Inherent Anarchic Common Unity Introduction

Written By Abdun Nur

An Introduction ‘To Allodarii Common Unity

or if you prefer – ‘Allodarii Community’ – The Invitation

Are you happy with the way the world is going?

Do you think we need a new plan, a new destination, one not dictated by psychopaths?

Are you happy working like a slave to make ends meet, or do you believe there must be a better way possible?

A new social structure in which we can work together instead of fighting each other….to free us from the economic slavery imposed upon each and everyone of us today?

Well…your not alone…there are billions like you who know there’s got to be a better way!

There is hope…there is a plan to redirect people away from imposed monopolies and hierarchical domination … something completely new!

We are creating a new alternative…a new reality…a new social structure…without the need for any violence, resistance, opposition or conflict!

Everyday millions of people wake up to realise that weve become enslaved by the system imposed on us … when we’re born we enter this world free of any agreements, contracts or obligations … but in time we realise that there are endless rules and regulations imposed on us … laws and rules that we did not agree to … we can’t travel freely… we need passports and ID documents … and we have to work to earn this thing called money (monopoly), which is taxed by a govern mental mafia, whether we like it or not!

This is not freedom … this is pure slavery! From the first breath we take to the last breath we breathe out there is always some invisible authority keeping us under control … telling us what we can and cannot do!

This is not the life that we’ve imagined for ourselves … this is not the kind of world we belong in … all of us know that there must be a better way … and everyone of us wants to be free … but very few of us know what to do and where to turn …

Welcome to the Albien of the Allodarii Community

We’re laying the foundations, through clear explanation within this website, for a new social structure … more often that not, the solutions are right in front of our eyes and the simplest solutions are always the most effective.

Our plan is so simple that we cannot screw it up!

We’re turning our crazy world around, creating an Earth of abundance and prosperity that very few of us can imagine in this insane system we’re trapped in … turning competition and conflict into collaboration and cooperation … starting our small towns and villages … where people still live close to the earth, close to the land and nature … creating communities of abundance … where people live in harmony and support each other rather than divided in fear of each other … for everyone’s talents and skills are used to enhance their lives and to benefit the whole community … an Earth where everything we imagine is possible because were doing it for ourselves and for each other anarchically.

An Earth where we can create, build, grow, invent and implement anything we design or imagine, because the obstacles to progress are removed through community, so resources are no longer restricted, usury is no longer the foundation of society… an Earth where every child that is born can grow to their full potential … not confined by the restrictions imposed upon all today … an Earth where the tools of control that restrict all aspects of our lives have been removed … a new social structure … a true Elysian Earth (for want of a better term) in which the need for money monopoly with imposed fees and interest, taxation and restrictive contrived scarcity will rapidly fade away … welcome to the concepts of the Allodarii Community.

The Concept

Where Everything That We Have Imagined is Possible and it All Begins With the Knowledge of the Inherent Alternatives

There are many “eco” communities, which are neither “eco” or true community, these tend to follow the indoctrinated “eco community” style, people build homes from garbage and use solar and wind power to generate small amounts of energy. Those involved in the “eco community” model appear to attain no skills, nor attempt to work in common unity, I’m explaining this, as to form common unity you must be birds of a feather, not people with an agenda of the indoctrinated “eco community”.

There are several concepts many will not be familiar with, or that they may hold the wrong understanding of, these are anarchy, surety bonding, allodium, terrente, reciprocal bonds and true community, these concepts will take some effort to grasp, but these inherent models allow the expression of freedom and true community.

Hierarchy destroys community, the more hierarchy is imposed, the less common unity is possible, hierarchy allows the imposing of monopolies in order to extort, manipulate, isolate and dis-empower the individual.

Hierarchy means, division into ranks, while community means, common unity, these are mutually exclusive concepts.

Anarchy means “without hierarchy” that’s all, so to form common unity you must apply models of interaction that are free of hierarchical structures.

The fundamental method of removing hierarchies is the bonding model, forming reciprocal bonds allows people to choose to enter common unity as a free choice, or to reject as much or as little as they wish, that others provide as options.

The idea of democracy generates conflict and division, this is not a healthy or reasoned model of conduct, for example if you impose democracy and 51% decide they wish to rob the 49% to pay for them (present hierarchical govern mental model) then violence is applied to allow such theft. This removes common unity.

Eco means to construct environmentally low-impact homes or structures, this is the claim of those who construct garbage pile homes littering eco communities, but these are neither sustainable nor low impact. When you consider construction you must firstly look at longevity, the longer a structure will last at optimal, maintenance free use, the more eco friendly the construction. The second aspect is environmental esthetic impact, this means is the home an eye sore, so the ideal materials to build a home or structure, is with local stone and brick, stone is the very best eco building material for longevity and esthetic appeal, if used with skill.

The reason hierarchies exist is to allow monopolies and usury, the meaning of the concept of usury has been perverted to mask its true nature. Usury is not trade, trade is a reciprocal exchange of the fruits of the labours of those trading, usury is a one sided extraction of the fruits of the labours of another, therefore there are five main forms of usury, debt interest, rental, profit, ownership and taxation, all these usurious concepts are alien to the inherent anarchic common unity model, and much better concepts should and can be applied.

The present economic slavery model uses contract as the basis of enslavement, the unwriiten mythical social contract, which binds your straw-man to the corporation of State. So to form any alternative it cannot be open to the public (corporation).

The basis of common unity is a common reciprocal agreement, based upon the inherent duty of care that unalienably and immutably binds every soul to every other soul.

Inherently you cannot be bound to any agreement you are not a direct party to, this means no constitution, statue, legislation, nor any granted rights or imposed duties apply to you, unless you give witnessed agreement directly to each and every agreement. This is why the legal system requires you to be transformed from a soul, into a corporation, in order for these agreements to bind you, allowing them to represent you as a constructed legal fiction.

The ideal foundation of common unity is a software system that allows interaction and agreement to be formed remotely across the Earth.

The foundation is a closed bond, which means, those who work against common unity are excluded, and if any bondsman breaks the agreement they may be excluded also, effectively removing all corrupt and morally bankrupt individuals from the system, and as the system becomes more popular the more it would purge the corrupt and the more equitable the conduct within the platforms.

To join the allodium multilateral reciprocal bond would be an online process, requiring a witnessed seal. and scan of voice and ear/face, but would not require legal name which is the property of the corporation of State, as a slave takes the name of their owner. This reciprocal agreement forms common unity.

I had an objective of forming a small village, based on esthetic beauty as the foundation, as the soul requires beauty to find harmony, and needs peace in virtue for the soul to develop and mature, which is so lacking in the hierarchical model. However due to a complete and total lack of interest, this is not a possibility it seems, I can only surmise that everyone except myself, are happy with the economic slavery system, the totalitarian govern mental mafia, the planned cull, the disease generation and symptom suppression medical allopathic system, the slave law model of courts and lawyers and the corporate monopolies.

We are communal creatures but have never experienced that, the only hierarchy required is only for children, once you have gained maturity the training wheels are no longer required, and hierarchy inherently falls away.

The goal of the parasites dominating hierarchies is to isolate the individual – When Isolated, extortion, subjugation and restriction are simple to achieve

A child learns within community and does not need schooling in the memorization and regurgitation of what is predominantly authoritative fantasy, the schooling system was imposed by hierarchies to prevent the skill of reasoning things to truth, this was becoming a problem for them, as truth strips away conformity and gives an individual the ability to independently determine any issue.

instead schooling, the children learn from those within community, gaining skills and knowledge, it is the job of the parent to help the child to master the basic tools to educate themselves, reading and writing, grammar, mathematics, and the trivium to grasp the vital skill of reasoning all things to truth.

The allopathic medical system was designed to generate dis-ease and mask symptoms, never to cure, and this is ever more evident in the present hierarchical monopoly, they corrupted medicine in order to achieve this, claiming germ theory as the foundation, but this fraud can be removed through common unity using the need bond model, a healing center can be established and end all dis-ease, even reversing the dehydration of the cell known as aging, based upon terrain theory.

The simplest model of energy generation for a local community is the digesting of organic waste, this generates methane, which can be used to heat water, cook, generate electricity and fuel vehicles, the end product of that digestive energy generation process is high quality fertilizer to feed the plants. This besides solving the energy needs of the community, also solves the waste issue. This is a long term model, low maintenance on infrastructure and long life use, unlike solar and wind. This model can be buried below ground having no impact on the community or the esthetic of the landscape.

The ideal village has a heart and this is the market, surrounded by artisan cooperative bonds, providing for the needs of all, a festival center could also be constructed in the future, allowing bi-weekly celebrations or more, of life, love, joy and happiness for all.

The creation of the infrastructure of the village is not something that should be rushed, it is more important to create high quality, beautiful, well designed infrastructure, than cobble stuff together for expedience.

The ideal method of building homes is on a hillside, presently the best arable land is wasted, housing predominantly is on flood plains or at the bottom of valleys, and flooding problems are common, this is done to allow ease of building.

If you cut into the hillside, constructing a raft foundation, sealed a thick layer of fiberglass, building a concrete shell with a heavy duty reinforced concrete roof, again externally sealed with a thick layer of fiberglass, making a very watertight shell, the roof is covered with 1.5m of soil and fruit trees, fruit bushes, edible plants are planted, whatever is desired. Concrete roof windows would rising up out of the ground, giving views of the orchard and sky while letting in natural light.

A stone road passes in front of the lower level of well spaced houses, and then sweeps up and turns back across the hillside, allowing a second level higher up the hillside, doing the same method of construction, the only visible aspect of the house is the frontage and the roof windows within the newly generated arable land. The size of the house could be huge if desired, the only constraint personal choice. The impact of the landscape is minimal, actually improving the landscape aesthetically, it increases arable land, the houses are constructed for extremely long utilisation without any major maintenance, you can design your house to be an size, going as deeply into the hillside as you wished. The earth surrounding the house allows natural insulation, you could even include cellars or on steep hillsides a second level as the house cuts into the hill.

Changing from the 110v 240v or 415v alternating current (AC) power systems to 24 volt direct current (DC) power systems, this would improve cognitive function which is heavily impacted by the pollution generated by A/C power systems. This is also very safe, removing any danger of electrocution. The reason A/C power is used, is for the monopoly of energy supply, the corporate monopolists cannot transfer large amounts of D/C power across power cables, but can easily transmit a/c power. It is far better to generate all power needs within the community directly, taking both control and responsibility for all needs, new technologies can be easily developed, no longer suppressed by the monopolists.

Water can be carefully treated to remove all impurities, and energized using a high speed vortex and with hydrogen/oxygen gas infusion.

The need for true community has never been more pressing, the global mafias are working to impose a one world govern mental system of slavery, it is only through creating an example of true community others will wake up to the reality of their situation, and begin to work towards ending the slavery system by rendering it obsolete, taking away the constructed fictions placed upon perception, and end their existence and begin to actually live.

The ultimate goal of the first, example village, is to form a technological hub as a cooperative bond, developing repressed technologies and developing new technologies that will help to free humanity from the shackles of the parasites and psychopaths of hierarchy. For example developing the Joseph Papp’s Noble Gas Engine, or the development of entanglement internet, which ends the monopoly of centralised internet and telecommunications.

There are huge advantages to the inherent models, and these models expose the very weak models of imposed monopolies that allow a small number to drain the wealth of the earth into bank accounts to accrue numbers within a computer data base, in order to possess power and inflict control over the masses who are denied access to resources both financial and physical. This is why hierarchies must hold a monopoly, only as a monopoly can they exist, any alternative renders them obsolete.

Within the cooperative community the reciprocal bond model will be applied, not the slave law model of legal contract, you may ask why would I call legal systems slave law, well, because all laws are either granted rights or imposed duties, all rights, like all duties, are a grant or obligation from a superior (master) to an inferior (slave), and exist at the whim of the granter, the granter is not bound by these dictates. Likewise the legal system applies constructed legal fictions exclusively to fool the slave into conforming to the slave law model, using a straw man, and this model then allows the owners to extort, subjugate and manipulate the masses, as you may be observing from the covid virus fraud presently being applied globally.

To form the community a reciprocal multilateral bond of behaviour is created, this details the inherent concepts of community and the relief you are agreeing to if you break the bond, that you are sealing with physical imprint, with witnesses, in order to join the bond, the bond is limited in several ways, it is reciprocal so applies equally to every bondsman, it is bound by the reciprocal duty of care, so prevents hierarchy, monopoly, usury and democracy, it is the bond that forms the agreement. If you for example do not wish to live in a place of beauty, then either find a different bond that fulfils your requirements, or form a bond of your own, but every bond of community is always bound to the inherent nature of common unity.

Please explore the many articles on this website to learn more, I will continue to post more information as time permits, thank you for your interest, and remember your owners have created Covert Organisation of Vaccine Inoculation Depopulation 2019 for only on reason, is that the future you want?

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