The Love of Solitude: Chapter Five

Written By Abdun Nur

Chapter Five

The Odd Job Man

“We don’t buy things with money. We buy them with the hours of our lives.” Dave Ramsey

Seisyll arrived on the stroke of six and knocked on the front door, the sun hadn’t yet risen and the air was misty and cold. The house was in darkness, he knocked again and waited, several minutes past and he knocked again.

Gwen opened her eyes feeling slightly disturbed; she looked over at the clock and lay there for a minute building up the will to start the day. She thought she heard a thumping sound for a moment outside. “Did you hear something Jasper?” She asked the cat curled up at the bottom of the bed; Jasper didn’t move. “Time to get to work, come on let’s get some breakfast”, she told the ginger and white Tom who continued to ignore her.

Gwen put on her dressing gown and slippers and headed downstairs, as she switched on the lights she heard the thumping sound loud and clear, and she realized there was someone at the front door, and the memory of Seisyll popped to mind, “Coming.” She called as she started down the stairs.

Gwen opened the door to a very damp and grubby Seisyll, he was a pitiable figure, and Gwen felt true sorrow for him as he stood before her; his odour hit her as soon as the door was pulled open. “When’s the last time you had a bath and change of clothes?” She asked him bluntly.

Sorry, I’ve not had the opportunity or funds to get clean for some time.” Seisyll replied.

I’ll tell you what, you go take a bath while I make some breakfast, I’ve some heavy denim overalls and a thick wool jumper you can wear when you get out, there a few sizes too big for you, but they’ll do to work in.” Gwen told him.

Oh. OK. Thank you.” Seisyll said with a little embarrassment, “I’ll leave my things outside, they don’t smell good either.” He gestured towards the large backpack he’d left at the side of the door, which held all his worldly possessions.

I’ll do a wash for ya.” Gwen volunteered. “If you’ve clothes to wash bring em all to the kitchen before you take your bath, get them sorted now and bring them through.” She told him. Gwen stood patiently as Sill organised his dirty clothes, then led him, his arms loaded with the large pile of dirty clothes, to the kitchen, after dropping his clothes she showed him to the seldom used downstairs bathroom, and handing him a towel.

Gwen still pondered on the unexplainable connection she’d generated with her painting, and felt it meant something, so decided, as she could see she’d a very unnourished guest, she’d go all out and make a full breakfast, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, fried bread, toast with best butter, fried eggs, black pudding and tea. It took her quite a while to get it all ready and Seisyll arrived clean and smelling sweet just in time. “Where shall I put my dirty clothes?” He asked meekly.

Just leave them by the door there, I’ll sort them out after breakfast, sit yourself down now.” She ordered. When he was seated she placed a very large plate of food in front of him. “Eat up boy.” She smiled.

Seisyll rarely if ever ate meat, but it smelt so nice, and he was so, so hungry. He couldn’t remember tasting food as good as this, prolonged periods of undernourishment seemed to have improved his joy of eating considerably, he attacked his food with passion, and soon his plate was empty. “Thank you so much Mrs. Sorry what should I call you?” He asked.

Just call me Gwen dear.

I’ll show you the tool shed, then you can get started, OK?” She told him taking his dirty plate.

“I’m normally vegan. But I haven’t eaten, well, a real meal in a long time. Thank you for being so generous Gwen.” Sill said.


I’m not sure that’s a good idea, veganism. We’re not designed to eat high carbohydrate diets, in fact the less carbohydrates we eat the healthier and longer we will live. So a vegan diet is not one designed for health, more for political correctness I think, and may even be encouraged for the agenda of depopulation, along with other common tools like vaccines, and the appalling allopathic medical system.” Gwen explained as she worked at the sink, Sill finished his tea and listened in silence.

“What sort of diet would you suggest that doesn’t cause animals to suffer?” Sill replied.

“Well, suffering is a separate issue to diet, how low intelligence creatures live and die determines suffering, not the eating of their remains. Creatures could live good lives and be slaughtered in a way they are unaware of either death, or pain. Of course in the present system that’s generally not the case, as you say.” Gwen said, still working at the sink.

“You’ve cooked pig, a highly intelligent animal, for example.” Sill replied.

“No. I don’t eat pork at all, that was turkey bacon and sausage, not pork.

I don’t eat animals with intelligence, so restrict my meat intake to fish and birds.” Gwen answered.

“You can get meat substitutes.” Sill commented.

“Soy and mushroom meats, yes, soy is incredibly bad for you.” Gwen replied.

“So you eat a low carbohydrate diet, but bread is very high in carbs.” Sill argued.

“That wasn’t wheat bread, it was almond flour, I make my own breads.

Eating mainly fat and protein with only a small amount of carbohydrate is half the solution to illness prevention, forming an antithesis to ageing and the end of slow degeneration of the facilities.” Gwen said, now drying the pots stacked on the draining board and piling them up on the worktop.

“What’s the other half?” Sill asked, not convinced by her arguments.

“Water. People drink water that is very hard for the body to deal with, and ageing is the result.

Ageing is extreme dehydration, a new born is 80% water, an old wrinkled up, prune fleshed human being is often lower than 50% water, they are not suffering old age, only dehydration, but no amount of dead water will improve that, in fact it will contribute further to the problem.” Gwen explained.

“Well what’s water that isn’t dead?” Sill asked.

“You have to make it bio-available.” She replied finishing the washing up and hanging the tea towel to dry. “Come on let’s get you sorted out.”

It was cold and drizzling as they both fought their way into the over grown garden to the tool shed, which was old and rotten, and the contents fared little better, it was clear, as they both peered into the shed, some investment needed to be made in new equipment if the garden work was to be done properly. “Sorry, the only gardening I do is in the green house, so the shed hasn’t been used for years.” She explained to Seisyll as he began to rummage around in the over full shed, pulling some of the weeds that had colonised the inside, out of his way.

When I was a child my parents employed a full time grounds keeper, we got all the vegetables from our garden, he lived in the small cottage next to the property, but its fallen derelict now. Those were different times.” Gwen commented.

Seisyll was left to his own devices and worked hard all day. Ignoring the intermittent rain spells, he’d found an old oil drum and punched some holes around it with the pick, making a nice incinerator, he kept it fed all day with rubbish from the garden, and its heat warmed him when the cold got too much; at the end of the day Gwen was very pleased with his efforts. “We can go into town in the morning and buy some better equipment for the garden work.” Gwen told him, as she handed over fifty pounds. “I hope that’s enough.”

Very generous, thank you.” Sill smiled as he took the money.

Are you sleeping rough tonight?” Gwen asked.

Yes.” Sill replied.

The house has a huge cellar, it runs under the whole house, my brother used it as his workshop; before his disappearance, that was in the seventies, and its not been used since. I haven’t been down there since those days either, so I’m not sure what state it’s in.” Gwen explained. “I thought you might like to sleep down there, it should be dry, and I’ve bedding if you can find something down there to use as a bed.”

That’s great, thanks, I have a sleeping bag.” Sill replied, but then recalled its grubby condition and wished he hadn’t said that. They both headed around to the side of the house. Gwen stopped and looked at the place she’d been expecting to see the staircase leading into the cellar. “Oh. The garden seems to have claimed the entrance.”

Was that the only entrance?” Sill asked.

No, but the only one I’ve a key for.” Gwen replied. Then the heavens opened. Rain poured down in a wind driven deluge. They both turned back and headed for the front of the house, the rain was so heavy they were both soaked through even from such a short exposure.

Gwen pondered Seisyll as they stood under the small open porch that protected the front door. “Just for tonight you can sleep on the couch in the front room, if you don’t mind cats?”

Cats are fine, thanks again, you’re very kind.” Sill felt a little beholden at her more than generous attitude towards him.

Come on in, and after a nice hot bath, we can make a nice meal.” Gwen told him.

After they had finished eating and were both sat with a cup of tea in front of the coal fire, Sill began thinking about the jaikey he’d met the night before. He explained to Gwen the events of the previous evening under that concrete underpass, wishing he could have helped that old man.

Perhaps we can.” Gwen said after hearing the tale.

We can?” Sill asked puzzled.

Well my brother can.” Gwen explained cryptically.

I thought you said your brother vanished in the seventies?” Sill replied.

He did. But my brother was an extraordinary man, he was a true genius; and he built things, amazing things.” Gwen went on.

One of the things he made he called a soul healer. My brother didn’t function on the same perceptual level as most people, he’d have spells that’d last a week or even two, where he existed both outside and within normal perception, this gave him amazing insight into the workings of reality.” Gwen explained.

So we have a soul?” Sill asked.

Well as defined by my brother we do indeed.” Gwen answered.

So could you explain your brothers understanding of reality?” Sill believed a God existed and expected Gwen to confirm his belief.

My brother explained it like this. Imagine an infinite pure consciousness pouring from nothingness endlessly, within a singular, infinitely repeating, spinning moment, without any substance, no material existence of any kind, no quantity of space or energy; not an entity because only the consciousness exists, and to be an entity would require something other, something distinct from something else, so consciousness is always an ‘entirety’.

The only product of this single consciousness of potential is thought, manifesting infinite perceptual realities, so vast, so dense in thought, so magnificent we cannot begin to conceive such wonders at our present lower fractal states. But the totality would not fully experience the infinite thoughts intimately without its fractal nature.

Fractal consciousness allows each fractal, free will, they can evolve from new state to new higher fractal state, and have the same attributes, the same aspects as the entirety of consciousness, because they are the entirety, being an infinite drop within the infinite ocean of consciousness, indivisible, so cannot be distinct, always only one consciousness can exist, one is infinite in expression but always remains one, the fractal is the undivided, an integral fractal form, building the substantive structures.

What each fractal form develops becomes the most abundant within their individual expression of consciousness; they can build imagination or neglect it, master their consciousness or mistreat it. We as fractals of consciousness are here to experience, and through our experiences, the totality of the ocean of consciousness experiences, shares, interacts and is synchronous to our actions; we are created for adventure, for the expression of love and joy, because there is no ‘other’ of consequence, to hate, to abuse, to exploit, we are ‘one’ infinitely expressed. We’re one mind as dichotomic thought both as one in nothingness of inner contemplation, and as one in shared thought of external perception.” Gwen knew that explanation by heart, as she liked to read her brothers notes to feel his presence again, if only as memory, and after four decades his words could be recited verbatim.

So the consciousness is God?” Sill declared.

No! There is not, and could never be a God, as that would cause a separation, and as only a single consciousness can ever exist, a separation is absolutely impossible. Each of us is a fractal drop, that holds the ocean of entirety, so it’s up to you, you can contract your drop ever smaller or expand it to infinity.” Gwen replied, a little irritated Sill had failed to grasp what her brother had, to her, so clearly explained.

So this soul healing machine, you still have it, and it still works?” Sill asked.

Yes, well it should still work, I haven’t used it in quite a few years, but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t.” Gwen replied.

So if I find the old jaikey you’d let him use it?” Sill asked.

Why not. My brother would help anyone in real need, and it’s his legacy. And I’m happy to help another soul on behalf of my brother’s memory.” Gwen still missed her brother dearly, time hadn’t lessened her loss, there had never been a stronger bond in her long life, than that held between her and her younger brother.

If it’s not intrusive, how did your brother disappear?” Sill asked.

It’s a mystery, he was just gone, no trace, no witnesses, no trail to follow, he simply vanished from the face of the earth, we searched and searched, my father employed a private detective when the police failed to generate any information, or show any interest in finding him; but nothing was ever discovered.” Gwen explained.

So how did you discover he was gone, what happened?” Sill pried.

When he was focused on a project he was obsessively in the cellar working, he came out now and then for supplies, but he could be down there for a few days before he’d emerge, then he stopped emerging, when we searched the cellar there was no sign of him, no one could recall seeing him for at least a week, and from that time to this no sign of him has ever been seen.” Gwen continued.

Yes it sounds strange, for someone to vanish without any evidence of any sort to explain it.

Your brother must have been a teenager in the seventies, thirteen or fourteen at most?” Sill pondered.

He was forty-two.” Gwen replied a little bewildered by his assessment.

But you said he was your younger brother, and you look to be in your mid-fifties.” Sill stated with a puzzled expression.

I’m almost ninety.” Gwen replied. Sill studied her face, to his mind she definitely looked in her mid-fifties at most, possibly younger, his judgement of age was fairly rough.

My father offered a large reward for information leading to his discovery, well a large sum in the Seventies, of £20,000.” Gwen continued.

Were there any theories around his disappearance at the time?” Sill asked.

Oh yes. There were plenty, the most common theory was fowl play, someone wanting to steal his work and murdering him in the process. The problem with that theory was, there was no evidence of a theft, a struggle or an intruder. Some thought he’d run away with a girl, but he was engaged to a beautiful local girl, twenty years his junior, although you’d have thought him twenty-five by appearance. Some thought the government, or a government, or powerful organisation, had kidnapped him; but to me this seems unlikely, as he didn’t share his work, so who would’ve known what he’d achieved or was capable of?” Talking about it brought it all back and Gwen began to feel emotional.

How’ve you managed to age so well? If it’s not too a personal question?” Sill asked, now more fascinated by her longevity.

I followed by brother’s advice. We age because we poison the cells of the body with carbohydrates, as we discuss this morning, dehydration being the most common result, which results after decades, in the body looking like a dried out prune. A child is around 80% water while an old person is often less than 50% water. So the most important thing, once you have reduced carbs, is what water the body uses, normal water even filtered or distilled is dead water, and generates ageing, water with toxic chemicals added, accelerates that process, and the corporate mafias add in many toxic poisons to accelerate the process of dehydration.

To maintain hydration you need to breath water, gasified into browns gas, and drink distilled water that has been infused with browns gas, bubbled through the water to a spinning blade rotating at at least 13,000 r.p.m,this makes nano bubbles in the water and allows the gas water to easily absorb into the body. This rehydrates the body, I should really do it more often, it does rehydrate you, even to full hydration if you do it all the time. I tend to be lazy with it, and do it intermittently.” Gwen explained.

I’m becoming very interested in your brother’s work, and teachings, he really sounds an amazing man.” Sill was impressed by Gwen also, he’d never seen more striking and detailed paintings, and of images of such beauty.

“My brother built a device to make the water in one of the kitchen tap produce living water, I think it needs new filters, we can get them fitted and you can drink as much as you wish.” Gwen offered.

Gwen went back to reading a book in front of the fire.

Sill sat staring at the coal fire and pondered the new information he’d been exposed to. This meeting seemed to be a powerful one, may be not so much chance as providence was at work. “When I’ve cleared the entrance to the cellar and we get inside, would it be OK to examine it for clues. I realise your brother is likely lost for good after forty years, but it would be interesting to know what happened to him.” Sill was more than a little intrigued.

Feel free.” Gwen was tired now; it’d been a busy day.

I can try to find the old jaikey tomorrow evening if you like, see how your brother’s soul healer affects him?” Sill asked.

Aye, if you wish, I’ll see you in the morning.” Gwen got up and made her way to bed.

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