The love of Solitude: Chapter Seven

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Written By Abdun Nur

Chapter Seven

The Tormented Soul

Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life.” Naguib Mahfouz

As the heavy steel door closed Phil sat in absolute darkness, he listened to the sound of the wheel turning and the mechanism slowly sliding into place, locking the door tight. He was feeling a little unnerved, ‘it was only for one minute’ he told himself, ‘I can last that long.’ He stared hard into the darkness, his palms were sweating on the hand rail either side of his seat, a whirring sound began, it ran faster and faster until it purred at great speed, but still he sat in darkness.

Then there was utter silence, no sounds from the machine, not even the high pitched tone he normally heard when it was quite, the silence was absolute.

The blackness was also unusual, it was clean, nothing flecked, nothing sparkled, it was simply blackness.

He noticed he could no longer smell anything, no odour rose up from his filthy carcase, his mouth had no taste, the air was clean, odourless.

All his aches and pains had vanished, he now felt no discomfort of any sort.

Then after he was getting used to this state of nothingness, it happened, like an explosion ripping through every perceptual sense he had, and some he didn’t know he had!

He was a disembodied light, out from this centre of light flowed a rainbow of colours, beyond any spectrum of light he had experienced. The light flowed out and back into his centre in a huge toroidal plume, his perception dwelled at the very heart of this plume, like residing in the heart of a huge apple. He marvelled at its surface of shifting colours like an oil film on water. He was both light and within light, but the light was different, it had qualities like wisdom, kindness, compassion and intelligence; it illuminated the invisible, it communicated beyond the capacity of his constrained mind, overwhelming and lifting his consciousness to a high of almost unbearable ecstasy.

But then he remembered his torments. Now he felt ashamed, his mind returned to the feast of his anguish; he felt shame at feeling such elation; again he was in utter dissonance. The flow of his consciousness slowed and then stopped, and then almost imperceptibly began to flow in reverse, the light imploded into him, accelerating the infinite, engulfing and contorting the heart of his singing toroidal perception in extended columns, and shredding the integrity of the natural flow of his conscious energy. Now he hung upon a cross of suffering a million fold as painful, his anguish was greater than anything he had ever experience by many magnitudes and his consciousness was consumed by it.

His rueful ambivalence now permeated creation. His mind screamed and his thoughts rippled outward into the infinite ocean of perceptions. Agony, beyond emotional survival, crushed down to the visceral mind, ripped through his consciousness, as his mind pulled into itself, faster and faster, the flow of thought accelerating into the heart of his perception. He couldn’t appreciate the magnificence of the creation that considered him; he was oblivious to the ocean of love that held him with deep concern; that cradled his pain; that comforted his anguish.

When his pain had dissipated and he could comprehend and reason more clearly within his capacity again, he was once more reduced, and all perceptions except the isolation of nothingness were gone. He was within stillness and silence, in his mind the blackness seemed to collapse into itself, but just a feeling, the blackness was truly without error; the silence seemed utterly absent of sound, again even the usual high pitched tone of silence was absent; the cold was eerie, still, numbing, motionless; the pressure flowed into his heart, not his physical heart, the heart of his very being, the place in life, where his perception of self had nest behind his eyes. this point of perception was like a drain that was emptying an endless deluge, but this deluge was not water, but his soul, his consciousness; the soul was draining, dwindling his awareness incessantly upon the moment, draining consciousness out of him, his mind was at the centre of the flow held in the maelstrom, being overwhelmed with inexhaustible nothingness. He felt frozen, in the silent, crushing, blackness, as if he were held fast in a block of ice.

Slowly his perception of any tangible form of any kind dissolved and only the absence of everything dominated his continuously flowing mind, being drawn into the drain of a bottomless sink on nothingness.

Time passed in the solitude…

After what could have been hours, weeks, years, centuries or even millennia, the endless babble of his mind had slowly diminished, it softly cried in bitter torment and sometimes screamed in the blackness, now he’d no escape from himself, no delusions veiling the reality of his own mind, the diversion from self-reflection he’d indulged in so extensively, consuming chemicals to distort reality, no longer feasible. This slow calming of fear, confusion and self loathing continued to soothing his mind, slowly the anguish of his soul abated through the cold isolation of oblivion; his thoughts became more rational.

His mind spoke to itself, to fill the desolation of emptiness.

Where is the light?

I’m forgetting what light is, I only remember now… I remember what light was, but I’m no longer sure what light feels like, only the distant memories of another’s life.

To be engulf by the scent of the air.

The sweet smell of the summer air, the flowers blooming, the birds singing, the trees rustling.

I want the touch of the wind.

I really miss the feel of the wind, a nice cold wind to wake up the senses, that was so good.

Even the sound of the sky.

The power of a thunderstorm rumbling and flashing, that electrified display of natures majesty and power made me feel alive.”

He missed these things so much, he hadn’t realised how much these simple perceptions had meant when they were seemingly worthless to him.

He so wanted to feel the touch of the Sun again. “I would endure loneliness easier, with the scent of the air, I would smile in solitude, with the touch of a breeze, I may be content; with just the sound of the forest my heart would feel less alone.” His soul ached in solitude’s icy grip.

“My laughter is gone, only its fading memory lingers.

Without laughter how can there be contentment?

My smile?

I’m forgetting. Nothingness consumes me.

Where is escape?

To see again, to look upon the world afresh?” Loneliness tormented him.

A long time passed, as he grew in patience and contemplation, his mind relived his life over and over, he remembered in such clarity, such detail, the wind on his skin, the scents on the air, the faint sounds in the distance, the details he’d never noticed, he now recalled, he explored his life, he cringed at many memories, was ashamed of some and laughed at other. But these were only shadows of the mind, always the solitude surrounded him, the moment of time spun on and he was alone.

Then at a time when he grumbled to himself in his mental reformatory, “Why… Ah expected only this!”

To his surprise a voice replied, “Only this?” like an echo in the dark.

Startled he answered with the conclusion of his thread of thought. “Ah wan’ee head back to th’ place of ma “birth”, my childhood ‘n’ try again at ma life.

Ah miss th’ care, th’ security; th’ love.” He waited for another voice to answer, the first event; the first anything for such a great time, he was all attention.

“The bonds of family can be weak. It’s the connatural souls, those seeking companions, that stand their ground beside you in adversity; such souls are your true family. Every soul needs companions, these companion souls come into your life, not as sycophants, not as subservient minds or dominating minds, not as abusers or someone to be mistreated, they come in peace, but bring confrontation, they speak fearlessly, but bring truth, they care deeply but will not tolerate cowardice. These companions come to make you question everything, to change the perceptions of your mind. Companions are not the faultless and perfect beings of the imagination, but the virtuous that will revolutionize your reality, spiraling your consciousness and emotional evolution ever higher, they’re the souls of connection, the links of the chain holding all souls in unity. Don’t be confused, companions aren’t about dependency, infatuation or division into factions, these would be attachments generated through being fearful or from seeking selfish advantage, companions exist without attachment, like a wild bird that stays simply because they choose to, and may fly off at any time.

Empathic love is without attachment, and always attained upon an unyielding love of truth. You must become ‘soðsagu’, which is the act, the very essence of speaking the truth.” The voice replied.

Why’d a friend nae tolerate cowardice?” Phil asked the darkness.

A coward is dangerous to reason, treacherous to truth, and quick to act in violence upon the defenceless.

Cowardice makes a soul unfit to be a friend.” The voice answered.

Sae yi waant ta be ma companion, ma pal, how come?” Phil asked suspiciously, knowing from experience such offers are seldom without ulterior motives.

We grow through companions, we’re one, and to be one we must join in unity, and so we expand, this is our fractal nature, to seek those whose vibrations of thought are in harmony.

You’re in need of relief, you need harmony, you can gain relief through discourse, by creating a dialectic balance, meaning a reasoned and logical discussion between us; in your situation the uninformed and the informed are the balance of the two opposites, in order to determine truth and so strip away all confusion, so freeing you from your self-imposed separation. This comes from looking deeply, not with the eyes but with the soul. The light of truth will then set the darkness ablaze. Remember the magic of truth is always in the question.” The voice explained.

I’d imagine the magic is in th’ answer.” Phil replied.

But if you ask the right questions you will get the answer. The wrong questions, or no question will limit what you understand, and so no answers will be gained, but the right questions will give a full answer, removing doubt, confusion, or misunderstanding. No one can impose certainty of thought, no one can implant reality, no one can refocus perspectives of perception to any truth that a mind is not ready to accept, questioning everything is vital to master reason and determine truth.

You must begin to know yourself, and that’s where we shall start. To gain all that is worth having, it’s necessary to lose everything else.

The consciousness or soul is a powerful force, it can chain itself, cage itself, torture itself, it can plunge into the very depths of depravity, perversion, and misery, or it can take you to the highest love, ecstasy and joy, it’s such a great power that you must learn to use it. It’s such a great power it takes total commitment to learn wisdom and equity in its expression. The soul is infinite in so many ways, the beauty of the soul, is in its song, your soul refuses to expand into the infinity of love and thought, to nourish the thoughts and experiences of creation; to see the magnificence and beauty of your soul belittle and dishonour itself, this is a tragedy without comparison, this tragedy is compounded because all souls are connected in a fluid ocean of consciousness that springs eternal, our energy of thought flows through, between and within all souls; you deny yourself the song that would make you dance within a state of ‘rasasvada’, the condition of bliss in the absence of all thoughts, the quiet minds harmony.

Soul comes from nothing, yet contains the symphony of all creation; every soul is one, of one fractured, one in every expression is always unique, yet holds unity with all expressions of one; every expression or soul has a noble purpose and evolves eternally, yet has free will to deny that purpose, this can be difficult to see within certain shared perceptual adventures, especially an adventure as challenging as the ones you just experienced, adventure dominated by soulless perceptions can force souls to suffer and physically perish even before they are able to emerge from the womb.

You must learn to know your own mind. Nothing is more important than becoming a heretic, meaning a soul able to choose. You’ve to calm your soul, using the solitude that you now fear, this allows you to hear the truth, to see the past events of experience clearly, and to know and resolve those actions within yourself.

To know your mind, you must know the darkness before you can recognise the light, in Earthly existence you’re free to choose, but you are ‘not’ free from the consequences of your choice, this is free will, and free will doesn’t end.

The nature of perceptual creation nor the Great Unified fractal Consciousness of the single consciousness expressed infinitely would act intentionally against itself, as you, but simply respond to the conscious vibrations you emit; that response is manifest through synchronicity, this is the alignment of the perception with the consciousness of creation, flowing without resistance, harmonised and integral to perceptions.

When your consciousness longs to evolve its perception, then it has understood the secret of life, to focus the mind in both thought and action toward the evolution of love and affection; perceptions are so powerful in the corporeal form, to alter your beliefs, rewrites the chemistry of your corporeal body. This being self-evidently the case, few of your peers take any care to form substantive beliefs, or follow the synchronicity of existence.” The voice explained.

The words of the voice soaked into Phil’s mind, he pondered them. “It seems to me, souls, th’ one, is evil, the reality ah lived, a saw such terrible cruelty, hatred, torture, murder, is that th’ one?”

“Free will allows all expressions the ability to interact in any way they wish, this is further affected through the dichotomous nature of all perceptions, for every ying there is always a yang so to speak. In perception if you have empathic consciousness of one, and you have its dichotomy, the psychopathic consciousness that is not of one, soulless consciousness existing only perceptually, through the consciousness of one infinitely expressed. The soulless exist draining the consciousness of their victims, as if vampires, they channel the suffering of the soul giving themselves meaning.

Souls aren’t meant to stay within mental distress perpetually, but to move through torment of tragedies and disputes, a soul that remains tortured can’t move forward, can’t transform, and is held stagnant. Suffering means to sustain the injury, the disadvantage, or the loss experienced, unresolved as an open wound of the mind. Refusing the principled offerings inherent in the mental wounds of perception.” The voice replied.

Whit’s suffering ta offer, bit despair?” Phil declared.

The bitter torment of suffering held passionately drains the strength to overcome it, and so the lessons that we’re meant to master are never learned. It’s easy to become introspective, isolating the soul in separation, rejecting the unity of souls; this causes the wounds of perception, but these wounds are the way companion souls can enter into the heart of the soul, and help to guide the unique song each soul sings, so ultimately being harmonized once more into unity. Wounds are meant to teach us to expand compassion, empathy, and wisdom.

You’re not sick or diseased, you’re not broken or defective to be healed, you’re simply in a crisis of belief in what is true, like all souls your essence is goodness and love; once your shepherds of belief are based in truth your suffering could not exist; but if your beliefs are based in lies then the consequences are a reflection of the confusion and fear of that state of consciousness. The cycle of lies is self-perpetuating, as each new generation is born, the old lies are installed like the software system of a computer, and rewriting the software is much harder than having the correct software at the start.” The voice explained.

I’m just a badly programmed mind?” Phil replied.

In all the moments in solitude you must’ve discovered you’re not the mind of your corporeal life?

Now you must recognise you’re not the ‘you’ of that perception, that life; or do you?” The voice asked.

“A’m different, yit mist be th’ same, mustn’t ah ?” He considers his own state of being, he hadn’t noticed his new state, or at least admitted his new state to himself; he’d been imagining a focal point that didn’t exist.

It was a revelation, he realised he was very different. “You’re richt I’m different; th’ centur haes gaen, ah dwelled behind ma ees in leef, that wa th’ center o’ ma mind, that tiny place is na langer apparent; noo I’m fluid, ah flow, even in this stagnant state ah kin sense th’ draining o’ ma cognition. I’m far more than th’ wee mind ah remember, I’m different. How come a did’nee notice?

Ah can sense a vastness that’s held in check, a sense o’ clarity free o’ constraint that’s bein twisted ‘n’ deformed, ah sense my great power, but it feels disconnected like a great idol engine. Even in this suppressed state I’ve a powerful intelligence, much more than ma mind in leef, ma mind wa so limited, ah can see it now, so feeble, so incognisant, t’was as if ah wa fast asleep while ah lived.

I’m confused.” Phil answered.

Then until you’re no longer confused, you’ll suffer the consequences of such confusions, as you hold yourself in dissonance, as a discordant soul in pain. You’ve closed your mind to all perceptions.

Don’t get lost in your pain. Know that if you do, your pain will become your custodian, your companion, your great labour.” The voice replied.

All souls must then be in pain, life is pain.” Phil replied.

Souls in pain share that pain. Hurt souls, hurt others; hate filled souls spread hatred; angry souls create violence; grief-stricken souls spread sadness. That’s how pain is propagated, from generation to generation, the blank page of each new soul is written by the pen of pain, the pen of fear, the pen of ignorance, the pen of bigotry. Confused souls act as the pens that write upon the blank page of each new soul with their obscenities and ignorance.

Breaking the chain of inherited suffering is not easy, because if the pain has always been in your life, how could you recognise its existence as anything but a natural state. An angry mind would need to overcome their anger with sympathy; a contemptuous mind with compassion, a cruel and unpleasant mind with kindness. Greeting grimaces with smiles, and anger with calm, is an expression of emotional mastery. Forgive and forget about finding fault to punish or seek vengeance, instead establish relief. Love is the only weapon a soul should use pre-emptively.” The voice answered.

How could ah overcome ma pain; or th’ confusion, or both; what’ll help me?” Phil asked.

I will…

When all you know is ignorance, ignorance appears truth. If ignorance disappears, truth is then all you know.” The voice replied.

“Thanks. If ma thoughts ur al’ wrong, sa ya claim, wha determines th’ consequences o’ oor thinking ‘n’ actions ?” He asked.

You. You’re the master of your soul, always with the capacity to choose. In the physical perception your eye will only perceive what your mind will accept, this is the same with consequences, a mind can sometimes overcome the consequences if they perceive the reality not the illusion; the consequences of perception are the events that result from an action or inaction, if you drink poison you will be poisoned, if you stand upon a track and ignore the oncoming train, your inaction will destroy the perception of your body and so you will die; some consequences are more profound and real, so aren’t as obvious, if you murder and you’ve a soul, it’s shattered in separation, because it’s as if you’d murdered all souls and stand upon their corpses in silent isolation, murder binds all souls against you; it’s as if they were the soul you murdered because, as we are one, it is. We’re a single soul fractured into infinity, this is why it’s equal to the murder of all souls. Conversely if you save a soul from imminent death, it’s as if you’ve save all souls, because it’s infinitely greater than to have merely saved your own life.” The voice explained.

Why’s it better ta save th’ leef of another than ta save yersel?” He asked.

There is power in self-sacrifice, it’s a prevailing expression of love, it’s a willingness to give everything you have in exchange for another soul, by setting other souls before yourself, you lift your own soul in an act of true unity. It’s the willingness to risk the loss of the world for the love of another.” The voice answered.

Why, ah mean ta say, why’s that equal ta saving all souls, ah still don’t ken wha ya mean?” He replies.

There is only one soul, one consciousness, one life, that one is infinite in expression, yet is one, that one is fractured infinitely, and each expression pf the one itself likewise can be fractured again and again infinitely. Yet there is always only one. Love is the glue that holds those fractures together.” Answered the voice.

How can love be glue?” Phil asked.

Love is the unity of emotion that forms a toroidal bridge between your consciousness and all perception, a raging river of consciousness flows in violent turmoil of countless emotional states with purpose and resolve, and the toroidal bridge penetrates to allow you free will, and not have the uniqueness of your fractal nature swept away in a rolling river of upheaval, formed of the collective fractal minds indulging the great adventures in perception being lived around you. The bridge can be crossed in both directions, perceptions stream synchronously upon the bridge to feed your soul, but few travel across that bridge, the bridge is the connection to unity and the source of unity.” The voice explained.

What’s th’ source?” He asked.

Pure nothingness of course. All flows from nothingness.

Some stand upon the vortex bridge hating the perceptions and emotions they cannot understand or appreciate, and they eagerly leap into the rolling turmoil surrounding them, to be consumed in the fantasies and delusions of others, lost in an endless ocean of forgetfulness. Some are so discordant they break all bonds, as you have.” The voice answered.

So you’re saying if we disconnect from th’ source; th’ toroid o’ th’ rainbow bridge as ya put it, we lose true free will?” He asked.

Free will remains it’s just seldom or never used, or even considered, the choice to leap from the bridge is the last real free one they make, until a point they are ready. It’s the nature of creation that one action or inaction leads to the next, consequences are the earnings of free will.” The voice answered.

But wi’ hoot using free will how cud they escape that ill informed choice?” He asked.

Each soul has a gift, ‘reason’, and if this gift is opened all things are possible. Most cannot reason, as they’ve never taken the time to master the skill, however they almost all believe firmly that they can reason. The soulless educate them to seek only authority never truth, never to reason only to accept without question, they in effect are educated to be ignorant, educated to have imagination crushed and truth dismissed.” The voice replied.

“Sa is that a fundamental truth, reason kin overcome perception. Is that allas prevalent even in th’ physical perceptions ?” Phil asked.

The majority of physical consequences could be overcome, as it’s only perception; if a mind can transcend the perceived, in theory they can overcome the consequences of the perception, however in reality almost no earthly souls have achieved this, except in isolated instances of specific consequences.” The voice answered.

“Ah kin then escape this black silence, if as ye say I’m haul’din’ ma’sen in this place o’ none perception, ah cud overcome th’ consequences o’ ma actions ‘n’ thoughts ‘n’ open ma mind again ta perceive, simply by reasoning thos’ they perceptions ?” Phil asked.

Yes. Exactly so.” Answered the voice.

“This is tangible darkness, far mair than juist a lack o’ light, far mair than an absence o’ space, or movement, or sound, or titch, this darkness consumes ‘n’ violates reason, at least ma reason. If reason is ma ain’lie saviour, yit it seems ta me violated, ‘n’ sa ta me a paradoxical state, how kin ah reason byon that?

Such blackness holds a terror fa me, ‘n’ ah dwell here terrified.” Phil explained.

You’re at the source. Within the purity of nothingness, all flows from nothingness.” The voice replied.

Cud light exist ‘ere; af ah hid eyes, ah think th’ contrast ed blind me, ‘n’ if ad flesh, blister ‘n’burn it; such a terrible blackness, it turns ma soul ta ice.” Phil declared.

You hold yourself here, all the light of perception is held out in extended columns from the poles of your centre, pouring all awareness upon unseen reflection, and it’s you who must release yourself from this perdition. The quieter your mind becomes, the more your mind will be open to truth, and reasoned expression can be mastered. There are seven gates of license, each gate receiving a soul in a certain state of being, at their level of perception if you like; each higher density of reality has its own gate to perdition. You’re only confused and in emotional turmoil, once you have mastered your reason, your emotional harmony will follow; here the door is always open for you to leave. A soul must resolve those choices or events that torment them, and to understand those choice or events.” The voice explained.

Wha da ya mean gates ta perdition?” Phil asked.

A gate is a movable barrier that stands closed as an insurmountable obstacle, you cannot rise above or sink below the gate; the gate is the only breach in or out. Perdition means to tear down the lies through reasoned truth, and so end the solitude you’ve placed yourself in. The gate is within you, as is the prison, you created it, and only you can extinguish it.” The voice replied.

In or out o’ what, mi’sen?” Phil asked.

You’re the one Phil who forms your reality of perception.”

Phil was silent for a moment then asked the voice “Is this hell?”

The voice laughed. “Hell is a fiction. Think about all things rationally. If I’m a loving soul, I wouldn’t gain anything from the suffering and torment of another soul, no matter the transgression, as we’re one soul in fractal order, and to witness such suffering would cause me to suffer. If a Hell did exist every time a loving soul looked upon its horrors; every time a loving soul saw the damned in utter anguish and torture, it would relocate Hell, the loving soul would share that reality as all souls are empathic, and of one soul, so at the moment of the manifestation of a Hell, all creation would become Hell; therefore, innately there could never be a demand for punishment. Every loving soul innately requires relief; it wishes to resolve conflict, torment and excess, as the soul that is claimed wicked, will not be any less wicked for all the torments of the world’s inflicted as punishment. The only hell would be perceptual, the hell you create within yourself and carry around with you. No matter where you have been, no matter what you’ve done, no matter how deeply you’ve fallen into depravity, there is always relief, which ultimately allows each soul to forgive them-selves.

The soulless entities make the souled believe that evils come from others, or that the evil is others working through them, this requires a demon mythology, to either demonise others or claim a demon acted through you both used to negate accountability.

To this end, secret mafias like the freemasons, the monarchies, the Vatican, the Zionists, the governments, are collectives functioning as cenotaphs of hierarchy, where the walking dead gather to drink the blood of the living and conspire to extort, enslave and control the uninitiated.” The voice answered.

“Wur warriors against thae soulless entities then?” Phil asked.

A soul named Nietzsche correctly said. ‘Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.’

War is not the answer, ‘The Way of the Warrior’ is the way of violence; war is an expression of hierarchical slavery, the psychopathic influence upon the empathic. Of the self they say, we’re at war with this and that, when we’re really growing through this or that. They say we’re fighting or battling this or that, but really we’re struggling to evolve beyond ourselves, beyond what we were and are, to what we desire to be, if you’re simply fighting without direction, you spin in circles, and that becomes destructive, so then war is correct; war brings all into confusion.

I’m not a warrior, no empathic soul is, I’m virtuous; that’s the foundation and the destination. So the real phrase should be ‘The Way of the Virtuous’.

Empathy is weakened with hatred, we’re empathic, that nature is innate, and to abandon empathy, to fight psychopathy with psychopathy is to transition from the one state, empathy, to none state psychopathy, losing the very thing you would fight to defend, so the empathic do not war, we reconcile, we do not fight in anger and violence, we educate in reason, we do not bargain and scheme we simply scream out truth freely; without let or hindrance. We don’t allow wrong to be left without relief, every wrong must be tracked and resolved, each one of these actions removes the teeth of the psychopathic, they war upon a field of lies, they fight with deception, bribery and callous contempt, they flourish in hierarchies, they dominate in the fear of conformity and avoid all accountability through the constructs of false perceptions, it’s these the empathic must dismantle, or render obsolete through the establishment of anarchic alternatives.” The voice replied.

Phil thought for a second, “Religions claim th’ greatest sin is a transgression against th’ Creator.”

Religion means to tie, to bind, to fasten, in the sense of stopping a soul from developing, growing, progressing, or advancing, so to make stagnant within a system of unquestioned dogma, that dogma misdirects souls, either, to ask the wrong questions or not to question and accept blindly, always remember the magic is in the question and the answer is within reason, applied reason can answer almost any question.

This mental stagnation of religion pragmatically has an equivalent meaning to the Arabic term Jahannam, which means an environment or mind of stagnation. A wicked soul, as some are described, could never transgress against the manifesting entirety, being the unified fractal form of consciousness, you could transgress against another fractal soul, but not against the whole; the entirety manifesting of all thought, the shared perceptions that are reality, as to transgress you must cause injury to another, either mental or physical, and you cannot cause injury to the consciousness of totality being the unified fractured consciousness of all fractal souls.

Also metaphorically, if the Great whole was as described by the religious, even in their warped perspective what sort of progenitor would burn and torture his own children for disobedience, send down plagues, murder the innocent and defenceless, commit genocide, or wipe out entire civilisations; the liars claim within their fiction of a God, that theirs is a vengeful God; they claim this constructed entity God would punish, simply for the refusal to recognise the authority of their invented fiction of an entity Creator, or for religious transgressions determined in religious texts, then souls are thrown into fire, burned for eternity in utter pain and terror. A brief wicked life, just a fleeting moment, and then an eternity of burning in torment, what sort of creator would that be, the inequity of that concept alone should expose the lie, but few Earthly souls reason.

The religious claim a theology of morality, but instead of axioms they create dogma, instead of equitable conduct they create granted rights and privilege, dependent on their imagined divine grant, they go from the inherent based in reason, to the authored based in constructs of authority. Then once they have the power upon the minds of the defenceless, the extremes of immorality are indulged, the powerful are held above account and inequity is firmly established.” The voice answered.

All religions?” Phil asked.

Religion is only a mask of perception, it’s individuals who are responsible for their own actions, the justification those individuals give for immoral, depraved, perverse or corrupt acts, is perceived as vindicated with the mask of religion, state, business or tradition, but the result is the same, the victim is given no relief and the wrongdoer is allowed to continue to act iniquitously.

All religions are constructs of perception used as masks. The Machiavellian acts using the protection of the mask, and it’s the use of masks that’s aberrant. There are many types of religious mask beyond the God psychosis, science can be a religion, State can be a religion, war can be a religion, money can be a religion; even social activities can be turned into masks of religion.

False perceptions are fashioned, and evils indulged through perceptual masks; many masks are worn, the hardest mask to lift, is the mask named virtue without expression, but virtue is in action not in persona.

The mask of religion feigns morality, virtue and equity, through the fictions of religion the pious extort, deceive, manipulate and confuse, masked in their pious performance they’re the most usurious, because they’ll not only steal all you will surrender in life for the loan of their wily wisdom, but through the loan of such wisdom inhibit all efforts to master either reason or emotion, and in so doing, take all hope of fulfilling any purpose, or gain any benefits, when the perception of life transcends.

The State is a mask used to act without accountability, through the fiction of the state, the statist mind wears their mask of false perception proudly, to impose their own subjugation or dictates upon those around them, they can steal, extort, beat, kidnap, imprison and murder, or happily support such activities, and feel justified behind their mask, because their mask is more important than the souls around them, the statist mask, sighs, dewy eyed upon the powerful idol, of ‘State’ worship.

The worship of the idol of money, dominates the greedy mind, an idol that values all external perceptions and denies all internal value.

The many masks of persona worn by the foolish make them think all souls are weak, this is an error, the soul knows no weakness by nature, weakness is only a false perception, as every soul is a fractal of one, each soul’s strength is infinite. Weakness is taught and so the imbalances of evils are a preferred choice, with invented perceptions inspiring perverse habits, desires and thoughts, eagerly indulged. It’s a world of masks, most cannot see through the masks they wear, and so hide in its darkness from reality and responsibility.

When the victims of false perception see the masks fall away within the spectacle of life, the entity behind the malevolent mask is exposed to the light of truth, but all those hiding, that are not exposed behind their masks have no vision, the mask is all they see and all others wish to perceive, so the protests of the wronged go unanswered.” The voice explained.

“Whit drives thaim ta be sa indifferent ta suffering, inequity ‘n’ wrong?

Juist th’ masks thay wear, does that mak’ em wicked?” Phil asked.

To be wicked and to allow evil are not the same, although the result may be; the wicked act with intent; the enabler allows evil through inaction.” The voice replied.

Ah murdered a soul!

Is that nea wicked?” Phil asked.

I know Phil.

I, was the soul you murdered.” The voice replied.

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