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Note – to date there has been zero interest in establishing alternatives to the slave models of hierarchy, this reflects on the level of intelligence of the population at the present point, who struggle even to grasp simple concepts, or recognize their situation. For example, psychopathic scumbags like Jacinda Ardern orchestrate a mosque massacre, and impose a totalitarian lock-down across the entire fiefdom, and the slaves in suffrage of the Crown corporations fiefdom (labelled New Zealand) worship her for such abuses. This pattern of worship and unquestioning conformity is repeated across all global fiefdoms, the truly stupid are encouraged to report on their family and neighbours for not conforming to corporate dictates. The owners of humanity are organizing a global cull, and the imposing of a totalitarian one world government through a global economic crash, and what do the slave do, they beg for the vaccines designed to kill them, and pay for the 5G targeting weapons system designed to track and murder remotely.

I’m not expecting people to escape this planned pandemic fiction cull using a DNA editing chemical cocktail labelled covid vaccine, or the global totalitarian slavery the paedophile class wish to establish globally, or the targeting 5G weapons system, or the self imposed poisoning of vaccination, people are now dumbed down to such a point they struggle to grasp the meaning of very simple sentences, and have almost no attention span. So I explain how you may end your slavery, end the extortion of the many parasites, gain huge selfish advantages, end the domination of the owners, and so far all I get is deafening silence!

So, if you’ve managed to read to this point in my rant, on how saddened I am by humanity, then it is very likely you can reason, a very rare skill in the modern age, and if you can reason, then help yourself and those you love by working to build alternatives to the imposed monopolies, it’s a choice, totalitarian dystopia or anarchic freedom, as far as I can see, it’s that simple a choice!