons

Many people feel outraged, victimised or abused by those dominating hierarchies, this can be a catalysts for action, to attempt to reverse the inflected wrongs, but if those dominating hierarchy wants a thing, they are both relentless and abusive in their methods of attack, this wears down opposition draining the will, triggering insecurities and more often than not derailing opposition.

The fundamental benefit of true community is a sense of belonging, in hierarchy the individual is isolated, this allows the parasites to feed on the victims ability to generate wealth, and the victim of such a model feels disconnected from the location, this means they have little respect for the infrastructure the hierarchy dictates exists, or even for the hard earned resources of others.

In the hierarchical model, the State mafia is claimed to be there to support you, this is the basis of unemployment benefit, or social security payments, or tax credits, where the levels of extortion are so overwhelming the wealth generators do not have enough to fulfill even their basic needs, and must beg their owners to pay them a tiny amount back, in order to afford shelter, food and clothes.

Communities could never provide for all your needs while you sit idol, this would be hierarchical, it is not anyone else’s job to provide for any other, that is their job to provide for themselves. If you have dependents, those who you support, that would be a free choice, if you “choose” to marry and have children, that is your choice, if you have sex with someone and have a child together without the bond of matrimony, that is your choice and the child is the dependent of both.

Community does not need hierarchy to protect you from hardship, that is the function of the surety bond model. Link: The Surety Bond

If created anarchically, communities provide a soul nurturing existence, being part of a true community has positive mental health benefits, as all mental health issue stem from the isolation imposed through hierarchies.

Community is more than just a group of people living in a local area, it must by definition be a group of people you know well, a group of strangers is not, in any way, a community. A community is formed of friends and family you can lean on when times are tough, or when you need love, support or engagement and vice-versa. Those generating the narrow confines of mental thought used to protect the concepts of hierarchy as the only option, would have you believe community is just a group of isolated individuals in a local area.

With the opportunity to create beauty, expand knowledge, show and experience love, gratitude, and so know yugen, knowing others are there for you. This will result in beliefs, outlook, attitudes and interactions evolving the longer each individual enjoys the community existence.

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