The love of Solitude: Chapter Twenty One

Written By Abdun Nur

Chapter Twenty One

Electrical Extrication

You may seek to achieve every masters psychopathic dictate, but the cost would be, all and everything autonomous are lost.

Or you could seek to scorn your imposed masters and establish inherent models of common unity, applying full accountability upon your own deeds, and full consensus in unified action, but at such a cost all hierarchies, usury models and monopolies are lost; rendered obsolete by selfish advantage, where all and everything of the inherent is gained.

This is the choice.” Abdun Nur

Gwen was staring at the fire thinking intently, as they all sat in the living room. “We can’t hide this.” She said out loud, almost without realising it.

What else can we do?” Sill replied.

I was thinking we should determine if they’re still alive.” Gwen pondered.

What if we tied some string around a cat and dropped it into the room, then pull it back out and see if it’s alive?” Sill suggested.

You want to risk the life of one of my cats?” Gwen said alarmed and a little too loud and excited.

An old one?” Sill said defensively, a little shocked at her reaction.

Gwen gave him a stern look. They all fell quiet.

Phil looked up. “I found a toad in the garden this morning.” He commented.

Did ya?” Sill replied absentmindedly. The room fell quiet.

OK. I don’t believe the blackness in the room has harmed them, at least I’m hoping desperately that’s the case. Lets test the room then. We’ll use the toad, if Phil can find it again.” Gwen broke the silence after staring at the fire pondering for a while.

I ca’na ave a look, seef it’s still around.” Phil said surprised Gwen had actually listened to him.

Yes. It wouldn’t be right to risk anything we value.” Gwen said as she gently stroked Jasper, who was sat on her lap purring.

Phil went to the kitchen and put on his wellies and heavy work coat, found the torch and headed outside to find the toad.

It was over an hour before he returned, carrying an old tissue box he’d fished out of the bin, which he’d used to contain the toad. He put the tissue box down and slipped an empty plate on top of it, then began to rummage around the kitchen looking for something, after a while he found some string, collected the toad and headed back to the living room.

The three of them went back down to the cellar, the room was just as they had left it. Phil tied the nylon string around the toad, placed one hand under its clammy belly, and gently tossed the toad into the darkness. The toad vanished.

They all waited.

The toad didn’t return, the string didn’t move, the toad had vanished just as the locksmith and his wife.

After a few minutes of waiting Phil pulled the string and dragged the toad back, the toad was unharmed, and once Phil had released the string from around the toad, it hopped back into the darkness and disappeared of it’s own accord. “Stupid toad.” Phil commented shaking his head slightly.

They’re likely unharmed, just trapped it seems.” Sill said.

Phil rummaged around in his various pockets looking for something. “Just a minute, a’m waantin’ ta huv a go at… Something.” He said. “Ah, ‘ere t’is.” He produced a cheap plastic watch with the straps missing. “This auld digital watch haes a stoap watch setting.” Phil tied the string to the watch, set the stop watch to zero, pressed it to begin the count, and threw it into the blackened room.

They waited a few minutes, then Phil pulled the string and recovered his watch, he pressed stop on the counter. The watch had been gone several minute. “It haes counted 10 seconds.” Phil said.

Time is frozen in the room, that’s what Isambard may have been trying to explain the last time we talked.” Gwen said almost to herself.

So Isambard could be in the room as well?” Sill said.

I suppose that would explain at lot. If he is.

But these cellars were supposed to have been examined by both the police and private investigators, why would they ignore this locked door?” Gwen wondered out loud.

Phil left the room and came back a few minutes later carrying a metal tube he’d bent at the end, forming a large hook. “This should do the trick.” Phil, smiled. “We can hook them out of there. Fish them out with this.” He displayed his creation proudly.

Phil pushed the end of the hook into the darkness of the room, but it didn’t react passively as all the other objects they’d sent into oblivion, it lit up the cellar in a light so bright it blinded everyone and forced them to close their eyes, energy burst outward from the point the metal touched the blackness, Phil instantly screamed and tried to let go of the pole, but it was held by the blackness and welded to his flesh, he screamed out in increasing agony. He was in extreme pain and fell to his knees unable to release the pole, his screams filling the world.

Sill tried desperately to open his eyes, but the light was so bright, it was an impossible thing to do, he could hear the suffering poor Phil was enduring, and fumbled to find him on the ground, taking hold of his copious body, Sill grabbed a handful of what he thought was his clothes then attempted blindly to drag Phil away from the room, but the fabric he’d taken a hold of, wasn’t clothes and ripped loose. Sill flew back knocked into Gwen, who herself was blindly fumbling trying to help, making her hit the work bench then crash to the ground badly, with several objects from the work bench falling on top of her. She lay groaning on the floor.

Sill fumbled to locate Phil again, who was screaming ever louder, his hand unwittingly grabbed hold of the pole, the pain was unendurable, his hand was cooking, but he couldn’t rel;ease his grip.

Ignoring the pain, Sill grabbed Phil’s collar and pulled as hard as he could away from the blinding light. Phil was a big man and Sill wasn’t that strong, he gave it everything he had. The metal pole glowed white hot suspended in mid air at the point it met the blackness of the room, and slowly, the metal of the pole turned to liquid and was quickly dripping down, molten to the ground, spreading out forming a small pool on the cellar floor. The connection broke as the pole finally melted away, at that instant the blinding light was extinguished.

Sill fell to the ground and opened his eyes, but now all he could see was a greenish haze as his eyes struggled to recover from the damage the bright light had inflicted. He tried to force his watery eyes to focus, he wasn’t holding the pole now, but the skin on Phil’s hand seemed to have glued itself to the pole. Sill grabbed a rag to hold the hot metal pole as he helped Phil free himself from its torture.

All three of them lay on the filthy cellar floor panting and in pain. “That was ‘sooo’ stupid!” Sill said out loud.

Phil groaned and hugged his badly damaged hand to his body, with his head bent forward and his eyes closed, his agony had not abated.

“What the hell?” Sill was distressed. “We need to treat Phil’s hand, and mine, they’re badly burned.” Sill sat up with difficulty.

“Can you walk Gwen?” Sill asked.

“I can’t even sit up at the moment.” She said quietly.

“Come on. Phil you lay there and I’ll come back for you. Just wait till I get Gwen comfortable upstairs.” Sill said, Phil didn’t reply.

“No. Ring an ambulance first.” Gwen said, still laying where she fell with her eyes closed.

“OK.” Sill got onto his feet, his knees felt like jelly, he leaned on the work bench using his an elbows and grabbed hold with his one good hand, attempting to regain some physical strength before endeavoring to walk.

Sill’s very wobbly, jelly legs made there way into the main house and rang for an ambulance, he didn’t want to give them any details, so made the call brief and ignored questions he didn’t know how to answer, hanging up, once he was sure they had the address and were on their way, he leaned on his elbow and placed his good hand against the wall, hunched over the phone table to regain composure.

He straightened up, breathing in deeply, composing himself to better help his friends. Then he noticed a piece of paper, with Cathy’s name and phone number scrawled across it, casually discarded at the side of the phone. He rang her.” Hello is this Cathy?” Sill asked.


“I’m Sill, I’m Gwen’s gardener, Gwen has been injured, could you come over.” Sill asked.

“Oh, of course.

Have you called a doctor?” Cathy asked.

“Yes. the ambulance is coming.” Sill replied.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Sill hung up and made his way back into the cellar.

Sill carefully helped Gwen to her feet, and used himself as a crutch to help her slowly walk out of the cellar, they both struggled up the stone staircase to get onto the garden path. Sills jelly legs strained under Gwen’s weight as he carefully helped her back onto the stone garden path.

Phil was in need of serious medical care, he laid by himself scrunched up in a ball of pain on the cellar floor.

All three of them had injuries, both Sill and Phil had burned a hand, and Gwen had cuts and bruises from the fall, blood was still slowly leaking from a bad cut on her head. “If I do see my brother again, I’ll have somethings to say about this, what sort of idiot builds such a dangerous contrivance in a cellar.” Gwen said shuffling slowly along the path.

“Well, at least we know more about it now, we certainly know ‘NOT’ to stick metal objects into it.” Sill thought to help her take her mind off her pains by chatting.

This is going from bad to worse.” Gwen said.

I agree with what you said earlier Gwen, I think it’s likely something to do with the last time you talked with Isambard. When he said ‘I held the spinning moment’, it may well be that, ‘that’ moment is still held. We simply need to figure out how to unfreeze the spinning moment, make it spin again.” Gwen stumbled and it took all Sill strength to keep them both afoot. He regained composure and they began to slowly move forward again.

“We need to search the cellar for any note books relating to freezing time. If we can figure out what he did, we may be able to reverse it.” This was Sill’s thinking, the solution had to be in learning what Isambard had done, understanding the thing would, it seemed to Sill, be the best way to overcome it. Sill kept on babbling until Gwen was back in the main house, it took them quite awhile, Gwen was in bad shape.

“I don’t feel very good Sill.” Gwen said. “I think I might be sick, I’m a little dizzy.” Sill wasn’t sure what to do, he needed to get Phil up into the living room and comfortable.

“Sorry Gwen, I’ll have to leave you and go get Phil.” Sill said, then headed back to the cellar.

Phil was still in a ball when Sill arrived back in the cellar. “Phil. Sorry, but you’ll have to do most of the work yourself, I can’t carry you, I can only help you with balance, is that OK?” Sill asked.

Phil whimpered. Sill grabbed Phil under his armpits from behind and lifted with everything he had, it was like trying to lift a planet, and had a similar impact. As far as Sill was concerned Phil was an unmovable mass. “Please Phil, you’ll have to help.” Sill pleaded.

Phil grunted and went very slowly onto his elbows and knees, then he gradually heaved himself onto his feet, while Sill did his best to give what aid he could.

Once Phil was on his feet Sill placed himself under Phil’s armpit as a human crutch, and they both moved towards the exit and eventually back into the main house.

The sound of the ambulance could be heard at a distance as Phil dropped into a chair in the living room.

“The ambulance is nearly here. We should all go to the hospital and get fixed up.” Sill said.

“What we gaun ta say happened?” Phil asked through his groans.

“Say as little as possible.” Sill suggested.

The ambulance arrived and Sill opened the front door wide, allowing them easy access. “This way.” Sill called out, the colourful flashing lights filled the night with drama. The paramedics moved briskly down the long path to the front door and came inside. Sill led them into the living room and the two paramedics assessed the injuries quickly. No one spoke.

“Electrocution?” The paramedic asked Phil as he examined his injuries.


I tried to free him and burnt myself, and knocked Gwen down in my efforts.” Sill replied loud and over enthusiastically, while Phil remained silent, more concerned with enduring his pain than speaking.

Gwen leaned over into the fireplace, then threw up violently into the coal fire, feeling woozy, she dropped down onto all fours, then she couldn’t get up, as she rested on her hands and knees, with her head hanging. “Come on flower.” The paramedic said, as he helped Gwen into a seat.

“OK. I need to know that there is no longer a danger of electrocution?” The paramedic said firmly.

“NO. No. It was in the cellar, we came up here to ring you, there’s no danger here at all.” Sill reassured them.

“Good. OK. What’s your name?” The Paramedic asked Phil as he examined his very badly burned hand.


He’s called Phil.” Sill interrupted.

“OK Phil. Do you feel any numbness, tingling, or localised paralysis?

“Na.” Phil replied. The paramedic placed a stethoscope onto Phil’s chest and listened to his heart and breathing.

“Any vision, hearing, or speech problems?” The paramedic asked as he opened his bag and took out a hypodermic and a vile of liquid.

“Na.” Phil replied.

“I’m going to give you a localised pain killer Phil. OK?” The paramedic carefully rolled up Phil’s clothes exposing more of his arms and administered pain relief.

“Phil, electrocution can cause internal injuries, so we need to get you to hospital. OK.” The paramedic explained. “Just sit quietly for a minute while I apply a wet dressing.” The paramedic was very careful with Phil’s badly damaged hand.

“OK. What’s your name.” The other paramedic asked, as he examined Sills hand injury.

“Seisyll.” Sill replied.

“OK. Seisyll, your hand has burns, do you need any pain relief?” The paramedic asked.

“I’m OK. Thanks.” Sill replied.

“No need to suffer, you’ll feel much more comfortable with pain relief. Any vision, hearing, or speech problems?” He asked as he listened to Sill chest.

“No. OK. I’ll have the pain relief.” Sill conceded.

Once Sill had the wet dressings covered with cling film wrapped onto his hands, the paramedic focused on Gwen who was sitting back in the chair with her eyes closed.

“What’s this ladies name?” The paramedic asked Sill.


“Gwen can you hear me?” The paramedic asked, as he shone a light in her eye held open with his fingers, her pupils didn’t track the movement of light.

“Steve. She unconscious, she’s not tracking the light.” He told the other paramedic.

“Check her vitals, if she’s OK, treat her head injury. We’ll have to call a second ambulance, they all need taking out on the gurney.”

The sound of someone running into the hallway caught everyone’s attention, and Cathy burst into the room, out of breath.

“What happened?” Was her first question.

“Two Electrocutions and a possible concussion.” The paramedic explained.

“Cathy. Gwen is unconscious, could you lock the house up and come to the hospital with Gwen when we leave.” Sill asked her.

“Oh. Of course.

Will she be OK?” Cathy asked the paramedic.

“I think so, she’s a bad head wound, and probable concussion, we’ll get her to hospital and get her checked out, and the right treatment.” He told her reassuringly.

It took quite a while before the band of friends were all safely loaded into the two ambulances and speeding towards the hospital. Cathy locked up the house and followed in her car.