The Wizard’s Spells

The Wizard’s Spells

Written By Abdun Nur

Chapter One

The Apprentice

There are all sorts of people in the world, some of them are lazy, some are clever, some are loving, some are cunning, each individual wears many hats, and depending upon the situation, their hat may change. But for some, it’s not a hat but a mask they wear; a mask of deception with intent, the hardships that they inflict upon others are considered by such creatures, to be self inflicted by their victims, that’s the nature of soulless deception; deception is their business, their passion, their state of being, and only a soulless being can excel in this way.

Everyone is unique, but one creature in the vast ocean of people was a wizard, this wasn’t an uncommon thing to be, he didn’t perform miracles, nor conjure up spectacles, he was a wizard of spells, he could create his magic simply with the words he wrote, and most lived in fear of his spells structured in complexity.

The spells he cast were legal spells; his wizardry was through deception, as all true magic is. He was a master of such deceptions, and the spells he cast caused suffering and hardship for many, but that didn’t cause him any concern, to him it was the spell that mattered, he didn’t consider the results of his incantations, only the transformation from the shared perception he began with, to the spells he’d weave to take its place, he’d re-present the inherent with the constructed. When perceptions were repackaged he made them conform to fictional constructs.

His job was wizardry. He and his fellow wizards stole lots of hard earned money with their clever magic spells, stolen from those non-magic folk that naively looked to them for their worthless wizardry.

Non magic folk were ‘clients’, a term meaning someone seeking the protection or influence of someone powerful; bending to their will.

The real magic was in convincing the non-magic folk that the wizards were needed at all, as they ‘truly’ were ‘not’. The best wizards could fleece the non-magic folk into poverty, even debt.

This wizard worked in a very high priced legal firm, and was the sovereign of his little pyramid of control.

The wizard had decided to take on an apprentice wizard to expand his enterprise, teaching the apprentice the tricks of the trade, so one day he too could cast spells with equal authority.

The wizard, who was a morbidly corpulent man in his late fifties had sat at his desk for five minutes trowelling the internet when he was interrupted by the intercom on his desk. “Mr. Israel your eight a.m appointment is here.” The voice said.

He pressed the button on the intercom device and replied. “Send him in.”

A plump middle aged woman opened the door into the office and held it open long enough for a thin wiry man to walk confidently in, he wore an expensive three piece suit and carried a leather brief case, and was in his early twenties. He made his way uncertainly to the side of the chair in front of Mr. Israels desk.

Hello Mr. Israel.” The young man said with a north eastern American accent.

Good morning, take a seat jejune.” The wizard said to his new apprentice.

Jejune sir?

My name is ‘Doctor’, Simon Cohen attorney at law” The young man replied bubbling with pride.

Ah names. Yes we will discuss names.

You’re not a doctor, especially here in England. I realize technically you have a doctorate, but it’s not okay to walk around calling yourself “Doctor Asshole, Attorney at Law,”

Israel sat back in his chair, he wasn’t an attractive man, his face had scars from adolescent acne, and he fashioned the stereotypical Jewish hooked nose with a convex nasal bridge and a downward turn of the tip; to add to his unfortunate unattractiveness he was balding, with almost pubic greying hair in tight curls.

“Historically attorneys were forbidden from referring to themselves as ‘Doctors’, and in some places still are, because it’s openly misleading, and deceit should never be blatant; blatant deceit makes the business of deceit much harder to pull off. When a muggle sees “Doctor,” they think you’re more highly educated than a Juris Doctor, you know someone spewed forth from the three year day-camp from hell that’s law school.

U.S law schools transitioned from a Bachelors of Law to a Juris Doctorate in the 1970’s. Why?

It had more gravitas and as a degree was clearly not an advance over the Bachelors already gained from the 4 year college degree, universities want easy profit and lawyers want certificates to hang on their walls, a match made in heaven.

It really is not a doctorate by academic standards.

Have you no common sense?

Don’t you grasp that these titles are meant to impress the muggles, not other lawyers or the court. No one with a clue cares in the slightest if you call yourself the Queen of England, to everyone already working in this business you’re just another moron who decided their special. Nobody with the exception of the stupidest of muggles would be impressed with your argument that it’s technically correct, everyone just thinks you’re an asshole!

It’s a matter of courtesy to people who have earned the title also. You see, most lawyers understand that even though they technically have achieved a doctorate, they haven’t had to go through the academic rigour that other doctoral programs require; there is no dissertation in law school, there is no residency program.

So stop that shit right now.” Israel said sternly.

What title should I use then?” Simon asked slightly annoyed at the rudeness of the fat man, who sat arrogantly before him.

The word “lawyer” is the generic term for everyone in the business.

There are other more specific terms — attorney, advocate, barrister and solicitor, etc — according to the traditions and statutory framework of the particular country or jurisdiction.

It just so happens that “attorney” is the favoured and statutory term for a practising lawyer in some countries.

But in England “solicitor” is the non-trial transactional lawyer and “barrister” the court advocate.

You however are just a lawyer.

Today we will just discuss why you will be coming to see me each morning. And yes, Jejune is your present status, all is status. So a jejune is hungry for knowledge, the uninformed.

Alright my little baby lawyer, you believe you know the law?”

Yes Sir. I recently passed the bar.” Simon replied proudly.

So you’re one of the big boys now!” The wizard stared silently at the man in front of him, studying him, to the point he made Simon uncomfortable.

Unfortunately I have to tell you, how little you really know of even the generalities of being an attorney, never mind how little you know about the practice of law itself!

You see, a law school and even the bar exam may teach you a lot of stuff about your ability to retain and regurgitate useless information on command and the minimal competence needed to enter the practice of law, but what it doesn’t teach you is how to avoid looking like the world’s biggest asshole while doing it.

The majority of young attorneys out there make the rest of us shake our heads and wonder how many brain cells were destroyed during pledge week in undergrad, because by and large most are utter morons with none of the representation savvy needed to discern between a good idea and an astonishingly bad idea.

Bad ideas like giving themselves pompous titles.

You’re thinking, ‘Don’t lawyers get cool professional titles that can be append to the end of a name?

No, only assholes do; those desperate to validate the horrible life choices they’ve made and prove to their families that their not a deceitful scumbag fleecing those foolish enough to enter the web of law, but instead a wise saviour of the wronged?” The wizard chuckles to himself, finding his own comments amusing.

Lawyers call themselves learned men. That’s not because they know how to help people, but because they know how to rob them. This is the business you have to master, then you can follow in your father footsteps and grow rich.

Let’s see what you know of the system.

What does legal mean?” Mr. Israel asked.

It’s a mechanism for creating, interpreting, and enforcing laws in a given jurisdiction.” Simon replied nervously.

Is it?

Keep in mind legalese is a distinct language of the law society, it appears to be English but is not. The law is written in a foreign language by using English words but assigning different or contradictory meanings to them, in order to deceive.

You’ve a great deal to live up to, your father has risen high in status, and for those who are destined to the heights of status a special grasp of wizardry is needed. I will teach you the real nature of the system Jejune, a privilege reserved for the select few of our profession.

Legal is the direct opposite of equity, legal is always pure constructed fictions, designed to remove equity, we’d be poor indeed if equity could existed in the legal system.” Mr. Israel chuckled.

“Do you mean equity being the difference between the value of the assets and the value of the liabilities of something owned?” Simon asked.

Don’t confuse the constructed fiction with the substantive meaning, confusing words is part of the magic of wizardry.

Equity is the spirit and habit of fairness, justness, and right dealing, while legal is conforming to the authored policy of the owners of the corporation of State, ratified by their puppets in parliament.” Explained Mr. Israel.

Owners?” Simon commented.


The owners dictate the general policy and a mixture of members of the owners families along with pedophiles, scumbags and the feeble-minded selected as members of parliament implement it, people easy to control because their failings can be used to, at any time, destroy them.

In the world of authority there are the owners, the authors of policy, the wizards of deception and the disenfranchised masses, until you’ve mastered all the lessons of wizardry, and become the informed, so a wizard of authority, you’ll remain among the jejune.

You’re being brought into the fold of the informed, not simply a lawyer but a wizard of law.” The wizard told him earnestly.

I’ll explain the basis of wizardry in the first lesson. Wizardry is indeed a lucrative profession; it’s a profession many revere for that very reason. Like all wizardry professions of deception, the key is to change the shared perception of what’s real, for a constructed fictional perception we create.” He explained.

Why’s that important sir?” Jejune asked.

Well in reality we cannot control or alter anything, to do so we invent complexity as a cloak to cover shared perception, because to cast spells as we do, you have to author the entire narrative, you can only have authority over that which is authored, so you must take the real and make it fictional, constructing representations of the real.” He replied.

I don’t understand?” Jejune answered.

OK, innately a soul has inherent power, they would function simply on reciprocation to provide relief for all disputes and wrongs, no need of written rules, because anything that cause the anima of the mind to become distressed, in the substantive model, must be given relief, and the soul that caused the distress must also be given relief and face their accuser in order to confront their behaviour.

But if the inherent, or if you like, the substantive were understood, it would mean wizardry would ‘not’ exist, the wizard takes the substantive and represents it, without wizardry only wrongs between souls would have any relief, but with constructed fictions, authored to establish authority, we can disregard wrongs, fraud, theft, even murder and also impose punishment, levy fines, kidnap and incarcerate, murder and even asset strip any soul, but, we don’t need any wronged soul to achieve this, only the acceptance, the indirect consent of the ignorant soul, to have the substantive represented and to form contract.” He explained.

No sir, I’m still not getting it?” The jejune replied.

By creating fictional constructs we alter perception, the non-magic folk think authority is inexorable, all powerful, without question, when actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

They must consent because they are accepting the fictions in place of the inherent and substantive, they are being re-presented, but we need not ask them to consent openly, which would give the game away. We need them to only acknowledge the representation.” The wizard replied.

How do they do that?” Jejune asked.

If I said, ‘do you understand’, for example, I would be establishing your consent to impose authority over you, just as if I were saying in plain English, do you stand under my authoring and authority.

If I said are you ‘Mr.’, whatever you’re called, I’d have projected a constructed fiction on to you, one establishing rank in the construct of hierarchy, and again by accepting that fiction you are under the author, and so authority can be imposed.

We of the wizarding world don’t like to leave things to chance, so the very name an ignorant soul uses, once registered and granted a certificate of birth, itself becomes consent, the name is authored and the property of the construct of the corporation, once registered it refers to an incorporated entity of the issuing corporation, again all corporations are constructed fictional perceptions. A slave takes the name of their owner, what’s really amusing is, to use that State owned “legal” name is illegal, as it’s the property of the State, not the client, whose parents transferred ownership of the name to the State through registration of birth.” The wizard explained with a smile.

So is that why it’s a legal name?” Jejune asked.

Yes. If you used a name that was not registered it would not bind you to consent, so we would not be able to cast spells upon you, that’d be no good, so we would attempt every trick to gain consent to fictions within any court. Even following a command in court gives consent for example, if you are commanded to stand, after standing you have accepted authority and so given consent.

Of course most ignorant folk seek out a re-representative wizard, which means they are mentally incompetent, by taken on representation they have declared they’re not fit to deal with their own affairs. Even if they re-present themselves they have turned themselves from a living soul into a constructed fiction, re-presenting one thing as another thing.

All wizards work exclusively through constructed fictions, always we must work against the inherent. The non-magic folk don’t know, all wizards re-present ‘against’ them, always; every bar member is under sworn oath to do so.

Every court case is the crown against the straw man, every lawyer, every judge and all employees of the court are sworn under oath to the Crown corporation, they are prejudiced against all else.” The wizard explained.

So as a wizard we deceive people, extort from them, manipulate them and work against them?” Simon asked.

“Yes. What else would be the purpose of a legal system? The basis of all this is contract.” Israel replied.

There was a gentle knock at the door. “Enter.” Mr. Israel responded.

The secretary who’d shown Simon into the office, opened the door, and carried a tray with tea and biscuits on it over to the desk, she placed it carefully, and proceeded to position the teapot, milk jug, cups and plate of biscuits in front of the two men, before she left with the empty tray.

After they’d had some tea Mr. Israel said. “I want to explain the history of the system of slavery now in operation.

In the past there was a desire to establish usury, however without hierarchy that’s impossible, so hierarchy needed to be constructed.

Fundamentally the legal system exists solely to protect, and expand the five forms of usury, and also to prevent usurious systems from being disrupted or interfered with.

I don’t know when the first version of this model appeared, but the earliest recorded version was Heket.

This formed the first or at least the earliest surviving record of the Holy trinity.

All religions are in place to form the slavery system of Ba’alism.

These religions are created by Ba’alists like us, to reinvent the system of slavery, whenever people begin to cotton on to the scam.” He explained taking a biscuit.

Could you start by explaining what usury is?” Simon asked.

Usury is an interesting concept, basically it’s a one-sided extraction of another’s wealth.

People are tricked in to believing usury is trade, but trade is a reciprocation of goods or services between two or more parties.” He answered.

And this has five forms?” Simon interrupted.

Yes. The most commonly known expression of usury is interest bearing debt, which is the interest demand for the use of money.

Another expression is Profit, which is the interest demanded for the use of capital, people are confused with profit easily, thinking you earn profits, but actually profits are added after all costs are satisfied, including the costs of labour, and you only earn through the use of labour.

Then there’s Rental, that’s the interest demanded for the use of infrastructure.

Then the best one, Taxation. That’s the interest demanded for the use of your labour.

And finally the fundamental form of usury, that our entire profession is built upon, Ownership, which is the interest demanded for the use of land.” He explained.

And this somehow is related to religions?” Simon asked.


All the major religions that the system allows are Ba’alist.”

Ba’alist, what’s that Satan worship?” Simon asked puzzled.

Ba’al means ‘owner’.

Consider you can inherently ‘only’ own that which you, yourself create, but if you want to form monopolies and take the wealth of others, then you need to establish a different constructed fictional model. This is Ba’alism.

You must establish the tri-ba’al system.” He continued.

Living in mud huts, gathering berries?” Simon asked, still not grasping the explanation.

No. Tri-ba’alism is corporation and trust, the basic constructed fictional structure of control.

The original religion of Heket. This had three central characters, namely Khnum, who was a Ram headed God, this created the substance, if you can only ‘own’ that which you, yourself create, then you must invent a god who you claim created everything, and then transfer that claim to an earthly construct, which is the Settler in the corporate, trust model.

Then you have Heket a Frog headed Goddess, who is the administrator or Trustee of the corporation or trust, as you cannot directly have the invented god dictate actions, you need a intermediary to act on their behalf.

Then the child, the mentally immature and incompetent who is the beneficiary, the consumer, humanity itself.

I mean this same religion has been reinstalled at least seventeen times since Heket. The religion of the Holy Trinity as they like to call it.

Heket claimed ‘I am the resurrection’, sound familiar?

They have never needed to alter the basic stories of the religions much, people are stupid.

You can examine any large religion…

In our religion Hasidic Judaism, tri-ba’alism is established through the three worlds of BiYA.

You have Beriyah, the World of Creation, this expresses substance, in the Ba’alist extension of Christianity, this is referenced as the “Father”. The creator of the substance, so the Settler.

Then you have Yetzirah, the World of Formation, this expresses the administration of the substance, in Ba’alist Christianity the “Son” expressing the Trustee.

And finally Asiyah, the World of Action, this expresses the consumption of the substance, in Ba’alist Christianity “The Holy Ghost” expressing the Beneficiary.

This same Ba’alist concept is repeated in Buddhism adopted from the ancient Ba’alist Āryan concept.

You have the Form Realm, rūpa-loka, which expresses the substance or “Father”, the Desire Realm, kāma-loka, which expresses the administration so “the Son” and the Formless Realm, ārūpya-loka, which expresses “Holy Ghost” of consumer, the beneficiary.

You can look at any of the main religions they are all exactly the same, take Hinduism, through the triple deity of supreme divinity you have yet again tri-Ba’alism.

The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. By the way the word world means “the age of man”.

There’s Brahma the creator, so Settler, the creator of the substance.

Then Vishnu the preserver, the Trustee who administrator of the substance, and finally Shiva the destroyer, the Beneficiary, the consumer of the substance.

You can examine any of the major religions through history, take the Egyptian religions, they formed tri-ba’alism with Osiris , the husband, Isis the wife, and Horus the son.

The Theban tri-ba’al model of Amun, Mut and Khonsu.

The Memphite tri-ba’al model of Ptah, Sekhmet and Nefertem, all establishing the trinity of corporation and trust.” Mr. Israel finished speaking and stood up with some effort, his bulk testing his leg power. He walked across the room and poured himself a glass of water.

He drank it down quickly and then sat back down and continued. “You see, religions allow changing what’s inherent to a new dogma, adding plenty of confusion and complexity to mask the inherent, when in reality the inherent is simple and easy to grasp but never considered.

The trick is to narrow the thinking of the victim, to the point, when anyone exposes anything outside of that very narrow point of view, they react emotionally ,or even aggressively, you must make them dye in the wool religious, then no amount of evidence, reason or suffering will alter their stupidity.” Israel chuckled to himself.

Once you have the tri-ba’al religion in place, you form monopoly, and create fiefdoms, structured as “corporate mafias”, then it’s simple to build the usury system of extortion.” He smiled at Simon as he finished speaking.

OK. I still don’t see how religions can create the usury system?” Simon argued.

Well. You have to again look at fundamentals. Owner, Ba’al, ship. We float the constructed ships of authored fictions on the holy SEE of commerce.

Ownership is in reality a complete fiction, through this fiction we claim a ‘State’ of ownership with boundaries, forming the jurisdiction within that State, this establishes the bedrock of slave law.”

Simon interrupted. “Slave law?”

Yes. Any system of arbitration, that uses a model of granted rights and imposed duties is by definition exclusively a slave law model.

A right is a grant from a superior to an inferior, a master upon a slave, but inherently who is above you to dictate upon you?

The souls on the land are considered wildlife to be managed as property, the Ba’alists, or owners grant them rights and impose duties upon them, as the masters of the enslaved upon their owned lands. As a slave, the souls cannot own, they are tenant, keeper, custodian, user, occupier or possessor only. Everything always remains in ownership of the corporation, whose owners claim eminent domain.

Hierarchy is a model that allows layers of parasites to, in effect, feed. We feed off, those at the bottom of the pyramid, those who generate the wealth. The wealth generators cannot be allowed to gain from their labours, it must be drained, wealth generators are dangerous to the system, if they were allowed to generate wealth independently of the control system, they could create an example, others could see, exposing the reality, showing the slaves the power the wealth generators have, and laying bare the parasites for what we are.

The Earth cannot be owned, unless we fabricate a constructed perception of being owned, because it’s held in allodium, if any of the muggles realised that, they’d simple need to demand proof of the claim, of course no agent of any corporation of State could ever prove ownership.”

Simon sat looking at Israel, there was a short period of silence. Israel ate a biscuit.

“When an economic slave buys a ‘property’, they exchange a deed of tenancy, a slave cannot own, they only use their owners property. They are tenant, granted a title detailing the users legal interest in the land, issued by the corporation of State, who claims ownership, a claim without any rational foundation.

Ownership, a ship of commerce, is the underpinning of the slave law system of granted rights and imposed duties. And the rent demanded by the state corporation of land tax, rates, property tax or whatever the State corporation labels their rent seeking, must be paid annually otherwise the State mafia will eventually take back the land title, using the corporations monopoly on violence.” Mr. Israel squirmed in his expensive leather chair, trying to make himself more comfortable.

What’s allodium?” Simon asked.

“Allodium, is land held without the fiction of ownership, free of all external claims, the ancient method of using land in allodium was through forming bonds of behaviour, you created a unilateral bond agreement and this protected your neighbours from distress through actions that would disrupt, damage or destroy any activities upon their own neighbouring land use.

They called someone using allodium, an allodarii.

We can talk further tomorrow. My secretary will show you around the office, and introduce you to the others you’ll be working with.

Have a good morning.” Israel turned his attention to other things on his desk.

Simon stood up. “Thank you. Good morning.” 

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