Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Written by Abdun Nur

Trading for Fiat (Fiat – A Formally Authorised or Decentralised Public Currency)

All trades for the earth-coinage cryptocurrency are made within the closed bond of the platform, and cannot be traded on any other software, this allows a fixed price against purchasing power to be determined for all fiat trades, and maintains a fee, or cost free system.

To trade any fiat, a payment for goods or services is required outside of the bond, the trade can only be transferred in settlement, not in direct exchange, the only exception would be if a bondsman is banned from the bond, in this case the held tokens would be offered for exchange and transferred into the banned bondsman’s bank account, or one they nominate.

So for example, I require an external settlement for goods or services, (external to the closed bond), I provide the account details of the corporation or company, and the amount due, I then provide the amount of cryptocurrency that equals that outstanding amount in purchasing power of fiat. This amount of cryptocurrency is then offered to all bondsmen across the whole network, if any bondsman wishes to trade their held fiat for the offered cryptocurrency on the closed bond platform, then they settle the debt, either with cash or bank transfer, with references, and an email verification form the corporation of company in confirmation, and the cryptocurrency is deposited into the bondsman’s account on the platform.

Need Bond Settlement

When a need bond is active, many of the items, or materials needed may not be available within the bond, and would require settlement in a fiat currency.

For example, if a supermarket was built, especially when the platforms was new, the cost would be in large part fiat, and that cost would have to be offered on the trading platform. Each individual outstanding amount would be advertised across all platforms, and the equivalent amount of purchasing power would be offered in cryptocurrency. Anyone wishing to trade that fiat amount for the offered cryptocurrency would simply settle the outstanding fiat by paying that amount in cash, or into the specified bank account, with attached references.

Converting an Advance Directly to Fiat on the Platform

If you gain an advance on the platform, you “cannot” simply convert it directly to fiat and place it into a nominated bank account externally.

The platform is an alternative to the usury banking mafia system, not supplementary to it, the intention of the system is not to allow a bondsman to amass fiat externally through the many advantages of the platforms, but to allow a bondsman to function in a system free of the five forms of usury, free of monopoly extortion and hierarchical domination.

Conversely however, it “does” allow any bondsman to convert any fiat into the earth-coinage cryptocurrency, if you have a certain amount of fiat, you place it onto the trading platform, as an offer, and reciprocally the platform will offer you trades, giving you the option of settling outstanding payments with cash or with the bank details and references. Once the settlement is accepted, then you’re committed to that reciprocal exchange agreement. This works as a queue, each settlement offered within the range of the amount placed on the platform for trade, is offered to the one waiting longest in the queue.

Once the bondsman accepts that settlement, and gains the earth-coinage currency, the bondsman goes back to the bottom of the queue. This would continue in a cycle until all the fiat the bondsman had placed on offer within the platform was traded. This may not be an exact amount, but an approximate amount, for example, an offer of settlement may be $398.99, but the offer of trade maybe $400.

The bondsman with fiat can limit their offers to a certain currency, for example only settlements in bitcoin, or in GBP, or USD etc. then only offers with that denomination of settlement would be offered to them.

If you wished to trade a large amount of fiat, for example $10,000, you may need to settle many different offers of settlement to convert all the fiat, the additional costs imposed by the banking mafia, are the burden of the one wishing to trade their fiat.

If the bondsman declines an offer of settlement, or the offer is ignored for longer than 30 minutes, the offer is given to the next one in the queue, and the bondsman declining the settlement is placed back at the beginning of the queue.

The advantage of converting fiat into earth-coinage currency is in both intrinsic value and fixed value, the intrinsic value is generated through every advanced earth-coinage token, being attached to an external guarantee. The fixed value is generated, as all trades for fiat are determined through the purchasing power of fiat globally.

Only Goods and Services Can be Offered for Settlement

You cannot settle pure usury debts on the trading platform, for example, a tax demand, or a gambling debt, or a fine or fee of government or bank. Only genuine goods or services can be settled.

Fiat loan debts “cannot” be settled through the trading platform, rental payments cannot be paid, insurance payments cannot be paid, hospital debts cannot be paid, education fees cannot be paid through the trading platform.

All these costs are either paying a mafia or a pure usury construct, and instead of perpetuating these criminal organisations, bondsman are encouraged to apply the alternatives available across the platforms attached to the earth-coinage hub. I reiterate, the platform is not designed as a supplement to the usury systems but as an alternative.

Land Trading

Land, with or without structures upon it, or land with or without cultivation as stored labour, can be offered for trade, the trading bondsman dictates the amount they’re seeking in either earth-coinage currency or any fiat, they can present as much information as they wish about the trade, photos, videos, descriptions, details, etc. on the platform.

The land cannot be offered if it’s held through corporation, either commercial or State, only land held in the fraud of a deed of tenancy to an individual can be offered, land held in allodium is offered separately on the allodium platform.

Land attaches no value, and cannot be bought and sold inherently, only the stored labour upon the land can inherently be traded, however, to remove dispute, all individuals who suffer the fraud of ownership must be reimbursed, so those wishing to bring land into allodium take on the burden of this loss, and agree to reimburse the loss to the victim of the State mafia fraud of ownership.

Trading Goods and Services

The bonding platform ends the need to trade most goods and services through marketing, but bondsmen can choose to independently provide goods and services if they wish on the platform. This would be less and less popular as the bonding platform generates much better advantages.

However there would always be a second-hand market needed, and this would function in a similar way to e-bay, except free of fees. Buying cooperative goods with the intent of selling them forward to non-bondsmen at an increased price, would break the closed bond agreement, witnessed and sealed in order to join the bond.

The bondsman would place their goods or service on the hosting site, lets call it earth-bay, and add as much information as possible, they can auction it, or provide a fixed price, and any bondsman in the network can search for items they want, and consider all offers; similar to ebay. This would be a peer to peer structure, and the information hosted by the participants of the platform collectively.

If you’d like to help financially it’s quite simple: login to your paypal account – On the home page scroll down to the third large box on the left-hand side named “Money out” – Click on “send payments” Enter email address in box indicated    –     –     Click on next and add in amount then send