Philosophy Of Existence

Reason is my master, truth my guide and love my destination.” Abdun Nur

My Philosophical Perspective

Imagine an infinite pure consciousness pouring from nothingness endlessly within a singular, infinitely repeating, spinning moment, without any substance, no material existence of any kind, no quantity of space or energy; not an entity because only the consciousness exists, and to be an entity would require something other, something distinct from something else, so consciousness is an entirety.

The only product of this single consciousness (potential) is thought, manifesting infinite perceptual realities, so vast, so dense in thought, so magnificent we cannot begin to conceive such wonders at our present lower fractal states. But the totality, the entirety, could not fully experience the infinite thoughts intimately without its fractal nature.

Fractal consciousness, allows each fractal free will, they can evolve from new state to new higher fractal state, and have the same attributes, the same aspects as the whole consciousness, because they are the same, being a drop within the infinite ocean of consciousness, indivisible, so cannot be distinct, always only the whole single consciousness can exist, the fractal is the undivided, an integral fractal form building the perceptual structures.

What each fractal form develops becomes the most abundant within their individual expression of consciousness; they can build imagination or neglect it. We as fractals of consciousness are here to experience, and through our experiences, the totality of the ocean of consciousness experiences, shares, interacts and is synchronous to our actions; we are seeking adventure, to develop innate virtues, for the expression of love and joy, and most importantly the expansion of imaginative thoughts, because there is no ‘other’ of consequence, to hate, to abuse, to exploit, we are ‘one’ infinitely expressed. We’re one mind as dichotomic thought both as one in nothingness of inner contemplation, and as one in shared thought of external perception.

In this truth alone there is a great source of happiness. There’s a word in Japanese ‘yugen’ which means an awareness of creation that triggers an emotional response too deep and powerful for words, so breath-taking that it stands beyond marvel, beyond magnificence, beyond majesty. Yugen flows from beauty, even of thought itself, as beauty fills perception the soul sings its joy. True happiness is knowing yugen, even if only now and then, true suffering is never knowing such joy.