The Love of Solitude: Chapter Twelve

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Written By Abdun Nur

Chapter Twelve

The ‘Illegal’ Wonder Vitamin

The good of the one sacrificed to the many, only applies upon the whole truth as a free choice, if as a free choice one chooses to give up their own life, possessions, or liberty in order that one or many others may live, benefit or gain release, that is virtuous.

But for the group, or a sovereign of a group, to impose upon the ‘one’ death, extortion, or incarceration, for their own selfish advantage, that is a powerful wrong.

This is the problem with hierarchy. Anarchically the one chooses, hierarchically the one if forced, this is the difference between consent and submission, rape is a submission, theft is a submission, forcing the victim without consent.

Submission is fundamental to hierarchies, which prevents or restricts consent. Just as free consent is the foundation of all anarchic models, this removes the wrong of submission.” Abdun Nur

When Sill arrived back at Gwen’s, he was shocked to find her crying in the lounge. “Gwen what on Earth’s wrong?” Sill asked concerned.

Sorry, I was upset by some visitors. Would you bring Phil in from the cellar, I want to ask you both a big favour?” Gwen said.

Of course.” Sill answered, then he headed straight out to fetch Phil.

Phil and Sill were both concerned about Gwen as they stood looking at her by the living room door. “I want to show you both something, and am trusting you will keep it to your self.” Gwen told them, as she blew her nose loudly and wiped the tears from her red eyes, then she led the way to the back of the house, and into the green house, which was an extension built onto the back.

Inside the two men were confronted with a jungle of greenery. “I grow hemp for the oil. This crop is ready to harvest, but I’m afraid it will need to be done now. My visitors know about these plants and will likely have the police come to steal them, and probably they’ll kidnap and imprison me, they may even steal my money and home.” Gwen explained.

I’ll do what I can to help.” Sill told her.

Aye. Just shaw us whit ya waant us ta do?” Phil reassured Gwen with a broad smile.

Hemp used to be a staple food source until a hundred years ago when the money monopolies recognised the threat it posed to their monopolies. Living now is hard, freedom hasn’t existed in this land for a thousand years, the soulless elite make nature ‘illegal’, they prevent people from living healthy, from escaping their imposed monopolies.”

Gwen led them both inside the green house and felt an urge to talk about her love of this wonder plant. “There are a huge number of varieties of hemp, this natural wonder of a plant would provide more fuel, fiber, food and medicine than any other plant on Earth if people were free to use it. The lies spread about this fabulous plant family are outrageous, and eagerly swallowed by the stupid, ‘a gateway drug’, ‘it’s toxic’, ‘it draws you into criminality.” Gwen asserted.

Sill interrupted feeling impassioned at the sight of the hemp and the wrong he felt Gwen had suffered for her harmless gardening.“‘What’ ‘is’ dangerous are those costumed clowns imposing the will of the elite parasites on the slaves, kidnapping, murdering, imprisoning, extorting, preventing, hindering, that’s not a job, it’s abuse. Anyone who wears any State costume should be ashamed, deeply ashamed; they enslave those around them to the submission of immoral ‘power’, what power would the soulless psychopaths have if the slaves who worship ‘their owners’ stopped subjugating their neighbours, and only imposed the will of ‘their owners’ on people who held the same infatuation of authority.”

Gwen showed them how to roughly strip the bud from the plants, once all the bud had been stripped the two men set about uprooting the plants, cutting them up and filling bin bags, which they carried outside to be burned in the incinerator, while Gwen processed the bud by soaking it in alcohol. She removed the flowers and took the distilled liquid and poured it into a distiller, where the alcohol was distilled out of the mixture and recovered in a large glass jar, eventually all that would remain would be the oil.

Gwen explained about the oil. “I get a good mix of THC and CBD oils with the variety of hemp I grow.”

What’s THC and CBD mean?” Sill asked.

THC is short for ‘Tetrahydrocannabinol’, and CBD is short for ‘Cannabidiol’, the CBD reduces the psychoactive effects of the THC oil, allowing me to take small amounts without sleeping. It’s balancing the two oils, this works as an antidote to the paranoia and anxiety that comes from using THC alone. CBD has no psychoactive effects at all, so I can buy that if the oil is out of balance, and then add it to balance it.” Gwen explained.

Sleeping?” Sill asked.

Yes. If you take a good dose of just THC, you’ll sleep, as the body and mind uses the oil to heal itself.” Gwen replied.

So you’re nae taking it ta git high?” Phil interjected.

No, not directly, but it does have a euphoric effect. THC is a vital vitamin the body needs, before hemp was banned it was the main staple in the diet, that the elite replaced with the toxic genetically modified wheat developed in the sixties. Wheat is incredibly bad for you, most grains in general are very bad, but wheat is the very worst.

The explosion in obesity, chronic illnesses and early death is due to wheat based diets, to be without hemp leads to health issues and premature ageing, just like any vitamin deficiency. Take vitamin C for example, if you don’t have vitamin C for long enough you’ll develop many symptoms and eventually die. Vitamin C is another vitamin people don’t take enough of, and it’s vital to good health.” Gwen replied.

I’ve smoked weed many times.” Phil smiled.

I don’t smoke, and the benefits are many times greater from the oil.” Gwen replied.

The three of them worked hard harvesting the flowers, then removing the stripped plants to the incinerator that raged and danced to the tune of the wind as it burned in the garden.

It took them several hours to completely empty the greenhouse of every scrap of evidence, and it was the early hours of the morning when they finally sat down with a hot cup of tea in front of the living room fire.

Gwen sipped on her tea contemplating. “Hemp is an amazing plant, if the owners of the psychopathocracy had not made hemp illegal there would be no oil monopoly. Some legal varieties of hemp can produce one or two tons of oil per acre, but the banned Sativa Indica can produce fourteen tons of oil per acre, and between three to four crops a year.

So using just 2% of the arable land on earth would produce as much as all the crude oil they pump out of the earth presently. Not to mention the bio mass that production would generate, enough to produce all the paper and fabric presently made from wood and cotton.They all sat quietly staring at the coals in the fire as Gwen talked almost to herself.

Is it the cannabis that’s keeping you young, Gwen?” Sill asked still staring at the coals glowing happily on the fireplace.

Partly I think, it repairs cell damage, but for me, hemp is mainly one of the thing that opens up my mind to the universe, and helps to drive the creative process. That’s another reason they elite banned it; it removes social constraints, opens the mind, waking the soul and ending the fear porn that holds the statist mind hostage.” Gwen replied.

Whit did ye dae wi all the bud?” Phil asked looking up.

I soaked it in alcohol and loaded the liquid into the distiller while you two were burning the left over plants.

I collect the distilled alcohol and save it for next time, recycling it. When the process is complete I have chlorophyll rich THC and CBD oil, I have a hidden safe where I store it.” Gwen explained.

Quite the expert.” Sill smiled.

How often do you grow a crop?” Sill asked.

Just once every few years, I don’t use that much of the stuff.” Gwen said standing up.

Thank you boys, for your help. I’m worn out. I’ll say good night.” Gwen walked towards the door as the two men wished her a pleasant nights sleep.

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