The love of Solitude: Chapter Seventeen

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Written By Abdun Nur

Chapter seventeen

The Dinning Room

 “Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.” Benjamin Franklin

Tom and Gwen headed back towards the main university building, and entered the main hall where a small group was waiting for them.

Tom and Gwen joined the main group. The dean quickly introduced those Gwen hadn’t met before. “Let’s all head off now to the universities ‘gourmet’ executive dining facility with private bar, a feature the university recently completed to help promote and entertain investors and donators to the university.” The dean said with a proud smile.

Gwen thought it an odd thing to spend money on in the name of education, but then reflected on the amounts clearly squandered on extraneous unwarranted extravagances everywhere on campus, extravagances simply there pampering the pomp of ego, or indulging the selfish necessities of hierarchy. Gwen remained silent on the matter for now as the group were moving on mass to the luncheon, and she’d no honest opportunity to vent her observations.

The ‘gourmet’ dinning facility was a grand and sumptuous room, no expense had been spared, the ridiculously large banqueting table that ran the length of the room was immaculately appointed and exuded wealth, set within a spacious room with high ceilings and grand architecture.

To Gwen’s mind the waiters stood immaculately presented like the servants of the wealthy elite of the Victorian era, silently awaiting the arrival of the parasites and potentates of the cult of hierarchy.

We’ve a dedicated staff running the facility, it’s, besides a useful element of the university fund raising efforts, also a profitable business for the university.” The dean remarked to Gwen as he was seated at the head of the table, and Gwen on his right.

How so George?” Gwen asked.

The dining hall is hired out to corporations, and organisations, even individuals who wish to use this facility for various functions. Because we use it to promote the university to the financial elite, and it’s these same individuals who own the corporations and hold the wealth, we’ve no need even to advertise, university promotions are enough to keep it fully booked year round, so more than profitable.” The dean smiled.

A man sat next to Gwen on her right. “Hello Gwen I’m Doctor Graham. Call me Terry. I’ve heard about your wonderful work, I’m a keen art collector so I was interested to meet you.” He said politely.

What sort of doctor?” Gwen asked.

I’m a medical doctor, I‘ve two specialties, I’m both an oncologist and immunologists.” He said with a broad American accent, smiling proudly.

Two of the most unethical and dishonest areas of the entire allopathic model of health abuse and fraud.” Gwen said matter-of-factly.

What makes you say that?” The doctor asked surprised.

My knowledgeable opinion is determined through investigation Terry.” Gwen replied.

I don’t follow?” Terry said feeling defensive.

How do you determine whether or not something is true?” Gwen asked.

You mean medically?” Terry replied.

Indeed.” Said Gwen.

I study medical literature and this educates me in the pathology of disease and the established methods of treatment.” Terry replied with a smile.

So you never actually investigate or determine anything for yourself, you simply accept the medical authority as truth, this of course is a logical fallacy Terry, and the very reason you don’t realise the quackery and fraud of the allopathic model of medical abuse, presently, and quite recently imposed, formed as a monopoly, starting around a hundred and forty years ago.” Gwen explained.

Logical fallacy?” Terry said amused.

Yes. It’s called appeal to authority, the reason it’s a fallacy is it’s unproven, yet taken as proven without question, this is of course an intentional result of the Prussian school of education Terry, the entire objective of State education is conformity to the fallacy of the appeal to authority, this is known as the ‘Asch effect’.

As far as medical studies go, it has been demonstrated that almost 89% of all pharmaceutically funded medical studies are falsified, misleading, and duplicitous, serving to give false justification for whatever advantage the pharmaceutical corporation’s desires. This is demonstrated when these same studies are repeated independently. Yet the majority of ‘medical science’ is based solely upon these fraudulent studies.” Gwen explained.

How’ve you come up with such nonsense?

What’s the Asce effect?” Terry replied. The dean was listening attentively to the conversation.

In the fifties a man called Asch studied conformity through experiments and showed most people especially highly institutionalised people of higher education almost always freely endorsed the authoritatively accepted answer despite knowing full well, deep down, that they were endorsing an incorrect answer.

That figure of 89% is from the drug company Amgen when they tried to replicate findings from 53 monumental studies in cancer biology, you may look that up Terry.” Gwen replied.

Even if I accept what you say as true, which I don’t, it’d be impossible for doctors to replicate studies themselves for every pathology, practically the only way to function is to accept the established wisdom.” Terry answered.

That’s not true Terry, you cannot see another way because you’ve never been trained to reason, as reasoning is antagonistic to the appeal to authority method of conformity that hierarchies require, you don’t know how to determine truth from falsehood.” Gwen retorted with a smile.

OK. What alternative is there?” Terry asked condescendingly.

I can sense you’re feeling threatened Terry, don’t be. Which alternative?

The alternative to accepting authority without question is known as the trivium, this method is ancient and was the cause of the Vatican Inquisition, a blood bath imposed in a vain attempt to eradicate the trivium from Europe. It was finally extinguished after the Napoleonic wars when the Prussians invented the imposed State education system of indoctrination and conformity to authority.” Gwen answered.

And what’s the trivium?” Terry asked now belligerent.

The trivium was always the companion book to the Qur’an, up until Islam was defeated and lost, and it was the crusaders that brought it into Europe, after the Prussian school education system was imposed the elite kept the trivium method for their off-spring, it’s what’s known as a classical education, it trains the mind to accept truth only after it has passed through the three elements ‘input, processing, and output’, used to examine the evidence of our senses and establish who, what, when, where, why and how to the best conclusion. So for example if you’d a reasoning mind you’d first investigate the root of a thing, where did it come from; is the foundation solid?” Gwen explained ignoring his now annoyed tone.

I don’t see how that would help. How’s it you know so much about the trivium?” Terry replied.

I was fortunate as a girl to be brought up within a very wealthy family, and I had private tutors, they gave me a classical education, I’m fluent in Latin as a result of that education also, because Latin is the foundation of many of the hierarchical institutions, such as law language and usury, the elite have taken the trivium and denied it to the masses, allowing them to see truth while all around them only accept lies.

And as for helping, examining the source of a thing, exposes that thing, if for example something is made and claimed to cure baldness let’s say, and all the testing and studies have been conducted, funded and overseen by the manufacturer of that cure, would it be ‘reasonable’ to accept that as correct?” Gwen asked.

Yes.” Terry replied.

Seriously?” Gwen look shocked. “Let’s take immunisation.

Vaccinations were invented by Edward Jenner and are today the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical industry, yet all Jenner’s work has been proven fraudulent. He vaccinated his own son several times, eventually through this, his son became a very sick child with neurological brain damage, who then died from a form of tuberculosis, which kills a large percentage of people who’re immunocompromised.” Gwen explained.

Proven by whom?” Terry asked in a disbelieving tone.

Jenner never presented one scrap of scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of his vaccine. But the evidence showing the entire concept of vaccines being nonsense is overwhelming,

Doctor Kalokerinos studied smallpox between 1918-1919 there were 112,549 cases of smallpox notified, with 60,855 deaths. Systematic, mass, vaccination started in 1905, and since its introduction case mortality increased alarmingly.” Gwen replied.

How could you recall that so accurately?” Terry asked.

I have an eidetic memory for information I find interesting, I can’t recall things as easily I don’t find interesting.” Gwen answered.

And why on earth would the pharmaceutical industry promote something that doesn’t work?” Terry counted.

Two reasons, profit through disease generation, autism, allergies and weakened immunity, the second reason is depopulation through infertility and death.

Profit is the objective Terry. The vast majority of all pharmaceutical drugs work less than placebo.

The main advances in combating disease over the last 200 years have been cleaner drinking water, improved sanitation, less overcrowded and better living conditions.

This is counterproductive to an industry that relies upon disease to generate profit, vaccines devastate two things, the cognitive function of the victim and the immune system, additionally new pathogens can also be introduced directly into the blood, which can further agendas of sterilisation, and epidemic generation. For example, this was done to the gay and African American communities with the hepatitis vaccine which destroyed the immune system of those vaccinated, later this was masked by the claim it was a new disease named AIDS.

Governments desire impaired cognitive function, as reasoning minds are the absolute enemy of all hierarchies, this is why they add things like fluoride to drinking water, tooth paste and other products, encourage pesticide laden modified crops, as well as mandate vaccines upon the mass populations.” Gwen explained.

“Without vaccines viruses would kill millions, they’re a miracle!” Terry said indignantly.

“A virus isn’t a living thing Terry, it’s as Antoine Béchamp rightly explained, a virus is just the residue of decay, to generate disease the only way you can force a disease related to the virus of a specific form of decay, is to inject the rotting decay into the bloodstream of your victim, like a mosquito.” Gwen explained.

Antoine Béchamp was a crank, Louis Pasteur provided the foundation of modern health care, germ theory.” Terry declared.

“Germ theory is utter nonsense Terry, it backwards, if the body internally is healthy you cannot catch disease, if the body is unhealthy you will self generate disease. The body is on average around 56% bacteria and pathogens, under the idea of germ theory you are sterile and germs attack you externally and cause disease, but only a body with an unhealthy internal system will become diseased.

An interesting example of the stupidity of doctors is to vaccinate a new born child, as a child has absolutely no ability to generate an immune response and create antibodies until they’re at least two, they rely on the mothers breast milk. So even if a vaccine actually work, which is impossible in itself, it could never ever work on a new born.” Gwen continued.

Piffle!” Terry said standing up; he dropped his napkin onto his empty plate and walked from the room.

That was a very interesting rant Gwen.” The dean said with a broad smile. “Terry is a very wealthy man, he’s a generous contributor to the university, I think he wanted to purchase some of your work, he’s an avid art collector, but you seem to have ‘pissed him off’.”

I would have moved onto to his other speciality if given the chance, which is even worse, and the creation of the allopathic model of health abuse itself. Maybe next time we meet.” Gwen smiled.

I’ll talk with him, you’ve a gift at upsetting people Gwen, is that intentional?” The dean asked.

No, I’ve a philosophy. I speak to everyone equally… And as, from my perspective almost everyone is either wilfully ignorant, or ignorance is imposed onto them through indoctrinated schooling, I’m duty bound to explain their false belief until they’re back to sanity. Although they love the lies to much generally, to ever become sane.” Gwen explained.

What do you mean by philosophy?” The dean asked.

A philosophy of speaking fearlessly, and reasoning truth. For those who’re living a lie, when their firmly held lies are questioned, they react aggressively, or shun me, seeking the flimsiest justification to dismiss truth and embrace the lies ever harder.

Truth is a horrific thing to an indoctrinated mind.” Gwen replied.

Doesn’t that make life a lonely place?” the dean asked.

Until very recently I believed I needed no one, but my friend Sill made me realise I was wrong, I’ve missed having company in my life. People who I can care deeply about, and who’re there for me.” Gwen explained.

You should chat with Mr Jones, the head of the philosophy department, he would be open to a philosophical debate with you I’m sure.” The dean smiled, while the servers brought out the food and the party began to tuck into the gourmet luncheon.

As Gwen began to eat her artistically presented meal, a copiously fat man enthusiastically sat in Terry’s chair. “Hello Gwen. I hope you don’t mind me sitting here, I’m very keen to talk with you.” He said somewhat out of breath, he was sweating slightly, his suit looked very expensive, he was clearly a wealthy man.

Gwen gave a forced smiled as she chewed.

I’m Lord Goldsmith, I’ve heard amazing things about your work, and would be more than interested in developing a business relationship between us, I’d be a powerful ally and patron.” He said as he waved the waiter over to provide him with food.

Mmm.” Gwen replied still chewing.

I’m one of the wealthiest men in the country, and my family is well connected globally, as a family we support many universities and institutions.” He said.

Lord of what?” Gwen asked.

I’m a hereditary lord, my family married into the hereditary line generations ago, we’re Jewish, but the original line we married into were descended from Norman stock.”

Your mainly of Ashkenazi descent?” Gwen asked.

Yes.” Goldsmith replied.

So your origins are Georgian, as a group the Ashkenazi have been shown to descend from around three hundred and fifty individuals, this groups activities were so depraved and corrupt eventually their neighbours in Georgia drove them out. And they spread like a toxic plague upon the Earth, establishing hierarchies, usury, fermenting wars, genocides and conflict, generating division and profiting from suffering.” Gwen said, and then continued to eat.

So you’re an anti-Semite?” Goldsmith replied indignantly.

You’re not a Semite the Zionists revived the Hebrew language in the 20th century, the Ashkenazi adopted Judaism, they were never the original Jews, Judaism is used as a tool, a mask, a shield, as is the label antisemite.” Gwen answered.

Let’s not go into that.” Goldsmith had decided not to argue, as he had no real basis to defend his position, instead he pursued his desire to obtain her artwork, from which he knew huge profits could be generated, and his greatest love was wealth, he’d suffer the company of the devil himself if he could steal a profit.

I’m going to make you a proposal Gwen, I’d like to represent you and your work, promote you, and together we could demand the absolute top prices for your collection of masterpieces.” Goldsmith laid his cards on the table, making his intentions clear.

No!” Gwen answered, and continued to eat.

Don’t be so hasty Gwen.” Goldsmith intended to gain control of her life’s work not matter the obstacles.

I’m very well connected, and can organize private auctions with the very wealthiest individuals in attendance, who’d compete to buy your work, and you’d become fabulously wealthy, beyond your wildest imagination, I mean wealth on the scale of royalty Gwen, private planes, yachts, a grand palace, servants, whatever your heart desired.” Goldsmith said.

No!” Gwen answered, and continued to eat.

Gwen. I don’t think you understand the sums of money people would pay for your work as a living Michelangelo, each masterpiece could generate millions, and from what I hear you have thousands of masterpieces.” Goldsmith said, his own avarice dripping from every word.

No!” Gwen answered, and continued to eat.

Is it commission?

You think I’d demand too large a percentage of the selling price?

Normally in art sales I’d take fifty percent, but in your case Gwen I’m proposing a forty, sixty split in your favour, that’s unheard of in the art world.” Goldsmith continued.

No!” Gwen answered, and continued to eat. “This food is lovely. I’m very impressed, the portions are very small, but the taste is excellent. I haven’t eaten in a restaurant since my parents pass away. I’d forgotten what fancy gourmet food was like.” Gwen remarked to the dean.

When did your parents pass?” The dean asked.

My father in 1979, and my mother in 1980, a sad time in my life.” Gwen replied.

Gwen. Please take my card.” Goldsmith held a very expensive looking business card in front of her. “The commission is negotiable, but you’ll not find anyone who would be able to achieve the selling prices I could gain for you.” He continued.

No thank you! I don’t want to take your card, and I don’t want to go into any business, of any sort with you, Mr. Goldsmith.” Gwen said firmly.

You’ve a problem with Jewish people?” Mr. Goldsmith asked.

“I’ve no problem with anyone. The problem with Jews is created by themselves, through vindictively attacking anyone pointing out the wrongs committed by someone who claims to be Jewish, instantly deriding the truth teller as a hate filled Jew hater, an anti-Semite, deflecting attention away from the truth of a thing. And with that, I do have a problem, yes. But in your case it wouldn’t matter who or what you were, I’m not interested in any way in selling my art work!” Gwen replied. Goldsmith looked at her in silence.

Those claiming to be Jewish, the ashkenazi, have had, over the centuries a very negative impact globally. Slave trading, loan sharking, war warmongering, monopoly forming, lie generating, more recently organ harvesting, and so on.” Gwen continued.

The Jewish people have given enormously to humanity.” Mr. Goldsmith replied indignantly.

In what way?” Gwen asked.

Science, politics, medical advancements, literature, the list is endless.” Mr. Goldsmith replied.

I don’t see on balance any benefits. What examples can you give.” She asked.

Almost all vaccines have been developed by Jews.” He responded.

Vaccines are without exception a fraud; they’ve no proven scientific support of any sort. They’re without a single exception, untested clinically, as to do so would expose that fraud.

Even the idea of herd immunity is nonsense. The justification of imposing these toxic poisons onto people for the prevention of another pandemic, an idea founded on the flu epidemic at the beginning of the first world war, but it was not the so called ‘Spanish’ flu that killed tens of millions of people, it was the treatment for the flu, ‘aspirin’, the medical quackery plied their victims with large amounts of it, which is fatal.” Gwen replied.

Nuclear weapons were developed exclusively by Jews. These have maintained a global peace since the second world war.” Goldsmith retorted.

Nuclear weapons have no scientific foundation of any sort, again another huge fraud, when the evidence of nuclear weapons is examined it becomes clear they’ve never existed and are pseudoscience, designed to support the need for huge military expenditure. And most significantly to maintain fear in the populations.” Gwen replied.

We can agree to disagree.” He began to devour a second plate full of food, having eaten Terry’s meal while talking with Gwen, after which he left the dining room immediately.

Why would you say nuclear weapons are a fiction?” The dean asked.

The first circumstantial sign of deception is in the originators of the fraud, all were of Ashkenazi decent, the second indication is the hidden science, unverified, unproven, unrepeatable except by the ones perpetrating the fraud, and the evidence for the many claimed tests is nonsense, the videos created up until the end of the fifties are clearly not actual film footage but crude, very poor quality effects cobbled together, an idiot could see those films are not authentic.” Gwen replied.

What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki?” The dean asked.

If you look at the damage of those two cities they were clearly fire bombed, you could compare Dresden after Winston Churchill reprehensibly fire bombed the defenceless city, when he knew well it was filled with refugees, a true holocaust. Churchill was a vile cockroach of a man, it was Churchill that was the true orchestrator of the second world war, and Churchill was married to a Rothschild.

The American’s had to tell the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who had no idea, that they were supposedly nuclear bombed and had their city destroyed in a claimed instant, as no one knew anything about it, as it never happened, the photos are also amateurishly doctored to give almost insane support to the claim, with shadows on concrete claimed to be the remains of people, utter nonsense.” Gwen continued speaking matter of fact as she ate.

What about the witnesses to the tests?” The dean persisted.

It’s easy to trick people if you control the hierarchy. You always claim a calibration test explosion of say a 1000 tonnes of T.N.T is required, then it’s simple, you have two teams isolated from each other, each building the test site of T.N.T, when you ignite the first test site the second team think this is the nuclear test, and vice-versa.” Gwen replied.

Why would the people in government go along with such a fraud, surely someone would expose it?” The dean was still not convinced.

That’s the beauty of hierarchy, people only need to accept the authority of their masters unquestioningly to rise through the ranks. Vile secrets are the bread and butter of all governments, after all the word means mind enslavement; ‘govern mental’.

Another circumstantial sign is the lack of actual use of nuclear weapons, the psychopaths that control States would ‘not’ hesitate to use any and all weapons available to them, as is proven again and again historically to the present day.

What highlights this lack of use the most, is the ultimate State of psychopaths, the fictional State of Israel, this State corporation claims to possess two hundred nuclear weapons, they drop every banned weapon known to man on mainly defenceless and imprisoned children. They lust after the lands surrounding Palestine, and have warred with the peoples of those lands periodically since the Ashkenazi invaded that region. Yet we’ve to believe, this group of soulless psychopaths in control of the easy and total eradication of those they detest, supposedly gone at the press of a button, would’ve held themselves back, in the face of the established and openly expressed hatred and contempt for the lives of any who stands in the way of anything the Israelis want?” Gwen replied.

What about nuclear energy?” The dean was struggling to find arguments to counter her rebuttals.

When a big enough lump of radioactive material is brought together it generates heat and a form of ultraviolet light, the same light as a welder creates with their welding arch. They use this heat to boil water which runs steam turbines, so nuclear power isn’t advanced, or difficult science, it’s also not expensive, it’s made expensive through fraud and deceptions.” Gwen replied.

The dean went quiet and continued with his meal.

After lunch George and Tom talked privately for around ten minutes, then Tom came over to Gwen. “I’ll take you to see the media department, animation, film making, and so on.” Tom smiled as he stretched out his hand to invite Gwen to stand up so they could get going.

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